Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 U.S.A.


Series F


12 boxes


Boxes 1-5

Church Peace Mission (CPM), 1950-1967

-Conference on the Church & War, Detroit, 1950
-Commission on Christian Conscience & War, 1951-1953
-Conference on Church and Peace, Detroit, 1953
-World Council of Churches Assembly, Evanston, 1954
-CPM files of FOR staff members, 1960-1967
-CPM publications

Committee for Nonviolent Action (CNVA)
(FOR was one of the early sponsors)

see Nuclear and Germ Warfare Protests in Series E, Box 11

Boxes 6-7

Consultative Peace Council, 1946-1967

Boxes 8-9

International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace (ICDP), 1962-1974

Box 10

Stockholm Conferences on Vietnam, 1966-74

Seven conferences sponsored by various international organizations, 1967-1970. Work continued under the International Liaison Committee.

Boxes 11-12

Turn Toward Peace, 1961-1967
(Reorganized as World Without War Council, 1967)

Boxes 1-5* Church Peace Mission (CPM), 1950-1967
(Files of A.J. Muste, 1950-1959)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 1

Introductory notes; removal forms
General information, history, reports, 1950-1962
General correspondence, 1951-March 1954
General correspondence, April 1954-1959
Lists of names & addresses, 1950-1952
Releases, form letters, misc., 1950-1959

Conference on the Church and War, Detroit, 1950:

General material
Planning Committee
Preliminary correspondence
Program; area group meetings
Registration (by denomination)
Study materials
"Affirmation and Appeal" & the signers

Box 2

Christian Youth Conference on War, Columbus, 1952

Commission on Christian Conscience & War, 1951-1953:

General material
Correspondence with Commission members
Correspondence of Editorial Committee
Preliminary Papers, I-VII
Draft statements: 1st & 2nd
International correspondence
Signatories of document, by countries (2 folders)

Conference on Church and Peace, Detroit, 1953

General material; registration
Program, addresses, statements
Findings (reports & notes by Areas I-III)

Box 3

Correspondence with church leaders (3 folders)
Conscientious objectors & the World Council of Churches, 1953-1954

World Council of Churches: Assembly, Evanston, 1954

General correspondence
Preliminary discussions: plans, etc.
Preliminary discussions in Chicago & Elgin, IL
Preliminary discussions at Union Seminary, NY
Delegates (US): lists & corres.
Delegates (international): lists & corres.
Peace literature exhibit: corres.
Releases & reports from Church Peace Mission
Printed materials

Box 4

Conference on Relevance, 1955: paper "The Relevance of a radical pacifist position" by John Swomley
Christian Action-Church Peace Mission joint study project on agape, 1955

CPM files of FOR staff members, 1960-1967

Correspondence of Alfred Hassler, 1960-1967
Correspondence of John Heidbrink, 1961-1966 (2 folders)
Correspondence of Glenn Smiley, 1963-1967
Reports, memos, releases, 1961-1967 (2 folders)
Conferences & seminars:
-"Kerygma and ethos in the nuclear age", 1962

Box 5*

-"East-West conflict"; "Revolution, nonviolence and the church", 1963
-Nonviolence & the freedom movement (proposed), 1966

CPM publications:

Correspondence re publishing & distribution
"Niebuhr and Christian Pacifism", by John H. Yoder (mimeographed), 1963
The Christian conscience and war, 1953-1954
Peace is the will of God (IFOR pamphlet), 1953
Documents on the contemporary German church struggle (mimeographed), 1959

Boxes 6-7* Consultative Peace Council, 1946-1967

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 6

Minutes & reports, 1946-1960
Minutes & reports, 1961-1967
Correspondence, releases, 1946-1954
Correspondence, releases, 1957-1967 (5 folders)
Joint program on nuclear tests, 1957-1958

Box 7*

Program for Disarmament, 1960:

Correspondence of John Swomley
Correspondence of Alfred Hassler

Consultation on Cuba & Latin America, Nyack, 1962
"Issues Conference" on Berlin, 1962
"Issues Conference" on Latin America, Nyack, 1964

Boxes 8-9* International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace (ICDP), 1962-1974

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 8

Founding conference, Oxford, Jan. 1963, and background material
Continuing Committee, 1963
Inaugural Congress, Tyringe, Jan. 1964
Correspondence of Alfred Hassler, et al., 1964-1965 (2 folders)
Consultation with World Council of Peace, Geneva Park, Canada, 1966
Correspondence of Hassler et al., 1966-1968 (3 folders)
Conference at Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 1968

Box 9*

Responses to Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968
Correspondence of Hassler et al, 1969-1974 (2 folders)
Hassler's resignation from ICDP Council, 1973
ICDP and other international affiliations of the FOR, 1973-1974

Box 10 Stockholm Conferences on Vietnam, 1966-1974
(Seven conferences, sponsored by various international organizations, were held from 1967 to 1970. The work continued under the International Liaison Committee.)

Correspondence of Alfred Hassler & Bertil Svahnstrom, 1966-1969
World Conference, July 1967
Reports; corres. of Alfred Hassler, 1967
Documents: Emergency Consultative Meeting, March 1968
Emergency Action Conference, May 1969
International Liaison Committee Meeting, Oct. 1969; notes of Ronald Young
World Conference on Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nov. 1970:

Reports, speeches, statements
Reports & speeches by Vietnamese
Commission of Enquiry into US Crimes in Indochina
Miscellany; notes of Ronald Young

Circular letters; Hassler correspondence, 1972-1974
The Effects of Modern Weapons on the Human Environment in Indochina: Documents … at a hearing, June 1972

Boxes 11-12 Turn Toward Peace, 1961-1967

Box 11

General materials, 1961-1962

January 1961-May 1962
June-December 1962
January-June 1964
July 1964-December 1965

"American Initiatives" kit, 1961-1962
Handbook for community peace centers: comments, 1962
Nature and role of Turn Toward Peace, 1962
Peace directory (projected), 1962
Peace directory: replies, A-Z; write-ups, corres.

Box 12

Subcommittee on organizational problems, 1963-1964:

Reports, 1963-1964
Seattle visit
Correspondence (2 folders)
Correspondence of Meacham & Hassler

"A Workable Plan for a Peaceful Settlement in SE Asia", a proposal to the United Nations, Aug. 1965
Turn Toward Peace Youth Committee:

Correspondence; releases, 1962-1964
Subcommittee on student conferences
Conference: Our cold war society, 1964

Turn Toward Peace / World Without War Council:

Reorganization, 1967

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