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Series E


32 boxes


Box 1
China Aid, 1954-1955 and 1961-1962
Boxes 2-8
Latin America Work, 1927-
Boxes 9-10
Native Americans: Programs of 1973-1982
Boxes 11-12
Nuclear and Germ Warfare Protests, 1954-1961
Boxes 13-15
"Peace on Earth" Consultation and Conventions, 1965-1967
Boxes 16-21
Race Relations, 1920s-1970s (bulk 1950s-1960s)
Boxes 22-28
Religious Peace Fellowships affiliated with the FOR, 1935-1990s
Box 29
"Shelters for the Shelterless", 1961-1969 (alternatives to fallout shelters)
Boxes 30-32
Youth/Student Work, 1940-1964
Files of staff: John Swomley, Glenn Smiley, Bill Hodson, Curtiss Moody, Charles Jones, Brewster Kneen

Box 1 China Aid, 1954-1955 and 1961-1962:

"Surplus Food for China" campaign, 1954-1955
- Promotional material with grain bags
-Correspondence with US government and the press
-General correspondence/reactions: A - I

-Press clippings, correspondence, periodical articles
-Source materials
-Canadian Far Eastern Newsletter and FOR campaign
"Food for China" campaign, 1961-1962:
-General correspondence
-Staff memos and plans
-Promotion: grain bag, New York Times ad, releases
-Resource materials
-Correspondence with US government officials
-Correspondence/responses to appeals:
-A - E
-F - J
-K - Mc
-Mi - Sc
-Se - Z; negative responses

Boxes 2*-8 Latin America Work, 1927-1990s

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)
+ indicates that current material can be added

Box 2

Peace efforts in Central America and Mexico by FOR and other groups, 1927-1932
Scrapbook of Charles A. Thomson, FOR Latin America Secretary, 1929-1932

Box 3

"The FOR and Latin America, 1919-1960" by J.N. Syare; lists of sources found in FOR archives
General resource materials on Latin America
Nonviolence and revolution: articles and reports by Smiley, Goss-Mayr et al., 1962-1969
Correspondence (general) 1962-1966
Correspondence of Sidney Lens and Alfred Hassler, 1962-1965
Releases, proposals, etc. 1962-1964
Conference on "The Latin American Revolution," New York, November 9-10, 1962
"Issues Conference on Latin America" held by the Consultative Peace Council, Nyack, December 1964
Conferences and seminar: Mexico 1964, Chicago 1965, Montevideo 1966
Latin America project and committee:
Proposals, plans, correspondence 1962-1966[2 folders]
Contacts (lists and notes)
North American Committee on Latin America (FOR)
Correspondence with sponsors, 1964
NACLA (North American Committee on Latin America), organized 1966

Box 4 Cuba, 1956, 1960-1963, 1965

Articles and releases, 1960-1962[2 folders]
Correspondence (general), 1961-1962[2 folders]
Correspondence: FOR staff, Executive Committee and National Council, 1960-1962
Correspondence with Cubans, 1956, 1961-1963, 1965
FOR official statements on US-Cuban relations
FOR releases re Cuban situation (some in Spanish)
Humanitarian aid
Bay of Pigs invasion, 1961
"We cannot condone this act" (New York Times ad 4/23/61)
Newspaper ads (various) including "open letters" to President Kennedy
Ad for Havana paper: "A Message to the Cuban People" (rejected); correspondence with signers, 1961
Reconciliation team to Cuba (proposed) 1961

Box 5

Cuban missile crisis; public appeal by well-known persons, 1962
US-Cuban relations: statements and reports from other groups and individuals
Dominican Republic: US intervention, FOR team, elections, 1965-1966
Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico: Smiley's visit with Juan Bosch; Puerto Rican FOR, 1965-1967

International FOR work in Latin America, 1960s-1970s

Reports, trips to Latin America, 1960s
Reports, trips to Latin America, 1970s
Discussion re sending Goss-Mayrs to South America, 1960s
Program priorities and Latin America work, 1962
Goss-Mayr correspondence, 1962-1973[2 folders]
Goss-Mayr reports on Latin America, 1962-1972
Correspondence of Richard Chartier, Glenn Smiley and John Swomley, 1969

Box 6

South American Committee of IFOR:
- Documents, 1969-1973
-Correspondence of Earl Smith, 1969-1977 [2 folders]
Consultation and Seminars on Nonviolence, 1966-1970
Seminars on Nonviolence in Columbia, Costa Rica and Mexico, October 1968
Conference for Coording Nonviolent Action in Latin America, Alajuela, Costa Rica, 1971
Conference on Nonviolent Liberation in Latin America, Medellin, Columbia, 1974
Internationall meeting of Latin American Bishops, Bogotá, 1977; Document on "Evangelical Nonviolence"

Latin America work, 1970s-1980s

Bibliographies on nonviolence in Spanish and Portuguese
Conferences, Congressional testimony, trips to Latin America (non-FOR)
General correspondence and programs of FOR
Pérez-Esquivel, Adolfo:
-Trips to Europe and US, 1976
-Imprisonment and appeals for release, 1977-1978
-Letters of appeal for release, A-Z
-Nobel Peace Prize, 1980-1985; trips to US
-Material about Pérez-Esquivel

Box 7
Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ):
- Correspondence and reports, 1972-1979, 1983
-Releases; campaigns, 1973-1978
-Seminario de No-Violencia, Buenos Aires, 1975; Encuentro, Bogotá, 1978
-European support groups, 1975-1980
Central America:
- General correspondence and programs, 1976-1986
-Nicaragua, 1978
-Pledge of Resistance contingency plan, 1983-1985
-Resource materials, 1983-1985

Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC)

General material and mailings:
- 1982-1983

Box 8+
TFLAC: Minutes of Steering Committee, 1985-
TFLAC: Delegations to Central America, 1983-1985
TFLAC: Delegations to Latin America, 1988-
TFLAC: North/South exchange programs: Americas Connections, Voluntarios Solidarios
TFLAC: Panama Campaign, 1991-
TFLAC: Sebastián Acevedo Anti-Torture Movement (Chile) 1991-
TFLAC: Urgent Action Network, 1983-
TFLAC: Addenda (material from other sources)
SIPAZ: Servicio Internacional para la Paz/ International Service for Peace (Chiapas conflict): 1997-

+ indicates that current material can be added

Boxes 9-10* Native Americans: Programs of 1973-1982

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 9

Indian projects and conferences, 1973-1982
- Staff memos, 1973-1976
-General correspondence, 1973-1978, 1982
-Consultations on American Indians, 1973
-Conference on Native Americans, January 1974
-Resource materials (produced/distributed by FOR)

Wounded Knee (Pine Ridge Reservation, SD), 1973:
-"Anatomy of a project" (report and documentation)
-Ad in N. Y. Times 3/18/73; responses from readers
-Press conference and forum, April 18, 1973
-Mediation team and task force
-US government agreements and communications
-General correspondence
-Reports; Fellowship articles
-Follow-up correspondence and proposals, 1973-1975, 1978
Crow Dog (Leonard Peltier) 1976-1977
Navajo Coalition for Liberation, 1974

Box 10*

Tuscarora Indians (N. Carolina); Mike Little Wolf and attorney William Gibbs, 1973-1974
Oklahoma AIM workshop training project, 1974
Red Wind School, California, 1978
Washington (state) Indian rights, 1974

Boxes 11-12* Nuclear and Germ Warfare Protests, 1954-1961

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 11

Hydrogen bomb protests (miscellaneous). 1954-1958
NVA (Non-Violent Action Against Nuclear Weapons):
- Minutes and releases, 1957-1958[2 folders]
-Correspondence, etc., 1957-1958
-Golden Rule trip to Eniwetok, May 1958
-Visit to Moscow (projected), 1958
-"Men against the bomb" (projected pamphlet edited by H. Jack and A. Hassler), 1958
CNVA (Committee for Nonviolent Action):
-Golden Rule and Phoenix delegation to Geneva (re nuclear tests in the Pacific), Dec. 1958
-Correspondence, etc., 1959
-Correspondence, etc., 1960-1961
FOR protests (sponsored or initiated by FOR):
-Vigil at Canaveral, January-July 1958:
--Correspondence and miscellaneous
--Log and scrapbook of Charles Walker
--Press clippings and releases

Box 12*
-Appeal and Vigil at Fort Detrick (germ warfare):
--Correspondence, minutes, etc., 1959-1961
--Articles, leaflets, releases
Other protests:
- Prayer and Conscience Vigil, Washington, Nov. 1957
-Cheyenne Appeal (against ICBM base), 1958-1959

Boxes 13-15* "Peace on Earth" Consultation and Convocations, 1965-1967
(Co-sponsor: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 13
Moral and technological implications of Peace on Earth:
- Background materials
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (correspondence of Glenn Smiley)
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (correspondence of Dorothy Nyland)
Correspondence about finances
Consultation of Religious Leaders, New York, 1965:
- Program, registrants, speeches
-Original plans
-Correspondence with speakers, A-Z
Convocations (in other locales) 1965-1967:
-General correspondence, schedules, etc.
-Inter-office memos
-Advisory Committee
-Biblical/theological focus
Prospectus and comments
Responses of interested people [2 folders]
Miscellaneous correspondence of Dorothy Nyland

Box 14
Reports and comments
Convocation speakers: bios and correspondence:
-Berrigan, Philip (speeches included)
-Bloy, Myron B.
-Ferry, W.H. (bibliography and speech included)
-Hammill, Robert H.
-Hilton, Mary Alice (articles, speeches included)
-Lens, Sidney
-O'Gorman, Ned

-Theobald, Robert (correspondence and "Campus Dialogue")
-Theobald, Robert (speeches, writings)
Records of Convocations held, 1965-1967
- Amherst, Massachusetts
-Atlanta, Georgia
-Cincinnati, Ohio
-Cleveland, Ohio
-Denver, Colorado
-Detroit, Michigan
-East Lansing, Michigan
-Los Angeles, California

Box 15*
-Louisville, Kentucky
-Massanetta Springs, VA
-Portland, Oregon
-Seattle, Washington
-Tacoma, Washington
-Vancouver, BC
-Washington, DC
-West Chicago/Naperville, Illinois

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Boxes 16-21 Race Relations, 1920s-1970s (bulk 1950s-1960s)

Box 16
General and miscellaneous material, 1920s-1960s[2 folders]
General race relations work, 1942-1944
Race Relations/Racial-Industrial Dept., 1943-1948
Japanese Americans, 1941-1945:
-FOR memos and policy statements
-FOR work in Relocation Centers
-FOR work: Pen pals program
-Relocation Centers: Reports, letters
-Resettlement after leaving Centers
Southern work (general and miscellaneous), 1954-1970:
-FOR reports and releases, 1954-1964
-Correspondence of Glenn Smiley, John Swomley, Alfred Hassler et al., 1955-1958 [2 folders]
-Correspondence of Glenn Smiley, 1959-1965 [2 folders]
-Evaluation and proposals, 1954-1967

Box 17 Locales and individuals

Alabama (miscellaneous)
Albany, Georgia (includes Smiley visit, 1962)
Atlanta, Georgia: Conferences, 1956-1957
Birmingham, Alabama, 1958-1959
Detroit, Michigan: Race riots, 1943
Howard, Asbury: First amendment case, 1959
King, Martin Luther, Jr.:
-Correspondence with Smiley et al., 1956-1967
-Articles by and about King[2 folders]
-Tributes, 1968 -
Lafayette, Bernard (SCLC et al.) 1970-
Lawson, James M., 1958-
Lawson, James M. and Vanderbilt University, 1960
Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957-1958
Montgomery, Alabama, 1956-1961, 1975

Box 18
Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA):
- Institutes, 1956-1960
-Newsletters from MIA, 1956-1957
Orangeburg, SC, 1956-1958
Shuttlesworth, Fred, 1957-1963
Tallahassee, FL, 1956-1960
Tennessee (miscellaneous)
Miscellaneous individuals: African Americans, A - Z
Miscellaneous individuals: White Americans, A andendash; Z
Southern organizations and institutions, 1955-1968
Alabama Council on Human Relations
Citizens councils and similar groups
Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery
Highlander Folk School, Monteagle, Tennessee
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC):
-Correspondence (Smiley et al.); literature, 1957-1961
-Literature; Poor People's Campaign; correspondence 1965-1968
Southern Conference Educational Fund
Tuskeegee Civic Association

Box 19 Projects/programs of FOR and other groups
The Brothers, Albany,New York, 1966
Civil Rights Documentation Project, 1967
Comic book, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story: production and funding, 1956-1958 [includes published versions in English and Spanish, circa 1967]
Comic book, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story [Arabic version/s, circa 2010-1011; not produced by the F.O.R.]
Comic book: promotion, distribution, influence
Committee to Aid Bombed Christians of the South:
- Correspondence, 1957-1960
-Appeal letters
-Contributors et al.
-Distribution of funds
CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), 1942-1961
FAIR (Fellowship Appeal for Interracial Reconciliation), 1947-1948
Fellowship articles on race, 1942-1966; bibliographies
Film, Walk to Freedom (Montgomery), 1956-1957
Freedom rides, 1961
Institutes, workshops, conferences:
-Various, 1939-1943
-Race and Non-Violence Workshop, San Francisco, 1943
-Various, 1944-1959
-Interracial Workshop, Washington, 1947

Box 20
Interns in Non-Violence Reconciliation: Tour into North Carolina and Alabama, 1960
Journey of Reconciliation, 1947
March on Washington, 1963
Ministry of Reconciliation, Jackson, Michigan, 1964
Nonviolence training
Pledge Brotherhood Campaign, 1950
Publications: Pamphlets and leaflets
Student movement in the South, 1960-1967
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), 1960-1968
Youth March for Integrated Schools, Washington, 1958

Box 21 Resource material
Articles, etc.:
-Integration (general and miscellaneous)
-Integration in education, 1955-1961
-Religion and integration, 1954-1963
-The South, 1955-1963
Press clippings, 1955-1961
-Bus boycotts (Alabama)
-Bus boycotts (Tallahassee, Atlanta, New Orleans)
-Freedom Riders
-Integration (general)
-Integration in education
-Sit-ins and student movement
-Southern newspapers (miscellaneous subjects)
-"Race Relations Handbook" by Richard Deats, 1957
-"Nonviolent methods in the American civil rights conflict" by Bo Wirmark, 1966
-Photographs (photocopies), 1947-1958

Boxes 22-28* Religious Peace Fellowships affiliated with the FOR, 1935-1990s
The arrangement is roughly in several chronological groups, within which the affiliated fellowships are alphabetized by key words in caps. FOR staff members and denominational officers are usually given.

Box 22 List of affiliates with dates, status, etc.
General correspondence and miscellany, 1935-1953 (Martin England et al.)
General correspondence, 1951-1956, of Swomley[2 folders]
BAPTIST Pacifist Fellowship, 1940-1959 (Hassler)
BAPTIST Pacifist Fellowship, 1959-1960 (Swomley)
BAPTIST Pacifist Fellowship: Membership lists, 1950s
CONGREGATIONAL-CHRISTIAN Pacifist Fellowship, 1950s
DISCIPLES Peace Fellowship, 1935-1960
E.U.B. Peace Fellowship (Evangelical United Brethren), 1959
EPISCOPAL Pacifist Fellowship, 1950-1961 (Ray Arvio et al.)
Fellowship of ETHICaliforniaL Pacifists, 1957-1961 (Hassler et al.)
JEWISH Peace Fellowship: miscellany, 1940s-1960
LIBERAL Religious Peace Fellowship
(Unitarian-Universalist) 1956-1958
LUTHERAN Peace Fellowship, 1941-1958;
Membership lists included
Box 23
Fellowship of METHODIST Pacifists (FMP):
Background of Methodist pacifism
Brochures, leaflets, etc. 1950s
Founding meeting; Executive Committee minutes, reports, etc. 1950-1964
Membership records, 1952-1967
Questionnaire on the Christian and war, 1955-1956
Correspondence (files of John Swomley) 1950-1955 [7 folders]
Box 24
Correspondence (files of John Swomley) 1956-1959
Correspondence (files of Rita and Herman Will):
-FOR national office, 1959-1960
-Executive Com. of FMP, 1959-1960
-General, 1959-1960
-FOR national office and Executive Com., 1961-1962
Correspondence (files of Franklin Terry):
-FOR national office, 1961-1963, 1966
-Executive Com. of FMP, 1962-1967
-General, 1962-1967
NEW CHURCH Pacifist Fellowship: statement, report, correspondence, 1940, 1945-1946, 1961
Peace Fellowship of PRESBYTERIANS: statement, minutes, correspondence, n.d., 1945-1946, 1950
SOUTHERN PRESBYTERIAN Peace Fellowship: correspondence, lists, leaflets, 3 newsletters. 1949-1960
UNITARIAN Pacifist Fellowship: correspondence, lists,
Files of Alfred Hassler et al.:
General correspondence, 1957-1963
BAPTIST Pacifist Fellowship, 1960-1961
CATHOLIC Peace Fellowship, 1965-1967 (Boehmer's correspondence)
CATHOLIC Peace Fellowship, 1969-1974 (Hassler's correspondence)
Box 25
EPISCOPAL Peace Fellowship, 1970
(Brick and Hassler correspondence)
JEWISH Peace Fellowship, 1965-1971 (Brick and Boehmer correspondence)
LUTHERAN Peace Fellowship, 1958-1969
Fellowship of METHODIST Pacifists, 1959-1967
Peace Fellowship of PRESBYTERIANS, 1958-1964
UNITED CHURCH Peace Fellowship, 1959-1961 (includes Newsletters)
Files of John Heidbrink, 1961-1967:
General correspondence
BAPTIST Peace Fellowship
CATHOLIC Peace Fellowship[2 folders]
DISCIPLES Peace Fellowship
EPISCOPAL Pacifist Fellowship
EPISCOPAL Pacifist Fellowship (Boehmer correspondence re new EPF exec. secy.)
JEWISH Peace Fellowship
Box 26
LIBERAL (UUA) Religious Peace Fellowship
LUTHERAN Peace Fellowship
Fellowship of METHODIST Pacifists
REFORMED CHURCH Peace Fellowship
UNITED CHURCH Peace Fellowship
Files of Stauffer Curry and Mildred Nelson, 1967-1972:
General correspondence and mailings
BAPTIST Peace Fellowship[2 folders]
CATHOLIC Peace Fellowship
CHURCH OF GOD Peace Fellowship
Box 27
DISCIPLES Peace Fellowship
EPISCOPAL Peace Fellowship
Fellowship of ETHICaliforniaL Pacifists
JEWISH Peace Fellowship
LIBERAL (UUA) Religious Peace Fellowship
LUTHERAN Peace Fellowship
METHODIST Peace Fellowship
UPPF (staff secretary's files):
-National Committee correspondence, 1968-1970
-National Committee minutes, 1968-1970
-General correspondence, 1968-1970
-Membership lists, 1960s
-Annual breakfasts at General Assembly, 1968-1971
-Draft counseling service, 1967-1970
Box 28*+
Files of Richard Deats et al., 1972-
General material; various Fellowships
BUDDHIST Peace Fellowship
DISCIPLES Peace Fellowship; paper on "…Pacifism in the Christian Church"
JEWISH Peace Fellowship
Box 29
"Shelters for the Shelterless", 1961-1969
(alternatives to fallout shelters)
General material, promotion, donations
Administrative Committee, 1961-1969
Publicity: newspaper ads, TV spots, 1962
India: miscellaneous contacts, 1962
India: Ralph R. Keithahn correspondence, 1962-1967
India: Rural life, villagers making houses, festive occasions and miscellaneous PHOTOS
India: Vadala Mission project, 1962-1965
India: Vadala Mission project. PHOTOS related to correspondence in the folder
India: Franklin Zahn correspondence, 1963-1964
Tanganyika project (proposed), 1962
Zahn correspondence with Glenn Smiley, 1962, 1965-1967
Third world housing conditions/programs.
PHOTOS from the UN and Church World Service.
Boxes 30-32
Youth/Student Work, 1940-1964

Box 30
General material, 1940-1948 (Swomley files)
United Christian Youth Movement, 1946-1947 (Swomley)
Youth FOR (branch organization), 1955-1958
College work: conference, etc., 1955-1957 (Smiley files)
Youth Advisory Committee, 1956-1957 (Smiley and Moody)
Correspondence and miscellany, 1957-1961 (Smiley and Moody)
Correspondence, 1958-1960 (Smiley)
Youth Peace Fellowship, 1959-1961 (merged with FOR October 1961)
Charles Jones, Student Secretary, 9/60-1/61: reports, mailings, correspondence [2 folders]
Brewster Kneen, Youth Director, 1961-1964:
Reports and staff memos
Box 31
Correspondence, A - Z (10 folders)
Box 32
FOR Youth Committee
Mustard Seed (for high school students)
Manuscripts and correspondence
Ecumenical Student Conference on Christian World Mission, 1963
European Peace Seminar, 1963: Youth section
National Student Assembly, YMCalifornia and YWCalifornia, 1962
North American Ecumenical Youth Assembly, 1961
Program ideas
Student Christian Movement in New England
Student Peace Union: general material
Student Peace Union: correspondence, 1960-1963
Note: For the work of other Youth/Student directors, see their respective files as follows:
-Bayard Rustin in Series D, Boxes 51-52
-Ronald J. Young in Series D, Boxes 59-79
-Dorothy Hassler in Series D, Box 36
-Jo Becker in Series C, Box 61

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