Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 U.S.A.


Series B

(Accessions since 1975; addenda)

8 boxes


Box 1

Articles & press clippings about FOR
Anniversaries & special events
Public statements on issues, by the National Council & Executive Committee

Boxes 2-3

Newspaper ads in New York Times et al.
Charges against the FOR and pacifists

Boxes 3-4

Membership records

Boxes 4-5

Printed FOR materials, 1940-1946
National FOR staff: Minutes of Executive Staff meetings, 1946-1980

Boxes 6-7

Staff memoranda, work groups, discussions, etc.

Box 8

Staff & National Council committees
Finances; tax exemption


Series B

(Accessions since 1975; addenda)

Box 1

Articles & press clippings about FOR, 1950s-1980, 1993

Anniversaries & Special Events

40th Anniversary of FOR, 1954
Dedication of Shadowcliff (national headquarters) 1957
45th Anniversary of FOR; 25th Anniversary of Fellowship; 75th birthdays of Muste & Sayre, 1960
50th Anniversary of FOR, 1965: plans, printed materials
50th Anniversary dinner, New York City, 1965: program, participants, speeches
50th Anniversary dinner: greetings from peace leaders
50th Anniversary dinners across the USA
75th Anniversary of FOR, 1990

Public statements on issues

Pronouncements by National Council & Executive Commitee:


Box 2


Newspaper ads in N.Y. Times & other urban papers (complete list of titles in each folder)

Oct. 1960: on Cuba, USSR & UN General Assembly
Oct. 1960: readers' responses
1961-1962: on China, Cuba, bombs, foreign policy
1965: clergy appeal to end Vietnam war
1966: "brothers" statement on war in Vietnam
1967-1968: appeals on behalf of South Vietnamese
June 1968: Father's Day message "to disarm America"
1970-1976: Indochina war, Pine Ridge, Middle East

Charges against the FOR and pacifists

Subversive influence of pacifism, 1920s, 1944
Charges of communism,1950s
Charges of communism; harassment, 1960s
Communism & the FOR/peace movement, 1970-1989
Church League of America (E.C. Bundy, Chairman) corres. & publications, 1960
Church League of America. Corres. with alleged corporate sponsors

Box 3

Church League of America. Hassler's responses
Communism in the churches, 1960, 1983
FBI & House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
FBI versus A.J. Muste, 1957
Felmet, Joseph (FOR member investigated by FBI in 1940s)
Partridge, Charles of Rockland County, NY (critic of draft counseling) 1970
Philbrick, Herbert, 1954-1957
Widener, Alice (syndicated columnist) 1963-1965, 1971
FOIA: access to FOR files in Dept. of State (1927-1954) & Dept. of Justice

Membership records

Lists of members, 1916-1948
Membership Committee, 1944-1952
Policies, procedures, proposals, 1943-1957
Statistics, 1946-1956
Survey: The F.O.R. and its members, 1959
Files of Membership Secy., D. Hassler, 1960-1974:
-General corres.
-Mailing lists

Box 4

Membership of Catholic Peace Fellowship:
-New CPF members, 1964-1965
-New CPF members, 1966-1970 (5 folders)
-New CPF members, 1971-1975

Printed FOR materials (fliers, leaflets, circular letters, cards) 1940-1943 (4 folders)

Box 5

Printed FOR materials, 1944-1946 (3 folders)

National FOR staff

Minutes of Executive Staff meetings, 1946-1980 (7 folders)
Staff memoranda, etc. 1950-1965 (3 folders)

Box 6

Staff memoranda, etc. 1966-1980s (12 folders)

Box 7

Collegium I, 1970-1972 (2 folders)
Collegium II, 1971-1976
Administrative & Publications Work Group, 1971
National Program Work Group, 1971-1972
Outreach Work Group, 1971-1973
Staff retreats, 1963-1977 (6 folders)
Staff discussions & writings re issues:
-World peace movement & the IFOR, 1962-1968
-Discussions with Staughton Lynd & Robert Gilmore, prior to the 1966 retreat
-Role of the FOR, 1967-1972
-Staff relations & National Council, 1971
-Vietnam war, 1971-1972
-James Best's writings, 1968-1973

Box 8

Staff & National Council committees:
-Personnel Committee, 1953-1974
-Personnel-Search Committee, 1971-1973
-Statement of Purpose revision, 1963-1965
-Structure Committee, 1967-1968

Finances; Tax exemption

Annual & midyear reports to members, 1942-1970s (2 folders)
Appeal letters & responses, 1970-1974
Tax-exempt status of FOR with IRS, 1960-1964 (2 folders)

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