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Series G


35 boxes


This series consists of the combined records of staff members. Unnecessary duplicate copies of shared materials were thus eliminated. The arrangement imposed represents an attempt to give a logical structure to very diverse records by grouping them as listed. In general there is a chronological order within the subseries as well as in their sequence.

Subseries G-1
Boxes 1-4

General material on Vietnam; early protests & appeals to US government; medical aid efforts; clergy committees

Subseries G-2
Boxes 4-7

International Committee of Conscience on Vietnam

Subseries G-3
Boxes 7-9

"Third Force"; opposition; prisoners, 1966-1973

Subseries G-4
Boxes 9-12

Trips to South Vietnam, 1965-1970

Subseries G-5
Boxes 12-15

Vietnamese Buddhist relations

Subseries G-6
Boxes 16-18

Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk & writer

Subseries G-7
Boxes 18-21

Peace efforts, 1965-1975; post-war period, 1975-1980; human rights discussion, 1969-1977

Subseries G-8
Boxes 22-26

Amnesty for US war resisters, 1969-1977
(files of Jack Travers)

Subseries G-9
Boxes 27-32

Buddhist projects in South Vietnam: orphan sponsorship, prisoners, refugees, 1972-1975
(files of Laura Hassler - partially processed)

Subseries G-10
Boxes 33-35

Resource files on Vietnam/Indochina and US context
(collected by FOR staff - partially processed)

Subseries G-1

General material on Vietnam; early protests & appeals to US Government; medical aid efforts; clergy committees

Box 1

General material on Vietnam:

Articles by Takashi Oka & Alex Jack
Air war in Indochina
Elections in South Vietnam, 1966-1967
Interviews/statements of Vietnamese leaders
Land reform

Correspondence with US government officials, 1964-1970 (2 folders)
Correspondence with Vietnamese & UN officials, 1965-1971
Appeals, protests, statements opposing US policy, 1964-1965
"Declaration of Conscience" & demonstration, 12/19/64
FOR packet "Education for peace: Vietnam", 1965
Quaker aid work, 1966-1968
Various relief programs; inquires about service opportunities & adoptions

Clergymen's Emergency Committee, 1965-1967

Poll of clergy opinion on US policy
Letters to Pres. Johnson, March & Dec. 1965
Correspondence with members of the Committee, 1965

Box 2

NY Times ad "In the Name of God, STOP IT!", 4/4/65: responses (2 folders)
NY Times ad "We have seen the anguish of Vietnam", 8/1/65: responses
General correspondence, July-Sept. 1965
Circular letters and reports, 1965
Clergy appeal; Senator Gruening's mailing; survey of clergy, 1967 (2 folders)

Medical aid for North & South Vietnam

"Brothers" program, 1966-1967:

Staff memos; plans & reports
General correspondence
Sponsors and contributors

Box 3

"Meals of Reconciliation"
Support for "Brothers" program

Trip to Hanoi by interfaith team (proposed), 1967
License for sending medical aid, 1967-1968:

Application to State & Treasury Departments
Hearings: Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security
Medical aid letters to members of Congress
Responses from members of Congress
Medical aid letters to churchmen
Medical aid letters to national leaders
Responses from churchmen & national leaders
Responses in the religious press

American Clergymen's Committee for Vietnamese War Relief (ACC), 1967-1968:

FOR staff & National Council decisions
ACC chairmen (Dahlberg, D. Berrigan, R. McAfee Brown, Schwarzschild): corres.
ACC members: signed membership forms & letters,
A-Z (2 folders)
ACC members: correspondence

Box 4

General correspondence with non-members, A-Z
ACC statements for press conference, 3/11/68
Plans for channeling funds through international agencies in Europe
Channels for relief funds: Caritas International, World Council of Churches
Vouchers authorizing transfer of funds to European agencies
ACC vote on delivery of funds

Subseries G-2

International Committee of Conscience on Vietnam (ICCV), 1965-1973

Box 4 (cont.)

Preparatory work, 1965-1967
Initial mailing and responses, 1965
Mailings (US & international), 1965-1967
Mailings (US & international), 1968-1973
Publicity campaign, 1966
"Brothers" statement:

"They Are Our Brothers Whom We Kill!" (text with translations)

Box 5

Original signers (US clergy): correspondence
Endorsers (US academicians et al.): correspondence
Endorsers (international lists)
Adverse responses from US clergy (2 folders)
"Brothers" ad in N.Y. Times, 1/23/66:
-Favorable responses
-Adverse responses
-Hostile responses

Proposed visit to South Vietnam by religious leaders, 1966
International correspondence of ICCV:

Ethelwyn Best (ICCV representative in Saigon) 1966-1969 (2 folders)
Correspondence by country:

Box 6

-Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland
-Germany, East
-Germany, West
-India, Ceylon
-New Zealand (corres.)
-New Zealand (newsletters, reports)

Box 7

-Philippines, Singapore
-USSR: Russia & Estonia
-United Kingdom, Ireland
-United States (2 folders)
-Vietnam (press clippings in English), 1968-1969

Subseries G-3

"Third Force"; opposition; prisoners, 1966-1973

Box 7 (cont.) "Third Force"/solution, 1966-1973

FOR statements, correspondence, etc.
Articles; statements from various sources

Hoa Binh Ad Hoc Com. of religious leaders, 1968-1970:

Minutes; memos of A. Hassler & G. Elston

Box 8

Correspondence; statements on Vietnam

Opposition movement & state repression:

Articles, news dispatches, reports
Students, et al., 1967-1974 (2 folders)
Press conference, Washington, June 1970
Role of the press in the US and Saigon

Political prisoners in South Vietnam

FOR correspondence & releases, 1967-1970
FOR statements, etc., 1968-1969
America's Political Prisoners in South Vietnam, (FOR "white paper"), 1969
Imprisonment & Torture in South Vietnam, by Pham Tam, 1969
Correspondence, articles & reports of Don Luce, 1968-1972
Correspondence with Congress & the press
Vietnamese mothers' letter to Vice President Agnew, 1970

Box 9

FOR Campaign to Free the Political Prisoners; "Key" project, 1970-1974
Correspondence with Congress & State Dept., 1972-1974
Buddhist monks (fasting), 1974
Actions & statements of other organizations, 1973-1974
Prisons & prisoners:

-Con Son Island, 1969-1970
-Press clippings, 1969-1974
-Reports, etc., 1969-1970
-Tiger cage vigil & fast, Washington, 1974

POW's in North Vietnam, 1969-1972

Subseries G-4

Trips to South Vietnam sponsored by FOR, 1965-1970

Box 9 (cont.)

Various visits to Vietnam by other organizations and individuals, 1965-1969

Clergymen's Emergency Committee trip, 1965

Correspondence: Preparatory
Corres. with contacts in Southeast Asia
Corres. of Hassler en route (Rome, Hong Kong, Tokyo)
Post-trip correspondence: General
Correspondence with team members
Correspondence: letters of appreciation
Press conferences and releases

Box 10

Periodical articles & press clippings
General reports on the trip; evaluation
Reports by individual team members

Hassler's trip to Saigon & Hong Kong, 1967

Reports & dictation en route

US Study Team on Religious & Political Freedom in Vietnam, 1969 (leader: Allan R. Brick)

Origins in Hoa Binh Committee; plans

-FOR staff
-Hoa Binh Committee
-Judy Thomas (Washington staff)
-Gene Stolzfus & Tom Fox (Saigon staff)
-Vietnamese in France
-Stewart Meacham (AFSC)

Team members: bios, preliminary corres.

Box 11

Team members: corres. after trip (2 folders)
Findings (comprehensive report)
Reports/Findings (in Congressional Record, 6/17/69, with comments by members of Congress)
Reports by team members Armstrong, Bennett, True
Press releases
Press coverage: clippings & corres.
Articles by team members

Fact Finding Mission on Repression, 1970 (leader: Ronald J. Young)


-FOR staff & National Council
-Team members
-Tom Fox & Don Luce
-International participation

Saigon meetings & activities: schedules

Box 12

Saigon meetings & activities: notes
Saigon peace march with students (halted by police)
Press releases & statements; Today Show
Report: preparation, outlines, draft
Reports published by FOR & Australian delegation
Reports by team members & photographer
Saigon trip to investigate political prisoners (proposed)

Subseries G-5

Vietnamese Buddhist relations

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 12

Buddhists in Vietnam, 1966-1974
Articles, clippings, statements

"Buddhism as a Political Force" series of reports by Takashi Oka for Institute of Current World Affairs
"The Buddhists in Vietnam; an alternative view of the war" by Bo Wirmark (of Uppsala Univ.), 1974

Buddhist institutions & agencies

Overseas Vietnamese Buddhist Association (OVBA): corres. & general materials
OVBA International Conference, Paris, 1969

School of Youth for Social Service (SYSS)

Brochures/promotional material
Reports, 1966-1972

Box 13*

Photos of SYSS & general war-time conditions:

-School's rural reconstruction work
-School's village work
-Hassler's visit to School, 1967
-Resettlement of Truong Tiem family; revival of a village
-War conditions: destruction, refugee camps, mourning
-Pictures of everyday life, by John Spragens, Jr.
-Evacuees, refugees, orphans (Religious News Service)

Box 14

General correspondence (including attacks on SYSS & death of director)
Correspondence with interested contacts
Financial appeals
Financial donations
Support from the Colorado Committee for the SYSS
Medical aid program
"Social Welfare in Vietnam", a report…, 1966
Unified Buddhist Church, 1967-1974
Unified Buddhist Church: medical/financial aid
Vietnamese Buddhist Delegation, 1970-1973
Buddhists and Catholics, 1966-1974

Individual Buddhists, et al.

Au Truong Thanh
Bao Nguyen
Cao Ngoc Phuong: corres. and writings, 1967-1972

Box 15

Cao Ngoc Phuong speaking tour, 1970:

-Itinerary & publicity
-Tour arrangements (corres.)
-Press reports

Nhat Chi Mai (immolated nun), 1967
Thu Van & Le Thi Anh
Truong Dinh Dzu & family
Vo Dinh: correspondence, 1967-1973
Vo Dinh: artwork
Vo Van Ai (OVBA representative) corres. 1967-1973
Vo Van Ai: speches & writings
Vo Van Ai & M. Yamanouchi speaking tours in US:

-Correspondence, 1968-1969
-Schedules, publicity, press reports
-Yamanouchi tours in US, Europe, New Zealand

Various Vietnamese: peace leaders, et al.

Subseries G-6

Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk & writer, 1966-1974

Box 16

Correspondence with Alfred Hassler, 1966-1967 (2 folders)
Correspondence with Hassler et al., 1968-1974 (2 folders)
Correspondence & memos about Nhat Hanh
Correspondence with government officials (mainly US) about Nhat Hanh
Writings, speeches & statements by Nhat Hanh, 1965-1971 (3 folders)
Poetry: groups of poems (edited & unedited)
Correspondence about the poems

Publications in English:
Vietnam, Lotus in a Sea of Fire (ms.)
Lotus (publishing, promotion, etc.)
Lotus (reviews & comments)

Box 17

Lotus (European editions)
dialogue & love in action (published by OVBA)
The Path of Return Continues the Journey (NY edition illus. by Vo-Dinh; Paris edition.)
Viet Nam & The Cry of Vietnam (illus. by Vo-Dinh); misc. individual poems

Writings in French: two typescripts
Writings in Vietnamese: three publications, one ms.
Speaking tours & engagements:

United States, May-June 1966
Town Hall, New York, June 9, 1966
Europe, June 1966
Far East, November-December 1966
US, 1967-1968: schedules & corres.
US, 1967-1968: locales & responses (2 folders)
US, 1966-1968: reports by FOR staff

Box 18

US, April-May 1971: schedules, corres., reports

Nhat Hanh (material about him):

Articles and miscellany
Publicity and press clippings

Subseries G-7

Peace efforts, 1965-1975; post-war period, 1975-1980; human rights discussion, 1969-1977

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 18

Vietnamese proposals & statements, 1965-1971
Religious bodies' statements, 1965-1972
Proposals for a US peace declaration, 1966 (FOR initiative)
Nixon's proposals; Hughes-Eagleton Resolution, 1969-1970
People's Commission of Inquiry, Paris, 1970: report
Vietnamese Buddhists' six-point peace proposal & international responses, 1970-1971
"Cease fire" proposal of May 1970 by Vo-Dinh & related discussion with Hassler et al.
Citizens Conference in Paris, March 1971 (AFSC, CALC & FOR)

"Set the Date" campaign, 1970-1971

Background; interfaith meeting, Washington, Dec. 1970
Steering Committee minutes
Correspondence (2 folders)

Box 19

Mailings & releases
FOR staff memos
Press releases & clippings
Resource materials
Lobbying information

United States Committee to End the Killing in Indochina, 1971

"Stop the Killing"/"End the Killing" campaign, 1971

Initial and related efforts
Discussion in FOR and other groups
International "Appeal to All Combatants"
"Appeal" correspondence (by country); corres. with parliamentarians
"Appeal" ad by International Com. of Conscience in International Herald Tribune, Oct. 1971; signed responses

President Nixon's "eight points" in 1972: FOR staff's discussion papers
Congress End the War! (an emergency committee of the FOR: NY Times ad, Jan. 1973; responses)

Box 20

End of the war period, 1973-1975
Post-war period, 1975-1980:

Conditions, plans, comments
"Public Statement on Vietnam", 1980

Humanitarian aid:

"For the Victims" (FOR program), 1972-1974
Orphans & School of Youth for Social Service, 1973-1977
Food and medical aid, 1977-1978
Refugees/boat people, 1975-1979
"Seeds of Life" project, 1976-1979

Human rights discussion, 1976-1979

Ad hoc com. "Appeal to the Government of Vietnam":

Signers; responses pro & con in the press
Correspondence pro & con
FOR Executive Committee & staff reactions

Fellowship article & letters
Correspondence re human rights in Vietnam:

Richard Deats & James Forest et al.
Barton Hunter & James Forest et al.

Box 21*

David McReynolds & James Forest
James Forest & William Herod (includes articles)
Vietnamese Buddhists
Vietnamese government officials
US government officials

Reports from various sources (2 folders)
Miscellaneous (Joan Baez et al.)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Subseries G-8

Amnesty for US war resisters, 1969-1977

Files of Jack Travers, Amnesty Coordinator

Box 22

History of amnesty in the US
Historical articles by Harrop A. Freeman

General & personal (Travers & M. Jendrzejczyk) (2 folders)
"We are all POWs" (Chuck Noell et al.)
International (IFOR & WRI)
John M. Swomley's pamphlet & petitions

Mailings; lists of contacts (organizations & persons)
Amnesty conference & seminars:

Interreligious Conference on Amnesty, Washington 3/72
National Conf. on Amnesty, Washington 5/73; Toronto Amnesty Action Conference, 5/73
Organizing Seminar (FOR, WRL, WSP), NYC 1/74; Regional Amnesty Conf., Niagara Falls, 12/75

Exiles and Veterans:

Articles on war resisters & deserters
Exiles in Canada

Local work on amnesty (by state)

California, District of Columbia, Illinois
Kansas, Kentucky
Massachusetts, Michigan

Box 23

New Jersey
New York
New York State Council of Churches
North Carolina
Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania

Polls and surveys on amnesty
Posters and buttons
Questionnaire: local work/reactions, 1975
Resource materials:

Amnesty packets (FOR), 1974, 1975, 1977 (3 folders)
Films: Amnesty or Exile?, Duty Bound, Perspectives on Amnesty
Writings, etc. about amnesty:
Articles in periodicals

Box 24

Periodicals (special issues & cover stories)
Press clippings, 1972-1973
Press clippings, 1974, 1976
Press clippings from local papers (sent in responses to FOR request, March 1973)
Sermons, speeches, misc. articles
Television transcripts (WNET & ABC)


American Civil Liberties Union
American Friends Service Committee
Americans for Amnesty
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Clemency Information Center, Indiana

Box 25

Clergy and Laity Concerned
Inter-Religious Task Force on Amnesty
Inter-Religious Task Force: Minutes
National Campus Alliance for Amnesty
National Council for Universal & Unconditional Amnesty (NCUUA)
NCUUA: National Amnesty Week, February 1976
NISBCO: Corres. with literature, 1973
NISBCO: Amnesty education packets
Safe Return & FORA; Campaign 100
War Resisters League
Women Strike for Peace
World Without War Council

Religious bodies

Episcopal Peace Fellowship

Box 26

National Council of Churches
Protestant (various)
United Methodist

Statements of policy on Amnesty:

Organizations, etc.
Religious bodies

US Government

Congressional hearings, March 1974
Legislation: Bills and commentary
President Ford's Clemency program, 1974-1976:

General material (2 folders)
FOR correspondence & mailings
Presidential Clemency Board, 1975-1976

President Carter's Special Discharge Review Program & appeals, 1976-1977

Subseries G-9

Buddhist projects in South Vietnam:
orphan sponsorship, prisoners, refugees, 1972-1975
(files of Laura Hassler - partially processed)

Box 27

General material, finances, reports (3 folders)
Liaison Office for Vietnamese Buddhist Peace Delegation: corres. with L. Hassler & Mobi Warren, contributors (8 folders)

Box 28

Support for Buddhist projects by groups & individuals, A - Z (15 folders)
Refugees/displaced people in South Vietnam

Box 29 Orphan sponsorship program

Removal form
Orphans & orphanages of South Vietnam
General correspondence & reports
Orphan sponsors: misc. corres., inquiries, problems
Lists of orphans by province (2 folders)
Dossiers of orphans by province (7 folders)

Box 30

Dossiers of orphans in Go Cong province (6 folders)

Box 31

Photos of life in Buddhist orphanages

see Subseries G-5, Box 13 for more photos of Vietnamese life in wartime

Children's letters to sponsors (9 folders)
Children's letters with drawings (2 folders)

Box 32 Prisons and prisoners in South Vietnam

General material; misc. correspondence
Buddhist Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners
Appeals to and corres. with US Congress
Support efforts
Fliers & mailings from organizations
Clippings from US newspapers
Resource materials on prison conditions
Lists of prisoners (3 folders)
Lists of prisoners (photocopies from Indochina Mobile Education Project - 2 inches)

Subseries G-10

Reference Files on Vietnam & Indochina

(partially processed)

Box 33 General & miscellaneous:

Articles from periodicals (4 folders)
Clippings from US press mainly (2 folders)

(see Series G-2, Box 7 for Saigon English language press, 1968-1969)

Reports, lectures, studies, statements


Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Occasional Papers, 1968
Congressional Record
European publications

Box 34

FOR literature: Fellowship, brochures, leaflets
I.F. Stone's Weekly, 1965-1968
Journalists' series: Dudman (St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1969) & Salisbury (NY Times, 1969)
Religious publications (US)
US State Dept. Bureau of Public Affairs, Bulletins
Vietnam: Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Vietnam: National Liberation Front
Vietnamese writers: commentary & poetry

Topical materials:

Anti-war movement in US; chronology
Anti-war protests by GIs, 1969
Civilian service opportunities in Vietnam
Ecological destruction of the war
Indochina miscellany: fact sheets, air war, Laos, Cambodia
Medical service in Vietnam, 1965-1968
Medical Aid for Vietnam
Social-political-ethical analysis of the period 1968-1974 (2 folders)

Box 35

US Navy chaplains. Personal Response Project:

Religions & religiously based customs in Vietnam
Vietnamese time concepts & behavior patterns

US policy toward Vietnam & Indochina
Oversize publications:

Life, July 2 & Nov. 26, 1965
National Geographic, Feb. 1967
Vietnam, Oslo, 1966
Hostages of War: Saigon's political prisoners, 1973

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