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Series H

DAI DONG, a transitional peace effort linking war and the environment, 1969-1975

12 boxes


Boxes 1-2

Origins of Dai Dong
Organizational files; Steering Committee

Boxes 2-4

Menton conference of scientists, 1970
Menton Statement: "Message from 2,100 environmental scientists", 1970-1971

Boxes 4-5

Conferences on the Environment, Stockhom, 1972: UN Conference; Independent Conference (Dai Dong)

Boxes 5-6

Economists' statement: "Toward a Human Economics", 1972-1974

Boxes 6-7

Energy project, 1972-1974
Field work, 1971-1974

Boxes 8-9

Mailings, literature, general correspondence

Boxes 9-12

Administrative files:

Staff & Steering Committee meetings & corres.
Staff members in Europe (corres. & reports)
Future status of Dai Dong, 1974-1975

Boxes 1-12

Box 1
Origins of Dai Dong

"The Order of Humanity": documents of Alfred Hassler
Sources of concept in writings of authors (A-Z)
"Manifesto" draft of 1964:

-Text & summary of responses
-International responses (IFOR et al.)
-Responses from US (FOR et al.)
-Revision of 1970

Dai Dong organizational files, 1969-1974
(Note: see also Administrative files in Boxes 10-12)

Organizing meetings: April 1969 near Paris
Organizing meetings: September 1969 in Copenhagen
Explanation of the name, purpose, etc.
Explanation of the concept and purpose; quotations on state of the world
Reports to FOR National Council; appraisals
Steering Committee of Dai Dong:

-General correspondence and memos

Box 2

-Meeting of Steering Committee, January 1971
-Meeting, June 1971
-Meeting, November 1971
-Meeting, April & October, 1972
-Meeting, January 1973
-Meeting, May & September, 1973
-Meeting, January 1974

Menton conference of scientists, 1970: preparatory materials & corres. (2 folders)

Menton statement: "Message…from 2,100 environmental scientists", 1970-1971:

Drafts and revision
Text (in English & other languages)
UN presentation, May 1971: corres.
UN presentation: statements & releases

Box 3

UNESCO Courier, July 1971 (special edition on the environment, featuring the Menton statement)
Efforts to interest US Congress
Circulation to scientists
International sponsors: lists
International sponsors: correspondence
International signers: lists by country
Menton statement correspondence:

-Australia & New Zealand
-Germany & Switzerland
-Japan & India

Box 4

-South America
-United Kingdom & Ireland
-United States: signers A-Z

UN Conference on the Human environment, Stockholm 1972:

-Relations with Dai Dong/FOR
-UN draft Declaration and responses

Alternative environmental conferences, Stockholm 1972 (2 folders)

Independent Conference on the Environment, Stockholm 1972

Preparations: staff correspondence
Mailings & releases
General correspondence
Plenary sessions
Working groups (on Declaration)
Declaration: Draft & revisions
Declaration: Final text & translations

Box 5

Participants: Invitations; lists of names proposed
Participants: Biographical data
Participants: Corres. with individuals, A-Z (4 folders)
Participants: Follow-up corres., July 1972
Publicity for Independent Conference:

-Press clippings
-Periodical articles
-Media promotion, etc.
-Book Earth Talk by Tom Artin; poster

Resource papers relevant to the environment (3 folders)
World Council of Churches & Stockholm conferences: correspondence and publications

Economists' statement "Toward a Human Economics," 1972-1974

Conference of economists, Uppsala, June 1972
Promotion of project (by Tom Artin)

Box 6

Draft of statement; revision by economists

-Various economists, A-Z
-Emile Beloit
-Kenneth Boulding
-Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
-E. F. Schumacher

Text in various languages
Mailings to economists
Sponsorship: affirmative & negative responses
Signers of statement
Signers: international names proposed
Circulation in US & Canada via Am. Economic Assoc.
Miscellaneous correspondence
Writings by economists (2 folders)

Energy project, 1972-1974

General correspondence
Nairobi conference; Energy primer (proposed)

Box 7

Workgroup and staff
Statement: drafts & revision; signers
Project for energy policy guidelines
Releases & mailings; press conference, Paris 11/19/73
Resource materials
Nuclear power: corres. & articles

Various proposals & areas of focus

Festival of world community, 1971
Psychologists' project, 1970-1973
Religion, 1971-1973
Values project, 1973
World government, 1970-1971

Field work, 1971-1974

Organizational handbook; personal corres.
Latin America

Box 8 Mailings, literature, correspondence

General, 1970-1973
Mailings to FOR and IFOR
Literature: brochures, handbook, newsletters, poster
Literature: "An Announcement & an Invitation"
Literature: "Accomplishments & Work in Progress" (packet)
Articles and notices about Dai Dong

-General, 1970-1974 (2 folders)
-British FOR
-International FOR
-Latin America
-Publications & organizations

Box 9

Correspondence with individuals:

-W. H. Ferry
-Walter Taylor
-Robert Theobald
-Francis J. Trembley
-George Wald

Administrative files
Staff & Steering Committee members; personnel & work areas
Staff meetings & conferences, 1970-1973 (2 folders)
Staff (US) memos from directors Alfred Hassler & Dorothy Maas, 1969-1974 (2 folders)
Staff (US) corres. of Tom Artin & Earl Katz
Staff (US) corres. of Janine Veto
Staff (US & Canada) corres. of Albert Watson
Staff (Europe) memos & corres. 1970-1973 (2 folders)
Staff (Europe): Copenhagen collective, 1973-1974

Box 10

Staff members in Europe:

-Berhin, Madeleine, 1970
-Brøndum, Jens, 1971-1973 (2 folders)
-Didier, Georges, 1971-1974
-Fabre, Jean, 1973-1974
-Hall, Mitchell, 1970
-Howe, Margaret, 1971-1972
-Lawton, Kenneth, 1971-1975
-Leschly, Kim, 1971-1972
-Maas, Adrian, 1970-1971 (3 folders)

Box 11

-Maas, Adrian, 1972-1975 (3 folders)
-Maas, Adrian: Reports & memos
-Maas, Adrian: Proposals, etc.
-Maybury, John, 1969-1971
-Maybury, John: Reports & misc. writings
-Sinclair, David, 1971-1974
-Spickenbom, 1971-1972
-Zinn, Marty, 1971-1973

Finances: correspondence, 1970-1975 (2 folders)

Box 12


-Correspondence of A. Hassler, 1970-1972
-Correspondence of D. Maas et al. 1973-1974
-Brochures: preliminary versions
-Prospectus and program of Dai Dong
-Appeal to signers of Menton Statement, 1972-1974
-Fundraising for documentation of Independent Conference, 1972

Dai Dong, 1974-1975:

-Future status of Dai Dong
-Funding prospects: corres. & proposals
-Dai Dong committee of FOR (formed by National Council of FOR, April 1975)
-Packet: Dai Dong study guide "Peace is the Way" & Dai Dong statements

Correspondence of Dorothy Maas, 1974-1978 (some is unrelated to Dai Dong)

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