Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 U.S.A.


Series D

PROGRAM STAFF, 1941-1984

79 boxes


Boxes 1-6

Peter J. Boehmer, Field Work Director, 1964-1967

Boxes 7-9

Allan R. Brick, National Program Director & Associate Executive Secretary, 1968-1972

Boxes 10-15

Thomas C. Cornell: Interfaith Associate, Coordinator of National Program, International Affairs, 1972-1979

Boxes 16-22

A. Stauffer Curry, Director of Interfaith Activities 1967-1970. (Files include Field Work & FOR Local Groups 1967-1972, Mildred Nelson, assistant)

Boxes 23-35

James H. Forest: Interfaith Associate & Director of Publications, 1967-1976

Box 36

Dorothy Hassler, Membership Director, 1960-1974

Boxes 37-42

John C. Heidbrink, Director of Interfaith Activities, 1961-1966

Boxes 43-50

Mike Jendrzejczyk: Youth Action, Death Penalty and Disarmament Programs, Co-Director of Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project, 1975-1984

Boxes 51-52

Bayard Rustin: Youth Field Worker, Co-Secretary of Race Relations (with James Farmer), Co-Secretary Racial-Industrial Dept. (with George Houser), Director of College Section, 1941-1952

Boxes 53-58

Glenn E. Smiley: Regional Secretary for the Southwest, National Director of Field Work (with special focus on race relations and non-violence), Associate Executive Secretary, 1942-1967

Boxes 59-79

Ronald J. Young, Director of Youth Work, 1965-1972 (with special focus on draft counseling and the anti-war movement)

The files of other staff members are generally found with the records of the program areas in which they worked. Among them are the following:

Brewster Kneen (Youth/Student Work) see Series E, Boxes 30-32

Dorothy Maas (Dai Dong) see Series J, Box 6

Jack Travers (Amnesty, Counter-JROTC) see Series G-8, Boxes 22-28

The names of additonal staff members and the locations of their files can be traced by the computer.

Boxes 1-6 Peter J. Boehmer, Field Work Director. 1964-1967

Box 1

Biographical information; speeches & writings
Reports on field work to National Council
Field trips & speaking engagements
Field work: inter-office memos
Field work: inter-office memos: Smiley & Boehmer
Miscellaneous inter-office memos
Mailings about field work, (3 folders)

Correspondence & Projects, 1964-1967

A (misc.)
AFSC Summer Institutes & FOR
B (misc.)
C (misc.)
Clergy team to Vietnam: followup work in US
Committee for Nonviolent Action (CNVA)
Conscience and conscription (program proposal)

Box 2

D (misc.)
December 19th Vietnam protest, 1964
Draft card protests
Draft counseling & CCCO; Rockland County Draft Counseling Service
E - F (misc.)
Farm Workers Association, 1966
FORge AHEAD (field work newsletter for local groups)
G (misc.)
H (misc.)
I - J (misc.)
I.C.C.V. "Brothers" program & Meals of Reconciliation
J.O.I.N. (proposed FOR-SDS project)
K (misc.)
L (misc.)
Lobenstine, Clark

Box 3

M (misc.)
N - O (misc.)
National Council of Churches: COs, conscription, religious liberty
P (misc.)
Plainfield, NJ meeting on Vietnam, 1965
R (misc.)
S (misc.)
Seifert, Harvey
Spring Mobilization Committee, 1967
T (misc.)
US government agencies & officials
University Circle Teach-In Committee, 1966
W (misc.)
Washington Summer Action, 1965
Weekly Vigil for Peace, Santa Barbara
V & Y (misc.)

Box 4 Field work & FOR local groups

Groups/leaders; field workers (lists)
Arizona (Jim Corbett, field worker)
Arizona: Phoenix (Von Kilsdonk)
Arizona: Tuscon Peace Center
California: Bay Area (Leach et al.)
California: Bay Area (George Collins, field worker) (2 folders)
California: Los Angeles (Minutes & corres.)
California: Los Angeles (Jim Corbett)
California: various
Colorado: Denver (Johnson)
Connecticut: New Haven, etc.
DC: Washington (G. Huck, field worker) (2 folders)
DC: Washington Peace Center; Catholic Peace Fellowship

Box 5

Georgia: Atlanta Workshop in Nonviolence
Georgia: Atlantans for Peace (Blau)
Illinois: Chicago area (Wallace & Keith; Liljenstolpe, field worker)
Illinois: Chicago suburban areas
Indiana: various
Iowa: various
Kentucky: various
Maryland: Baltimore
Massachusetts: Boston area
Massachusetts: Boston Catholic Peace Fellowship
Michigan: various
Minnesota: state FOR
Missouri: various
Nebraska: various
New Jersey: Central & Northern (Henry Frost, field worker, et al.)
New Jersey: Princeton (Marjory Pratt)
New Jersey: Princeton Draft Center (John Reints et al.)
New York: city (A.J. Muste & Lloyd Berg)

Box 6

New York: state, various
North & South Carolina: Burnsville & Greenville (Barrus & M. England)
North & South Dakota (Arneson & Brown)
Ohio: Cleveland (Dorothy Nyland)
Ohio: Toledo (Dorothy Knoke)
Ohio: Youngstown (Louise Varian)
Ohio: various
Oregon: state FOR (Minutes & corres.)
Oregon: Portland (V. Ross & R. Smith)
Oregon: various
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (B. Faust)
Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh (P. Ainslie)
Pennsylvania: Upland Institute field training program (proposed)
Tennessee: Maryville (Schultz et al.)
Texas: Waco (Bronaugh, Baylor University)
Washington: Seattle area (Hogenauer & R.B. Shaw)
Washington: Spokane-Cheney (Stearns)
Wisconsin: Madison & Wausau (Kline)
Wyoming (Elver Barker)
Miscellaneous: Miami Peace Center; Puerto Rico;
Rhode Island

Boxes 7-9 Allan R. Brick, National Program Director & Associate Executive Secretary. 1968-1972
(Co-worker in the anti-war movement with Ronald J. Young whose files are in Series D, Boxes 72-75*)
* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 7

Biographical & professional information
General correspondence, A - Z (2 folders)
Mailings; program proposals; staff memos
Reports & statements to FOR executive staff,
National Council & Executive Committee
Writings: magazine articles, letters to editors

Subject Correspondence & Programs

Action for an End-the-War Summer, 1970
American Refugee Project, 1970-1972
Avnery, Uri: speaking tour, 1970 (Israeli political leader & writer)
Biafra relief, 1969
Black Panthers
Catonsville Nine
Caucus to Assess Direction & Relevance of the Nonviolent Movement (CADAR) 1968
Citizens Conference on Ending the War in Indochina, Paris, 1971 (sponsors: FOR, AFSC, CALC) Corres.

Box 8

Citizens Conference on Ending the War: Participants
Citizens Conference on Ending the War: Reports, evaluation, press coverage, etc.
Coalition on National Priorities & Military Policy: Hearings, 1972
Dai Dong. Corres. with Alfred Hassler, Dorothy Maas, et al., 1970-1971
Dolci, Danilo: Speaking tour, 1970
Dolci, Danilo: material about
Dolci, Danilo: Friends of Danilo Dolci, Inc.
Duluth Area Peace Center. Corres. with Phil Solem
Focus on Faculty (proposal for academic program)
Greenville, South Carolina FOR, 1970-1971
Harrisburg Defense Committee, 1971
Lenten-Passover Fast Action Project, 1970
March for Independence & Peace, Philadelphia to Washington, 1970 (proposed)
National Action Group, 1968-1969
National Action Group: nonviolent training & Pentagon project, "The Day After" 1970

Box 9

National Action Group: campaign against the air war, 1971-1972
National Council to Repeal the Draft (NCRD)
National Organizing Conference, Ann Arbor, 1971 (sponsored by CALC)
New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, 11/69 - 3/70
New Mobilization Committee: Anti-Repression Task Force, 12/69 - 3/70
Peace centers & sanctuaries
Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice: corres., staff memos, etc. 1971-1973
Prisoners' information & support (war refusers)
Prisoners Strike for Peace, Danbury, 1972; Fast of Life, San Antonio, 1972
Republican Party Convention, Miami, 1972
Seabeck Conference (Pacific Northwest FOR) 1970
Spring Actions (Peoples Coalition et al.) 1971
Trees for Vietnam (proposed by Jewish Peace Fellowship) 1972

US Study Team on Religious & Political Freedom in Vietnam, 1969, see Series G-4, Box 22

Box 10-15* Thomas C. Cornell: Interfaith Associate, Coordinator of National Program, International Affairs. 1972-1979

8 indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 10

Biographical data; writings; miscellany

General correspondence

A (misc.)
Ba - Be (misc.)
Bi - Bu (misc.)
Berrigan brothers & Catonsville Nine
Bridgeport Diocese (Pat Speer et al.)
Ca - Clo (misc.)
Co - Cu (misc.)
Camara, Helder
Carter, Jimmy, US president
Carvalho de Jesus, Mario
Cullen, Michael (deportation issue)
Curti, Martha
D (misc.)
Daland, Betty
Davis, Uri
Day, Dorothy
DeBenedette, Louis
Dolan, Patricia McNeal
DiLalla, Vincent
Douglass, James
Dozier, Carroll T.
E (misc.)

Box 11

Ebener, Dan R.
Eagan, Eileen
Evans, Hermene & Joseph
F (misc.)
Fahey, Joseph (Pax Christi USA)
Forest, James
G (misc.)
Goss-Mayr, Hildegard
Grazer, Walter
Gudowitz, Stuart
Gumbleton, Thomas
Ha - He (misc.)
Hollander, Melvin Lee
I - J (misc.)
International dignitaries
Jegen, Mary Evelyn
K (misc.)
Keene, Susan (Salt Lake City FOR)
L (misc.)
Lyttle, Bradford

Box 12

Mab - May (misc.)
Me - My (misc.)
Martin, Ralph
Miller, William D.
N (misc.)
O (misc.)
P - Q (misc.)
Podea, Mary & Titus
R (misc.)
Religious (Bro., Sr., M.)
Rickard, Harold & Margaret (Japan)
Sa - Sh (misc.)
Si - Sw (misc.)
Scott, George, Jr.
Swomley, John M.
T (misc.)
True, Michael
U - V (misc.)
US Government officials
Vanderhaar, Gerald
W (misc.)
Warneck, Wilfried (Church & Peace, Germany)
Wright, John Cardinal
X - Y - Z (misc.)
Young, Andrew (ambassador to U.N.)
Zahn, Gordon C.

Box 13 Subject files, 1972-1979

Catholic Peace Fellowship
Catholic Peace Fellowship: finances
Catholic peace movement: archives, etc.
Catholic Worker
Catholic Worker: Bibilography, etc.
Catholic Worker Houses
Charismatic renewal
China (People's Republic)
Clergy and Laity Concerned & Ecumenical Peace Institute
European trip (Dai Dong, IFOR), 1974
International F.O.R.
Ireland: Reconciliation tour, 1976
Middle East programs of FOR and other groups

-Articles, statements, etc.
-Conferences, consultations, joint meetings, seminars
-FOR programs (Allan Solomonow, coordinator)
-CONAME (Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East)
-CONAME mailings, reports

Box 14

-FAIR (Foundation for Arab-Israeli Reconciliation)
-Middle East Peace Project & Middle East Consultation Group
-N.Y. Times ad (Middle East Peace Now!) 4/4/76
-Palestine Human Rights Campaign
-Palestinians & Israelis
-Speaking tours: Joseph Abileah, 1977-1978
-Speaking tours: Allan Solomonow, 1979

Oakridge II, 1972 (peace camp)
Oakridge III, 1973 (nonviolent training program)
Operation SHARE/SHIELD (proposed for North Vietnam, 1972)
Pacem in Terris Institute, 1972
Pax Christi, 1972-1974
Peace studies
Pontifical Commission on World Justice I Peace
Study seminar in the Caribbean (cancelled)
United Nations (FOR representation)

Box 15*

Vietnam political prisoners, 1972-1973

-1974 (2 folders)
-Appeal letters
-Proposed investigative team, 1974

Vietnamese Buddhists & FOR work

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Boxes 16-22 A. Stauffer Curry, Director of Interfaith Activities.
(Files include Field Work & FOR Local Groups 1967-1972, Mildred Nelson, asst.)

Box 16

Biographical & personal data; speeches, writings
Key Contact memos
Key Contact questionnaire, 1968
Mailings, general (2 folders)
Mailings (Church of the Brethren)
Mailings (to clergy) 1969: "We want 10,000 to sign…"
"Summary of Interfaith Activities, FOR, September 1967 to May 1970" by A. Stauffer Curry

Interfaith activities, 1967-1972 (Files of A.S. Curry & Mildred Nelson, assistant)

Miscellaneous correspondence
A Quaker Action Group (AQAG)
Amnesty for Vietnam War Refusers
Brown, John Pairman (Free Church, Berkeley)
Christian Peace Conference, Prague

Box 17

Christian Peace Conference. US Committee
Church of the Brethren
Ecumenical Witness, Kansas City, 1972
European clergy appeals to US clergy re Vietnam war
Interfaith Committee on Draft Information
Interfaith Committee… Minutes, 12/69 - 6/72
Inter-Religious Committee on Peace
Men of Faith and Peacemaking Conference, Washington, 1969 (3 folders)
Men of Faith… George Wald: speeches, corres.
National Council of Churches (N.C.C.) Committee on Counseling COs (2 folders)

Box 18

N.C.C. Broadcasting & Film Commission. NBC-TV series on world development, 1969
National Interreligious Service Board for COs
New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, 1969
N.Y. Times ad "Time to Disarm America" 6/16/68. Responses
Peoples Peace Treaty campaign, 1971
Poor People's Campaign, 1968
Prison Visitation Service (P.V.S.) 1968-1970:

Correspondence, etc. (2 folders)

P.V.S. Minutes
P.V.S. Reports of Robert Horton
Religious Education Association Conference, 1969, "Our Divided Society"
Smiley, Glenn E.
Statements of religious bodies on war, conscience, violence, etc.
Swomley, John M.
Theology of pacifism (proposed booklet)

Box 19

US Conference on Church & Society, Detroit, 1967 (Called by the National Council of Churches)
US Congress on Evangelism, 1969
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Unitarian-Universalist Association. General Assembly, Boston, 1969
War-Nation-Church (WANACH) study group of Church Peace Mission, 1968-1969
World Council of Churches: Church & society issues
World Council of Churches. US Conference annual meetings

Field work & FOR local groups, 1967-1972 (Files of A.S. Curry & Mildred Nelson, staff)

General information & lists
Area conferences, 1969
Arizona: Phoenix, etc.
California: Bay area (George Collins) 1967
CA: Bay area, 1968 (2 folders)
CA: Bay area, 1969

Box 20

CA: Bay area, 1969 Conference "The Gentle Revolution"
CA: Bay area, 1970-1972
CA: Bay area: reports, etc.
CA: Bay area: San Jose Peace Center
CA: Los Angeles area, 1967-1969 (2 folders)
CA: Los Angeles FOR: Minutes & reports
CA: various
Colorado: Denver
DC: Washington
Illinois: Chicago area, 1967-1970 (3 folders)
Illinois: Chicago. Nonviolent Action & Training Center, 1969-1970

Box 21

Illinois: Urbana
Illinois: various
Missouri: Columbia; Kansas City
Missouri: St. Louis; various
Nebraska: Omaha
New Jersey: corres., reports (Henry Frost) 1967-1969 (2 folders)
New Jersey: Princeton FOR (Marjory Pratt) 1967-1971
New Jersey: Princeton Draft Center, 1967-1968
New Jersey: various
New York: New York City FOR

Box 22

New York (state): various
North Carolina
Ohio: Toledo
Ohio: various
Oregon: corres. (E. Robinson et al.) 1968-1972 (2 folders)
Pennsylvania: Lancaster
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Pennyslvania: various
Puerto Rico: general corres.; Puerto Rican Peace Center, 1968-1971
South Carolina: correspondence (Martin England)
Tennessee: Knoxville; Nashville
Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston
Utah; Wyoming
Vermont; Virginia
Washington-British Columbia area: corres., minutes, conferences

Box 23-35* James H. Forest: Interfaith Associate & Director of Publications. 1967-1976

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 23

Biographical information; notes
Miscellaneous letters
Writings & speeches

General correspondence, 1967-1976 (mainly 1973-1976 as editor of Fellowship)

AFSC New York Metropolitan Region. Peace Committee
Amnesty International
Anselm, Brother
Associated Church Press
B (misc.)
Benedict, Father
Berrigan, Daniel & Philip
Bread for the World
Breira (Diaspora-Israel relations)
Bury, Harry
Casey, Leo
"Christian Peacemaking", the subject of Fellowship magazine, May 1976
CONAME (Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East); Allan Solomonow (2 folders)

Box 24

Community for Creative Non-Violence, Washington
Community of the Ark & Lanza del Vasto
Culhane, Claire
Cullen, Michael
D (misc.)
David, Brother (D. Steindl-Rast)
Deming, Barbara
Dershin, Elwin
Douglass, James (2 folders)
Douglass, James: Hickam Air Force Base protest (Hawaii) 1972
Douglass, James & Paul Ramsey, 1967-1968
Emmaus House, Washington & New York City
Eronen, Jorma (in Finland)
Feit, Kenneth
Freedman, Norma (re anti-semitism)

Box 25

Glauberman, George (re anti-semitism)
Guiliani, John
H (misc.)
Heflin, Joe & Linda
Hendy, Valerie & Sisters of Lorett
Hester, Hugh B.
Hoa Binh Press
Howard, James J., Congressman
I - J (misc.)
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace (ICDP)
International F.O.R.
K (misc.)
Kelty, Matthew
Kohler, Jan
Kramer, Norman (re Merton tapes)

Box 26

L (misc.)
Larzac, France; American & French Committees
Lavine, Douglas
Levertov, Denise
Lewis, Anthony
Liturgy texts (for special occasions)
Low, Albert
M (misc.)
Maas, Julie
McReynolds, David
Mayer, Paul
Meconis, Charles: "Catholic Left"
Merton trustees: James Laughlin, Tommie O'Callaghan, Naomi B. Stone
Middle East
Middle East Peace Literature Service
Middle East Peace Literature Service: Packets (CONAME & FOR)

Box 27

Milford, James
Morris, Mark
Mullaney, Anthony
Mulligan, Joe
Neve Shalom (Israel)
New Outlook (Israel)
Nhat Hanh, Thich: speaking tours, 1968; promotion of book The Miracle of Being Awake
Northern Ireland
P (misc.)
Patricia, Mother
Pax Christi
Peace education
Peace News, England
Peace Ship & Abie Nathan
Pearse, Jeanne-Marie
Peluso, Judy
Pennington, Basil
People's Bicentennial Commission
Prisons & prisoners
R (misc.)

Box 28

Resistance movement & local groups
Roccasalvo, Joseph
S (misc.)
Sanchez, Edward M. (federal prisoner)
Schachter, Zalman: writings
Sibley, Mulford Q.
Smit, Tom (re draft resistance; prisons)
Spain & conscientious objection
Spragens, John: reports from Saigon
Stanford, Barbara, editor of Peacemaking
Stillman, June
Stringfellow, William
Swinglish, John & Catholic Resistance
T - V (misc.)
TeSelle, Sallie
Third Way in Vietnam (group in Birmingham, UK)

Box 29

Thomas Merton Centers (various)
Thomas Merton Life Center, New York
Tolstoy award (proposal for books)
Torgan, Laurie & family
Travers, Chris Payden
Travers, Jack
True, Michael
Turkle, Brinton
Tyler, James (re Berrigan papers)
US Immigration & Naturalization Service
Vietnam: misc. corres. & resources
W (misc.)
War Resisters International
War Resisters League (W.R.L.)
W.R.L. Literature Committee
War tax kit (Young Friends of North America)

Box 30

War tax resistance:

-Articles, etc.
-Correspondence, 1974-1976 (2 folders)
-IRS & James Forest, 1974-1975
-Alternative funds
-Organizations, etc.
-Specific cases

Waskow, Arthur I.
Waskow, Arthur I.: writings
Wells, Abbie Jane (in Juneau, AK) (folder #1, 2)

Box 31*

Wells, Abbie Jane (folder #3, 4)
Westing, Arthur H.
William, John
Wounded Knee observers: report by J. Latane, B. McKay & J. Schrag, 1973-1974

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 32 Catholic Peace Fellowship (CPF) files, 1960s

Catholic peace movement: periodical articles
CPF: History, minutes, reports
CPF: Mailings, 1964-1969
CPF: Peace packet (proposed texts)
CPF: Publications
Correspondence, bulk 1967

-A (misc.)
-Anguiano, Jeane
-B (misc.)
-Brothers (A-Z)
-Berrigan, Daniel & Philip
-Best, James, 1964-1967
-C (misc.) (2 folders)
-Collins, Brendan

Box 33

-D (misc.)
-Douglass, James, 1966-1969
-Duggan, John E.
-E (misc.)
-Emmaus House, New York
-F (misc.)
-G (misc.)
-H (misc.) (2 folders)
-Hughes, Charles L.
-I (misc.)
-J (misc.)
-K (misc.)
-L (misc.)
-Mac - Mal (misc.)

Box 34

-Man - My (misc.) (2 folders)
-Mayhew, Alice E.
-Murry, John Courtney
-N (misc.)
-National Catholic Reporter
-New Zealand CPF
-O (misc.)
-O'Connor, Vincent
-P (misc.)
-Pollard, Vincent
-Q (misc.)
-R (misc.) (2 folders)
-Sa - Sh (misc.)

Box 35*

-Si - Su (misc.)
-Sisters (A-Z)
-Speltz, Frank & Ann
-T (misc.)
-V (misc.)
-W (misc.)
-X -Y - Z (misc.)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 36 Dorothy Hassler, Membership Director, 1960-1974

Children: issues & resources
Conscientious objection and the draft
COs and their churches
Demonstrations, 1965-1968
High Issues (for high school youth) 1963-1964
High Issues general correspondence
High Issues North-South pen pals (2 folders)
High Issues resources for projects
Jeannette Rankin Brigade, 1967-1968
South Africa Freedom Day, 1965
Women: issues, status, resources
Women's Emergency Coalition, 1968-1972
Women's Movement for the Right to Live (South Vietnam) 1970

Note: Membership statistical records and reports are filed in Series B, Boxes 3-4.

Boxes 37-42* John C. Heidbrink, Director of Interfaith Activities, 1961-1966

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 37

Biographical data, publicity, personal miscellany
Interview by Richard Deats, September 11, 1998
Mailings, 1961-1966
Reports on Church Relations/Interfaith Relations to FOR National Council, 1962-1966
Staff memos & reports by Heidbrink
Speaking engagements; travel schedules
Speeches, articles, book reviews

General correspondence, 1961-1966

A (misc.)
B (misc.)
Berchmans Shea, Mother Mary
Berrigan, Daniel and Philip
C (misc.)
D (misc.)
E (misc.)
F (misc.)
Fellowship of Reconciliation. Canada
Fellowship of Reconciliation. Los Angeles
Fellowship of Reconciliation (International)
G (misc.)
Goss-Mayr, Hildegard
H (misc.)

Box 38

Hassler, Alfred
Hruby, Blahoslav
J - K - L (misc.)
Lester, Muriel (re her last visit to US, 1966)
M (misc.)
McCrackin, Maurice F.
MacLeod, George
Mayer, Milton
Merton, Thomas
Muste, A.J.
N (misc.)
Nelson, John Oliver
Nhat Hanh
P (misc.)
R (misc.)
Raven, Charles
S (misc.)
Steere, Douglas
Swomley, John M.
T - V (misc.)
W - Z (misc.)

Subject correspondence, 1961-1966

Civil defense briefing sessions, 1961
Clergy survey on war & peace: Questionnaire & mailing information, 1962
Clergy survey: Correspondence with Haverford College assistants
Clergy survey: Results, analysis & followup
"Dimensions of Peace", a Jewish confrontation, 1963
Inter-Seminary Conference, Princeton, 1963

Box 39

Kenyon College seminars for churchmen
Lay academy (proposed)
McCrackin "case" (controversy with Presbyterian Church)
Metzger, Max Josef & "Una Sancta"
Mott Centennial celebration: International Colloquy Cornell University, 1965
National Inter-Religious Conference on Peace, Washington, 1966
Resource speakers at Shadowcliff (clergy)
Retreat at Mount Saviour Monastery, 1962 (Protestant ministers)
Retreat at Mount Saviour Monastery, 1963 (Protestant-Catholic)
Retreat at Kirkridge, 1964 & 1965, Allan A. Hunter, leader (cancelled)
Roman Catholic contacts
Sermon anthology (proposed)
Study paper series, no. 1-14
Turn Toward Peace: statement protesting nuclear tests, 1962
World Council of Churches, 3rd Assembly, 1961: IFOR pamphlet Therefore Choose Life

Box 40 International work, 1961-1966

Christian Peace Conference, Prague (CPC) Reports
CPC: All Christian Peace Assembly, 2nd & 3rd
CPC: Advisory Committee meeting, Sofia, 1966
CPC: US Committee for the CPC
CPC: Miscellany
European Peace Seminar, sponsored by FOR, 1962 (2 folders)
European Peace Seminar, 1963
European Peace Seminar for churchmen, 1964
International reconciliation team to Cuba (proposed)

Visiting speakers, 1962-1966

General; information
Allard, Antoine (tour cancelled)
Barbieri, Sante Uberto (cancelled)
Bell, Ralph G.
Chandy, K. K.

Box 41

De Boer, Hans
Griffiths, Bede
Hromádka, Josef L. (2 folders)
Jacoby, Irene (proposed tour)
Kloppenburg, Heinz (2 folders)
Lochman, Jan Milic
MacLeod, George
Niemoller, Martin
Oestreicher, Paul
Opcensky, Milan
Perna, Franco
Raven, Charles E.
Raven, Ninette J. (2 folders)
Roberts, Thomas D. (2 folders)
Sadiq, John

Box 42*

Smolik, Josef
Soper, Donald O. (2 folders)
Tooke, Joan
Trtík, Zdenek
Vincent, John J.
Wirmark, Bo

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Boxes 43-50* Mike Jendrzejczyk: Youth Action, Death Penalty and Disarmament Programs, Co-Director with Pam Solo of Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project (FOR-AFSC). 1975-1984

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 43

Biographical information; poems

Death Penalty, 1976-1984

Articles by Jendrzejczyk
General correspondence
Mailings: Action Alerts, updates
Resource materials

Death penalty: Organizational action

Appeal to end all executions
Attica amnesty statement, 1976
Florida boycott, 1979-1980
Florida Day demonstration, Nov. 23, 1979
FOR program to abolish the death penalty
National Coalition Against the Death Penalty
National March Against Death, Atlanta, 1979
PAX (People Against Executions) 1977-1979
Petition for a Presidential Commission on Capital Punishment, 1980
Religious services: resources & programs
Southern Coalition on Jails and Prisons
Witness Against Executions, Atlanta, 1977

Box 44 Death penalty action: By states

New Jersey
New York (2 folders)
Various states

Death penalty action: Individual cases

Coleman, Roger K. (VA)
Coppola, Frank (VA)
Gilmore, Gary M. (UT)
Gray, Jimmy Lee (MS)
Hays, Thomas Lee (OK)
Judy, Steven T. (IN)
Lewis, Cornelius (IL)
Potts, Jack Howard (GA)
Spenkelink, John (FL)
Sullivan, Robert A. (FL)
Various individuals (A-Z)

Box 45 Disarmament, 1976-1984

Correspondence, 1978-1981
Correspondence, 1982-1984
General/miscellaneous materials
Resource materials; packet

Disarmament: US & Canadian programs, 1976-1984

American Association for Advancement of Science Conferences, 1981, 1982
Alternatives to Present Defense Policies (W.H. Ferry et al.)
Civil Defense Awareness, Cambridge, MA, 1981
Comprehensive Test Ban (CTB) campaign
CTB Conference, Salt Lake City, 1980
Continental Walk, 1976
Cruise Control Action Project, NY, 1980
Disarmament Rally (UN SSD II) 1982: Local planning by June 12 Disarmament Campaign & Rally Committee
Disarmament Rally: programs & related activities; follow-up articles (Note: see also 4 folders on UN SSD, 1982, including Plowshare Coffee House, in Series H, Box 2)

Box 46

Euromissiles: October actions, 1983
FREEZE: National campaign, 1980-1983
FREEZE: Open letter to the American people
FREEZE: International Task Force, etc.
FREEZE: "Twinning" contacts
Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles: Amicus brief, 1983
Greenham Women: co-filers of Amicus brief
Hawaii Catholic Action: Amicus brief, 1981
Hispanic Think Tank for Peace and Justice, Conference, Denver, 1984
Interunit Committee for International Concerns (National Council of Churches)
MX missiles (opposition to)
March on Washington for Jobs, Peace & Freedom, 1983
Merton Center/FOR/AFSC retreat, 1979
Project Ploughshares (Canada)
SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) 1979
Union of Concerned Scientists: convocations
World Council of Churches Assembly, Vancouver, 1983. Panel: The Deterrence Debate

Box 47 Disarmament: European movements, 1981-1984

General correspondence
Bonn statement to the press, June 1982
Comiso, Italy (opposition to NATO base for Cruise missiles)
END (European Nuclear Disarmament)
Euro-American cooperation
European women's peace delegation to Washington & New York, 1984
Future of the European peace movement, by a panel of speakers (Faber, Kaldor, Thompson) 1983
German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
International Peace Communication & Coordination Center (IPCC) The Hague
Malta: Peace and Liberation Conference, 1984
Medical Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons: policy conference, London, 1982
Netherlands: IKV (Interchurch Peace Council) et al.
Peace March -83: Oslo-New York-Washington
Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA)
Solidarity (Poland)
Transnational Institute: New Europe Conference, Amsterdam, 1983
US-Europeace Tour, 1982
US-Europeace Tour, 1983
US-Europeace Tour, 1983. Team members: bios, statements, reports
W.C.C. (World Council of Churches): Int'l public hearing on nuclear weapons, Amsterdam, 1981
World Assembly for Peace and Life, Prague, 1983

Box 48 Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project (FOR-AFSC) 1976-1984
(Directors of Project: Mike Jendrzejczyk & Pam Solo)

Biographical material
Articles (mss.) by Jendrzejczyk & Solo; related corres. with publishers
Articles (published)
Background of NWFP; Steve Ladd corres., etc.
Bulletins of NWFP Task Force
Correspondence (general) (2 folders)
Conversion campaign
Conversion campaign: local projects
Federal agencies: corres. with & about DOE, HEW, HUD
Funding proposals & grants
Funding & promotion; Sam Day corres.

Box 49

National Organizing Conferences, 1979
National Organizing Conferences, 1980-1981
National Organizing Conferences, 1982 (with resource packet)
Nuclear Weapons Research & University: Workshop at Johns Hopkins U., 1977 (with preparatory corres.)
Radiation Policy Council, 1979-1980
Radiation victims: corres., articles
Radiation victims: Citizens' Hearings, Washington, April 1980 (2 folders)
Radiation victims: organization, 1980-1982
Rally, Rocky Flats: National Action, April 29, 1978
Rally, Rocky Flats: Civil Disobedience Action, April 29, 1979
Rally, Rocky Flats, April 19, 1980
Resource packet on nuclear weapons facilities, 1981
Rockwell International & Rocky Flats
Rockwell International shareholders mtgs., 1981-1984

Box 50* Various programs/subjects, 1975-1984

CO (non-registrant) Bruce Baechler, 1975-1976
Community for Creative Nonviolence, 1978
United Farm Workers: projects, 1975-1978
United Farm Workers: resource material
War tax resistance, 1978-1983
Youth Action, 1975-1977

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Boxes 51-52* Bayard Rustin: Youth Field Worker, Co-Secretary of Race Relations (with James Farmer), Co- Secretary of Racial-Industrial Dept. (with George Houser), Director of College Section. 1941-1952.

Box 51

Biographical data; explanatory notes about files
Material about Rustin: articles, clippings, correspondence, fliers, 1941-date
Writings and speeches, 1941-1968
Correspondence (misc. from various sources) 1942-1967
General correspondence, 1947-1952:

A - H
L - Pe
Po - Z

Interracial Workshop, Washington, 1947: Removal form
Journey of Reconciliation, 1947
Campaign to Resist Military Segregation, 1948
Campaign to Resist Military Segregation, 1948: Press clippings (photocopies)
Trip to India, 1948-1949
Roxboro Prison report, 1949: "Twenty-two Days on the Chain Gang"
Roxboro Prison report: correspondence & clippings re distribution & influence of the report, 1949

Box 52*

College Section (includes Caravans for Peace) 1949-1951
College Section: Caravans for Peace, New York & Lancaster units, 1950 (scrapbook)
Hydrogen bomb protest: correspondence, 1951
Peace Training Unit, Peekskill, NY, 1951
Trip to Africa (Gold Coast/Ghana) 1952

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Boxes 53-58 Glenn E. Smiley: Regional Secretary for the Southwest, National Director of Field Work, Associate Executive Secretary. 1942-1967
Records of his work in the South in 1955-1965 are found in Series E (combined staff files on Race Relations). See especially Boxes 16-18.

Box 53

Biographical data; material about Smiley
Writings and speeches

General correspondence, mainly 1960s

A (misc.)
Aberman, Sidney
American Friends Service Committee, 1961-1966
B (misc.)
Berrigan, Daniel, 1965-1966
C (misc.)
Canadian FOR
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1964-1965
Central Committee for COs, 1964-1965
Childers, Robert
Curry, A. Stauffer
D (misc.)
E (misc.)
F (misc.)
G (misc.)

Box 54

Goss-Mayr, Hildegard, 1964
Gussner, Robert, 1960, 1965
H (misc.)
Hamer, Lois V
Hassler, Alfred, 1957-1967
I (misc.)
International FOR, 1962-1967 (2 folders)
J (misc.)
Jones, Ashton, & Marie (Pilgrims for World Brotherhood) 1960-1963
K (misc.)
King, Martin Luther See Series E, Box 17
L (misc.)
Lens, Sidney
Lobenstine, Clark
Mac - May (misc.)
Mea - Mu (misc.)

Box 55

Mackintosh, Charles
Muste, A. J., 1958-1967
N (misc.)
Newby, Roger D., Viola & Emmett
O (misc.)
Pa - Phi (misc.)
Pie - Pu (misc.)
Q (misc.)
R (misc.)
Sa - Sla (misc.)
Sm - Sw (misc.)
Smith, Isabel & Monroe
Standard, Michael D.
Swomley, John M. 1958-1967
T (misc.)
Thurston, Elizabeth
US government officials, 1958-1967
W (misc.)
Warner, Earle H., 1957-1966
Z (misc.)

Box 56 Field Work

Local FOR groups & material for group leaders, n.d., 1955-1964
Aids for Peace Action (a service for the local volunteers program) 1960-1963
Field workers:

-General material; bulletin The Fieldworker 1960-1962
-Manual; evaluations, 1960-1961
-Reports & corres. (by areas) 1960-1961 (4 folders)

Correspondence, 1960-1966:

-Boston Area (2 folders)

Box 57

-Los Angeles
-New Jersey
-New York (state)
-San Francisco area
-Washington (state)

Speaking trips & conferences

Engagements, 1961
Conference on "God's Reconciling Work", Bossey, Switzerland, June 1965
Engagements, October 1965-January 1966
Engagements, February-April 1966
Engagements, May 1966
Engagements, September-November 1966
Engagements, January 1967
Seabeck Conference, July 1967

Box 58 Subject correspondence
"Art and Peace" exhibit, 1963
Audio-visual resources & peace work
Camp Fellowship (FOR & Youth Argosy), N. Carolina, 1964-1965
Civil defense, 1960-1963
Conscientious objectors, 1958-1962
European Peace Seminar, 1963
Fellowship Week, 1962-1963
Heifer Project, 1962-1963
Hiroshima Peace Pilgrimage, 1962
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). FOR statement of opposition, 1966.
Latin America, 1967-1973 (correspondence of James Best with Smiley)
National Service Corps, 1962-1963
Nonviolence training, 1960-1965
Nonviolence training films (proposed)
Peace centers, 1961-1963
Selective Service System, 1964-1967
US-USSR Peace Leadership Exchange, 1964
"Young People for Peace" 1962 (interest in FOR "Shelters" program)

Boxes 59-79 Ronald J. Young, Director of Youth Work. 1965-1972 (with special focus on draft counseling and the anti-war movement)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 59

Biographical data; FOR staff appointment & resignation; draft status
Pre-FOR activities: Youth retreat on "segregation" 1963; Mississippi Summer Project, 1964
Disarmament & world peace: programs & resources from student years, 1961-1965
Writings & speeches (articles, lectures, reports and position papers) 1966-1969
FOR staff: Inter-office memos & corres., 1965-1972
FOR staff: Allan Brick corres., 1967-1972
FOR staff: Alfred Hassler corres., 1967-1972
FOR staff: Meeting with State Dept. representatives re nonviolence & international relations, 1965
Youth work:

FOR Youth Committee, 1964-1965
Mailings to youth constituency, 1965-1972
Reports to National Council, 1966-1970
Questionnaire (Youth list profiles)
Survey of youth contacts in N.Y. City area, 1965

Box 60

Speaking engagements/trips:

Lists of contacts, 1965-1979
Ecumenical & SDS conferences, 1966-1967
FOR-WRL Student Pacifist Conferences, 1966-1967

International conferences:

Christian Peace Conf. Youth Commission, 1966-1967
Consultation on Christian Nonviolence, Montevideo, 1966
Meeting with Vietnamese reps., Bratislava, 1967


Dominican Republic work camp, 1965 (plans)
Dominican Republic work camp, 1965 (applications)
Dominican Republic: background & corres., 1966

Box 61*

Dominican Republic: Commission on Free Elections in the D.R., 1966
Nonviolent training: FOR & coalition programs, 1970
Nonviolent training: Manual for Nonviolent Direct Action, 1971 Sprint Actions, by Zietlow & Yaffe
Nonviolent training: A Manual, by Zietlow & Yaffe (revised)
Nonviolent training: Quaker & misc. materials

Box 62 General correspondence, 1965-1972

Ab - Alb (misc.)
Alle - Ander
Andr - Ay
Bac - Baz (misc.)
Bi - Bo
Bra - Brot
Brou - Bud
Bue - By
Barrie, William
Bass, Henry

Box 63

Berrigan, Philip & Daniel
Boardman, Richard
Brown, John Pairman
Cad - Car (misc.)
Cas - Chin
Chis - Coh
Col - Cos
Cou - Cz
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Clergy & Laymen Concerned about Viet Nam
Collins, George L.
Christian Peace Conference
Cook, Janice
Da - Del (misc.)
Dem - Doo

Box 64

Dor - Dy
Dauer, John
Day, Warren J.
Dingman, Frank S.
Dowty, Stuart & Janet
Duggan, John E.
Ea - Eli (misc.)
Ell - Ev
Edwards, George R.
Everhard, James P.
Fa - Flor (misc.)
Floy - Fy
Fearnside, Philip M.
Ga - Gil (misc.)
Gin - Graf

Box 65

Gran - Gw
Galbraith, Greg
Gardner, Tom
Hab - Hal (misc.)
Ham - Harr
Hart - Haw
Hay - Hen
Her - Hil
Hin - Hop
Hor - Hri
Hub - Hy
Hayashi, Wayne

Box 66

Ka - Ke (misc.)
Kim - Kli
Kna - Kz
Kirk, Katherine
Klein, Alexander
Koby, Howard V.
Kohl, Lavern
Lab - Lec (misc.)
Lee - Let
Lev - Lon
Loo - Ly
Lawrence, Paul D.
Lawson, James M.
Le Blanc, Paul J.
Lewis, James K.

Box 67

Lobenstine, Clark
Lobenstine, Farnworth
Lynd, Staughton
Mab - Macd (misc.)
Mace &endash; Mah
Mai- May
Mea - Mey
Mich - Min
Mis - Morg
Mori - My
Maas, Adriaan
McReynolds, David

Box 68

Maklary, Nicholas G.
Maybury, John
Moore, H. Gregory
Na - Newe (misc.)
Newm - Ny
Oa - Om (misc.)
Op - Ox
O'Connor, Vincent
Pa- Petr (misc.)
Pett - Pop
Por - Py

Box 69

Ra - Rey (misc.)
Rho - Rop
Ros - Ry
Reints, John
Ressler, Jay M.
Robinson, Eric
Rolland, Keith
Rosendahl, William J.
Sa - Scho (misc.)
Schr - Sev
Shal - Shu
Sib - Smi

Box 70

Smu - Sta
Ste - Strat
Salvatore, Gerard
Schoen, Kenneth
Schomer, Mark
Schutz-Young, Trudi
Sternberg, Arthur
Sunday, Wayne L.
Swann, Robert & Marjorie
Swomley, John M.
Ta - Th (misc.)
Ti - Ty
Tobin, Mary Luke
Tyson, Brady
U (misc.)

Box 71

US National Student Association
University Christian Movement
V (misc.)
Velde, Paul
Wa - Web (misc.)
Wein - Whit
Wic - Wilm
Wils - Wita
Witt - Wy
Waskow, Arthur
Woodward, Beverly
Y (misc.)
Z (misc.)
Zietlow, Carl

Box 72 Anti-war movement files, 1965-1972

Washington Summer Action, 1965
Spring Mobilization Committee, 1967
Hiroshima Day Pilgrimage to Montreal, 1967
Pentagon confrontation, October 1967
Poor People's Campaign, 1968
Hemispheric Conference to End the US War in Vietnam, Montreal, October 1968
Mobilization (Nat'l. Mobilization Committee to end the War in Vietnam: Chicago demonstration, Aug. 1968)
Mobilization: Counter-Inaugural, Washington, January 1969
Resistance: press conferences, 1968; National Conference, March 1969
Milwaukee 14 & other anti-war groups, 1968-1969
Celebration of Conscience, Allenwood Federal Prison, December 1968
Amnesty for war refusers, 1968-1969
National Action Group, 1968-1972 see Series D, Boxes 8-9 (Brick's files)
April Action, 1969
Washington Action, June 1969 (after return of US Study Team to S. Vietnam)
National Anti-War Conference, Cleveland, July 1969

New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam:

-Steering Committee, 1969

Box 73

-Minutes, reports, etc. of Steering Committee & Executive Committee, 1969
-Correspondence, July - November, 1969
-Lists of contacts in US, 1969
-International contacts, 1969
-Fall Offensive, 1969
-Washington Action Committee (for Fall Offensive) 1969
-March Against Death & Rally, November 1969 (Ron Young was co-director with Abe Bloom of the mass demonstration in Washington)
-March: Press releases & articles
-March: Legal permits
-March: Movement centers in Washington
-March: Staff reports
-Follow-up after the March; plans for the future, 1969
-Recommendations for extending the Movement, 1969
-Demonstration at the White House, May 9, 1970: evaluation & future of the "Mobe"
-House Internal Security Committee investigation, 1970

Box 74

Strategy Action Conference, Milwaukee, June 1970
National Coalition Against War, Racism & Repression, 1970
National Peace Action Coalition, 1970-1971
National Coalition Conference, Chicago, January 1971
People's Peace Treaty: background & early plans, 1970
People's Peace Treaty: comments & endorsements, 1970-1971
People's Peace Treaty: promotional material, 1971
People's Peace Treaty: comments & endorsements, 1970-1971
People's Peace Treaty: promotional material, 1971
Daily Death Toll, November 1971
Daily Death Toll: corres. & reports, 1971
Daily Death Toll: circular letters; kit, 1971

Box 75*

Daily Death Toll: participants, Nov. 8-24, 1971
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice, 1971-1972
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice: Delegations to Paris peace talks, 1972
POWs: Committee of Liaison with Families of
Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam, 1971-1972
POWs: Committee of Liaison… trip to Hanoi, 1970-1971 (team: Anne Bennett, Ron & Trudi Young)
POWs: Vigil in Washington, January 1972 (FOR & CALC with Committee of Liaison)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 76

Draft program, 1967-1968
Correspondence of Ronald Young:

A - Ch
Cie - For
Fra - Ha
L - O
P - Sh
Sia- Su
T - Z

Draft counseling, 1969-1971

Rick Laskey, counselor (material about him)
Rick Laskey's correspondence:
-A - B

Box 77

-D - G
-H - M
-N - R
-T - Z
-Correspondence about conseling

Counseling resources
COs: Statements & proceedings of individuals:

-A - D
-E - F

Box 78

-H - L
-Ma - Mo
-N - O
-P - R
-Sa - Schn
-Scho - Sla
-Sp - W

Draft repeal/reform: resource materials, 1969-1973
Draft resistance; declarations & general, 1967-1968
Draft resistance: FOR staff & National Council discussion, 1968

Box 79

Draft/war resisters in prison and in exile (Canada & Europe) 1965-1968
Draft/War Survey project, 1967-1968: (files of Ronald Young & James Forest)

Staff Memos, corres., reports re plans & funding
Correspondence re distribution of survey cards
Correspondence with contacts:
-A - I
-J - N
-P - Z

Field work: mailings, reports, lists of workers
Field work areas:

-Atlanta, Baltimore, Cambridge
-Chicago, Cleveland, Denver
-Des Moines, Lansing, Madison
-Milwaukee, New York City
-Portland, OR, St. Louis, Seattle, Washington, DC

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