Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 U.S.A.


Series C


61 boxes


Records of the early years of the FOR (1915-1930) are very sparse. There are no files of the Secretaries prior to those of J.N. Sayre. Small amounts of correspondence and other materials are filed with historical records in Series A-1, Box 1.

The secretaries are listed below chronologically by their years of service.

# indicates the absence of files for the particular secretary.

$ indicates another location in the archives where related material is filed.

# Edward W. Evans, Secretary, 1916

# Norman Thomas & Edward W. Evans, 1917-1919

$ Paul Jones, 1919-1929

see DG 117, Series A, Box 9 (Sayre Papers) for material about Jones
$ Grace Hutchins, Co-Secretary for 2.5 years

$ John Nevin Sayre, Co-Secretary, 1924-1935

see DG 117 (Sayre Papers) especially Series A,D,E,F

$ J.B. Matthews, 1929-1935

see DG 117, Series A, Box 10 for material on Matthews

Boxes 1-2

Harold E. Fey, 1935-1940

Boxes 3-4

A.J. Muste, 1940-1953

Miscellaneous material: addenda to corresp. files in Series A-3
see Muste corres., 1940-1947 in Series A-3, Boxes 1-16

$ John Nevin Sayre, Co-Secretary, 1940-46

see DG 117, as above

$ John Swomley, 1953-1960

see Unprocessed files of Swomley in Section IV

Boxes 5-55

Alfred Hassler, Co-Secretary, 1958-1960
Alfred Hassler
, Secretary, 1960-1974

Personal files; overseas trips
Writings & speeches
General correspondence, 1946-1974 (40 boxes)
Correspondence with FOR regional offices
Literature Department; Publications, 1946-1959

Boxes 56-59

Barton Hunter, 1974-1979
$ Richard Deats, 1979-1984

see Unprocessed files of Deats, Section IV

$ Jim Antal, 1984-1986

see Series J, Box 4 (3 folders)

# Verne Cooperrider (interim) 1986-1987
$ Doug Hostetter, 1987-1993

see Unprocessed files of Hostetter, Section IV

Boxes 60-61

Jo Becker, Executive Director, 1993-1997

Explanatory Notes

A.J. Muste's files:
Sixteen boxes of his correspondence for 1940-1947 now form part of the Series A of this Document Group 13. These files were received in 1954 and were processed along with historical records, minutes and other core materials of the collection. In the original Checklist they were designated simply as Correspondence, 1940-1947, and not identified as the correspondence of Muste. In the present arrangement these files remain in the same context, with the proper identification added. The absence of Muste's FOR correspondence for 1948-1953 cannot be explained.

Additional Muste material is found in the releases from the FOR national office. See Series A-4, Boxes 1-3 for those of the Muste years.

There is a block of Muste materials from the 1950s in the files of the Church Peace Mission which Muste served as "missioner".

See Section II, Series F, Boxes 1-3.

Various Muste items turned up during the processing of the 1975 accessions of FOR records. They were grouped and filed as addenda in Series C. Some are probably be duplicates of items found elsewhere in DG 13 and DG 50 (Muste Papers).

J.N. Sayre's files comprise a separate document group, DG 117, which serves as a parallel collection to DG 13 for the years 1915-1967. Also included are personal/family & ecclesiastical materials.

Unprocessed files of John Swomley, Richard Deats, Doug Hostetter are provisionally placed in temporary boxes and located in Section IV.


Series C


* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 1 Harold E. Fey, Executive Secretary, 1935-1940

Personal statement of Fey, Aug. 1989; acquisition of papers; miscellany
Correspondence, 1933-1934
Correspondence, 1935-1938, 1942-1943
Correspondence: Europe, 1937
Correspondence: Christian Century, 1937-1940
Conferences: England, 1937; India, 1938
European journal, etc. 1937
Published articles, 1935-1940, 1957 (3 folders)
Article "Chocolate Paradise Lost" (Hershey) Christian Century 4/28/37; readers' responses

-Hershey background material

Articles & speeches, A-Z (manuscripts)
Speeches & sermons (manuscripts) 1935-1939

Box 2*

Speeches: "The Church and Social Issues" (series at Berea, KY in 1939)
Writings: Capitalism, socialism, sovereignty, democracy
Writings: Conscription
Writings: Pacifism
Writings: Pacifist Handbook, 1939
Writings: miscellaneous short pieces
Denominational material (Disciples of Christ)

Box 3 A. J. Muste, Executive Secretary, 1940-1953
(addenda to Series A-3, Boxes 1-16)

Checklist and misc. notes
Biographical material; miscellany
Obituaries; memorial services, 1967
Tributes, 1967, 1971
Muste family; daughter Constance, 1958-59, 1964-66
Correspondence: miscellaneous, 1929-1960
Correspondence: Peace Roll Call, 1949-1953
Correspondence: Veterans/pacifists, 1950-1951
Published articles & leaflets
Addresses and sermons

Box 4

Releases/statements (non-FOR) 1946-1967
Releases/statements; manuscripts:

-"Black Tuesday" (Truman & H-bomb) 1951
-"Communists & Civil Liberties" 1949-1950s
-"Contemporary Role of Russia…" (ms.)
-Davis, Garry (world citizen) 1949
-Discussions with communists, NY 1956-1957
-East-West relations, 1952-1953
-FOR: Christian basis, future program
-"If Eventually, Why Not Now?" (ms.) 1959
-"The MacArthur Case" 1951
-Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1950-51, 1956
-Nonviolent revolution, 1948-1953
-Pacifism (conferences) 1947-1948
-"Peace Movement & United Fronts" 1950s
-"… Radical Peace Movement" 1964
-Smith Act victims (amnesty) 1953-1956
-Tax refusal and the FOR, 1947-1948, 1954
-Testimony for Congressional hearings, 1947, 1951-1952, 1957
-"Where Are We and What is Ahead?" 1956
-World Peace Council & the IFOR, 1955-1959

Boxes 5-55 Alfred Hassler, Executive Secretary, 1960-1974
(Files include publications work, 1942-1962)

Outline of Hassler Files

Box 5

Personal files

Box 6

Overseas trips

Boxes 6-7

Speaking engagements

Boxes 7-9

Writings & Speeches

Boxes 10-14

General Correspondence 1946-1955

Boxes 14-23

General Correspondence 1956-1959

Boxes 24-32

General Correspondence 1960-1962

Boxes 32-37

General Correspondence 1963-1965

Boxes 37-42

General Correspondence 1966-1968

Boxes 42-49

General Correspondence 1969-1974

Boxes 50-51

Corres. with Regional/Local Offices, 1947-1960

Boxes 52-55

Literature Dept.; Fellowship Publications, 1946-1959

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 5 Personal Files

Correspondence: personal, 1943-1973 (6 folders)
Correspondence: personal, 1957-1960 (with Karl J. Larson)
Correspondence: personal, 1972-1974 (retirement letters)
Correspondence: Letters to Editors, 1945-1978 (3 folders)
Correspondence: Skyview Acres Cooperative, 1949-1961

-History, by-laws, etc.
-Manuscripts of articles

Box 6 Overseas trips, 1951-1971

Europe with George Houser, 1951. Student educational voyage & Vienna Youth Festival, 1959
London for ICDP meeting & Zeist for IFOR Council, 1963. France for sabbatical leave, 1964
Clergy team to S. Vietnam, et al. 1965; IFOR & ICDP meetings in Europe, 1965. Speeches on Vietnam
European trip to promote ICCV, 1965. Travels in Europe with Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk, 1966
Saigon to meet Buddhists & students, 1967. Peace meetings in London; talks on Vietnam war, 1967
European cities; Oslo conf. of IFOR, 1968; Europe with Allan Brick to talk with peace leaders, 1969
South American speaking tour, 1971; Dai Dong meeting in Paris. East-West conf. 1971 in Finland

Speaking engagements in the US

1950s: Correspondence, speech notes, programs
1960-1964: Corres., speech notes, programs
1965: FOR 50th Anniversary: Corres., notes, reports
1966-1969: Corres., speech notes, programs (2 folders)

Box 7

1971-1974 Speech notes & outlines
1965-1968: VIETNAM speech notes, drafts, resources
Speech resources: Quotations (subject arrangement)

Writings & Speeches by Hassler

Published articles & pamphets, 1944-1960s (3 folders) (with related corres.)
Unpublished manuscripts, ca. 1930s-1940s: poems & newspaper experiences
Unpublished mss. of articles, pamphlets, 1943-1955 (with corres.)
Unpublished mss. of articles, stories, ca. 1950s
Unpublished ms. "Gun on your shoulder" 1956
Unpublished mss. of articles, stories, 1958-1968 (with corres.)
Manuscripts of articles & editorials for Fellowship
Miscellaneous short writings; memos to files; proposed book outline "The Saviors"

Box 8

Speeches & writings/papers, 1960-1974 (8 folders)
Speeches & writings/papers, 1963-1970: "The Order of Humanity" & "Dai Dong" documents

Box 9

Book Diary of a Self-Made Convict, 1954: Orginal manuscript

-Outlines and drafts
-Diary & prison journal, 1943-1944 (3 folders)
-General correspondence
-Promotion; publishers

Book Saigon, U.S.A., 1970: Outline and partial manuscript

-Resource material
-Correspondence with publisher, et al.
-General correspondence
-Reviews & comments

Boxes 10-14 General Correspondence, 1946-1955

Box 10

A (misc.)
Allen, Devere
American Friends Service Committee
B (misc.)
Brittain, Vera
Bromley, Ernest R.
Cleghorn, Sarah
Converse, Florence
Cordian, Andrew
D - E (misc.)
Elkinton, J. Passmore
Europe (misc.)
Everett, Glenn
F (misc.)
FOR, Great Britain
FOR, International
Farm Bureau Insurance
Fowler, Albert
Freeman, Harrop A.
Fritchman, Stephen H.
Fund for the Republic (proposal for Reconciliation Teams)
G (misc.)
Galt, Ralph

Box 11

Gara, Larry
Germany (misc.)
Greene, Felix
Gregg, Richard B.
H (misc.)
Hamilton, Wallace
Holmes, John Haynes
Huber, Irene
Hunter, Allan A.
India (misc.)
J (misc.)
Jones, Edgar L. I'm an Ill-Adjusted Veteran
K (misc.)
Keene, Paul
L (misc.)
Lefever, Ernest
Little, Harry
Loomis, Mildred Jensen
Ma - Mi (misc.)

Box 12

Mo - My (misc.)
McCutcheon, Robert A.
Matysik, Theodore
Mitchell, William (efforts to obtain clemency)
Moore, Alfred D.
Morgan, James N.
Moulton, Phillips P.
Muelder, Walter G.
Muste, A.J.
Muzumdar, Haridas T.
N (misc.)
Nash, Vernon
Nora, Fred
O (misc.)
P (misc.)
Pacifism discussion
Peace News, London
Peace Roll Call
Perleberg, Gilbert
Pierce, Edith Lovejoy

Box 13

Ra - Ric (misc.)
Rid - Rus (misc.)
Reilly, Joseph W.
Ruopp, Phillips
Sa - Sle (misc.)
Smi - Sw (misc.)
Sayre, John Nevin
Scott, Lawrence
Simon, Emily Parker
Smedley, F.C.
Smith, Grace K. Shaw
Stevens, Robert
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Swengel, E.M.
Swomley, John M.
T (misc.)
U - V (misc.)

Box 14

Vail, Richard
Villard, Oswald Garrison
W (misc.)
Walser, Theodore
War Resisters International/League
Wardle, Tom
Whitaker, Robert B.
Whitney Norman J.
Worley, Francis
Wyckoff, De Witte
Y - Z (misc.)

Boxes 14-23 General Correspondence, 1956-1959
(Files include some corres. of William R. Miller, managing editor of Fellowship, 1956-1962)

Box 14 cont.

Ab-Alp (misc.)
Alt-At (misc.)
Acker, Maxine
Act for Peace
Ahrens, Chris
American Friends Service Committee (2 folders)
"Anatomy of a Smear": Fellowship, October 1956
Armstrong, Eunice

Box 15

Associated Church Press
Ba-Be (misc.)
Bi-Bra (misc.)
Bre-Bu (misc.)
Boyle, Sarah Patton
Brick, Allan
Browne, Gordon
Bryant, Alice Franklin
Burlingame, Richard F.
Ca-Cha (misc.)
Che-Col (misc.)
Com-Cu (misc.)
Cannon, Robert L.
Capital punishment

Box 16

Central Committee for COs
Chapman, Robert C.
Church of the Brethren
Civil defense
Communist Party Convention, 1957
Communist Party Convention, 1957: corres., notes, clippings
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Da-De (misc.)
Di-Dy (misc.)
Declaration of Peace (Consultative Peace Council)
Dilworth Committee report, 1956

see "Anatomy of a Smear"

Dolci, Danilo
E (misc.)
East, P.D.

Box 17

Fa-Flo (misc.)
Fo-Fu (misc.)
FOR, Canada
FOR, Great Britian
FOR, International
FOR, Puerto Rico
Frank, Jerome D.
"Free Speech" forum, Carnegie Hall, May 27, 1956
Fund for the Republic
Ga-Gn (misc.)
Go-Gu (misc.)
Gregg, Richard B.
Hab-Han (misc.)

Box 18

Hab-Han (misc.)
Har-Haz (misc.)
Hei-Hir (misc.)
Hoa-Hoy (misc.)
Hu-Hy (misc.)
Hamilton, Constance Muste
Hamilton, Florence & Wallace
Harvey, Arthur
Heifer Project
Hester, Hugh B.
Houser, George
Housing: Discrimination/integration
Hunter, Allan A.
I (misc.)
India (reports by James E. Bristol)
J (misc.)
Jack, Homer
Japan Council Against A & H Bombs

Box 19

Jehle, Herbert
Johnson, Byron
Ka-Kir (misc.)
Kno-Ku (misc.)
Keith, Carl
Kershner, Howard E.
Laf-Laz (misc.)
Le-Llo (misc.)
Lo-Ly (misc.)
Lens, Sidney
Lester, Muriel & Doris
Liu, Grace (Tientsin, China)
Mac-Mag (misc.)
Mal-May (misc.)

Box 20

Mea-Mil (misc.)
Min-Mor (misc.)
Mori-My (misc.)
Macy, Paul G.
Mayer, Milton
Mills, C. Wright
Muste, A.J.
Muste, A.J.: American Forum for Socialist Education
N (misc.)
National Service Board for Religious Objectors
Nearing, Scott
Nelson, John Oliver
O (misc.)
Pa-Pen (misc.)
Per-Pit (misc.)

Box 21

Po-Putz (misc.)
Page, Kirby & Alma
Paine, George L. & Robert T.
Paine Peace Foundation
Peace News, London
Peck, James
People's World article on FOR
Pickus, Robert (Acts for Peace)
Podea, Mary & Titus
Promoting Enduring Peace
Q (misc.)
Ra-Ri (misc.)
Ro-Ru (misc.)
Reynolds, Earle & Barbara
Reynolds, Ruth and Peacemakers
Russell, Sidney J.
Rutenber, Culbert
Sa-Sc (misc.)

Box 22

Se-She (misc.)
Shi-Sm (misc.)
Sn-Squ (misc.)
St-Sw (misc.)
Saturday Evening Post (re: American Forum)
Scott, Lawrence
Shelley, Rebecca
Simon, Emily Parker
Smiley, Glenn E.
Smith, Reed M.
Society of Brothers
Sorokin, Pitirim A.
South Africa FOR
Stowell, Robert (International Voluntary Service)
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Swomley, John M.
Ta-Th (misc.)
Ti-Ty (misc.)
Trocmé, Magda

Box 23

U-V (misc.)
US Government officialsVolunteers for Peace; Internes in Nonviolence
Wa-We (misc.)
Wh-Wi (misc.)
Wo-Wy (misc.)
Walk for Peace Committee
Walker, Charles C.
Wallace, Mike (ABC TV)
War Resisters International/League
Washington Pacifist Fellowship
Will, Herman
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Worley, Francis
Worthy, William
X - Y - Z (misc.)
Zohn, Harry

Boxes 24-32 General Correspondence, 1960-1962
(Files include corres. of Wiliam R. Miller, managing editor of Fellowship, 1956-1962)

Box 24

Ac-Am (misc.)
An-Ay (misc.)
Acts for Peace
Adams, Robert T.
Affolter, John (PAJAC Trust)
Albertson, Maurice L.
Albrect, Herbert O.
Alexander, Gross W.
Allen, Steve
American Friends Service Committee
American-Russian correspondence exchange
Ames, Alfred
Arms of Friendship
Arnoni, M. S.
Associated Church Press
Bab-Bat (misc.)
Be-Bj (misc.)

Box 25

Bli-Boy (misc.)
Br-By (misc.)
Barnes, Harry Elmer
Bernal, J. D. (World Council of Peace)
Blaxall, Arthur (S. Africa FOR)
Brick, Allan
Bryant, Alice Franklin
Ca-Chu (misc.)
Cla-Cou (misc.)
Cow-Cz (misc.)
Campaign for Disarmament-Worldwide
Canadian FOR, Friends Service Committee & Peace Research Institute
Center for Study of Democratic Institutions
Central Committee for Cos
Chartier, Richard
Church of the Brethren
Civil defense (1)

Box 26

Civil defense (2)
Communism & the peace movement
Da-De (misc.)
Di-Dy (misc.)
Davis, Jerome
E (misc.)
East-West Center (proposed)
Eatherly, Claude R.
Elkinton, J. Passmore
England, Martin
European Peace Seminar, 1962 (2 folders)
Fa-Fla (misc.)
Flo-Fy (misc.)

Box 27

FOR, Los Angeles: Correspondence (3 folders)
FOR, Los Angeles: Minutes
FOR, Los Angeles: Conferences & special programs
FOR, Los Angeles: Programs
FOR, Los Angeles: Finances
FOR, Michigan
FOR: Miscellany (field work)
FOR: Tax decision (property)
Freeman, Harrop A.
Friends Committee on National Legislation
G (misc.)
Geismar, Maxwell & Ann
Gemmer, Robert H.
Gordon, Robert W.
Gregg, Richard B.

Box 28

Hab-Hav (misc.)
Hec-Hog (misc.)
Hol-Hy (misc.)
Hamilton, Florence & Wallace
Hawaii FOR & Peace Council
Hefner, William K.
Heifer Project
Hester, Hugh B.
Hiroshima Peace Pilgrimage, 1962
Houser, George M.
I (misc.)
J (misc.)
James, Stephen D.
Jehle, Herbert
John Birch Society
Ka-Ki (misc.)
Kl-Ku (misc.)
Keith, Carl
King-Hall, Stephen

Box 29

Lab-Lau (misc.)
Law-Les (misc.)
Lev-Ly (misc.)
Larson, Arnold B.
Laucks, Irving F.
Lens, Sidney
Mab-Mac (misc.)
Mad-Mer (misc.)
Meu-Mis (misc.)
Mit-Morg (misc.)
Mori-My (misc.)
McCrackin, Maurice
Mills, C. Wright
Moon, Robert W.
Moscow Congres for Disarmament, 1962

Box 30

Muste, A.J.
Mygatt, Tracy & Witherspoon, Frances
N (misc.)
Nash, Vernon
National Conference on World Disarmament & Development, Washington, 1961
National Council of Churches
National Service Board for Religious Objectors
O (misc.)
Pa-Pit. (misc.)
Pl-Pu (misc.)
Paine, George L.
Paine Peace Foundation
Parkinson, C. V.
Peace Action Center, Washington
Peace News, London
Pfeiffer, Stephen D.
Promoting Enduring Peace
Ra-Rich (misc.)
Rick-Ru (misc.)

Box 31

Reconciliation teams (proposed)
Robinson, Vivian
Sa-Sh (misc.)
Si-Sp (misc.)
St-Sw (misc.)
SANE: Senate committee investigation
Schomer, Howard 

Simon, Emily Parker
Soviet Peace Committee
Stadler, Anne
Student Peace Union
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Swomley, John M.
Ta-Ti (misc.)
To-Ty (misc.)
Teek-Frank, Ingeborg
U (misc.)
US government agencies & officials

Box 32

V (misc.)
Wa-Wilc (misc.)
Will-Wy (misc.)
Walker, Charles C.
War Resisters International/League
Will, Herman
World peace movement
World University Service
X - Y - Z

Boxes 32-37 General Correspondence, 1963-1965

Box 32

A (misc.)
Action Committee on American-Arab Relations
Albrecht, Herbert O.
American Friends Service Committee (2 folders)
Arononi, M. S.
B (misc.)

Box 33

Beecher, John
Bernstein, Daniel J.
Best, Ethelwyn
Brick, Allan
Ca-Cla (misc.)
Co-Cu (misc.)
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Canadian FOR
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Central Committee for COs
Committee for Nonviolent Action
Committee for Review of China Policy
D (misc.)
Defenders of 3 against HUAC (Amicus brief)
Dresden Pilgrimage, 1964
E (misc.)
European Peace Seminar, 1963
F (misc.)
FOR Committee on international work
FOR, Hawaii
FOR, Los Angeles

Box 34

FOR, Michigan
FOR, Miscellany
FOR, South Africa
FOR-IFOR relations: Meeting of Feb. 12, 1963
Freeman, Harrop A.
G (misc.)
Gould, Rafael
Graham, Billy (re racism)
Gregg, Richard B.
Ha-He (misc.)
Ho-Hy (misc.)
Hilton, Alice Mary
House Un-American Activities Committee
Hunter, Allan A.
I (misc.)
Innerst, J. Stuart
Internal Revenue Service & FOR
Interreligious Committee on Vietnam
J (misc.)
Jensen, Harold
Johnson, Kay

Box 35

K (misc.)
King, Martin Luther
L (misc.)
Lane, Myrtle
Laucks, Irving F.
Lens, Sidney
Lyons, Augusta Wallace
Ma-Me (misc.)
Mi-Mu (misc.)
Mackintosh, Charles
Mayer, Milton
Moon, Robert W.
Muste, A. J.
N (misc.)
Nettleton, Violet
P (misc.)
Pomeroy, William J.
R (misc.)
Robinson, Michael A.
S (misc.)
Samuel, Dorothy T.
Schomer, Howard & Elsie

Box 36

State Department representatives meeting re nonviolence & international relations, Nyack, 1965
Still, Joseph W.
Swomley, John M.
T (misc.)
Tax refusal
Thomas, Norman
Trocmé, André & Magda
U-V (misc.)
US Government agencies & officials
US-USSR Peace Leadership Exchange:

Minutes & memos
Visit to USSR, 1964: Reports (2 folders)
Visit to USSR, 1964: Notes & resources
United Nations (FOR representation)

Vietnam-Southeast Asia Conference, Feb. 1964
"Vietnam: Symptom of a Bankrupt Policy" (discussion with Peacemakers)

Box 37

Wa-Wi (misc.)
Wo-Wy (misc.)
War Resisters International/League
Wharton, John E.
Will, Herman
Wirmark, Bo
Women Strike for Peace
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
World peace movement
Z (misc.)

Boxes 37-42 General Correspondence, 1966-1968

Box 37

A (misc.)
A Quaker Action Group (AQAG)
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee: Regional Offices
Anti-war Coalition
Ba-Be (misc.)
Bi-By (misc.)
Bernstein, Daniel J.
Ca-Ch (misc.)

Box 38

Cla-Cu (misc.)
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Catonsville Nine
Christian Peace Conference, Prague
Clergy & Laymen Concerned
Comic book on Vietnam (proposed)
"Compassionate Arts" (FOR program)
D (misc.)
Dahlberg, Edwin T.
Davidon, Ann
Davis, Jerome
Deats, Paul
Dellinger, David
Draft (anti-conscription & resistance)
Draft/War Survey (funding by Bernstein Foundation)
E (misc.)
F (misc.)
FOR, Canada
FOR Committee to Review IFOR Policy Statements
FOR, Los Angeles

Box 39

FOR, New York
Ferry, W. H.
Flanagan, Ross
Forest, James
G (misc.)
Gandhi Centenary Committee
Hab-Hay (misc.)
He-Hu (misc.)
Hamill, Robert
Hauser, Richard & Hepzibah (Menuhin)
Heidbrink, John C.
Heifer Project
Hemispheric Conference to End War in Vietnam, Montreal, 1968
Hemispheric Conference… (Hassler's speech &endash; not delivered)
I-J (misc.)
International Peace Bureau
Inter-Religious Committee on Peace
Jack, Homer A.
Johnson, Kay

Box 40

K (misc.)
King, Martin Luther
L (misc.)
Lakey, George
Lawyers Committee on American Policy on Vietnam
Lietenberg, Milton
Lens, Sidney
Liljenstolpe, Otto
Little, Harry
Ma-Mil (misc.)
McReynolds, David ("debate" w/ Hassler)
Moon, Robert W.
Muste, A. J.
Muste Memorial Fund
N (misc.)
National Conference to Repeal the Draft
O (misc.)
P (misc.)

Box 41

Pax Christi International
Pickus, Robert
Psychedelic Peace Fellowship
Puerto Rican Peace Center
Ra-Rie (misc.)
Rig-Ru (misc.)
Sa-Sh (misc.)
Si-Sw (misc.)
Schomer, Howard
Selective Service Law Reporter
Spring Mobilization Committee, 1967
Swann, Donald
Swomley, John
T (misc.)
Trembley, Francis J.
U (misc.)
United Nations

Box 42

US Government agencies & officials
US-USSR Peace Leadership Exchange
Upland Instituteof the Crozer Foundation
V (misc.)
W (misc.)
Wagar, Warren
War Resisters International/League
Washington Emergency Relief Fund project
Waskow, Arthur
Wilkins & Norment case
Will, Herman
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
World Without War Council
Y-Z (misc.)

Boxes 42-49 General Correspondence, 1969-1974

Box 42

A (misc.)
Abortion issue (Catholic Peace Fellowship & FOR)
Adler, Frances
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee: N.Y. Metropolitan Region

Box 43

Americans for Peace
Amnesty International
Ba-Bell (misc.)
Ben-Bre (misc.)
Bro-By (misc.)
Best, Ethelwyn
Best, James
Brick, Allan
Brunson, Michael
Ca-Ch (misc.)
Cla-Cu (misc.)
Cavanaugh, Michael
Chatfield, Charles
Chicago Area Group on Latin America
Collins, George L.
"Compassionate Arts" (FOR program)
Conyers, John
Cutler, Hymie 

Box 44

Da-De (misc.)
Dh-Du (misc.)
Dahlberg, Edwin T.
Davidon, Ann
Deats, Richard
Dolci, Danilo
Drinan, Robert
E (misc.)
East, P.D.
Elliott, Russell
F (misc.)
FOR, Canada
FOR, Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia)
Fernandez, Richard
Ferry, W. H.
Forest, James & Linda
Freeman, Harrop A.

Box 45

Ga-Gon (misc.)
Goo-Gu (misc.)
Gendler, Everett
Gibbs, Raymond P.
Gilmore, Robert & Joyce
Glauberman, George, et al. (re anti-Semitism)
Gottlieb, Edward P.
Ha-Hei (misc.)
Her-Hy (misc.)
Harper, Robin
Hassler, Laura
Hawkins, Richard
Hunter, Barton
Impeachment ad & committee, 1972 (non-FOR)
International Peace Bureau
Inter-Religious Committee on Peace
J (misc.)
Jack, Homer A.
Johnson, Kay
K (misc.)

Box 46

Keys, Donald F.
La-Ler (misc.)
Let-Ly (misc.)
Laucks, Irving F.
Lawson, Phillip (trip to Hanoi)
Lee, Kenneth A.
Lens, Sidney
Lynne, Lee W.
Mab-Man (misc.)
Mar-Mi (misc.)
Mo-My (misc.)
McGovern, George
McReynolds, David (3 folders)

Box 47

Manniche, Peter
Martin Luther King Jr. School of Social Change
Mayer, Milton
Meacham, Stewart
Menuhin, Yehudi
Milgram, Morris
Mische, Gerald F.
Moon, Robert W.
Mygatt, Tracy & Witherspoon, Frances
N (misc.)
Niles, Henry E.
Nobel Peace Prize nomination
Nonviolent training programs
O (misc.)
P (misc.)
Patterson, Jack (AFSC Mid-Atlantic Region)
Peace Act Advisory Council
Pendergast, Nan
Pickus, Robert
Podea, Mary & Titus
Ra-Re (misc.)
Ri-Ru (misc.)

Box 48

Rademaker, Elizabeth
Sa-Si (misc.)
Sm-Sz (misc.)
Sayre, John Nevin
Schwarzschild, Steven
Selective Service System
Smiley, Glenn C.
Soviet Peace Committee
Standard, Michael
Steere, Douglas V.
Strategies for Peace Conference, New York, 3/4/71
Swomley, John M. (2 folders)
T (misc.)
TDA ("The Day After"), 1970
Theobald, Robert
Thomas, Winburn T.
Tilenius, William
Travers, Jack
Trostle, John & Jim
Trunzo, Russell

Box 49

U-V (misc.)
United Nations (FOR representation)US Government agencies & officials
Wa-Wei (misc.)
Wel-Wie (misc.)
Wil-Wy (misc.)
Wagar, Warren
War Resisters International/League
War Resisters International: Triennial Conference, Haverford, 1969
Will, Herman
World Conference on Religion and Peace
World Congress of Peace Forces, 1973
World Without War Council (3 folders)
X-Y-Z (misc.)
Zahn, Franklin
Zahn, Gordon
Zietlow, Carl

Boxes 50-51* Correspondence with Regional/Local Offices, 1947-1960

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 50

General memos to all regional secretaries
Far West & N. California: Orval Etter, 1947-1956
Great Lakes: Glenn Smiley & E. Calvert, 1954-1957
Michigan: R.F. Christmann & A. Harvey, 1956-195
Middle Atlantic & Phila.: Charles Walker, 1948-1955
Middle Atlantic: Charles Walker, 1956-1958
Midwest: Albert Watson, 1948-1954
Midwest: Paul Macy & Albert Ames, 1955-1958
Midwest: Dorothy Calkins, 1958-1960
New England & Boston: Glenn Smiley, 1954-1955
New England: Robert Gussner, 1956-1960 (2 folders)

Box 51*

New York region: Kent Larrabee, 1955-1957
N. California: Phyllis Brinks et al., 1957-1958
Pacific Coast & L.A.: Lois Hamer, 1959-1960
Pacific Southwest: Wilson Riles, 1954-1958
South: Robert Cannon & James Lawson, 1955-1959
Southwest: Glenn Smiley, 1946-1954
Toledo, Ohio: Dorothy Knoke, 1956

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Boxes 52-55 Literature Department; Fellowship Publications, 1946-1959

Box 52

General: miscellaneous corres.; children's work; magazine readers survey; leaflet series
Books published by FOR:

-Christians in the Arena by Allan Hunter, 1958 (edited ms.)
-The Dagger and the Cross by C. Rutenber, 1951 (reviews & notices)
-Kirby Page, Social Evangelist (ms. 1957) (3 folders)
-The Politics of Repentance by A. Trocmé, 1953 (corres., reviews, etc.)
-The Theological Basis of Christian Pacifism by Charles Raven, 1952 (corres. & reviews)

Book manuscript "Love is a Journey" …to Paraguay, by Harry Lee Little (folders 1,2)

Box 53

Book manuscript "Love is a Journey" (folders 3,4)
Fellowship (periodical) feature articles & numbers:

-Devere Allen & Worldover Press, April 1955
-"The Anatomy of a Smear" October 1956
-"Children and World Tensions" July 1953 (2 folders)
-Civilian Public Service origins, March 1946
-Fellowship House, Philadelphia, June 1953

Fellowship reader responses: "Pats" & "Kicks" (folder 1)

Box 54

Fellowship reader responses: "Pats" & "Kicks" (folders 2-5)
Manuscripts (short mss. used & unused):

-Bhave, Vinoba "Strength for Peace", 1958
-Cohen, Felix "Americanizing the White Man" 1956
-Civil Disobedience (leaflets by W. R. Miller & R.B. Gore) 1961
-Currier, Robert "Assay on Race Relations" 1952
-Gandhi ms. by Harrop Freeman, 1948; miscellany
-Sorokin, Pitirim A. "Foreign Policy of Peace" 1951
-Swomley, John M. (3 articles) 1948, 1955
-Tanimoto, K. "Hiroshima 13 Years After" 1958
-Zweig, Stefan "Legend of the Third Dove" 1954

Pamphlet: The Congressman and the Oracle (for NCAC), 1947
Pamphlet: Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story (comic book), 1957
Correspondence with WRITERS:

-King, Rachel. God's Boycott of Sin 1946
-Mayer, Milton. Meat in Due Season 1950
-Pauli, Hertha. Cry of the Heart 1957
-Wofford, Harris: with text of speech on Gandhi 1957

Correspondence with ARTISTS:

-Berg, Russell O. 1946-1949
-Dahl, Hermann H. 1943

Box 55

-Edelstein, Betty (examples of work) 1947
-Freund, Louis, 1947-1949
-Hana, Boyd (examples of work) 1944
-Muller, Leon Arnold (examples of work) 1947
-Various artists (A-Z) 1942-1948


-Films produced or distributed, 1950s
-Filmstrips produced (scripts) 1945-1952
-Films & filmstrips (not produced)
-Radio plays
-Workshop (directed by Glenn Smiley) 1958

Pen Pals program of Fellowship magazine:

-Corres. with Europe, UK & US, 1946-1951 (3 folders)

Sermons & lectures on peace, submitted to Fellowship, 1950-1971

Boxes 56-59 Barton Hunter, Executive Secretary, 1974-1979

Box 56

Biographical material on Barton & Dorothy Hunter; writings & miscellany

General Correspondence with individuals, 1974-1979

A - B (misc.)
C (misc.)
Coomer, Gerald (Cedar Creek School)
D (misc.)
Deats, Paul
Deats, Paul: Speech to National Council, 1977
E - F (misc.)
Fast, Howard
Freeman, Harrop
G - H (misc.)
Hassler, Alfred
I - J (misc.)
Johnson, Paul B.
K - L (misc.)
Klotz, Peter
Ma - Me (misc.)
Mi - Mu (misc.)
McReynolds, David
N - O - P (misc.)
Pickus, Robert
Post, Richard

Box 57

R (misc.)
Rutenber, Culbert
S (misc.)
Sayre, John Nevin
Swomley, John M.
T (misc.)
V (misc.)
W (misc.)
Y - Z (misc.)
Zahn, Franklin
Zietlow, Carl

Subject correspondence, 1974-1979

Abortion issue
Capital punishment, 1976-1979 (3 folders)
Children's Creative Response to Conflict
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy
Colegio César Chávez (Oregon)
Continental Walk (including Rockland County, NY)
Counter-Junior ROTC Project

Box 58

"Disarmament for Development": ms. & corres. of
Parker Rossman (3 folders)
FOR fundraising & contributors
FOR Investment Policy Committee
FOR National Council's electoral process
FOR program priorities, 1972-1979
FOR (International)
FOR (New York City branch)
FOR (West coast area)
Gun control
Hawaii, 1976
International Seminar on Training for Nonviolent Action (ISTNA)
King, Martin Luther: 50th birthday (local observances) 1978
Middle East
Mobilization for Survival

Box 59

"Not by Bread Alone", Jersey City, 1975
Page, Kirby: Autobiography, 1975-1976
Pax World Fund
Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project
SALT II: responses to FOR position
Selective Service registration, 1976
South American trip (cancelled)
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Trident submarine: opposition by FOR et al.
United Farm Workers
US government officials
War Resisters International
War tax resistance
War tax resisters (FOR staff members)
Work camps (FOR-UFW projects)
World Council of Churches

Boxes 60-61 Jo Becker, Executive Director, 1993-1997
(Files also include Youth Action and Area Development, 1985-1993)

* indicates half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 60*

Material about Becker; miscellany
Presentations/speeches (texts), 1987-1997

Executive Director files

Correspondence with government officials (US and international)
Black church burnings, 1996
Gun violence: case of Willimantic, CT, 1994
Middle East, 1994-1996
Smithsonian exhibit of B-29 Enola Gay, 1994-1995:

Hiroshima scholars delegation
Opening press conference, June 1995
Resource packet & correspondence

"Repentance" delegation to Japan
Workers' rights: Perdue poultry working conditions, North Carolina, 1995-1997

Box 61 Youth Action & Area Development

"Afghan Vets for Peace" tour in US, 1989
Disarmament 2000/Common Security Coalition, 1987-1988
End Conscription Campaign (South Africa) 1986-1987
Gulf War: "No Blood for Oil" Campaign; student outreach; military resisters, 1900-1992
Lithuanian delegation of Ateitus (US visit) 1990
Local FOR groups & visits in local areas, 1987-1991
"Skills for Change": Youth Leadership for Peace and Justice, 1989-1994
"Standing Up for Peace" contest (sponsored by FOR, CCCO et al.) promotion, entries, report, 1989-90
Task Force on Recruitment and Militarism (TFORM) 1979-1992 Minutes & miscellany, mailings (2 folders)
US-Soviet Youth Quest delegations, 1986-1990
US-USSR Youth Exchange project with the Samantha
Smith Children's Diplomacy Center, 1990
West Point Peace Action ("Grass Roots Action Days") November 1985
Youth Action program: mailings, etc., 1985-1987
Youth Action survey, 1985
Youth activities program, 1990-1992
Youth Committee; Youth & Campus Task Force, 1990-1992
Youth, Militarism and Alternatives: Conference, 1988; Coalition, 1989
Youth Quest to the Middle East (FOR & Middle East Witness) 1991, 1992

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