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Series J


5 boxes


Boxes 1-2

Disarmament programs:

Endangered Human Species
UN Special Sessions on Disarmament, 1978 & 1982
Plowshare Coffee House I, II
World Council of Churches conference on "Faith, Science & the Future", 1979
Writings & corres. of Norman Solomon & Dan Ebener

Boxes 2-3


Committee on Militarism in Education
Counter-Junior ROTC
Registration for the draft, 1979-1980

Boxes 3-4

South Africa

Working group
Anita Kromberg & Richard Steele arrested
Visitors to US

Speakers bureaus & speaking tours, 1978-1984

Speakers: publicity & corres.

Box 4

Various programs & Staff members:

Children's Creative Response to Conflict, 1977-
-Current material in FOR (DG 013)
Greeting cards
Antal, Jim
Charles, Grace
Youth Action, 1978-1985

Box 5

Bosnian Student Project (BSP) 1993-1997

Boxes 1-5

Box 1 Disarmament

"Endangered Human Species", 1975-1978:

Program plans
Discussion guide; other resources
Disarmament packet
Petition to Save our Endangered Human Species; correspondence
Petition: signatures
Petition: presentation in Washington
General corres. on Endangered Human Species & disarmament

Neutron bomb: protests to President Carter & responses from the White House (2 folders)
Symposium on Unilateral Disarmament, Church Center for the United Nations, Feb. 1978
UN Special Session on Disarmament, 1978:

FOR statements; vigil & fast; sit-ins
Religious convocation
Plowshare Coffee House (FOR), 1978
Plowshare Coffee House: funding

Box 2

World Council of Churches conference on "Faith, Science & the Future", MIT 7/79: Plowshare Coffee House II
UN Special Session on Disarmament, 1982:

NGO activities; civil disobedience
Plowshare Coffee House III, 1982 (3 folders)

College newspaper ads & features; student poll on nuclear policy, 1978
Solomon, Norman: writings on disarmament, nuclear tests & radiation, 1979-1986
Ebener, Dan: correspondence on disarmament and interfaith focus, 1979-1985
Fort Bragg project, 1984-1985 (Solomon corres.)
Direct action programs, 1985


European Anti-Militaristic Congress, Brussels, 1974
Counter-Junior ROTC project: Packet of materials
Counter-recruitment kit: "Are the Armed Forces Invading Your Office?"
Committee on Militarism in Education, 1975-1979:

Minutes, reports, etc.
Correspondence (Barton Hunter's file)

Box 3

Correspondence (Robert Rhodes' file)
American Personnel & Guidance Association
Educators' responses to inquiries
Military officials' responses re recruitment
Cincinnati Military Academy (blocked by a coalition, 1979)
Mailings; resources
Registration for the draft, 1979-1980

South Africa

Working group of FOR staff, 1985-1986
Working group: Training Workshop for Organizers
Anita Kromberg & Richard Steele (End Conscription Campaign) arrested in Durban Sept. 9, 1985
Samson Daba (S. African cleric) arrested July 1985 after return from US visit; appeals for release
Charles Barron (African American) speaking tour, fall 1985

Speakers bureaus & speaking tours

Brochures for speakers bureaus, with bios & subjects, 1978-1984
Speakers (publicity & corres.):

Abileah, Joseph, 1981-1983
Barritt, Denis & Beasley, Ronald
Camara, Helder & Chacour, Elias
Douglass, James, 1978-1981
Douglass, Shelley, 1979-1984
Edwards, George & Jean, 1982-1983

Box 4

Forest, James, 1981-1986
Francis, Diana, 1983
Jegen, Mary Evelyn, 1983
Knudsen-Hoffman & Pérez Esquivel, Adolfo
Robinson, Michael & Ruth, 1982
Swomley, John M., 1978-1980
Tooke, Joan Doreen, 1977

Various programs & staff members

Children's Creative Response to Conflict, 1977-
Greeting cards program, 1974-1980: Olcutt Sanders, et al.
Antal, Jim (executive secretary, 1984-1986): correspondence, A-Z (3 folders)
Charles, Grace: corres. with prisoner Arthur Wilson; general corres. 1976-1980
Other staff members: corres. 1980-1985 (2 folders)
Youth Action Program (Sue Hadley et al.) 1978, 1981-1982, 1985

Box 5 Bosnian Student Project (BSP) 1993-1997
(Doug Hostetter, Director)

Packet: Bosnian Student Project, FOR
Packet: Peace in the Former Yugoslavia, resources for action
News releases and statements of the FOR/IFOR on the Former Yugoslavia and Bosnia, 1993-1996
Brochures; linoleum block note cards (art work by Bosnian school children)
Mailing to friends of Project from Doug Hostetter, June 1997
Students: Director's letters to students
Students: Director's letters to US Embassy in Croatia
Students: Names & addresses; schools they were attending in US
Students: Survey of BSP students; questionnaire with responses
Study of "Genocide, Psychiatry and Witnessing" by Weine & Pavkovic, 1995
Press clippings on Bosnian Student Project, 1993-1996 (volume of photocopies in spiral binding)
Press clippings: Addenda
Periodical articles in Fellowship & The Other Side
FOR Work Camps in Bosnia, 1996
Solidarity/support from the Metropolitan New York area: AFSC; Cathedral of St. John the Divine
World University Service: Right to Education (packet from Austrian Committee-Zagreb Office)

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