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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Fellowship of Reconcilation (U.S.)
Fellowship of Reconciliation records
Inclusive Dates
Dates of records (unprocessed records only) 1976-date
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DG 013

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The Fellowship of Reconciliation in the U.S. was founded in 1915 by Christian pacifists. The organization, whose members are now drawn from many religious groups, seeks to apply principles of peace and social justice and non-violent social change to issues such as disarmament, conscription, race relations, economic justice, and civil liberties. The FOR-USA is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

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Yes, 2 folders of C. Douglas Hostetter personnel file
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Gift of Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1999-date
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Processed by Peace Collection staff
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[Identification of item], in the Fellowship of Reconcilation Records (DG 013), Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Processed records of the Fellowship of Reconciliation

Historical Background
In 1914, an ecumenical conference was held in Switzerland by Christians seeking to prevent the outbreak of war in Europe. Before the conference ended, however, World War I had started and those present had to return to their respective countries. A German and an Englishman parted company with the words "We are one in Christ and can never be at war." Inspired by that pledge, about 130 Christians of all denominations gathered in Cambridge at the end of 1914 and set up the FOR. The Fellowship of Reconciliation in the U.S. was founded in 1915 by Christian pacifists. The organization, whose members are now drawn from many religious groups, seeks to apply principles of peace and social justice and non-violent social change to issues such as disarmament, conscription, race relations, economic justice, and civil liberties. The FOR-USA is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Collection Overview
This temporary finding aid includes only unprocessed material received from the FOR after 1999. (Records received before this date are fully processed and the finding aid for that collection may found at the Peace Collection web site.) The records here are listed as they were received from the FOR. They are not necessarily in chronological, or any other, order. It is recommended that researchers look through all the accessions listedhere, and in the processed FOR files, for records dating from the 1980s onward.

Items removed:

Arrangement of Collection

List of Accessions
Accession 99A-037 (Miscellaneous files, 1976, 1980-1999)
Accession 01A-031 (Files of John Dear, 1984-2001)
Accession 05A-062 (Files of Richard Deats, 1953-1958, 1969, 1974, 1978, 1980-1999)
Accession 07A-018 (Miscellaneous files, 1980s)
Accession 07A-031
(Latin American Task Force, 1990-1999)
Accession 08A-014 (Files of Pat Clark, 2002-2005, Miscellanous files, 1964-1969, 1995-1999)
Accession 08A-037 (Miscellaneous files, 2000-2006)
Accession 08A-065 (Files of Princeton, New Jersey FOR, 1961-1971)
Accession 09A-028
(Latin American Task Force, 1993-2003)
Accession 09A-053
Accession 10A-069 (Files of the Cape Cod Chapter, Massachusetts, FOR 1987-2004)
Accession 10A-074 (Files of the Cape Cod Chapter, Massachusetts, FOR 1983-2004)
Accession 11A-028 (Files of the Cape Cod Chapter, Massachusetts)
Accession 11A-048 Miscellaneous national FOR files
Accession 11A-078 (Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter) [some restrictions apply] [these boxes are stored off-site]
Accession 2012-009 (Files of the Cape Cod Chapter, Massachusetts, FOR 2010-2011) [housed with Accession 10A-074]
Accession 2012-015 (Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter)

Accession 2012-026 (Files of the Cape Cod Chapter, Massachusetts, FOR)
Accession 2012-045
(Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter)
Accession 2012-050 (Files of the Cape Cod Chapter, Massachusetts, FOR)
Accession 2013-014 (Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter)
Accession 2013-070 ( files of Doug Hostetter-Bosnian Student Project, and other materials)
Accession 2014-010 ( files of Doug Hostetter-Miscellaneous files and Bosnian Student Project)
Accession 2014-026 (files of Doug Hostetter-Miscellaneous files and Bosnian Student Project)

Accession 2014-035 (files of the Latin American Task Force)
Accession 2015-025 (files of Doug Hostetter-Bosnian Student Project and Miscellaneous FOR files)
Accession 2015-033 (files of Doug Hostetter - Bosnian Student Project and Miscellaneous FOR files) [some restrictions apply]
Accession 2016-085 (National Council and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Miscellaneous FOR files)
Accession 2017-018 (Miscellaneous national FOR files)
Accession 2017-057 (FOR files of Mark Johnson)
Accession 2017-060 (Miscellaneous national FOR files)
Accession 2017-080 (Miscellaneous national FOR Files)
(Notes of Serbian Team, 2001)

Re-File Box 1, received 2000-2005
Re-File Box 2, received 2010-

Additional FOR FBI Files

Detailed Description of the Collection

Accession 99A-037
Box 1 [Acc. 99A-037]
Youth Program Brochures
For Peace Sake
U.S.-Soviet Youth Quest 1986
Youth Quest 1988
Youth Quest 1987
Waivers, Travel, Passport – Youth QuestMiddle East
Middle East Youth Quest 1992
Originals – Letters, Releases, Appl., etc.
SFC – S.C.
1990 USSR Exchange: RO Church
Youth Quest Contacts
Middle EastYouth Quest 1992 Eval.
Mideast Youth Project
Middle East 1992 Applications
SFC Miscellaneous
SFC Inquiries, 1991
SFC Applications, 1992
SFC Chicago, 1991
Draft and Conscientious Objection
Youth Quest Evaluations/Correspondence, 1988
Youth Quest Lith. Appl., 1991
SUFP Follow-Up
Youth Quest Evaluations, 1990
Youth Contacts- on Comp
SUFP Sign-Up List
USSR Exchange: SSCCD, 1990
Skills Evaluations
Background Information on Gulf Crisis
Other Groups to tell callers about
Other Groups and Actions
Iraq – 1991 (Post-War)
House Roll-Call “Use of Force” Measure
Harvard Study Team Report
“Desert Sin” Louise Cainkar of Human Rights Info Cntr.
Youth Quest Orientation Original, 1989
Youth Quest 1991 Youth Quest Orientation Mail,1990

Box 2 [Acc. 99A-037]
Skills for Change
Non-FOR USSR Programs
SFC I – Follow-Up
YORG Inquiries
Youth Quest Evaluation, 1989
Fundraising Packet
Youth Quest – Unresolved $$
Youth Quest Follow-Up, 1988
Youth Quest Follow-Up, 1989
Correspondence – Youth Questers
Interview a CO
Selective Service
National Service Updates/Mailings
National Service – Articles/Test.
National Service – Hoover Inst.
National Service – Inquiries
Freeman, Raymond C.
Bank Records
49 Julie – Job Related
Religious Society of Friends PYM- Waging Peace
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Program Structure Documents
Congressional Records
Budget Records
Photograph Prints
Carey, Robert W.
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Fresnoza, Alexander
Forms Back NNLESAI
Evaluation Materials – RRP
Executive Committee December 1985
EC, September 1991
NC, May 1990
EC/NC, 1990
Februaryruary 1991 EC
National Council, November 1990
P. Correspondence
Februaryruary 1992 EC
EC/NC , 1988
EC/NC, 1989

Box 3 [Acc. 99A-037]
Middle East
Add to Mailing List – Youth
WFJ Requests, 1993
Student Activism
ISMs Workshop
Steven Kenny
Poverty – Militarism
PP Hearings
Peace Bibliography, 1990
PPC Organizing Packet
IFOR Budget 1956 Adopted by Council at Evilard
SCLC Convention, 1987
Highlander Center
Job Description
Gregg Johnson
Peter Kress
Ben Linder Tour
Listening Project
Local Group Activity
Mailings to Local Groups
Mailing List --Y and M
MLK Tax Resistance
Miscellaneous Organizing
Peace Boat, 1989
For Meeting—Prog Gp/Div.
FOR NC –Feedback, April 1987
American Peace Test
Coffee House/ UNSSD
Charles Brown
Citizen’s Train, March 1988
King Center
Congress of the Americas- Peace and Justice
Local Group Consultation
Development Consultation
Community Organizing
Povery- Militarism II
SCCC/FOR Youth Event
Papers of Doug Hostetter
Virginia Baron Copies of Memos/Letters, June 1987
Cornell, Tom
Chartier, Richard
Hx./FOR: 75 th Anniv. Lit.

Box 4 [Acc. 99A-037]
Local Groups Documents
Linnea Woolf
Dev. [?] Dept.
Cooperation Project
Harvey Cox: The Soviet Christ
Olive Tiller: UN
Icarus Films
RSVP tax
Mosley/Jegan IRS Initiative, 1985
S. FOR Check Project [?]
FOR Peace Intern PTI Project
John Swomley
Pastors for Peace- Cuba
Cuba Project
Executive Director Search
National Conference 1996
TFLAC 1995-1996
N.C. Member Description
NC Nomination Form
Sample Bullott Material
Bosnia/Kosovac Delegation, August 1998
Pro Peace
Plowshare Peace Center, Roanoke, Va.
Peace Media Service
NGO Committee
National Rainbow Coalition
IPB 9/13-15/91
Generations for Peace
Center for Non-Violence, Glenn Smiley
Educators for Social Responsibility
Citizen Action
Clergy and Laity Concerned
Burma Peace Foundation
Beyond War
Americans Against Nuclear War
A.F.S.C. (American Friends Service Committee)
National Conference Snow Mtn 1976
National Conf. Evaluations 1976
Snow Mt.—1976 National Conf.—Correspondence with Snow Mt.; matters andmaterials
Conference Notebook, Gen’l Correspondence, National Conference 1992
National Conference Evaluation Forms, 1992
National Conference Names for 1994
National Conference 1992, Registration and Time Line
National Conference Room Assignment Sheets, 1996
Room Assignments
National Conference Travel
National Conference, 1994

Box 5 [Acc. 99A-037]
National Conference Reg. Entered
National Conference Table Reservations, 1996
Conference Packet
Pre-Conference Registration Packets
John Dear Papers, 1998-1999
Saved Correspondence, John Dear, Spring 1999
Hildegard Gross-Mayr
Pfeffer Peace Prize— Columbia, 1998
The Hague Appeal
National Conference Info Packet
National Conference, 1996
National Conference, Listening and Participant Center, 1996
MLK Non-Violence Project; La Crosse
Women of Color in the Workplace Conference (1993)
Bayard Rustin
War Resisters International
War Resister’s League, David McReynolds
United Muslims of America
S.T.O.P. Nuclear War
Pending Information for National Staff Meeting
Follow-Ups (1-31)

Box 6 [Acc. 99A-037]
untitled (4 folders)
Virigina Baron
Jo Becker’s Chron File
Memos to Staff, etc.
Staff Development
Multicultural Committee
David Schilling’s Chron File
Japan Delegation, Info and Materials
Compassionate Listening Program Coordinator May 27, 1997
National Conference, 1998
George Houser
REJ / Poultry Workers
Women of Color- Phase II
Peace and Disarmament
Papers Received by John Dear, 1998-1999
untitled (4 folders)

Box 7 [Acc. 99A-037]
Avilian Casualty
Civilian Casualty
Legal Iraq
FOR Papers-Gulf War 1990-1991
No Blood for Oil
People to Receive Publication by Joint Delegations to Gulf
Civilian Casualty Fund (2 folders)
Humanitarian Aid
Conscientious Objectors
Anti-Arab Discrimination
Religious Observances
April Actions Mailing
FOR Statement
Delegation Letter
CTL Letter
NBFO Letter
untitled (19 folders)
Sanctions –Legal
Muhammad Khader
Press Releases
untitled (2 folders)
Poland—to file [?]
Papers of Jo Becker
Projects GP: Minutes
Program Division
IFOR North American Financial Statement, January 1 to September 30, 1956
Ad Campaign
Salary Issues
National Council, 1986

Box 8 [Acc. 99A-037]
Iraq: UN Ambassador (see also CCF file and Doug, Dolores)
Middle EastDIC- Future Delegates
Middle EastDIC- Past Delegates
Middle EastDIC: Related Organizations, Individuals, etc.
Irag- Medicine for Peace
FOR Papers, GULF WAR 1990’s
Contributions to National Office
Requests to Go on Delegations (Info. Packet)
CCF Mailing Lists and Correspondence
FOR/CCF Inquiries and Thanks
Delegates, Master List
untitled (2 folders)
Gulf War: Coastal Oil File, 1991
Official Correspondence, Gulf War (1991-1992)—2 folders
Complete File of Information on Delegates
Packet for C-T-L
CTL- Prototype packets
CTL Letters/Good
Crossing the Line Delegation / Information
Crossing the Line statements—press
Material for Info packets
Cover letters
“No blood” Mechanicals
No blood for oil—mailing lists
Peacework, proposals, etc.
March 15 th Call
March 15th Mailing
Nearly Final Draft
March Delegation
Gulf War Disc. Group
Gulf War, Fasters—
Ad Hoc Gulf Group
Campaign for Peace in Middle East
News Reports and speeches of Delegates
Iraq: Peace Delegations—News Articles—Gulf War (1991)
Program Group and Relavant EC Minutes
National Service News
SS Testimony
Home/ SSS, Computations Action
Reg change—December 1986
Proposed Regs
Selective Service Regs Changes; Correspondence; mailing; etc.
SSS Regs. Changes, current
Press Release List
untitled (2 folders)
Speaking tour—Douglass Jones

Box 9 [Acc. 99A-037]
Miscellaneous – Cape Cod Chapter
Mailings, 1999
Cape Cod Chapter
Jordanian Red Crescent
Variety of Form Letters
Middle EastDIC Press Work
Int. Study Team
Medic Guidelines
Unicef Reports
Thank letters from DOUF
Naimat’s Press
Naimat’s Dr’s and Healthcare
Communications w/ UN
AIPPHR (Ruchama Marton)
Communications w/ Pres. of Congress
Fundraising for Naimat
Pre-Julie stuff
Adresses and Activities of Past Delegates
Seized Medicines Clippings and Communic.
Crossing the Line—Originals for Copying
Applications for Crossing the Line
Potential Delegates
FOR/ Moses—memo February 1, 1993
supporters/donors/resources to contact for closer ties
CCF/ Middle East—Hon. Brd. etc., miscellaneous addresses
CCF: Hon. Brd.—Master list
Balkans: General Lit.
CCF/Balkans: FOR Press Releases, statements
Balkans: Related Organizations and individuals
CCF: Balkans—Admin/ Financial Contributions to Orgs.
Middle East DIC: media coverage 2
Middle East DIC: media coverage 3
Middle East DIC / hotel –Marriot, Al Rasheed
Middle East DIC: Air travel/ Jordan and Iraq
Middle East DIC: Children Info. (January 1992 trip)
Middle East DIC: Syracuse
Middle East DIC: Portland
Middle East DIC: Houston
Middle East DIC: Los Angeles
Middle East DIC: Anaheim Group, “Campaign to Save the Children in Iraq”
Middle East DIC: Waging Peace: PYM
Middle East DIC- legal—host families, hospitals, delegates
Official Correspondence II, project Middle East DIC, Gulf War (1991-1992)
Middle East DIC—Internal Conference Correspondence
Middle East DIC: ‘Thank you’ –officials, organizations, etc.
Middle East DIC: Admin and legal Manual, April 1992 (finished version)
FOR Affiliate: Sonoma County. Center for Peace and Justice (CA)
Iraq general
Iraq—other Human. Organizations and Individuals
‘100,000’ Project
Middle East DIC: Iraqi Government
Iraq: Government and Related Lit.
Iraq: Related Orgs/Ind., Teddy Bears for Love, Dianne Judice
Iraq: US political leaders
Iraq: Women’s Peace Quilt
Iraq— Jordan Nat’l Red Crescent
Iraq: YMWA/ Princess Sarvath
CCF/ Middle East Council of Churches—Palestinians

Box 10 [Acc. 99A-037]
Conflict Resolution
FOR Women
Library Memos to Staff
Miscellaneous Correspondence 1996-1997
Job Searches
James Farmer
Sanity Ad./New York Times
General Correspondence Filing
Janis Iraq Meeting
Non-violence and Downfall of Apartheid by Stephen Zunes
Bosnian Student Project, 1995-1996
Bosnian Student Project, 1996-1997
Book Contract Overcoming Violence
Peacemaker Training Institute, 1996-1997
Correspondence w/NC
Development, 1996-1997
Press Articles on FOR
US Bombings of Sudan/Afghan
Decade of NV/Nobel Appeal
King Award- Florida, 1999
Jim Lawson Banquet- June 12, 1999
Program Staff
Mayor of Hiroshima
George Houser-National Council
Press Release on my arrival at FOR
Year End Party 1998
Niwano Peace Price 1998FOR 8GMH
FOR National Conference Indiana Jult 13-20, 1998
National Conference, July 1998.
National Counci,l October 9-12, 1998
John Dear Chron. File
Future of REJ

Box 11 [Acc. 99A-037]
Mailread’s Visit- February 10, 1999
Donation Cards
David Dellinger
Including Poems of Carolyn Emmet
CCF Contributions/ Middle East
CCF Contributions/Balkans
Reprints: CCF/Lisn/Middle East DK—Contribution replies
CCF: promotional
CCF: financial
LISN: Contributions
Lisn: Campaign
CCF/Blankans: Hon. Board
CCF/Middle East: Hon. Board
LISN Network
NNLESAI: Packets
Middle East DIC: Participants, FOR staff, Organizations
Middle East DIC: FOR, MFD stationary
Middle East DIC: Donors
Middle East DIC: Financial Records
Middle East DIC: Media Coverage
Middle East DIC:Speaking Engagement
Middle East
Middle East DIC: published statements, announcements, letters, etc.
Middle East DIC: early statements, drafts.
Faith Services
FOR Speaking tours
FOR History
Local Groups
Long Range Strategic Plan
Racial Dialogue
TFLAC, 1996-1997
75th Anniversary
Camera Ready Ads

Box 12 [Acc. 99A-037]
No Blood for Oil
Medicine Seizure
Correspondence: Re: Medical Aid Shipments
Contributions: Civilian Casualty Fund
To carry on CCF
Lists of Medical Needs-Gulf
Medical Aid Shipments
Fax Numbers-Press and Media
CCF packet (partial)
Important phone numbers
Finances-all delegations
Office info—telecommunications coup net
Info for delegates
Delegation October 17-26, 1990. Includes release forms
Press releases
Delegation January 7-16
Delegation March 2-12
Delegation December 1 including signed release forms
Delegation March 23-April 1
Delegation November 26, 1990 inc. release forms
Toward Seciromg am Iraqi Visa
Whereabouts and what doing
Lens, Shirley
Follow-up to Mid-year
Marie Grosso Article
Program Secretary
Poor People’s Campaign
Program Committee
Lawrence Wofford
Reality of Poverty
FOR Members religious affiliations
South Africa
Student Org. CIA
Youth Event Originals
Walf for all Life
Window of Opportunity
Youth Conference Workshop Notes
FOR Video
Window of Opportunity responses
Alternative Security and Defemse
Youth Leadership Conference
Miscellaneous: events, etc.
Inter-religious task force on Central America
Equality in the Workplace
Racism, Affirmative Action, etc.
Racism Workshops
National Council, November 1991
EC/NC 1987
Executive Committee, September 1986
National Council, May 1992
National Council, Spring 1991
Budget, 1988-1989

Box 13 [Acc. 99A-037]
Churches/ Religious Groups
Seeds of Change
Proposal of Delegation
War Resisters International
Red Cross/Crescent
Middle East Task Force
FOR General Background
FOR Local Groups/ Mail out October 22, 1990
Letters to Doug
Iraq official letters/visa form
Media Fax List
Position Payers
Form Letters
Mailing Lists
Finances (All Delegations)
Photographs, First Delegation Impact Visuals
Training Material
Tax Excempt Letter
Local Organizers Gathering, 1984
Program Retreat September 1991
Evaluation Job
Program Department, 1990
March orders filled, January 1984
Other Organizations
Debra Loveless
Garrick Chun Fai, Kwok
Outreach to Endorsers
Winter Plan
Communications Honorary Board
Press Work on Statements
FOR Locals
Middle East DIC-Mission statement and Sentinell ad
Middle East DIC-Phil. Work
Medicine for Peace
Nancy Jodaitis
Mailing List
R.C. "B"
LISN Materials
FOR: E.C., N.C., etc.
American Friends Service Committee
Peace, Freedom, Sanctions, Work
Past Fundraisers
Margaret Shurdom RIA
Office of Crown Prince Jordan
Media Fax List
CCF Logo and Letterhead
Record of Placed Adverts.
CCF's Brochures, Newsletters, and Thank yous
FOR posters
CCF clippings
Crown Prince Jordan's Young Muslims Women Assoc.
UNICEF Communications
Other Groups Sanctions Stat.
Advert. Designs
Naimat's Chronicle Article

Box 14 [Acc. 99A-037]
Iraq under Fire
Gulf War Reader
UN Reports not in R.C.
Tax Related Stuff
LISN Newspaper Campaign Short
LISN Flyers Short
R.C. "H"
Shauna Smith's Poem
Articles on Malnutrition
R.C. "K"
R.C. "I"
IMA (Interchurch Medical Assistance)
R.C. "E"
Middle East CC
War Crimes Tribunal-Ramsey Clarke

Box 15 [Acc. 99A-037]
EC-September 1989.
National Council, April 1989
EC Minutes/Materials, February 26-27 1989
Staff Relations 1983
National Council Handbook
Personnel Handbook
Personnel Handbook extra pages
Writings 1986-1978
Fiscal Year, 1986-1987
Fiscal Year, 1987-1988
Fiscal Year ,1988-1989
Comp./WILPF Correspondence, 1974-1980 (Int. Ex. Com) 1977-1978
Personnel to 1979
Change Team
Personnel from 1986
Personnel to 1986

Box 16 [Acc. 99A-037]
Affirmative Action
Salary and Plans FOR and Others
Revised Personnel Policies
Current Years Minutes
Staff Relations, 1989
Equality in the Workplace
Bob D’Errico
Staff Relations Committee
Committee of Six
Collegium and Joint Staff Min., 1975-1976
Personnel Records/Evaluation Forms
Press Conference Packet, March 1991
Detainees 2 nd Delegation, November 26-December 6
First Delegation Info. Detainees
C.O. Draft Resist, etc.

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Accession 01A-031
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-031]

Summary Report September 2000

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-031]
Meetings/Minutes/Matt’s Notes
Nonviolence Training
Registration Forms (From Individuals)
Endorsement Forms
Miscellaneous files
Community Outreach
Washington, Washington, D.C. FOR Group
Evening Venues
Speakers, Hotel and Flights, July 1-2
Groups Coming – July 1 st and July 2 nd event Tally
International Groups and Individuals
Letters to Participants
Revised Schedule/Schedule Changes

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-031]
Information Packet
T-Shirts, Buttons, etc.

FOR Disarmament
Washington, Washington, D.C. Activist Meetings
Letter of Introduction re: People’s Campaign for Nonviolence
Requests for Information
Miscellaneous. Files

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-031]
Summer Scheduling

Box 5 [Acc. 01A-031]
Washington, D.C. Office
Randy Keller Public Campaign, August 6 th and 7 th
Fall Appeal
Old Drafts of Summer 1999 Campaign
FOR Local Peace Activities
Resource Groups on Peace/Justice
Peace (General)

Box 6 [Acc. 01A-031]
Religious Peace Fellowships
Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Wayte Case, 1984
Mennonite Central Committee
Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
Hunsinger Peace Church Catechism
UCC Peace Fellowship
UCC/FOR 1985-
Affiliation with the FOR
Lists: Religious Peace Fellowships
Peace Fellowships - General
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Disciples Peace Fellowship
Kirkridge, 1991
Kirkridge, 1986
Kirkridge, 1987-88
Kirkridge, 1985

Box 7 [Acc. 01A-031]
Kirkridge, 1984
Kirkridge, 1992-93
Pendle Hill
IFOR, 1990
IFOR, 1989
IFOR, 1992
Philippines FOR / AKKAPKA
IFOR – 1991
IFOR Forum
Nonviolence Trainer’s Gathering (The Netherlands), July 1991
European IFOR Information and Letters
IFOR, 1994
IFOR, 1992-1993

Box 8 [Acc. 01A-031]
Quito November 1992
Anke Kooke
Swomely, John M., Jr.
James Farmer
Peace is the Way: Manuscript
Walter Wink Book

Box 9 [Acc. 01A-031]
Save These Letters

Box 10 [Acc. 01A-031]
Annual Report

Box 11 [Acc. 01A-031]
Stop the Hate
Profile of FOR, August 1999
Kay Camp – King Award March 2000
Hague Appeal – May 1999

Boxes 12-13 [Acc. 01A-031]
Letters to FOR and John Dear 1999-2000

Box 14 [Acc. 01A-031]
Papers by or about John Dear

Box 15 [Acc. 01A-031]
Anim Gandlir
Mairead Maguire
Bill McMichols
Patrick Hart
Helen Prejean
Thomas Gumbleton
Pat Donovan – Mother of Jean Donovan Killed in El Salvador, 1980
Megan Mckenna
David Dellinger
Mr. (Fred) Rogers
Walter Urmla
William Sloane Coffin
Walter Sullivan
Mary Lou Kounacki
Hildegard Grossmayr
Franziska Jägerstätter
Elizabeth McAlister
Jim Wallis
Jim and Shelley Douglass
Jim Lawson
Jim Forest
Colman McCarthy
Pete Seeger
Merton Retreat, 2000

Box 16 [Acc. 01A-031]
Press Clippings
Handcuffs used on John Dear

Box 17 [Acc. 01A-031]
akeshore Peacemakers
Peace News
El Salvador
Pacific Call
Aids Project of Lewis County
Handful of Salt
Chapter List
Columbus Peace Fellowship
North Manchester Fellowship of Reconciliation
North Manchester FOR
Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation

Box 18 [Acc. 01A-031]
Washington, Washington, D.C. FOR
FOR – Southern Illinois
Sheffield FOR
The Gardner Fellowship Group
Cape Cod
ForSooth – Louisville FOR
ForSooth (cont.)
Louisville Chapter of FOR
San Jose Peace Center
Peace Times – San Jose Peace Center
Fresno Center for Non-violence

Box 19 [Acc. 01A-031]
Cowlitz FOR
Columbia River Fellowship for Peace
Common Ground
Charlottesville Peace Center
Red River Peace Network, Peace Farm
Houston FOR
FOR Central Texas
Scranton FOR, FOResight
Pittsburgh FOR
Troy/Hudson Mohawk FOR
Southeast MO FOR
Root and Branch
Columbia/Mid – MO FOR
FOR Minnesota

Box 20 [Acc. 01A-031]
Rural Southern Voice for Peace
Eugene/Springfield FOR
Oregon FOR [2 folders]
Clear Actions
Oregon FOR

Box 21 [Acc. 01A-031]
Volunteers for Peace (Aids for Peace)
IRAQ: Coastal Oil Gift
Long Run Planning
Bayard Rustin Fund
Program Group, 1986-1987
Glenn Anderson 1984-1985
KirkRidge November 20-23 1986
Women’s Retreat
80 th Anniversary
Organizer’s Packet: Actions for Compassion
The new Improved AC Originals

Box 22 [Acc. 01A-031]
Program Consultation
METF Bills
Program Goals
Ben Chavis/NAACP
Membership Campaign
N. Carolina
Citizen’s Assembly
Campaign 1995
Common Agenda
HPC/FOR consultation
PTI Interns 1993-1994
PTI Summer 191995
SFC 191994 Applications? Evaluations
SFC 191994 General
Skills for Change 1993
SFC 1994 – Contacts

Box 23 [Acc. 01A-031]
PTI – 1992 – 1993
SFC Grant Proposal PDF, 1989
Ashraf Suboh
March on Wash, 1993
NOW b. Scheidler/Rico
Sexual harassment
Program Team – Minutes
PTI Restructure

Box 24 [Acc. 01A-031]
PTI Grant Proposal
Development, 1993-1994
National Conference 1995
Conference Sites
Letter from Clinton

Box 25 [Acc. 01A-031]
WOC Conference
Women of Color
Women of Color in the Workplace
You Don’t Have to Ride Jim Crow
REJ 1995 – 1996
REJ 1996 – 1997
Special FOR Events 80 th, Berrigan, Deats 25 th
METF 1996 – 1997
Peace and Disarmament (Clayton Ramey)
Perdue/Poultry Workers
Guest Book

Box 26 [Acc. 01A-031]

Peace Consolation January 1993
Conflict Resolution
Swomley Extra
BSP Graduate School Possible
Bosnia’s War-Time Banner
BSP June 1998-June 2001
WAMA Award April 29, 2001
Week of Action Against WMD August 1998
Doug Hostetter Day Book March 2000 – April 2001
Iraq Press February 1998
Iraq March 2000
FOR History

Box 27 [Acc. 01A-031]
Day Book April 2001-July 2001
FOR Media Kit
IRAQ Delegation
Embassy Letters
UN Journal
Bosnia Brochures
Peace Pilgrimage December 1992
Sulak Sivanaksa

Box 28 [Acc. 01A-031]
Interfaith Voices
LG/RPF 1995
MEDIC Brochures
Portrait Doug Hostetter
Host Family Questionnaires
BSP Fundraising Forms
Decade of N.V.
BSP Host Family Forms
BSP Form for Students to Sign
Prisoner Visitation and Support
Free Sun/Free Burma
Library - FOR
PLO 1992
Balkan Peace Team
Nonviolence Did Not Lose in Tiananmen
Draft Counselor’s Literature Packet
IRAQ 1996
COC Brochure

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Accession 05A-062
[Photographs removed to SCPC Photograph Collection]
Box 1 [Acc. 05A-062]
People in FOR History
South Africa- Tutu
Washington D.C., Charlottesville, Bloomington Trip- 1982 (April 3-6)
Stubbs-Johnson Nammsa, 1985
Guenter Lewy
Seville Statement on Violence
Tabasco, Mexico
Rabin’s Murder
A.J. Muste Institute
Hebron Massacre
IKV Consultation, Stockholm- 1983 (April 25-26)
General Conference (Methodist) 1984
Haiti Coup- 1991 (September 30)

Box 2 [Acc. 05A-062]
South Africa Miscellaneous Clippings
California and Texas Trip- 1981 (October)
Religious Peace Fellowships
South Africa- General, Published Material
Cincinnati Peace Seminar- 1984 (April)
Kirkridge Peace Retreat- 1984 (November)
Tulsa Trip- 1983 (March 8-9)
Kerk en Vrede Anniversary (60th) Address, Amersfoort- 1984 (October)
People in FOR/Collins, Shorts (George L.)
Kirkridge Retreat- 1982
National Council of Churches (NCC) Conference, Pittsburgh- 1980
West Virginia Wesleyan
North Carolina Trip- 1980 (April)
Shalom Seminar- 1985
January 1983 Trip to Penn Atlanta-Athens-Pittsburgh
La Grange Declaration
South Africa Workshop and Correspondence
South Africa Funding
National Conference, Santa Clara- 1984
Vermont Trip- 1980 (October)
ETK- 1980 (November)

Box 3 [Acc. 05A-062]
Programs and Projects
South Africa- Boesak
Yugoslavia: Statements
South Africa- Michael Scott
Israel- PLO Agreement
Oregon Trip- 1982 (May)
Grameen Bank Micro Enterprise
IFOR- South Africa
Washington D.C. Trip- 1981 (August 14-15)
San Antonio- 1981 (December)
John Nevin Sayre – Autobiography
John Nevin
Right Wing Attack on FOR and other Peace Group
South Africa
Training Workshop FOR organizers / South Africa

Box 4 [Acc. 05A-062]
FOR programs, Meetings, staff, 1988
IFOR North American Committee Minutes March 10, 1958
Kirkidge 1984 –Nicaragua- Call to Resistance
Vietnam: American against US Policy, Manila
Arzobispado de Manila
Film Proposal
Walter Wink
WCC work camp- 1957 / NAG April Action 1969
UNESCO Correspondence
Philippines clippings
Philippines Correspondence
N O’Brien of Philippines
Deats Manuscripts
Philippines 1985
Staff Relations Committees January 1985-1986

Box 5 [Acc. 05A-062]
Development Consultations 1987
Structure Committee 1987
National Council Memos 1985-1986
Program Staff Meeting 1985
Inter-Office Communication 1989-1990
FOR Staff Relations / Personal Etc. 1985 January-July
Affirmative Action
FOR Staff Relations 1983-1984
Personnel Committee October 1985
Staff Relations Committee 1985-1986
National Council Meeting, April 1985
FOR Program Meetings- Staff Meetings, Staff Relations Committee, Local Groups, National Conferences
Staff Relations Committee
Ann Albam / staff relations, papers, ideas
Program Committee Consultation 1986-1988
Letter of Concern -1986 Philippines Missioners

Box 6 [Acc. 05A-062]
Philippines Correspondence 1987
National Advisory Council 1986-1987
U.S-USSR Reconciliation
DOUG-Interoffice Memos 1987
Richard Deats, Copies Memos /Letters June 1987-1990
Philippines: Church Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines
Philippines 1986
Vietnam Statement
Mexico Camp, 1953
Philippines Newspaper articles, 1975
National Council Meeting- 1987 (April)
Misc. correspondence – September, 1988
FOR staff relation, September-December, 1985
WCC work

Box 7 [Acc. 05A-062]
FOR sponsored meeting at Shadowcliff,
January-December, 2001
January-March 1997
April-June 1997
July December 1997
January-December 1998
Executive committee meeting December 1982
Program Group, 1986-1987
Kim Phuoc
Staff and intercome & home number
Youth Action Program Memos
Riyad Mansour et Al vs. Edwin Meese
Linder v. Calero

Box 8 [Acc. 05A-062]
Bronner (boxman Tax trial “Play”)
Peace is The Way, ed. Wink
January-December, 1999
Bush –Hussein Prayer
ADL /Rosenthal Letters
Nuclear abolitionists, 1998 Kirkridge November 15-18
South Africa
Jim Forest Visit, 1989
News Release
FOR correspondence
Bat Shalom’s
Peace and other groups in Israel/Palestine
Jim Forest articles and biographies

Box 9 [Acc. 05A-062]
Peace Media Service ( Jim Forest)
Jim Forest Confidential
Europe IFOR- Conference in Berlin, Feb, 1992 “ANV …
Former USSR addresses
D.C Addresses and Phones / March on Washington
World Prayer for Peace
Religious Peace Fellowship Survey, 1993
Letters to editor
National Council Meeting, April 1986
FOR problems PC/NC/EC/Staff, 1986
State of Texas Vs Lee Johnson / flag burning
FOR meeting
FOR Personnel Policy
Shadow cliff campaign
Program Division Minutes 1986-1987
Personnel / Salary Plan
FOR program meetings
Nation Council Meetings, April 1985
Executive Committee meeting, 1984
Committee for NC and EC
Orders- no contribution
Free South Africa 1984-1985
National Council Meeting- 1984

Box 10 [Acc. 05A-062]
National Council Meeting- 1983
World Map of Hope
Shadowcliff / cutting down
Shadowcliff FOR headquarter, Nyack
UNESCO/ contribution by religions to the culture of peace
IFOR History/Slideshows
Indian FOR / Chandy
IFOR triennial, 1984
IFOR correspondence
Swomley correspondence
Founded by Glenn Smiley
Martin Luther King Center Board Meetings
Jim Dear Livry Peace
Communication advisory
History articles – Sister Groups
Advertisements of FOR
Why I belong to FOR
Interfaith / FOR
Civil Rights/ FOR

Box 11 [Acc. 05A-062]
Bosnia Student Project
Articles by JNS
Articles about JNS
Correspondences Re-research/ info IFOR-FOR books in progress
Anniversaries FOR
Statement of purpose
Women Peacemakers Photos
Friends using Shadowcliff agreement
IFOR, 1982
FOR council India January-Decemberember 1980-1981
Gene Hoffman
No Date: IFOR

Box 12 [Acc. 05A-062]
FOR History- Miscellaneous
Fr. Nial O’Brien
FOR history
Carola Bell Film Project
FOR/ IFOR History
Basic for Leaflets
FOR newsletters
IFOR E.C. 1983- Stockholm “Life and Peace”
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Gene Hoffman
Tenafly Middle School

Box 13 [Acc. 05A-062]
Middle East Task Force and FOR statement
Pierre Marshal-B10
Appeal of the Nobel Prize Laureates
Organizational, non-laureate / signers, endorsers
Appeal of the Nobel Laureates / correspondences
Gene Hoffman correspondence
Retired persons 1989 / project Eugene Bettis Hessel
The New People / Thomas Merton Center / Jim Forest trip, 1988
Peace is the way / Orbis

Box 14 [Acc. 05A-062]
Gene Hoffman Articles and Prints
IFOR Councils- Bonnecombe Assisi
ASCE / World Council of Churches / papers on non-violence
Correspondence 1983-1993
Letters to uncle Rich from 1994 / Brooks and vice versa, 1990-1996
RD Memo to Staff
Gene Hoffman Speaking Tour- 1995
Hoffman, Gene Spring Tour- 1981
Gene Hoffman 1987-1991
Gene Hoffman
Gene Knudsen-Hoffman- Spring 1982

Box 15 [Acc. 05A-062]
The Religious Community and the Gulf War
Richard to California, January 1970/ ASCE LA, resource center for nonviolence etc
Song Book
CIA- Department of Treasury
Gene Hoffman
IFOR statements- 1971 (May 1- October 31)
Arun Gandhi
IFOR Financial Statements- 1971 (May 1- August 31)
Atwood, David
Mary Anderson Report- 1982 and Follow-up Studies- 1986
Martin Luther King Peace and Justice Committee- 1989
John Swomley
Gene Hoffman- 1992-1993 and Correspondence from 1994

Box 16 [Acc. 05A-062]
National Conference- 1982
National Conference Registration- 1982
National Conference Workshops and Discussion Groups- 1982
National Conference- 1984
Staff memos- 1987
Computers for FOR
Quiggle vs. Dombroski
Thich Nhat Hanh Writings
National Farm Worker Ministry
Solomon Amendment
Brian Wilson- 1987-1988
Solidarity Movement (American) 1984
Peace Studies Program 1988-1989
Freeze 1986
Seabeck Pacific Northwest- 1987
Domestic Justice and Violence Issues- 1980-1984
Washington D.C. Rally- 1988 (August 27)
Battered Women
Sanctuary- 1986
Rocky Flats- 1978
Walk in Peace- 1987-1988

Box 17 [Acc. 05A-062]
Mailings and Minutes
Miscellaneous [4 folders]
Peace Ship to Nicaragua
Forest, Jim (IFOR)
FOR Film Archives
Snow Mt…correspondence with interested members regarding attendance
Green Lake National Conference- 1974 (January- November)
Sample Brochures
Accommodations for 1990 National Conference
Children of War Tour

Box 18 [Acc. 05A-062]
The Fallacy of revolution through violence, John Swomley Jr.
Pastoral letter—newsletters—world view—Richards’ response
National Conference 1980
FOR National Conference, May 1978
Evaluation, 1978, FOR
Imaging/ prayer/ Inspiration
Statements by Religious Leaders on disarmament, weapons, tax resistance
National conference 1984
Earl, 1979
Recycling, environmental issue, 1990
Peace Justice Week 1985
Peace Walk—Prem. Kumar
Arms control, World Coalition for Human Deterrence 1984-1985
National Council of the Churches of Christ 9ICIC plenary meeting 5-7 September 1984)
Thich Nhat Hanh Retreats/ speaking

Box 19 [Acc. 05A-062]
The Ribbon Project, 1985
Sojourner Pentecost, 1985
Lumbini Project
Miscellaneous / posters
Newsletters [2 folders]

Box 20 [Acc. 05A-062]
Newsletters [4 folders]
FOR Programs and Publications
April Actions 1985-1986
Here to Go, How to Do it…Suggestions/ Notes conversations
Union of Concerned Scientist
USSR Reconciliation Program
Veteran Fact for Life, 1986
Letters to answer, FOR 1987-1988

Box 21 [Acc. 05A-062]
Feb.8-9 Executive Committee
Dr. Lawrence Carter, 1986-1989
Sojourners (Hatfield Amendment
Shadowcliff Restoration
Youth Action Director
Earth Day
Amicus Briefing/ Greenham common
National Conference (July 28-August.1), 1982

Box 22 [Acc. 05A-062]
"Seed of Hope in the Middle East"- 1993 (January)
Conference Evaluations- 1980
National Conference- 1986
FOR National Conference- 1952
National Conference Children's Program- 1988-1990
Alternative World Foundation
M. Jendrzejczyk Letters
Changing Perceptions Conference- 1988 (May 6-7)
M. Jendrzejczyk
Letters/Glenn Smiley
Glenn Smiley
Burning of Churches
Tibet- 1989-1990
Conference Centers
World Without War
Literature and Cables- 1990

Box 23 [Acc. 05A-062]
Tax Resistance- 1992
Peace Museum
National Conference in Berea, Kentucky- 1980
National Conference Speakers and Workshop Leaders
National Conference Responses- 1988 (August)
30th Anniversary- 1993 (August 28)
East-West Dialogue
Correspondence [4 folders]
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Prospective Groups Mailing Originals- 1985
National Conference- 1985

Box 24 [Acc. 05A-062]
Declaration of Pueblo, 1999 : a year of a culture of Peace
Art of Protest
Nobel Prize Appeal / States’ correspondence
Nobel Prize Appeal
Pierre Marchand
UNESCO report [2 folders]
Decade for the culture of Peace
Pierre Marchand
Peace / French
Nobel Prize Appeal [2 folders]
Actions pour les Enfants du Monde
UNESCO [2 folders]
Nobel Prize Appeal [3 folders]
Richard Deats’ articles

Box 25 [Acc. 05A-062]
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Fellowship Magazine
Newspaper clippings [2 folders]
Washington-Oregon- 1994 (January)
Berlin visit Feb2-4, 1976 / Richard Deats
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, March 12, 1996
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, March 12, 1996
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, 2; April 23, 1996
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, 2; May 9, 1996
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, 2; March 26, 1996
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, 2; June 18, 1996

Box 26 [Acc. 05A-062]
UNESCO documents
A-B Tutu
Peace conference correspondence / September4
Podea / planning meeting / Nobel appeal campaign / France
NA Abrous
Mairead Maguire
Joint ventures
Ethic of Nonviolence conference, Moscow November 27-29
School of Mission, 1989 / Finance committee meeting materials September 13, 1986
Jean George Edwards
Film Project / Pastoral care Network
Correspondence, 1998
Riptide—Press Releases, bills
Edwards, George & Jean Tapes1, February 29, 1986 [2 folders]
US— USSR Reconciliation Evaluation
Peace Movement; Soviet Chances, Febraruy 17, 1989
Pierre Marchand

Box 27 [Acc. 05A-062]
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence, 1985
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence, 1986
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence, 1986 / journal notes, film work
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence, 1987
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence, 1989 / teaching school of Christian mission
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence, 1989
Richard Deats / FOR: efforts re: the Philippines -- correspondence / Father Jose Blanco, S.J.
The world walehuy campaign, 1986

Box 28 [Acc. 05A-062]
Reference material from Richard Deats
"Acting in Faith: A Study Guide on the Philippines" by James Palm and Eunice Poethig, 1989
"Active Non-Violence" by Jose C. Blanco, S.J.
"Basic Ecclesial Community: Church from the Roots"
"Challenge to the Court: A Theological Comment on the Political Crisis in South Africa. The Kairos Document"
"Letter from the Philippines: A Letter of Concern from U.S. Missioners...," 1986
"Looking Beyond Ourselves: Hope Amidst the Struggle," 1986
"Peasant Theology: Reflections by the Filipino Peasants on Their Process of Social Revolution" by Charlie Avila
Chapter "Philippine Revolution 1986: Model of Nonviolent Change" by Douglas J. Elwood
"The Philippines: Agony and Hope" by Gerard and Janice Vanderhaar, 1989
Mss. "A Political Approach to the Insurgency" [re: the Philippines]
"The Politics of Counterinsurgency in the Philippines: Military and Political Options" by Gareth Porter, 1987
"Preaching the Pastoral: Homily Notes on 'The Challenge of Peace,'" 1984
"Solidaridad II: A Publication of the Resource Center for Philippine Concerns," 1984 (April-June)
"Spirit in Struggle: A Reader and Study Guide on the Philippines" by Mennonite Central Committee
"A Testimony by Ninoy"; "Letters - Prison and Exile" by Ninoy
"War: A Commentary by Gwynne Dyer. Community Outreach Manual"
Miscelleneous material re: the Philippines
Miscellaneous material

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Accession 07A-018
Box 1

History of the FOR in the U.S., 1989
FOR Historians – A
History of FOR – B
FOR Organizer’s Handbook
FOR Brochures
FOR Directory and August 2004 Conference Pamphlet
Gulf War / FOR
Vietnam War / FOR
Martin Green / FOR History
Martin Green

Accession 07A-031
Box 1

Exchange Residency, 1990
Exchange Residency—Nicolasa Terreros, 1990
Nicolasa Terreros Follow-Up [1990]
Panama Delegation, July 1991
Follow-Up/Evaluation, July 1991
December 1991
Evaluations and Follow-Up, December 1991
Gulf War [1991]
Exchange Residency, 1992—Local Hoot Information
Exchange Residency, 1992—Information for Hosts
Exchange Residency, 1992
Exchange Residency, 1992—Evaluation/Follow-Up
Delegation, Summer 1992

Box 2 [Acc. 07A-031]
Delegation Evaluation and Follow-Up, December 1992
Ecuador Delegation [1992]
500th Anniversary [1992]
Applications for July 1993 Delegation
Delegation, July 1993
Not labeled (Delegation to Guatemala, July 1993)
Follow-Up, July 1993
E.P. Panama Mailing, 1993
Delegation, December 1993
Delegation Follow-Up, December 1993
Evaluation, December 1993
Taxi Costs and Revs [1993]
Coca Tour, 1994

Box 3 [Acc. 07A-031]
Coca Tour Evaluation and Follow-Up [1994]
Delegation, May 1995
Delegation Follow-Up/Evaluation, May 1995
Sign-On Letters [1995-1996]
Exchange Residency—Nelsa, 1996
Mola Marketing [1996-1997]
Update, Winter 1997
Days of Action, February 1997
Days of Action—Follow-Up/Evaluation, February 1997
The Other Economic Summit (TOES) Conference, 1997
Update, April 1997
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Inc. (SCLDF) Report [1997]
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Inc. (SCLDF) Legal Brief [1997]
Graphics [1997]

Box 4 [Acc. 07A-031]
Panama Find Appeal, December 1997 Responses
Panama Update, December 1997
Open Forum, Fall 1997
Workers Conference, November 1997
Panama Delegation, 1997
Sign-On Letter to Clinton, October 1997
Trip to Panama, October 1997
Panamanian Visit to U.S., September 1997
Delegation Photos & Report, August 1997
Delegation Evaluation & Follow-Up, August 1997
Jornada Tecnica, July 28-29, 1997
Panama Press, July 1997
Panama Op-Ed, July 1997
Update, July 1997
Tour, April 1998

Box 5 [Acc. 07A-031]
Tour—Jesùs & Wanda, April 1998
Update, June 1998 (two folders)
Update, June 1998
Panama Update, September 1998
Panama Update, December 1998
Not labeled ( Panama newspaper clippings) [1998]
Panama/Drug Policy Committee, 1998
Panama Anti-Base Movement—Funding [1998]
Canal—Nuclear Shipments [1998]
Sign-On Letter January, February 1999
Religious/Human Rights Leaders Letter, February 1999
Dear Colleague Letter, March 1999
Update, April 1999
Update, November 1999
Panama, 1999
Panama Appeal, 1999
Cartas de Congresistas/Dirigentes [1999]

Box 6 [Acc. 07A-031]
Read Packet: Panama
Environmental Issues— Central America
International Base Closure/Clean-Up Network/Organizing

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Accession 08A-014
Box 1 [Acc. 08A-014]

Johnathan Schell
Maangamizi—the Ancient One
Year End Party
Donzaleigh Abernathy
Kenneth Kaunda
Communications [2 folders]
FOR in the News
Press Releases/Statements
Development Strategy, 2005
90 th anniversary [Tactics, Advertising, Database, PR, Lit Creation, New York Event, Background, Activists]
Personnel, 1995
Financial Records, 2004-2005
Finances, 2004-2005
Fundraising Plans, 2004
Development, 2002-2004
Development, 2002
Donor Correspondence
Death penalty
Humanizing Criminal Justice
Responsibility, Rehabilitation, Restoration Symposium, 2003
Reference File: Death Penalty, Crime, Prisons
Historic Peace Churches
Organizing Against the Death Penalty Handbook

Box 2 [Acc. 08A-014]
Reference File- Death Penalty [2 folders]
FOR Criminal Justice Series
Reference File: Death Penalty
Criminal Justice
Death Penalty
Fred Phelps—Counter Witness
LGBT, Hispanic, Anti-War, Some FOR
Courage Not War: FOR Gathering January 2003
United for Peace and Justice
United for Peace and Justice Endorsements
World Council of Churches
Restorative Justice
Day of Dialogue
Criminal Justice Issues
Correspondence, 2004
Correspondence, 2003
United for Peace and Justice, 2004
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, DC Days, 2004
FOR Action Against Weapons of Mass Destruction 1998
Truth Commissions, 2001-2002
Miscellaneous Files: FOR Correspondence
Miscellaneous FOR and other organizations
Winning Without War Iraq, 2002
Iraq Anti-War Movement, 2003
Courage Not War Gathering, 2003
Campus Tours and Speaking, 2002-2003
Disarmament, Anti-War, Hurricane Katrina
FOR—Declaration of Courage and Conscience, 2005
New YorkACK Declaration of Conscience and Courage

Box 3 [Acc. 08A-014]
I Will Not Kill
Year of Remembrance
FOR Organizational Development, 2003
FOR—Organizational Development Questionnaire, 2003
FOR Organizational Development
FOR Finance Committee, 2003
FOR Personnel—Administrator Benefits, 2005
FOR Finance Committee May, 2003
Administrative Coordinator Hiring Applications, 2005
FOR Finance Committee, 2004
Personnel File, Pat Clark
FOR Financial Records Investments, 2003
Job Search
Job References
FOR Annual Reports, 1995-1999
FOR Communications Department, 2003
FOR Computer Information, 2004
Friends of FOR, 2002
Fund for Nonviolence, 2003
Anti-Racism Dialogue
Jewish/Muslim Peacewalk
Finances, 2003
Finances, 2005 [2 folders]
Interview for Local Groups Organizer, 2002
FOR Personnel, Barbara Nimri-Aziz
FOR Faxes, 2003
Faith Statements on the Middle East and Iraq, 2002
Indict Bush
Iraq Action Alert, 2002-2003
FOR Iraq Campaign of Conscience, 2002
FOR Iraq Women’s Group/Tour, 2003
Women of Iraq Tour, 2003
FOR Iraq, Pledge of Resistance
FOR: Iraq Anti-War, 2003
Reference File: Iraq Anti-War, 2003
FOR Iraq Working Group, 2002
Iraq Working Group, 2002 and 2003
FOR Iraq Working Group, 2003

Box 4 [Acc. 08A-014]
FOR Peace Pledge- Iraq, 2001-2002
Patriotic Posters, Signs, Etc., 2002-2003
FOR Press Release/News Release, 2002
FOR Talking Points Against War, 2002
FOR—Correspondence—Jeremy Elmer, 2006 [2 folders]
Newspaper Clips on FOR and Anti-War Movement, 2002-2003
FOR Correspondence, Jerry Elmer 2006 [3 folders]
FOR Correspondence, 2006 [2 folders]
FOR and WOW Conference, 2003
FOR and LGBT Issues – Reference File
FOR at Creating Change Conference NGLTF, 2003
Local Groups
FOR National Conference, 2004
Religious Peace Fellowship
FOR Local Groups
Organizational Allies, Other Peace Groups, 2003
FOR Middle East Interfaith Efforts, 2003
FOR Interfaith Efforts, 2001-2003
FOR Interfaith Efforts, 2002 [2 folders]
FOR Interfaith Efforts, 2001-2002
FOR Literature, 2002
FOR Strategic Planning, OD Process, 2004
FOR Strategic Planning, 2004 [2 folders]
FOR Peacemaker Training Institute, 2004
FOR Personnel Time Sheets 2003
Peacemaker Institute 2002

Box 5 [Acc. 08A-014]
Michael Robinson
Miscellaneous FOR, 1964-1965
IFOR- Miscellaneous Statements, 1964-1969
FOR Programs, 2003
FOR- Racial and Economic Justice, 2002
Miscellaneous Reference
FOR Nonviolence, 2000-2001
FOR Nonviolence Education and Training, 2002
FOR Nonviolence, 2002-2003
Martin Luther King and Pfeffer Peace Prizes
FOR Iraq War [2]
Miscellaneous on Iraq War
Women and Gender Reference Files
Women’s Leadership Workshop, 2003
United Nations 2003
Task force on Latin America and the Caribbean, 2002 [2 folders]
Task force on Latin America and the Caribbean, 2002-2003
FOR Colombia Media Training, 2004
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean, 2003-2004

Accession 08A-037
Box 1
Organizational materials, 2000 (August) – 2002
Mailings, Local Organizer, 200 (November) – 2002
Programs and events, 2000 – 20005
9/11 response, 2001 (September – November)
“Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence”, 2001
“Creating a Culture of Peace: Nonviolence Training for Personal and Social Change”, 2001 – 2006
“Creating a Culture of Peace: Nonviolence Training for Personal and Social Change”, training guide

Accession 08A-065
Box 1
Princeton Fellowship of Reconciliation
-administrative files, 1962-1969
-correspondence, 1960-1963
-correspondence, 1964
-correspondence, 1965
-correspondence, 1966-1971, n.d.
Marjorie Pratt, notebooks, awards
March on Washington, November 1965
Pacem in Terris, 1965-1966
Peace Action Center
Peace Action correspondence
Peace mailbox
Social Action and related activities
Turn Toward Peace, 1961-1962
Miscellaneous items
Princeton, New Jersey-anti war events, Vietnam era
Smith College , Vietnam anti-war petition

Accession 09A-028
Box 1 [Acc. 09A-028]
Militarism Survey – US Response
Hemispheric Militarism Consultation, 1999
Honduras Workshop
Mexico / Mexican Solidarity Network
Coca Grower / Inner City Youth Tour
Haiti Delegation
Haiti Delegation, continued
Letter to Nation Ad Signers – Peru
Andes / Drug Policy Committee
El Salvador Brochures
Drug Discussion Guide

Box 2 [Acc. 09A-028]
Panama Tour, Fall 1995
Panama Tour, Fall 1995, continued
Fellowship of Reconciliation Caribbean Committee, 1997 - 1998
Delegation – Evaluation / Follow-up, February 1998
Puerto Rico Delegation, February 1998
Fellowship of Reconciliation Program Notes, Minutes, Memos, 1998 - 1999
Program Proposals, Discussions, Meetings
Program Proposals, Discussions, Meetings, continued

Box 3 [Acc. 09A-028]
National Conference, 1998
National Conference, 2004
Finances, 1994 - 1995
Finances, 1995 - 1996
Finances, 1996 - 1997
Finances, 1997 - 1998
Finances, 1998 - 1999
Iraq Sanctions / Campaign of Conscience
People’s Campaign
September 11, 2001
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean Conference Calls / Memorandum, May 1998
Conferences Calls / Memorandum, September 1998
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean Memorandum / Conference Calls, April 1999
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean Memorandum / Conference Calls, September 2001 - October 2001
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean Memorandum, April 2001
Conference Calls / Memorandum, April 1997
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean Memorandum / Conference Calls, November 1997 - December 1997
Puerto Rico, 2003
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors / Counter-Recruitment
Arms Trade

Box 4 [Acc. 09A-028]
Nyack Press Releases
Decade of Nonviolence
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean Sign-on Letters
Fifty Years is Enough / Jubilee
Haiti Solidarity Week, February 4, 1996 - February 11, 1996
Debt Crisis
Local Group Mailings
Voluntarios Solidarios – General
Voluntarios Solidarios Forms – Originals
Voluntarios Solidarios – Materials for Volunteers
Voluntarios Solidarios – Questionnaires
Americas Connections Internships, Questionnaire
In Focus Briefs

Box 5 [Acc. 09A-028]
Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Task Force of Fellowship of Reconciliation
Panama Update, September 1995
Media – Panama Campaign
Panama Tabloid
Panama – Organizing
Panama Committee Correspondence, 1993 - 1995
Demonstration / Call In / Press, November 25, 1996
Local Fellowship of Reconciliation Members / Committee
Brazil – Environmental Movement
Panama Delegation, December 1993
Delegation, Summer 1997
California Commonwealth Club
Panama Campaign Statement
Panama Fund Appeal, 1994
Contactos Panama, Summer 1996
Panama Information Packet

Box 6 [Acc. 09A-028]
Restoration Advisory Board Caucus, February 1999
Puerto Rico Delegation, August 1999
Vieques Tour, November 1999
Vieques Sign-on Letter, August 1999
Incoming Correspondence, 1984 - 1994
Fellowship of Reconciliation – Fellowship
Disarmament / Militarization
Memorandum to National Council / Work Plan, September 2000
Evaluation, August 1999
Delegation Report, August 1999
Materials for Delegates, February 1998
Delegate Applications, February 1998
Oil Booklet
AJ Muste / Servicio Paz y Justicia-Cuernavac

Accession 09A-053
Box 1 [Acc. 09A-053]
Fellowship of Reconcliation: Freeman Internship 2004 - 2005
Fellowship of Reconciliation: Freeman Internship 2004 - 2005, continued
Drop Beats Not Bombs: materials, workshop agendas, publicity packets
Drop Beats Not Bombs workshops
Drop Beats Not Bombs tour: financial records
Poster Sale
Unison Evaluations: samples
Drop Beats Not Bombs, Power of Nonviolence Tour, 2003 (Fall)

Box 2 [Acc. 09A-053]
Fellowship of Reconciliation Personnel Policies, 2005 (October)
Drop Beats Not Bombs resources
Texas Peacemaker Training Institute, 2005
Miscellaneous, 2006
Staff cuts communications, 2006 (June 21)
Creating a Culture of Peace: Nonviolent Training of Personal and Social Change
Adams, Ann
Adams, Elliott
Albright, Victoria
Aldridge, Mavis
Anderson, Glen
Appleby, Nancy
Archer, Christopher
Arthur, Nancy
Bailie, John
Banks, Addie
Banks, Michael
Marion Barattucci, Michele
Barstow, Anne
Barker, Karen
Batron, Vivi
Beidler, S. Ken
Bellefeuille-Rice, Dave
Bell, Llewellyn
Benson, Francesca
Berg, Lloyd
Berg, Patricia
Bialock, Carol
Boisvert, Lorae
Bonafield, Joyce
Bowden, RPM
Brackett, Thomas
Braun-Greiner, Kolya
Bross, Addison
Brown, Dennis
Brown, James
Brown, Janet
Brown, Larry
Browning, Geoff
Burke, Anne
Burr-Wilken, Bernie
Burson, Mary

Byrnes, Abby

Box 3 [Acc. 09A-053]
Calloway, Laine
Campbell, Cindy
Chavasse, Nick
Christine, Lezlie
Christensen, Don
Clark, Evelyn
Clark, Ruth
Cleghorn, Charlotte
Cliff, Scott
Cloud, Liz
Cockram, Robert
Coffman, Darlene M.
Cohen, Adar
Cohen, Mia
Coleman, Daniel
Coleman, Sue
Collet, Miranda
Collins, Jacqueline
Core, Hal
Corl, Ron
Cornell, Doretta
Costas, Kathryn
Coultas, Amy
Crosier, Cheryl
Curtis, Patte
Cutaia, Mary Anne
Daniels, Helen
Davenport, Dolly
Davidheiser, Sharon
Daye, Audrey
DeAngelo, Carol
Deats, Richard
Decker, Sonja
Dorgeloh, Cynthia
Dreher, Uta
Dove, Christine
Edell, Fred
Edwards, Bill
Elkins, Henry
Epting, Susanne
Estremera, Mabel
Etchison, Craig
Faulkner, Deborah
Fay, Martha
Fayer, Nancy
Ferrio, Elizabeth
Finkelstein, Ellen
Fisher, Katherine
Fowler, Andy
Fox, Deborah
Fraser, L:inda
Frasier, Daniel
Gardner, Martha
Garvaglio, Joel
Gentzler, Richard
Gibson, Tica
Gifford, Mary
Gill, Warren
Goss, Dave
Goodman, Richard
Gravelle, Barbara
Green, Thad
Gruwell, Little Feather
Guamaccia, Samuel
Guditis, Leslie
Gunn, Susan
Hann, Joan
Haigh, Tabitha
Halina, Ernie
Hardt, Brenda
Hawkins, Stacy
Headley-Deavours, Lynn
Henley, Russ
Heyer, Kathleen
Hierlmaier, Todd
Hillis, Jeanine
Hjort, Marinetta
Hoffman, Elizabeth
Holcombe, Wanda
Hormann, Marilyn
Hudson, Sonja
Huffman, Vernon
Hunter, Mig
Hutchby, Lib
Hyde, Cindy
Janelle, Nicole
Jubran, Husam
Kaye, Joseph
Keene, Carole
Kidd, Kathy
Kimzey, Elaine
Kirkwood Weaver, Jessica
Kirsch, Susan
Kloker, Alice
Kistner, Jim
Kooistra, Margaret
Koulouris, Beulah
Kosloske, Verleah
Lam, Vivian
Lansley, Deborah
Lanyi, Helma
Larke, Paula
Lautt, Candace
Lebeaux, Deborah
Lindsay, Pamela
Little, Alan
Little, Darlene
Lowry, Judy
Lucas, Penny
Lords, Wendy
Lynn, Jackie
Lucas, Jeremy
Madison, Elaine
Madison, Gerry
Mason, Alice
Masterman, Patricia
Maxwell, Heather
McCabe, Anne
McCabe, Thomas
McFarland, Bill
McElhaney, Jean

Box 4 [Acc. 09A-053]
McGrail, Loren
Miller, Carol

Miller, Therese
Millican, Mike
Mills, Dennis
Moffett, Alice
Montgomery, Rachel
Moore, Maureen
Moore, Pat
Moore, Susan
Morehead, Tupper
Morton, Pattye
Mycoff, David
Myers, Paul
Nelson, Stanford R.
Nevins, Bill
Newell, Ayesha
Nhabuife, Resa
Norris, Cheryl
O'Brien, William
O'Kray, Joan
Orcutt, Janice
Olsen-Missildine, Peggy
Papp, Les
Parson, Caleb
Peimer, Alex
Peimer, Marc
Petersen, Barbara
Plimpton, Barbara
Pluta, Tim
Ransom, Mary
Reed, Devena
Reed, Susan
Rehm, Katja
Rehm, Paul
Ridgley, Patricia
Rieschl, Jean
Risley, June
Rivers, Robert
Rock, T. Michael
Ross, Gail
Rodriguez, Linda
Rogers, Paige
Rosendale, Bonnie
Rossi, Marco Rosaire
Rowley, Richard
Royster, Yvonne
Ruddock, Jeanne
Scheirer, Nancy
Schroll, Betty
Schultz, Chuck
Segovis, Jim
Shanks, Steve
Shields, Thomas Pineros
Shula, Jean
Sireno, Robert
Smith, Carl
Smith, Chris
Smith, Julie
Smith, Mike
Stanley, Chris
Stapleton, Amy
Steitz, John
Stoltzfus, Phil
Strauss, Jill
Tamsberg, Cathy
Tate, Ann Marie
Thomson, Wendy
Thurber, Cheryl
Tiller, Jody
Todd, Wes
Turner, Beth
Underwood, Charles
Vanosdel, Valerie
Veatch, James
Veatch, Laura
Verhage, Alicia
Vuto, Karen
Walden, Robert
Wallace, Jane
Walz, Liz
Washer, Phin
Warrell, Doris
Weiss Ozorak, Elizabeth
Whitley, Katerina
Whitman, Barbara
Wilshusen, Jane
Wilson, John Roy
Wilson, Nancie
Wiseman, Denell
Wright, Jim
Yeats, Liz
Young, Johanna

Box 5 [Acc. 09A-053]
Peacemaker Training Institute evaluations [16 folders]
Peacemaker Training Institute trainers documents; schedules, 2003
Love letters
Spellman college course syllabi; nonviolence documents; Mother Jones, 2004 (January-February)
People to People Making a Difference Summit, 2002 (June 26-July 6)
U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation conference evaluations, 2002
Generation FAIR Network National Conference "Root to Fruit for Global Justice," April 1-3, 2005: documents and evaluations

Box 6 [Acc. 09A-053]
Resources to order
Articles on fitness/yoga
Database/directory materials
Miscellaneous continued
Published resources (employee manual?); travel expense forms
Friendship of Reconciliation fundraiser, 2006 (Fall); sample letters
Peacemaker Training Institute 2007: Forms/Applications, recruitment fliers, sample schedule, nomination sheets
Time Sheets, 2006 - 2007
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Face 2 Face meeting, 2006 (June 30-July1)
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition: Naomi Sea Young, Summer 2006 - Summer 2007
Stopping the Merchants of Death file, St. Thomas University, 2006 (Fall)
Peacemakers Training Institute contacts list

Box 7 [Acc. 09A-053]
Possible key contacts
Publicity, 2001
Affirmative Action Committee Mailing, 2007 (December)
Budget materials, Fiscal Year 2008-2009

Box 8 [Acc. 09A-053]
Peacemaker Training Institute documents, 2007 (January)
Seabeck Conference, 2008 (Maryrose Dolezal)
National Conference, 2002 (June 15-19): The Power of Nonviolence-Exploring Alternatives
Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference 2002 (June 15-June 19)
Steitz Outreach suggestions
Mailing list information
Peacemaker Training Institute packet resources
Assorted Peacemaker Training Institute paperwork
Training materials

Box 9 [Acc. 09A-053]
Peacemaker Training Institute participants 1
Peacemaker Training Institute participants 2
Peacemaker Training Institute participants 3
Texas recruiting, 2004-2005
Texas evaluations, 2005
Not Your Soldier program
Budget information
Assorted periodicals/brochures
Sample mailout: Planned giving information
Texas Peacemaker Training Institute curriculum/material

Box 10 [Acc. 09A-053]
Program budget, 2001 (August)
Georgia Peacemaker Training Institute budget, 2003
Peacemaker Training Institute budget
Patron gifts
New York City budget and workplan, 2006-2007

Box 11 [Acc. 09A-053]
Grants, continued
Hamlin workshop materials and evaluations, 2006 (April)
Kirkridge Peacemaker Training Institue, 2005
Kirkridge Peacemaker Training Institue, 2006
Spring tour, 2006
School of the Americas
Reports, 2002
Peacemaker Training Institue history (National Council representatives)

Box 12 [Acc. 09A-053]
National Council Meeting, 2002 (October 11-14)
National Council Meeting, 2003 ((February 14-17)
National Council Meeting, 2003 (June 20-23)
National Council Meeting, 2003 (October 17-20)

Box 13
[Acc. 09A-053]
National Council Meeting, 2004 (February 20-23)
National Council Meeting, 2004 (June 4-7)
National Council Meeting, 2004 (October 22-25)
National Council Meeting, 2005 (June 17-19)
National Council Meeting, 2005 (October 14-16)

Box 14 [Acc. 09A-053]
Students' Creative Response to Conflicts workshops for the classroom
Community Solutions Funds
Fellowship of Reconciliation: organizer's handbook
Minnesota Common Grant
Unitarian Univeralist Fund for a Just Society
Samuel Rubin
Ben & Jerry's
Peace Development
Music for Change
The Foundation Directory - interested funders
The Dynamics of Personal Leadership
Koinonia workshop, 2003 (April 19-23)

Box 15 [Acc. 09A-053]
Georgia Peacemaker Training Institute, 2003 (May 31-June 8)
Texas Peacemaker Training Institute, 2003 (July 2-9)
Hands are Not for Hurting Project
Color of Violence: building a movement
Active Nonviolence: a Way of Life a Strategy for Change
The International Fellowship of Reconciliation: Working towards a Nonviolent World
Crossroads Ministry
The Right to Resist, California Tour, 2006 (April)
Celebrating the Deacade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence 2001-2010: A Resource Manual

Box 16 [Acc. 09A-053]
Political Organising Manual
Alternatives to Violence Project, Inc. Manual
Center for Teaching Peace
Fellowship of Reconciliation: Nonviolence Training (From Violence to Wholeness program), facilitator's manual
Episcopal Diocese of Change

Box 17 [Acc. 09A-053]
Advanced Peacemaker Traning Institute, binder copy (2002)
Kirkridge Peacemaker Traning Institute, 2004 (January)
Peacemaker Traning Institute manual

Box 18-19 [Acc. 09A-053]
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, budgets and financial documents
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Books Not Bombs
Whitman-Walker Clinic Volunteer Resources
Fellowship of Reconciliation, Campus Organizer's Packet
Peacemaker Traning Institute, Nyack Peacemaker Traning, 2001
Peacemaker Training Institute, workshop manuals and handouts

Box 20 [Acc. 09A-053]
Articles on racism
PeaceMaker Training Institute website
Peacemaker Training Institute, Program Archives and Program Ideas
Bullfrog Films Catalogue 2006
Creating a Culture of Peace, fundraising
The Batzwa Files: Exploring the Way We Relate to Ourselves, Our Family and Friends

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Income
Basic Training Participant Evaluations 2003-2006

Box 21 [Acc. 09A-053]
PJRC Oahu, Hawaii, 2006 (January)
A.C. Company Email Inquiry
Methodist Federation for Socail Action, North Carolina
Austin Texas December 1-3 (RS)
Ghost Church, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2006 (June 2-June 4)
Possible database information, previous applications
Vermont Basic Training, 2004-2005
Edinburg Ministerial Alliance, Edinburg Texas
Tucsan, Arizona (LG) 2005 (April)
Lucasville, Ohio
Northern New Jersey, 2005
South Carolina Peace Resource Center, 2005 (Febuary)
Gulf Port, Mississippi, 2005 (February)
Arizona Christian Peacemakers, Phoenix, Arizona, 2006 (July)
Nyack, New York, 2006
Riverside Church, New York City, Fall 2006
Vermont and Utah trainings
Washington files
Courage for nonviolence Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2003 (January 23-24)
Church of Nazarene (National), 2003 (August 18)
Friendship of Reconciliation Conference, New York
Presbyterian Conference 2003 (July 22-26) Montreat, North Carolina
Fellowship of Reconciliation, California, 2004 (May 21-23)
Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference, New York, 2002 (June 16-17)
Methodist Federation for Socail Action, Claremont, California (July 28-30)
The Presbyteryof Baltimore Peace and Justice Committee, Darlington, Maryland, 2006 (May 5-7)
Roman Catholic Nunery, Ohio 2007 (March 23-25)
Calvary United Methodist Church, Frederick, Maryland, 2006 (September-November)
Southold United Methodist Church, New York, 2006 (September)
Methodist Federation for Social Action, West.Pennsylvania (Meadville), 2006 (September 26-October 1)
Methodist Federation for Social Action, Central Pennsylvania, 2006 (October 27-29)
Mercy Center, Madison, Connecticut, 2006 (December 8-10)
Camp McDowell, Alabama, 2006 (October 5-8)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2006 (September 29-October 1)
Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference, Montreat, North Carolina, 2003 (July 23-25)
Edgewood College, 2005 (April)
Emails about activities in Seatle, Washington, 2002-2004
Seatle Fellowship of Reconciliation
Colville High School, Colville, Washington, 2005 (March 28-29)
Olympia, Washington, 2005 (September 16-18)
Seabeck, 2004 (July)
Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Saltlake City, Utah, 2004 (September 9-12)

Box 22 [Acc. 09A-053]
Green Party, California, 2006
Episcopal Peace Felloship, Helena, Montana, 2006
Manchester, Connecticut, 2006
American Friends Service Committee
The Albert Einstein Instuttion
Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, 2002 (October 23-27)
Envelope of information for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation
A Citizen's Guide to Using Federal Environmental Laws to Secure Environmental Justice
Peacemaking in the Nuclear Family, 1995 (August 4-6)
Talk it Out: Conflict Resolution in the Elementary Classroom
Free Spirit Publishing: Self-help for Kids, Spring 1996

Box 23 [Acc. 09A-053]
Women Move Mountains booklet
Center for Applied Nonviolence, Atlanta, Georgia, Creative Conflict Resolution
Active Nonviolence folder
Peacemaker Traning Institute folder
JL Poland's book
Rule of Power or Rule of Law? (prepublication copy)
Hague Appeal for Peace

Box 24 [Acc. 09A-053]
Bay Area Advanced Peacemaker Training Institute, 2003 (January 17-20)
Carbondale PTI 2002 (August 3-13)
Resistance in Paradise
Teaching Economics as if People Mattered
CCRC's Student Mediation Resource Guide
Check copies

Box 25 [Acc. 09A-053]
Peacemaker Training Institute, Recruiting Kirkridge, 2004
Women in Black
Peacemaker Training Institute: Piloi with Neera and Maryrose, 1999 (October)
The Dirty Dozen: Partners in Mass Destruction

Box 26 [Acc. 09A-053]
Peacemaker Training Institute
, Pendle Hill, 2002 (June)
Peacemaker Training Institute, Nyack, 2002 (July)
Peacemaker Training Institute, plans for Washington, DC, 2002
Northwest Peacemaker Training Institute, 2002
Peacemaker Training Institute, Requests for Check
Peacemaker Training Institute, Applications and Kirkridge Retreat
Peacemaker Training Institute, Stonehaven, 2004 (July)
Peacemaker Training Institute, Texas Applicants, 2004
Peacemaker Training Institute, Texas Forms, 2004
Peacemaker Training Institute, St. Paul, 2002 (Agust 8-15)
Road Atlas, 2000

Box 27 [Acc. 09A-053]
The Center on Conscience & War
KR 05 Recruiting
Campus Outreach Opportunity League Conference
Naomi Sea Young Wittstruck, 2006-2007
National Council Meeting, 2007 (Febuary)
Weekly and grant reports
Consensus Decision Making
United for a Fair Economy
CP05 Organizing
CP05 Race, Power, Privilage and Oppresstion
CP05 Organizer's packets
CP05 Economics and Globalization
CP05 Nonviolence
CP05 Conflict Resolution
CP05 Games (Advanced Peacemaker Traning Institute)

Box 28 [Acc. 09A-053]
CP05 Poems, cartoons and other arts
CP05 Militarism
CP05 Facilitation and process
CP05 Glossaries and resource lists
CP05 Gender
Grant progams
Kings Six Steps for Nonviolent Social Change
Levels of Prejudice
198 Methods of Nonviolent Action
Midwest Academy Strategy Charge
Working Assumptions of Nonviolence
Nonviolence Quotes
Being a Strong White Ally
Nonviolence Self-test
Gene Sharp article (The Importance of Strategic Planning in Nonviolent Struggle)
Rediscovering a Heritage Lost
To Hell with Good Intentions
World Bank cartoon
Music as a Tool of Nonviolence and Street Theater and Direct Action Ideas
Four Easy Ways to Make a Mask and Giant Puppet Basics
Feminism 101 packets
A Time When Silence is Betrayal

Box 29 [Acc. 09A-053]
Newsletters with records of numbers of people received

Box 30 [Acc. 09A-053]
Youth Nonviolence
Youth Peace
California Campus Tours
Youth Task Force
Fellowship of Reconciliation, Internal Communication
(Post August 2001?) Publicity
International Applicants, 2001 (August)
Kirkridge 2000
Campus Organizer's Packet
Fellowship Publicity
Publicity (Peace Education)
Decade, History for LPF, National Council reports

Box 31 [Acc. 09A-053]
Fellowship of Reconciliation Conference, 2004
Event Report
Racial and Economic Justice Program, contact lists and dates
Peacemaker Training Institute Publicity
Peacemaker Training Institute Publicity (Originals)
Kirkridge, Peacemaker Training Institute, 2001
Miscellaneous donation records
Campus Tours
General Youth Organizing
Financial records for Nyack Peacemaker Training Institute, 2001 (August)
Publicity, 2000
Donor Visits
Women's Issues
Advanced Training, Peacemaker Training Institute, 2000 (October 19-22)

Box 32 [Acc. 09A-053]
Petition to Support Article 9 of Japanese Constitution
I Will Not Kill

Box 33 [Acc. 09A-053]
International Racism Education for Awareness, Change and Hope (IREACH)
United for a Fair Economy, workshop handouts
Kirkidge Applicants
Drop Beats Not Bombs Packets, 2003 (Fall Tour)
Fundraising Guide
Publicity, 1999
Old Letters, 1994-2000
Democracy Teach-In, 1998
Publicity Originals
Emergency Release Forms
United for a Fair Economy presentation
An envelop with Peace Boat publication
Organizations, 2003 (November 25)
Newsletter of the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence (CAAAV)
The Growing Divid Workshop, Trainers Manual, 1998 (December 6)
Sojourners folder

Box 34 [Acc. 09A-053]
I Will not Kill postcard
Activism 2000
Campus Outreach Opportunity League
Help Increase the Peace, The American Friends Service Committee
Youth for Environmental Sanity
Student Peace Action Network (SPAN)
Old Fellowship of Reconciliation Literature
Youth Campus Task Force, 1995-1997
Youth Vision
Friends Committee on National Legislation
From Lloydfiles, 2001 (August)
Catholic Peace Voice, 2001 (Summer)
Peacemaker Training Institute Maintenance
Peacemaker Training Institute PLans, 2002 (Summer)
Ontario, Canada

Accession 10A-069

Box 1 [of 1]
Steering Commitee Minutes 1987 (April 21) - 1991
Steering Commitee Minutes 1992 - 1997
Steering Commitee Minutes 1998 - 2001
Steering Commitee Minutes 2002 - 2004

Accession 10A-074
Box 1 [of 1]
Alice in Blunderland (1983)
Ballot Questions on Nuclear Resolutions (1983-2004)
Central America (1988-1995)
Civil Defense (1983-1985)
Children (1996-1998)
Exchange Residents (1985-1990)
Miscellaneous (1993-1999)

Accession 11A-028
Box 1
[of 1]
Cape Cod F.O.R.
Nuclear Free Zone
School of the Americas
Nuclear material
Mordechai Vanunu
Stopping violence against women (Cape Cod F.O.R. project)
Prison groups
Press releases

Accession 11A-048
Box 1
Public Welfare Foundation
Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran
Meridian International Center
Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Social Accountability International
Mark Johnson application for executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation
New York State Form ST-119-1 (Exempt Organization Certification)
Internal Revenue Service notification of 501(c)(3) tax exemption
Correspondence with Internal Revenue Service regarding 501(c)(3) status
FOR Internal Revenue Service Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) for 2005-2006
FOR Financial Statements and Supplemental Information for 2003-2004
Lloyd Berg’s Southern California Trip 2003 [January 26-February 1]
Northern California Donors
Lloyd Berg’s Northern California Trip 2004 [May 2-8]
Lloyd Berg’s Southern California Trip 2004 [August 3-12]
Lloyd Berg’s New England Trip 2004 [September 19-25]
Lloyd Berg’s Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York Trip 2004 [November 15-20] [2 folders]
Lloyd Berg’s Florida Trip 2005 [January 30-February 5]
Correspondence with Maryrose Dolezal
Atlanta Donors
Pat Clark California Trip 2005 [September]
Pat Clark Illinois Trip 2005
Correspondence with Lela Boylan
Correspondence with Judi and Michael Brown
Correspondence with Betsy Fairbanks
Correspondence with Patricia and Robert Fairbanks
Trust Agreement of Edward Flowers and Gloria Hernandez-Alvarado
Correspondence with J.W. Hinely and Lesley Rigg
Correspondence regarding the property of Stephen and May Leeman

Box 2 of 14 [Acc. 11A-048]
Correspondence with Rev. Evelyn Lennon
Correspondence with David McAlpin
Correspondence with James Mosley
Howard and Elsie Schomer Family Trust
List of people naming FOR in their will
Fundraising files
1985-86 Donnelly/Colt Catalogue
Shortline Bus payment/National Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and Southern Africa 1987
1986 Annual Fundraising Campaign
The Field Foundation
Founder’s Fund of the Fellowship of Reconciliation 1976 [May 25]
Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival 1986 [June 21-22]
Clearwater’s Group Sail Program 1986
Auction for Peace 1972 [June 12]
Hudson Highlands Cruises & Tours 1986 [September 7]
Services of Value for Fundraising: Sing Out for Peace!
Arts Funding Possibilities
TELEMATCH, the Times Journal Telemarketing Company’s computerized residential telephone look-up service
Telemarketing Services: Share for Peace and Social Justice
The New Boston Group
The “Peace” Credit Card promoted by the Coalition for a New Foreign & Military Policy
Working Assets Funding Service 1987
Trans National Financial Services

Box 3 [Acc. 11A-048]
Potential Bequests 1993-1999
Charitable Lead Trust Winter 2004
Children’s Creative Response to Conflict 1993-1997
Demographic Information on FOR’s Constituency 1993
Compassionate Listening Project 1997
Correspondence with John and Katherine Kozar 1995 [December 21]
Correspondences from 2002 [2 folders]
Correspondences from 2004
Network and Database Administrator applications

Box 4 [Acc. 11A-048]
Special Events/Concerts 1984-1986
Purchase Information for miniature copies of the Disarmament Statue by Vuchetich 1980
Campaign to collect gold and silver pieces for FOR’s Seeds of Life Program 1981
50-Year Members Certificates
The Abraham Fund 1993-1995
Entitlement Bulletin from Hunter College’s Institute on Law and Rights of Older Adults 1995
Elder Charitable Planning 1997
Resource Activity Guides from Alternatives
FOR 1998-1999 Annual Report
Lawsuit against the American Council on Gift Annuities 1995-1997
Bosnian Student Project Work Camps 1996
Bosnian Student Project 1995-1997
Bosnian Student Project 1993-1994
“Activists” Comic Book 1993-1995

Box 5 [Acc. 11A-048]
Development Assistance applications
Directions to Nyack, New York
Disciplined Order of Christ 1993
Employee Manual
Frontline Campaigns 1993-1994
Executive Committee documents 1995-1997
Interfaith Service for FOR’s 75th Anniversary 1990
Proposal for an International Peace Force 1999
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania campaign against JROTC 1993
Luther Community Services Commission on War and Peace 1984
Life Insurance Gifts
Recommendation for FOR to create a Limited Liability Corporation 2000
Long Term Care Insurance
Major Donor Record
Membership Outreach Coordinator applications 1997

Box 6 [Acc. 11A-048]
FOR Membership Reports 1992-1995
FOR Membership Reports 1995-1998
FOR Membership Reports1998-2000
Membership Campaign 1989
McKenzie River Gathering Foundation
Global Exchange conference in Mexico City 1998 [2 folders]
FOR Middle East Task Force 1999
Peace Prayer Day Foundation 1998
Personnel Matters1993-2000

Box 7 [Acc. 11A-048]
Program Department activities 1994-1999
Program Team documents 1996-1998
Prospecting 1996
Prospecting 1996-2003
Rockland Development Group 1994
FOR National Coordinator Search Committee 2001
Staff Retreat
Introduction to Supplemental Needs Trusts 1997
FOR Witness newsletter Late 1994
FOR Witness newsletter Early Summer 1995
FOR Witness newsletter Hiroshima Day 1995
FOR Witness newsletter Turn of the Year 1996-1997
FOR Witness newsletter Edge of Autumn 1997
FOR Witness newsletter Early in 1998
FOR Witness newsletter Spring 1998
FOR Witness newsletter Springtime 1999
FOR Witness newsletter Edge of Autumn 1999
FOR Witness newsletter Winter 1999
FOR Witness newsletter Spring 2000

Box 8 [Acc. 11A-048]
FOR Witness newsletter Autmun 2000
FOR Witness newsletter Summer 2001
FOR Witness newsletter Winter 2001
Bequests and Wills Information
American Friends Services Committeee Suggestion Funds 1987
Life Insurance Information
Charitable Remainder Trusts Information
Gift Annuity Information
Interest-Free Demand Loan Information
American Red Cross Second Century Pooled Income Fund Trust 1982
Real Estate Giving Program
Financial History Forms
Donor Profile Information Survey
Planned Giving Information
Deferred Giving Resource Materials
Crescendo: Planned Gifts Marketing Software 1986-1987
PG Calc Incorporated: Planned Giving Manager 1986
Correspondence with Ray Heckendorn, Development Consultant 1987
“15 Practical Ways to Plan Your Charitable Gifts” Sample Review Kit 1987
Gronland Sayther & Associates: Fundraising & Public Relations for Charitable Organizations 1986
Pentera, Inc. brochures
‘Focus on Women” newsletter 1986
Lutheran Community Services Planned Giving Information
Capital Campaign Articles

Box 9 [Acc. 11A-048]
Planned Giving Updates 1981-1983
Anita Fee Midwest United States Trip 2007 [June 25-July 2]
Anita Fee Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia Trip 2007 [April 9-13]
Anita Fee Northwest United States Trip 2006 [May]
Anita Fee Southeast United States Trip 2006 [January 23-29]
Anita Fee Florida Trip 2005 [November 15-22]
Anita Fee Northwest United States Trip 2005 [February]
Anita Fee Midwest United States Trip 2004 [November 9-18]
Lloyd Berg Los Angeles Trip 2004 [August 3-13]
Lloyd Berg New England Trip 2004 [September 19-25]
Lloyd Berg Northern California Trip 2004 [May 2-8]
Lloyd Berg Maryland; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Pennsylvania Trip 2004 [March 28-April 3]
Anita Fee Midwest United States Trip 2004 [February 24-March 2]
Lloyd Berg Florida Trip 2004 [January 25-31]
Lloyd Berg Southeast United States Trip 2003 [December 1-6]
Lloyd Berg Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska Trip 2003 [November 2-8]
Lloyd Berg New England Trip 2003 [October 5-11]

Box 10 [Acc. 11A-048]
Lloyd Berg Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana Trip 2003 [September 7-13]
Anita Fee Northwest United States Trip 2003[August 6-13]
FOR Festival of Peace Banner papers 2005
Festival of Peace 2006 [2 folders]
Festival of Peace 2005
Auction Fundraising Event information 2007
FOR Open House 2005
Food Vendors’ Contracts 2005
FOR National Conference “A Future of Nonviolence: Shaping the 21st Century” 1998 [July 15-19]

Box 11 [Acc. 11A-048]
FOR 80th Anniversary Campaign 1995
“A Giver’s Guide” by Mark Olson, from the March 1985 issue of The Other Side
Co-op America 1985
“Training and Technical Assistance for Nonprofit Organizations” by the Brooklyn Touch Information Center, Inc. 1985
Information about Corporations 1983-1985
Marketing Information
Invitations for FOR 90th Anniversary Conference 2004
Book Signing Event with Jonathan Schell, author of The Unconquerable World 2003 [October 5]
Benefit Screening of US-Tanzanian film Maangamizi-The Ancient One 2004 [May 5]
Book Signing Event with Dozaleigh Abernathy, author of Partners to History: Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, and the Civil Rights Movement 2003 [November 2]
The Beloved Community Newsletter April/ May 2004
Development Reports for FOR National Council 2003-2006
FOR National Council Minutes 2004 [February 20-23]
Stock Donations 2004

Box 12 [Acc. 11A-048]
FOR Finance Committee Meeting 2004 [October 22]
FOR Budgets and Expenses 2003-2004
FOR 2004 National Conference 2004 [August 5-9]
FOR National Council Pledges 2005-2006
FOR National Council Pledges and Member List 2005-2006
FOR National Council Donations 2004-2005
FOR National Council Donations 2006
Development Committee Proposals and Discussions 2006
FOR National Council Meeting 2007 [January 19-21]
Important Statement of Purpose Documents
DonorPerfect System 2006
Annual Report from the International Committee & the International Secretariat of IFOR 2006
Charitable Annuities 2007-2008
FOR Membership Organizing at the Chautauga Institution
A Festival of Peace 2007[September 13-16]
FOR National Council Meeting 2005 [June 17-19]
Lynn Lane Information 2005
FOR National Council Meeting 2006 [February 24-26]

Box 13 [Acc. 11A-048]
Financial Information Submitted to New York Supervising Insurance Examiners

Box 14 [Acc. 11A-048]
FOR Donor Listings March 1, 2005-March 1, 2007

Accessions 11A-078
Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter [some restrictions apply]
Boxes stored off-site
Box 1
List of schools and students
Files of individual students
Alatović, Tarik
Ališić, Sandro
Ambrešković, Ibro
Arnautović, Hama
Avdić, Mersiha
Azabagić, Audela
Bajrić, Sabrina
Bajrović, Sabina
Balić, Elma
Baroš, Bojan and Ognjen
Bašagić, Vidana
Begeta, Naida
Begović, Jasmina
Blagojević, Bojana
Branković, Adnan
Burdzović, Sabina
Catovid, Selma
Caušević, Alena
Caušević, Irma
Caušević, Leila
Cehić, Dijana
Cehić, Dino
Cemalović, Hamza
Ceramagić, Saladin
Cifrić, Mirza
Colakhodzić, Amar
Dedić, Emir
Dedić, Irma
Delić, Midhat
Delić-Ibukić, Alma
Katarina, Derek
Dizdarević, Anis
Dizdarević, Jasmina
Djekić, Fatima
Draginić, Maja
Dković, Gordana
Djumišić, Sabit
Dzeko, Fata
Dzudza, Ajla
Dzudza, Elsan
Falatar, Borisa
Fazlić, Zlatan
Felić, Senjad
Ferović, Emir
Ferizović, Emir
Forto, Edin
Gaćkić, Vildana
Gradaćević, Nadina
Hadzlavdić, Habiba
Hadzić, Amesa
Hadzihašanović, Jasmina
Hajdarpašić, Dzihana
Hakirević, Alma
Halilbašić, Emir
Halilović, Ensar
Handzić, Amela
Hašanhodzić, Jasmina
Hašić, Rihad
Heto, Nedim
Hodzić, Ajla
Horozić, Melika

Acc. 11A-078 [some restrictions apply] Boxes stored off-site
Box 2

Files of individual students
Hromadzić, Azra
Ibradzić, Aida
Ibradzić, Igor
Ibrahimpašić, Emir
Imširović, Emma
Jambrešić, Ernest
Jambrešić, Neven
Jušupović, Mirela
Jašhari, Ardian
Juzbašić, Mejra
Kapetanović, Amer
Kapetanović, Irvana
Kapidzić, Maida
Karabegović, Amna
Karabegović, Armin
Karabegović, Samira
Kljućanin, Eldisa
Kotlo, Rebka
Kovać, Namik
Krkić ,Zlatan
Kućukalić, Lejla
Kuduzović, Alma
Kulašić, Iris
Kulenović, Samir
Kurtović, Amira
Kurtović, Amira and Azra
Kurtović, Azra
Linić, Suljo
Mahmuljin, Vedad
Makarević, Asad
Mašala, Suljo
Meholli, Mimoza
Mehmedović, Edin
Mešić, Adnan
Mušić, Rusmir
Mirašćić, Goran
Mujaćić, Aida
Mujagić, Adis
Mujagić, Alisa
Mujagić, Ubejed
Mujćinović, Fatima
Nakićević, Azra
Nakićević, Zinaida
Nalić, Amar
Nikolić, Dinko
Omeragić, Eden
Omerbašić, Sulejman
Omerović, Jasmina
Orućević, Alma
Parić, Enesa
Pašalić, Aida
Pašalić, Emir
Pećenković, Samela
Perić, Vedran
Polić, Damir
Porća, Amela
Porćha, Sanela
Ramoševać, Enes
Ramoševać, Semra
Sabić, Amra
Sabljak, Davorka
Sabović, Ismar
Saraba, Vesna
Sarajlić, Edina
Sarić, Adnan
Seferagić, Damir
Sehić, Aida
Sehović, Eldar
Selimović , Inela
Selo, Senada
Sinanović, Jasmina
Sišić, AzraSljivo, Nermina
Smajić, Alma
Smajlović, Arnela
Spaić, Sanja
Suhonjić, Dalila

Acc. 11A-078 [some restrictions apply] Boxes stored off-site
Box 3

Files of individual students
Sušić, Erna
Sušić, Lejla
Teljigović, Amra
Tufekćić, Ismir
Vikalo, Haris
Vikalo, Tahija
Zgonjanin, Larisa
Zgonjanin, Tamara
Zilić, Alen
Zlatar, Senad
Zujo, Asja
Zulić, Edita
Zulić, Edin
Visas, Srebrenica
Survey of Bosnian students

Accession 2012-009 [housed with Accession 10A-074]
Miscellaneous files of the Cape Cod Chapter, 2010-2011 [1 folder only]

Accession 2012-015

Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter [box is on site] [files not restricted]
Removal sheets (2 photographs, 2 video recordings, 1 oversize document)
"After the Fall: Refugees from War and Genocide in Srebrencia, Bosnia"
Reference material on Bosnia and Serbia
"Implementing the Righ of Return in Bosnia and Herzegovina," by Alma Hakirević, Duke University, 1998.

Bosnian Student Project, administrative files

Accession 2012-026
Cape Cod Files:
Grant Applications
Letters and other material
Restructure of Local Groups
Joel Feigenbaum

Accession 2012-045
Bosnian Student Project, files of Doug Hostetter
Leo Pfeffer Memorial Material
Croatia trip, 1994 (June)
Kenneth Beaty/Iraq, 1993
COPRED, 1993 (October 7-10)
Ithaca, 1995 (February 25-27)
New England, 1995 (March 23-27)
Vedran Smailovic, Doug, 1995 (January 20-25)
First Congregational Church of Stamford, Connecticut
Montclair, 1993 (November 28)
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (November 11-15)

Shenandoah Valley, 1993 (January)
Second Congregational Church
Virginia/North Carolina, 1994 (November)
World Fellowship (August 28-31)

Indiana and Ohio, 1993 (December)
Bluffton, 1994 (May 2-4)
Douglas Hostetter Collection: Fellowship of Reconciliation- Memorium: Mary Podea, 1904 - 1988
Douglas Hostetter Collection: Fellowship of Reconciliation- Memorium: Bayard Rustin, 1912 - 1987

Accession 2012-050
Miscellaneous files of the Cap Cod [Massachusetts] branch, 2012 [one folder only]

Accession 2013-014
Box 1
Olympia, Washington Bosnian Student Project, files 1994-1996
Hans Doleman
Peter Kahn
Carol Schaefer
People who want to help, 1992 - 1993
Helen Morgan, FOR-helpful organizations and people
British Airways
Bishr, Mahmoud Fawzi
Mark Smith
Financial records, 1999 - 2001
ehman family information
M. Sells (Haverford)
Darko Arsov
Baros brothers
Edhem Brankovic
Midhat Delic
Julia Elsee
Fatima Festic
Damir Fazlic
Zlatan Fazlic
Ensar Gackic
Melika Hadzic
Allen Kadic
Naim Logic
Tarik Muharemovic
Sanela Murtagic
Sanja Spaic
Dalila Suhonjic
Balkan Voices
Balkan War Resources Group
Community of Bosnia Foundation, 1996 - 1997
Kosovo Action Network
Students Against Genocide Project - Bosnia
Bosnia - miscellaneous information
Cards, artwork by Bosnian children

Box 2 [Accession 2013-014]
Balkan Women's Relief Project, 1992 (January)
Jerrahi Order Balkan Women's Relief
Jerrahi Order Balkan Women's Relief, 1993
Correspondence 1992 (November) - 1993 (September)
Austrian Airlines, 1993
JOA Relief Fund - correspondence with Richard Holtzapple
Zagreb trip 1993 (June)
Correspondence with Tosun Bayrak, re: Bosnian students
Women and students, 1993
Waldorf schools mailing, 1993
Scholarship response letters (refusals)
Materials and supplies, 1995 -1996
Application materials
Doug Hostetter files on Bosnian projects
Bosnian worship
We Remember, We Resist
Work camp 1998
Web design, Doug's revisions, 2000
Lists of Bosnian students in US schools, 1990s

Accession 2013-070
Box 1 [of 1]
Miscellaneous items
Scrapbook: Tour of Cellist Vedran Smilovic, 1995 [photocopy- original photographs in photograph collection]
Foster family application
Correspondence: Hostetter with Bosnian students in US [2 folders]
Doug Hostetter autobiographical statement
Iraq material
Donors to Campaign of Conscience [Iraq]

Accession 2014-010
Box 1 [of 1]
FOR Iraq Sanctions Organizers Manual
FOR U.S. Swedish seminar, 1991
Soviet Afghan Vets, 1989
FOR Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, 1993
FOR conference, 1992
IFOR Serpaj joint seminar, 1992
Iraqi Medic
Iraqi sanctions, Lisn Medic

FOR Soviet Peace Committee
FOR Israel Palestine, 2003
Bosnian Student Project files
-Fireside Book
-NAFSA, 1995-1996
-First BSP brochure
-BSP recent, 2004
-Peace in the Former Yugoslavia
-Civilian Casualty Fund, Bosnia, brochure

Accession 2014-026
Box 1
Darko Arsov
Vesna Bosnjak
Jeta Rukiqi
Milot Rukiqi
Erna Susic
Fatos Gjakova, BSP student
Samir Kulenovic, BSP student
Government Correspondence
BSP Embassy Letter
Visa Situations
Faxes to Dennis W. Hearne
World University Service: faxes to Vesna Smitran
World University Service
World University Service: faxes, undated
World University Service: faxes, 1994

Box 2
World University Service: faxes, January - June 1995
World University Service: faxes, July - December, 1995
World University Service: faxes, 1996-1997
World University Service: email, August 1995 - August 1996

Accession 2014-035
Box 1
Colombia Presentations, 2008-2009
Contact Lists, n.d.
Drug War Roadshow Materials, n.d
Colombia Transition Notes, n.d.
Joe DeRaymond
Lower Hudson Valley, n.d.
Youth Delegation, n.d.
Berkeley Resolution
Volunteer Training, 2009
Handouts, n.d.
Flyers, n.d.
Day of Action, April 20th 2009
Campaign Proposal
Youth Delegation, 2009
Strategic Planning, n.d.
Miscellaneous, 2002-2005
Miscellaneous, n.d.

Box 2 [Acc. 2014-035]
Emergency Alerts
Emergency Response, 2004 (June)
Contact lists [2 folders]
HR Reports
HR Reports: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Other accompaniment and NGO in SJA
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)- Public
Civilian Diplomacy
California Affiliates / Chapters
Faith Community Partnerships
Global Exchange Office
Partnering for Peace: Materials and Evaluations
Peace Fellowship
Racial and Economic Task Force
SOA Materials

Box 3 [Acc. 2014-035]
CPP- Administration
CPP Committee Meetings
CPP Congresssional Support
CPP Documents
CPP Meetings
CPP Weekly Reports
CPP Training, 2002-2004
CPP Training, 2005 [folders]

Box 4 [Acc. 2014-035]
CPP Training, 2006
CPP Training, 2008
CPP Training, 2009
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) Database
FOR-TFLAC Staff Reports
TFLAC Committees
National Council (NC) / FOR Transition, 2006-2007
The Dar Papaya Project
Women's Report
Signon letter (Military Environmental Responsibility), 2004
SOA Vigil, 2006
La Paz Tras el Cerco
Heeding God's Call
National Council (NC), 2012
Nuevas Ideas Para Acciones Comunes-Seeking Common Group, 1998 (November 5-7)

Box 5 [Acc. 2014-035]
Oregon Tour, 2001 (April)
Delegation, 2002 (November)
Delegation Packet, 2002 (November)
Delegation, 2004 (July)
Renato Tours, 2005-2006
Delegation- Lotus, 2007 (April)
Lotus Delegation Reading
Delegation Applications, 2008 (August)
Delegation, 2009 (August)
Breaking Chains Mexico Tour, 2012
Forms for Delegations
Program Meetings / Staff minutes, 2000-2001
Medellin Conference, 2002
Vieques Conference, 2004
Partnering for Peace Conference Report, 2005
51st Annual Northwest Regional Conference, 2009 (July 2-5)
Meetings and Conferences

Box 6 [Acc. 2014-035]
Colombia Delegation, 2001
Colombia Delegation, 2003
Colombia Committee, 2004
Colombia Delegation, 2004
Special FOR Delegation to Colombia- Briefing Materials, 2005 (May 29 - June 2)
Colombia Committee, 2006
Colombia Delegation / Tour, 2007
Colombia Committee, 2008
Bases in Colombia
Colombia Delegation Applications
Colombia Statement / Special Rapporteur
U.S. Committee (Colombia) meetings
Colombia Photo Exhibit

Box 7 [Acc. 2014-035]
Colombia Speaking Tour Reports
Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR)
Colombia speaking / panels, 2002
FOR- Colombia clippings
Colombia Work Plans
Bay Area Colombia Work
Campaign Staff Hire, 2007
Colombia Training, 2006
CPP Re-Orientation, 2006 (February)
Grassroots Citized Diplomacy Training- Washington, D.C., 2007 (October)
Media Training
Peacemaker Training Institute (PTI) / NV (non-violence ?) Training

Box 8 [Acc. 2014-035]
Chiapas [2 folders]
Delegation Reading- Chiapas / Tabasco, 1999
Mexico [2 folders]
San José de Apartadó
Latin America and the Caribbean, miscellaneous regions
Media / Press Materials
Press Materials

Box 9 [Acc. 2014-035]
Peace Report
Panama Update
The Oil Connection
Progressive Media
Paper photocopies of photographs
Monthly Update, 2005-2009
Raffle, 2008
Check and Deposit Register, 1998-2004
Budgets / Finances / Fundraising
Bank Statements, 1995-1999
Bank Statements, 1985-1994
FOR Syza [?] Budget- Request for IFOR, 1991

Box 10 [Acc. 2014-035] [The files in this box contain personal information and are restricted until 2060]
Gilberto Villaseñor
Denise Fraga
Isaac Beachy
Moira Kathleen Birss
Rachel Dickson
Bradley Grabs
Nicholas Udu-Gama
Janice Gallagher
Mireille Evans
Camila Nieves
Sofia Larsson
Chris Courtheyn
Carin Anderson
Kevin Coulombe
Mayra Moreno
Amanda Jack
Sarah Weintraub
Daniel Malakoff
Paul Kozak
Miscellaneous People

Acc. 2015-025 Files of Douglas Hostetter
Bosnian Student Project

Box 1
Hostetter Articles on Kosovo and Bosnia, 1994-2000
The Bosnian Student Project: A Response to Genocide, 1997
Bosnian Work Camp, 1998
Bosnian Work Camp, 1996
Bosnia Journals, 1995
UNESCO Seminar, 1997-1998
Bosnian Student Project - Repatriation, undated
Bosnian Student Project - Pamphlets and Photographs, 1997
Bosnian Student Project - Retreat, 1995
Bosnian Work Camp - Walter Wink Correspondence - 1995-1996
Bosnian Student Project Cards, undated

Box 2 [Acc. 2015-025]
Vedram Smailovic/1000 Days of Siege of Sarajevo Observanvce, 1995
Fellowship of Reconciliation - Bosnian Student Project Packet
"A Young Man's Accounts of War" by Suad Slipicevic, circa 1998
The Olympia Bosnian Student Project: A Photo-Journal, 1994-1998
Letters and Other Writing by Bosnian Students, 1994-1998
Linoleum Block Cards, 1996
Friends of the Bosnian Student Project Letter, 1997
Bosnian Project - Film Transcripts (part 1)
Bosnian Project - Film Transcripts, (part 2)

Box 3 [Acc. 2015-025]
Bosnian Student Project General Correspondence, 1993-1994
Patriarch Pavle Email Discussion, 1997
Serbian Orthodox Church Email Discussion (part 1), 1997
Serbian Orthodox Church Email Discussion (part 2), 1997
Miscellaneous Bosnia Materials, circa 1994-1996
Directory of Bosnian Students in the United States, 1997
Bosnian Work Camp, 1998-2000
Kosovo/Kosova Materials, 1999

Box 4 [Acc. 2015-025]
Early Bosnian Student Project Materials 1994-1995
"Bosnian Students Update" by Doug Hostetter, 1994
Bosnian Student Project Packet, circa 1995
Fellowship of Reconciliation Statement on Bosnia, 1995-1996
Young People from Bosnia Talk About War, 1996
Early Development of Bosnian Student Project 1979, 1993-1994
Bosnian Children's Art, 1993
Bosnian Work Camp Correspondence, 1996-1997
Bosnian Work Camp Administrative Material, 1996-1998
Bosnian Work Camp Participants 1996
Bosnian Work Camp Mailings, 1996
Bosnian Work Camp Evaluations, 1996
Bosnian Work Camp, 1998
Bosnian Work Camp Applications, 1998

Box 5 [Acc. 2015-025]
Bosnian Student Project: Chile, 1996
Tosun Bayrak Correspondence, 1993-1995
Tosun Bayrak Correspondence, 1993-98
Bosnian Student Project Financial Records 1996-1997
Jerrachi Order of America Correspondence, 1993-1995
Bosnian Mission 1994-95
First Congress of the Bosnian Academic Diaspora, 2006
Association of Bosnian, Hercegovenian Students 1993
Bosnian Work Camp Press 1996
Bosnia Correspondence, 1993
Bosnia Correspondence (in Bosnian), [1993?]
Fellowship of Reconciliation Literature on Bosnia: 1993, undated
"House Guidelines," undated
Thank you letters, 1994-1995

Box 6 [Acc. 2015-025]
Bosnian Student Programs, circa 1994-1997
Letters to Bosnian Students, 1994-1997
Fellowship of Reconciliation Statements on Yugoslavia, 1993-1995
Mailings to Mosques, 1992-1993
Telegrams, 1992
Bosnian Student Project Brochures, 1993
Correspondence to Political and Social Leaders, 1992
Stevan Weine Correspondence, 1995
Stevan Weine/Project on Genocide, Psychiatry, and Witnessing, 1995
Third World Relief Agency Correspondence, 1993
Clippings re: Bosnia, 1993-1996

Box 7 [Acc. 2015-025]
Bosnian Student Project Clippings, 1993-1998
Bosnian Student Project Clippings, 1993-1994
Bosnian Student Project Clippings, 1999-2001
Articles about Bosnia by Doug Hostetter, 1993-1997
Bosnian Student Project Clippings, 1998-2000
Bosnian Student Survey 1997
Bosnian Student Project Notes 1995
Fellowship of Reconciliation Resource Packet on Kosovo, 1999
Fellowship of Reconicilation Letters, 1994-1998
Bosnain Student Project - Official Correspondence, 1993-1997

Box 8 [Acc. 2015-025]
Emsula Mujagiz, 1995-1999
Community of Bosnia, 1994-1999
Interfaith Fast and Pilgrimage, 1994
Bosnian Children's Art, 1993-1994
Farewell, Bosnia - Interview Transcripts, circa 1997
Bosnian Student Project - College Correspondence, 1994
Bosnian Student Project Evaluations, 2001
Bosnian Student Project Cultural Correspondence, 1994-1997
Bosnian Student Project - General Correspondence, 1994-1997
Bosnian Student Project - General Correspondence, 1994-1997
Bosnian Student Project - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1995-1998
Booklet - "Kozarac & BSP Work Camp, July 1998"
Booklet - "Prijedor & BSP Work Camp, July 2000"
Booklet - "BSP Students Interviewed in Bosnia, October/November 2005"

Acc. 2015-025 Files of Douglas Hostetter
Fellowship of Reconciliation - Miscellaneous

Box 9
Hostetter Articles on Iraq, 1991
Fellowship of Reconciliation News Releases and Publicity, 1998-2000
Fellowship of Reconciliation Correspondence, General, 1987
Fellowship of Reconciliation Correspondence, General, 1988
Fellowship of Reconciliation Correspondence, Jo Becker, 1987-1988
Fellowship of Reconciliation Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1988
Articles about Russian Trip, 1988
Russian Articles, 1988
Clippings about Hostetter as Executive Secretary, 1987
PLO Contacts, 1992
Journal, 1992-1993
Vietnam Veterans Against The War, 1992
John Swomley Correspondence, 1993
Fellowship of Reconciliation Reports 1989, 1991, 1998-2001
Letters Urging the Freeing of Hostages in Iraq 1990-1991
Southern Christian Leadership Conference Award, 1991
Gulf War Consultation, 1990

Box 10 [Acc. 2015-025]
Fellowship of Reconciliation Iraq Student Delegation 1991
Fellowship of Reconciliation Response to Persian Gulf Crisis 1991
Trip Files: Middle East Witness Trip, 1990
Trip Diary: Jordan, 1990
Trip Files: Iraq, 1990
Trip Files: Iraq Diaries, 1992
Trip Files: Iraq, 1992
Coastal Oil Corporation Gift and Medical Supplies - Background, 1990-1991
Coastal Oil Corporation Gift, 1991

Box 11 [Acc. 2015-025]
MEDIC - Iraq, 1991-1991
Trip File: Witness for Justice, Robeson County, North Carolina, 1988-1989
Trip File: Nicaragua, 1990
Trip File: Nicaragua Journals, 1990
Trip File: Middle East, 1998
Fellowship of Reconciliation Sabbatical Report 1998

Box 12 [Acc. 2015-025]
Sweden Exchange 1989
Manhattan College Award, 1988
Campaign of Conscience, 1999-2000
Fellowship of Reconciliation Local Organizers, 1995-1997
Fellowship of Reconciliation Iraq Sanctions Organizers' Manual, circa 1999
Fellowship of Reconciliation Nobel Laureate Delegation to Iraq, 1999
Interfaith Peacebuilding in the Middle East, 1995-2000
Fellowship of Reconciliation Interfaith Delegation to the Middle East 1999
Interfaith Peace Builders Delegation 2000-2001
Fellowship of Reconciliation Interfaith Delegation to Iraq, 2000
Iraq Speaking Tour 1998-1999
Interfaith Peace Builders - Chicago Option, 2001
Fellowship of Reconciliation General Correspondence, 1993
Correspondence (part 1)

Box 13 [Acc. 2015-025]
Correspondence (part 2)
Fellowship of Reconciliation - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1995-1998

Acc. 2015-033
Files of Douglas Hostetter
Bosnian Student Project

Box 1 [Acc. 2015-033]

Materials on Nonviolence and Bosnia (part 1)
Materials on Nonviolence and Bosnia (part 2)
Materials on Genocide and Bosnia
Comic Strip and Letter about Bosnia
Resources on Bosnia and Kosova, 1998-1999 (part 1)
Resources on Bosnia and Kosova, 1998-1999 (part 2)
Douglas Hostetter's Bosnian Student Project Notebook
Employees’ and Interns’ Job Descriptions, 1994-1996
Bosnian Student Project Correspondence, 1994-1995
Bosnian Student Project Correspondence, 1994-1997
General Materials, Bosnian Student Project, 1993-1995

Box 2 [Acc. 2015-033]
General Materials, Bosnian Student Project, 1995 (February-June)
General Materials, Bosnian Student Project, 1995 (Autumn)
General Materials, Bosnian Student Project, 1995-1996
General Materials, Bosnian Student Project, 1998 (April-September)
Bosnian Student Project Correspondence, 1999-2000
Bosnian Student Project Financial Records, 1994-1995
Application for Funding - Educational Foundation of America (1995)
Application for Funding (2001)
Application for Funding - NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Box 3 [Acc. 2015-033]
College Contacts
Bethel College - Correspondence
Responses of Bosnian Contacts to FOR's Evaluation of Doug Hostetter, 2000
Bosnian Work Camp – Medicine
Sachs, Dr. Howard – Medical Aid, Bosnia

Acc. 2015-033
Files of Douglas Hostetter
Fellowship of Reconciliation - Miscellaneous

Box 4
Letters from Doug Hostetter as Executive Secretary of the FOR, 1987-1988
Letters from Doug Hostetter as Executive Secretary of the FOR, 1992 (August)-1993 (May)
Correspondence, FOR 1993 (July 1-15)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1988 (June-December)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1988-1989 (part 1)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1988-1989 (part 2)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1988-1989 (part 3)

Box 5 [Acc. 2015-033]
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1989 (January-June)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1989 (July-December)
Miscellaneous FOR, Late 1989-Early 1990
General Archives, FOR, ca. 1990
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1990 (January-September)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1990 (October)-1991(April)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1991 (April 1-October 17)
Miscellaneous FOR, 1991 (June)

Box 6 [Acc. 2015-033]
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1991 (October 18-December)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1992 (January-June)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1992 (June-August)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1995
General Archives, FOR, 1991-1995 (part 1)
General Archives, FOR, 1991-1995 (part 2)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1998 (April-September)
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1998 (September)-1999 (April) - part 1
Doug Hostetter's Day Book - Records from FOR, 1998 (September)-1999 (April) - part 2

Box 7 [Acc. 2015-033]
General Archives, FOR, 1999-2000
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1989 - Includes a press statement of the Dalai Lama
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1989 (April 29-May 2)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1989 (November 12-13)
Meeting Minutes, FOR National Conference, 1990 (July 4-8)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1993 (May)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1998 (May 29-June 1)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1999 (October 15-18)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2000 (February 26-28)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2000 (June 2-5)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2000 (October 13-16)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committtee Conference Call, 2000 (April 7)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2001 (February 16-18)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2001 (June 2-4)

Box 8 [Acc. 2015-033]
FOR Mailing from Doug Hostetter, 1993 (June)
FOR Local Organizers' Mailings from Doug Hosttetter, 1993 (September)-1996 (March)
"Moving Beyond the Cold War" Mailing
Doug Hostetter's Application - Executive Secretary of the FOR, 1987
Doug Hostetter's Handwritten Notes on Economics and Justic, 1988 (August)
FOR Personnel Committee - Evaluation of Doug Hostetter, 1992 - 2001 [2 folders] Restricted until 2040 [located in FHL/SCPC Cage]
John Swomley - Letters from and about - 1993 (June-October)
Alvin Ross - Equal Opportunity Employment Commission Complaint against FOR, 1993
Charles Howlett - FOR History and Other Miscellaneous Writings
Doug Hostetter's Involvement with the FOR - Miscellaneous
Correspondece re: FOR's Position on Abortion
Miscellaneous IFOR Materials
IFOR Financial Report 1992
Iraq Delegations - Doug Hostetter's Notebooks 1990-1991
FOR Trip to Iraq, 1990 (Autumn)
FOR Delegation to Iraq, 1990 (November 26-December 5)

Box 9 [Acc. 2015-033]
Members of Peace Delegations to Iraq, 1990
FOR Materials on Redress in the Gulf, 1990 (December)
FOR 75th Anniversary Mailing about the Iraq Delegations, 1990 (December)
Materials on FOR and the Gulf War, 1990-1991 (part 1)
Materials on FOR and the Gulf War, 1990-1991 (part 2)
FOR Delegations to Jordan and Iraq - Press Packets 1990-1991
FOR Delegations to Jordan and Iraq, 1991 (February-March)

Box 10 [Acc. 2015-033]
Medicines to Jordan and Iraq – 1991 – Part 1
Medicines to Jordan and Iraq – 1991 – Part 2
FOR Statement on the Embargo on Iraq and Cuba, 1991
FOR Statements on the Gulf War, 1991-1993
FOR Interfaith Delegation to Iraq, 2000 (March-April)
General Documents, FOR and the Gulf War
General Legal Documents, Iraq
Civilian Casualty Fund Contributions for Aid to Jordan, Iraq
Civilian Casualty Fund Correspondence

Box 11 [Acc. 2015-033]
FOR Pfeffer Peace Prize
FOR Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Prize
FOR Pfeffer and Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Prizes
Communications re: Sulak Sivaraska (Thailand - Right Livelihood Award) 1995
FOR Task Force on Latin America and Columbia
John Dear and the FOR Program Team 1998-2001

Accession 2016-085

Box 1 [Acc. 2016-085]
Old National Council handbook - Part 1
Old National Council handbook - Part 2
Old National Council handbook - Part 3
National Council handbook - Part 1
National Council handbook - Part 2

Box 2 [Acc. 2016-085]
Log, February-June 1999 (J. D.)
Log, June-December 1999 (J. D.)
Log, January-July 2000 (Y. R.)
Log, December 2000-December 2001 (J. C., D. R.)
Log, August 2000-July 2004 (Y. R.)
Log, March 2002-April 2006 (P. C.)

Box 3 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1986 (September 14-15)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1986 (December 13-14)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1987 (March 7-8)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Conference Call, 1987 (July 20-21)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1987 (September 12-13)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1987 (December 4-5)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1988 (February 27-28)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1988 (September 24-25)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1988 (December 11-12)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1989 (February 26-27)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1989 (September 9-10)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1990 (February 10-11)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1990 (August 25-26)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1991 (February 2-3)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1991 (September 6-8)

Box 4 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1992 (February 21-23)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1992 (September 18-20)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1993 (February 5-7)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1993 (September 10-12)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1994 (February 18-20)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1994 (September 15-18)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1995 (February 3-5)

Box 5 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1996 (January 26-29)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee, 1997 (January 10-12)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Conference Calls, July 2000-September 2002
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Conference Call, 2001 (October 19-20)
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Conference Calls, November 2002-October 2004
Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Conference Calls, November 2004-March 2006

Box 6 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1987 (April 26-29)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1988 (April 23-26)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1989 (April 29-May 2)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1989 (November 12-13)
Reports to National Council, April 1990
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1990 (May 5-8)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1990 (November 9-11)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1991 (April 27-30)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1991 (November 22-25)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1992 (May 16-19)

Box 7 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1992 (December 2-4)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1993 (May 22-25)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1993 (November 19-22)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1994 (April 29-May 2)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1995 (May 6-9)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1995 (October 13-16)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1996 (May 30-June 2) - Part 1

Box 8 [Acc. 2016-085]

Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1996 (May 30-June 2) - Part 2
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1996 (October 19-22)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1997 (May 16-20)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1997 (November 17-20)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1998 (February 13-15)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1998 (May 29-June 1)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1998 (October 9-12)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1999 (February 26-March 1)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1999 (May 21-24)

Box 9 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 1999 (October 15-19)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2001 (February 16-18) - Part 1
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2001 (February 16-18) - Part 2
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2001 (June 2-4)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2002 (February 15-18)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2002 (June 15)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2002 (October 11-14)

Box 10 [Acc. 2016-085]
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2003 (February 14-17)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2003 (June 20-23)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2003 (October 17-20)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2005 (February 25-28)
Meeting Minutes, National Council, 2005 (June 17-19)
The Power of Nonviolence, 2002 (June 15-19)
Miscellaneous statements and administrative documents
Miscellaneous handbook materials
Miscellaneous meeting minutes

Box 11 [Acc. 2016-085]
Miscellaneous materials, Richard Deats, 1982
Richard Deats Correspondence, 1980-1982
American Society of Christian Ethics, 1975
American Indian Press Association/Deats, 1975
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 1974
AFSC, 1974-1976
American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, 1976
Signs of Reconciliation, 1976
Agape Foundation, 1975
Ad Hoc Coalition for a New Foreign Policy, 1974-1976
Wanach/Deats, 1973
WILPF, 1972-1976
War Resister's League, 1970's

Box 12 [Acc. 2016-085]
Movement for a New Society, 1978-1979
Deats, 1973
Board of Christian Social Concerns
IFOR/FOR Peace Organizations, 1975
International Peace Bureau, 1974
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1974
Institute of Women Today, 1975
Hudson River Sloop Restoration, 1976
Syracuse Peace Council, 1974
Thomas Merton Unity Center, 1975
Servas International, 1974
SANE, 1973-1975
Rockland Fund for Life, 1976
Rights for American Indians Now, 1975
Promoting Enduring Peace, 1974-1975
National Action Group, 1972-1976
United Nations, 1972-1974
NCC Conferences, 1958, 1971
FOR Miscellaneous documents, 1989-1990
European Anti-Militarist Movement
Friends of the Filipino People, 1975-1977
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Ecumenical Peace Institute
Greenwood Nonviolent Community
Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Zen Bow Newsletter
World Peacemakers, 1978
NGO Consultation for World Disarmament, 1982
UN NGO Conference, 1980
World Federalists, 1987
Christian Communities, 1976
CAREE, 1972, 1973, 1976
The Bishops Call for Peace and Self-Development of Peoples, 1975

Box 13 [Acc. 2016-085]
Amnesty International, 1975
Church of the Brethren, 1976
Churchmouse Collective, 1976
Christian Peace Collective, 1975, 1978
Christian Conference of Asia, Harry Daniel, 1976
Community for Nonviolent Action, 1973
Copred, Correspondence, 1972-1976
U Thant Memorial Symposium, 1975
Coalition of National Priorities and Military Policy, Allan Brick, 1972
Clergy and Layman Concerned, 1972-1976
Miscellaneous Organizations/Correspondence, 1970's
International Seminar on Training for Nonviolent Action, 1977
Sayer/Nicaragua ,1928/A. J. Muster Memorandum on Atomic Bomb/CIA Records, 1981
(Legal) Status for Affiliate Groups, 1981
Rev. George L. Collins Service, 1991
Media Coverage, 1983-1986
Workcamp at Shadowcliff, 1987
Plowshare III/UN Special Session, 1982
Seattle FOR/MLK Award
Jan Hesbon Correspondence, 1987-1988
Special session, 1982
Jack Travers, Miscellaneous, 1974
Jack Travers, Native American Draft Resistance, 1972
Jack Travers, Committee on Militarism in Education, 1977-1979
Sue Hadley, Red Wind School/Work Camp, 1978-1980

Box 14 [Acc. 2016-085]
Sue Hadley, Red Wind/FOR World Project, 1978
Sue Hadley, Native American Project, 1978
Raphael Gould, Program Department, 1969-1975
Raphael Gould, Peace Ship/Abie Nathan, 1970-1973
Raphael Gould, Compassionate Arts Publicity, 1967-1968
Raphael Gould, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1968-1971
Raphael Gould, Letters to the Editor, 1968-1973
Norman Soloman, Nonviolent Civil Disobedience, 1985
Norman Soloman, Disarmament National Network for Direct Action, 1985
Norman Soloman, Manuscripts and Articles, 1980-1985
Norman Soloman, Notes
Norman Soloman, Articles/Miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Norman Soloman, Volga Peace Cruise, 1985
Nora Hallet, Speaking Tours, 1984
Nora Hallet, South African Linkage, 1986-1987
Nora Hallet, Achim Strehlike Speaking Tour, 1984-1985
Nora Hallet, Plowshare Coffeehouse, 1983
Nora Hallet, Peace Studies Programs, 1985
Nora Hallet, Nicaragua Peace Ship, 1984
Nora Hallet, Nerve Gas Task Force, 1984
Nora Hallet, Middle East/Palestine, 1986
Nora Hallet, Local Organizers Gathering, 1984
Nora Hallet, Korean Jet Incident, 1983
Nora Hallet, Justice and Peace Mobilization, 1984-1985
Nora Hallet, IRA Gillet (FOR founding member), 1985
Nora Hallet, Dunbar's Bremen, FOR publication, 1984
Nora Hallet, Miscellaneous, 1985
Nora Hallet, Area/Regional Development, 1983-1986
Nora Hallet, History of Spokae, 1974-1977
Richard Deats, Interns for Peace, 1979
Richard Deats, World Without War Council, 1979-1980

Box 15 [Acc. 2016-085]
Richard Deats, Peace Workers/Raymond Magee/R. Deats, 1979
Richard Deats, Ireland Work Camp, 1979-1980
Richard Deats, Nobel Peace Prize Letters, Thich Nhat Hanh, 1966
Richard Deats, Miscellaneous Correspondence, Miscellaneous years
Richard Deats, World Council of Churches/Historic Peace Church, 1977-1979
Richard Deats, Draft Registration Protest Letter to Congress, 1979
Richard Deats, Miscellaneous Correspondence
Richard Deats, USSR Anniversary Tour, 1988
Richard Deats, USSR Peace Delegation, 1987
Richard Deats, World Peace Prayer Hymn, 1985
Richard Deats, Speakers Bureau on USSR, 1986-1987
Richard Deats, Wider Quaker Fellowship, 1972
Richard Deats, Testing Moratorium/Kelly Canard, 1985
Richard Deats, Religious Peace Fellowships, 1985
Richard Deats, Spring Gathering of Peace Fellowships, 1985
Richard Deats, Peace Catechism, 1985
Richard Deats, Disarmament Campaign/June 12th Rally, 1982
Richard Deats, June 12th Disarmament Rally, 1982
Richard Deats, Peace Studies, 1974

Box 16 [Acc. 2016-085]
Richard Deats, Peace Ship, Nicaragua, 1984
Richard Deats, Peace Pentecost Invite/Sojourners, 1985
Richard Deats, Peace Fellowships/No More Nuclear Victims Event, 1979
Richard Deats, Kirkridge Peace Retreat, 1986
Richard Deats, Jobs/Peace/Freedom March Planning, 1983
Richard Deats, Jobs/Peace/Freedom March, August 1983
Richard Deats, Tour to Japan and Okinawa, 1985
Mike Jendrzejczyk, Workcamp Evaluation, 1976
Mike Jendrzejczyk, Detterence Debate Publication, 1984
Mike Jendrzejczyk, UFW Workcamp, 1984
Mike Jendrzejczyk, DC Community for Creative Non-Violence Workshop, 1977
Mike Jendrzejczyk, San Jerardo, 1978
Mike Jendrzejczyk, Youth Action Program, 1977
Mike Jendrzejczyk, ROTC Miscellaneous, 1975-1976
Mike Jendrzejczyk, Selective Service/Hearings, 1976
Mike Jendrzejczyk, I Want You to Think/Conscientious Objectors, 1976
Mike Jendrzejczyk, Correspondence on CO's, 1970's
Mike Jendrzejczyk, SS Registration/Taking a Stand, 1975
Mike Jendrzejczyk, SS Registration/Correspondence, 1975-1976
Mike Jendrzejczyk, Draft Registration Articles, 1975-1976

Re-File Box 1
Material from Re-File Box, 2000 [2 folders]
Material from Re-File Box, 2001 [2 folders]
Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC), file from Series J, Box 4
Conscience and Courage Gathering, 2005 (February 18 - February 21)

Re-File Box 2
Material from Re-File Box, 2010
Material from Re-File Box, 2011 [2 folders]
Material from Re-File Box, 2012-2013
Material from Re-File Box, 2014-2015

Accession 2017-018

Box 1 [Acc. 2017-018]
FOR Library/Archives, 1962-1978
Second Order Science, 1976
New YorkC and Jersey City Local Projects, 1976
Vietnamese Buddhist Peace Delegation article, 1972
UNICEF cards, 1974
Indian conference on the Environment, 1972 Sweden
National Council Reports, 1972
Role of Religious Pacifist Organizations in Society, 1971
Richard Deats - First Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Prize, 1979
Foreign Assistance Bill Statement, 1976
South Vietnam Peace Project, 1975
Letters to the Editor, 1976
Dorothy Maas Correspondence, 1976
Mailings to Key Contacts, 1975
Letters to Donald Rumsfeld, 1976
Responses to articles on the limitations of pacifism, 1977-1978
FOR Middle East Project
Barton Hunter Peace Conference, 1977
IFOR newsletter, 1974, 1977
Susumu Ishitani, 1975
FOR FAIR Middle East project, 1976
IFOR correspondence, report, 1975-1978
Conference on U.S. responsibility to Vietnam, 1977
Arms Sales - responses from public officials, 1979
Dear Aunty Dorothy - 1970s
Seabeck conference, 1977
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, 1976
John Hopkins APL Conversion Conference - Nuclear disarmament, 1957-1977
Jewish Peace Fellowship, 1976-1978
Tax Battles into IRS Security, 1972-1975
International Seminar on Training for Non Violent Action, 1976
North Ireland Project, 1974-1976
Iranian Student Protest, 1978
Dai Dong, 1974-1975

Box 2 [Acc. 2017-018]
Dai Dong, 1971-74
Disciples Peace Fellowship, 1975-1977
Report of Arms Reduction and Militarism Subgroup, 1977
Leonard Crow Dog Benefit, 1976
Consortium on Peace, Research, Education, and Development, 1976-1978
FOR/WPL Coalition, 1976
Amnesty for Vietnam CO's, 1970s
Equal Employment Action Force, 1976
FOR Education Newsletter, 1970's
Panama Treaty, 1977-1978
NGO Committee on disarmament, 1976
Letters to President Ford on Middle East, 1975
Warren Steinkraus India trip, 1976
Indians and Democracy-Jayaprakash Narayan Fund, 1976
Barton Hunter - FBI-FOIA, 1975-1977
FOR programs/articles, 1970's
FOR magazine, correspondence, 1975-1976
FOR and United Farm Workers Union boycott of lettuce and grapes, 1974
Correspondence with Barton Hunter, 1975
Coalition for World Disarmament, 1975
Peace Education program, 1976
Peace Education program, 1976
Coalition on the Economic Crisis, 1974
"Illegal Aliens" demonstration at New York Times office, 1975
'Friendshipment-aid' to Vietnam, 1976-1977
Kaho'olawe; letters and FOR statements, 1976
Richard Deats correspondence, 1976-1978
New York Times - Nixon Impeachment Act, 1972
Work in Chile - Sidulfo Irribarra correspondence, 1976
Guide to Global Living, 1975
Clergy and Laity Concerned Proposal, Report, Correspondence, 1977
FOR Plowshare Discussion Center and Coffee House, 1978-84
Relationship with IFOR, 1974-1977
Events at college campuses
Statements on US intervention in Angola, 1975
Boston desegregation correspondence, 1974-1975
FOR response to Attica Prison tragedy, 1976
American Society of Christian Ethics, 1976
March on Washington to Overturn Bakke Decision - Affirmative Action, 1978
FOR audiovisual materials, 1975
Local and national FOR, 1970's
Letters on arms control, 1974-1978

Box 3 [Acc. 2017-018]
Working with ACLU, 1975
Local FOR publications, 1970's
Disarmament - statements, correspondence, articles, 1977-1978
FOR Africa
Relationship with ICDP and Alfred Hassler resignation, 1973
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, 1972
Middle East Program, 1975-1977
National Council of Churches
Conscious Objectors, 1970's
Catholic Peace Fellowship, 1974-1978

Accession 2017-060

Accession 2017-060
Series A

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Week of Action Against Weapons of Mass Destruction 1998-08-12
The World at Peace: A Children's Art Project 1987
Mailings, The World at Peace: A Children's Art Project 1987
Correspondence with Soviets, The World at Peace: A Children's Art Project 1986
Iran Contra Mailings 1987
Conference of Women Leaders in the Peace, Feminism, and Nonviolence Movements 1976 and 1980
Seed Money Requests 1983
US Study: Religious and Political Freedom in Vietnam 1969
Correspondence, Fellowship of Reconciliation: Area Development in South Dakota 1980
The Continental Walk, Fellowship of Reconciliation Disarmament and Social Justice 1976
Press, Fellowship of Reconciliation and USSR Relations
Correspondence, US and USSR Exchange Programs 1986 1987
Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1984 1986
Correspondence, Fellowship of Reconciliation: Children's Materials 1987
Peace Child Musical 1986
US and USSR Photo Exchange 1986-12
Information, Travel to USSR 1984 1987
Moscow Peace Group
Articles, Written by Members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Delegation to USSR 1987-05
New Year's Mailing to Congress and Journalists, Greeting Card to Soviets
Materials and Articles, US and USSR Children's Art Exchange 1984 1985
Correspondence, Tacoma, Washington and Santa Barbara California Fellowship of Reconciliation Programs

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Journey of Reconciliation 1987
Peace Fellowships Mailing List
US and USSR Poster Campaign 1987
A People's Appeal for Peace 1986
List of Fellowship of Reconciliation Offices and Committees 1984 1985
Hearts on the Line Conferences 1986
Fellowship of Reconciliation Delegation to USSR 1987-05
Deepening the Roots 1986 1987
Seed Money Criteria and Bylaws, Fellowship of Reconciliation National Council Offices 1982 2983
August Desert Witness 1984 1986
August Desert Witness 1984 1986
August Desert Witness Benefit Event 1985
Correspondence, August Desert Witness 1985
US and USSR Trust Group 1987
Local Motion Publications 1985 1986
Amerika, Jeff Cohen Campaign 1986
Amerika, Brochure and Petition 1987
Amerika, Campaign 1986
Amerika, Viewing Party 1986
Amerika, Ideas and Fellowship of Reconciliation Campaign Materials 1986
Amerika, Correspondence about Amerika
Amerika, Correspondence 1986
Amerika, Local Fellowship of Reconciliation Group Action 1987
Amerika, Correspondence 1987
Conscientious Objector Material 1976

Box 3 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
North Korean Disarmament 1987
Working Towards a Nonviolent Future, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation
Swiss Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation 2013
Publications and Materials, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation
Miscellaneous, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation
Correspondence, Reports. Miscellanrous, International Fellowship of Reconciliation 2000
Finances, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation 1996 2001
Richard Deats, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation Council, New York 2002
Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1990
Meetings and Conferences, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1989 1993
Peace and International Projects, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1993
Letters to Members, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1986 1993
Summer of Financial Separation, Fellowship of Reconciliation and Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC)
Staff and Development, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC), School District 10, Bronx, New York 1989
Documents and Correspondence, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1980's
Anti-Homophobia Workshop, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1993
Bronx School, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1988
Fellowship of Reconciliation Pamphlets, 1990s; Letter to Pakistan Prime Minister, 1998 (July) 1990's

Box 4 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Slideshow, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1983 1990
Workshop Evaluations, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC): Stop the Violence, New York City Schools 1993
Mediation Methods Workshop Schedules, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1984
Reservation Programs, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC)
Essays: Singing as Conflict Resolution, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1984 1986
Children's Song for a Friendly Planet 1984 1985
Song Scores 1984
Correspondence with Priscilla Prutzman about Song Project, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) 1984 1991
Golden Rule, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1957 1958
Pacifism and AJ Muste Writings, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1939 1946
Leo Barken, Fellowship of Reconciliation, New York City 1917 1948
55th Pacific Northwest Regional Seabeck Conference, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2013-07-04 2013-07-07
Archives Requests to Fellowship of Reconciliation 2006 2008
Requests and Letters to Fellowship of Reconciliation 2008
Letters to Mark Johnson 2011 2013
Miscellaneous on Shadowcliff
Edward Flowers Trust Agreement 1993
Moji Agha, Tucson Peacewalk 2004
Alan Thomson Defense Fund 1989
Despair Workshops 1984
General Information and Materials, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Correspondence, Peter Kress 1987

Box 5 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Pamphlets and Flyers post-2000
Walter Wink Article 2001 2002
Fellowship of Reconciliation Press Release, Saddam Hussein 2003
Agenda, Muslim - Jewish Peace Walk 2003-08
Rabia Harris, Muslim Peace Fellowship Coordinator 2000
Campaign of Conscience for Iraq
Media Coverage, Women of Iraq 2003
Najim Cheechen, Art Exhibition for Iraqi Relief 2004
Fellowship of Reconciliation Articles on LGBTQ
Programs, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation
Christmas Cards and Correspondence, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1950 1960
Fellowship of Reconciliation Conscience and Courage Gathering 2005-02-18 2005-02-21
Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference: Voicing Hope in a Nonviolent World 1994-07-13 1994-07-17

Box 6 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
National Conference, Miscellaneous
Emails, Miscellaneous 1999
Constituency Report, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1993
Job Openings, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Japan Christian Peace Network 1996
Bosnian Project, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1995
John Dear Correspondence 2000
Materials, Journals, and Articles Regarding Fellowship of Reconciliation
Volunteer Information
Computer Technician and Computer Project, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Child Care Policy, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Publications, Miscellaneous
Christmas Cards and Poems
Fellowship of Reconciliation Cards and Gifts; Report on Perdue Poultry Plant 1997 1998
Muslim Peace Fellowship Publication 1996 1997
Programs and Publications, Miscellaneous
End of Year Party
Petition to End the Occupation of Iraq 2004

Box 7 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Peacemaker Training Institute
United for Change 1998
United for Change 1995
United for Change 1996
United for Change, Seattle, Washington 1997-06-25 1997-07-03
United for Change 1995
Skills for Change 1999
Skills for Change, Washington, DC 1995-08
Skills for Change, Washington, DC 1996-08

Box 8 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Skills for Change, Washington, DC 1997-08-16 1997-08-24
Skills for Change 1998
Tappan Zee High School, Health Awareness Day 1995
National Transit Institute, Violence Prevention Training Project 1995
Students for a Free Tiber, Nonviolent Direct Action Training 1997-04-12
Brochure and Publicity, Task Force on Nonviolent Education Training, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1997
Intergenerational Gathering 2000-07-07 2000-07-09
Kingian Nonviolence Workshop, Dorothy Cotton and Richard Deats 1997-06-23 1997-06-25
Youth Action Days 2000
Youth Encouragement 2000
German Fellowship of Reconciliation Group Training 2000-09
Youth Ministries Retreat 2000-09-18 2000-09-20
Summer Mural Project 2000-06-29 2000-07-01
Edgewood College 2000-03-24 2000-03-26
Saint John's University 2000-03-19
Diallo Verdict Trainings 2000-02
Campus Outreach Opportunity League Conference 2000
Skills for Change 2000

Box 9 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Vassar College, Creativity in Activism 2000-02-20
Alternative Spring Break, Indiana University 1999
Alternative Spring Break, Saint Benedict's and Saint Paul's 1999
Alternative Spring Break, New York, Resources
University of Bridgeport 1999
Workshop at Fordham 2000-04-10
Manavi, Education
Fellowship of Reconciliation Retreat, Western Washington 1999
Correspondence, Doug Hostetter
Ghana Correspondence, Peacemaker Training Institute
Workshop at Fordham 2000-04-10
Satellite Academy High School Training, Youth Peace Week Event 1998-12-03
Mount Sinai Training 1998
Nonviolent Training Workshop, Edgewood College 1998-04-17 1998-04-19
Boricua College Workshop 1999-04-06
Statements and Resolutions 1979 1990
40th Anniversary, Elbe River, US and USSR Alliance 1985
USSR 1989 1990
US and USSR, Reconciliation 1985 1989
Mississippi Peace Cruise 1986

Box 10 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
The group to Establish Trust Between the US and USSR 1984
Afghan Veterans for Peace 1989 1990
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) II: Fellowship of Reconciliation and Other Positions
Guatemala 1983 1990
Doctor Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Tour 1985 1986
United Mine Workers of America, Strike Against Pittston, Colorado 1989 1990
Human Rights Conference and Special International Tribunal on Violations of Human Rights and Prisoners of War or Politics, 1990 1990
South Africa Program 1985
Pax World Foundation 1988
The Road to Peace in the Middle East 1989
Middle East Task Force 1986 1989
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) 1986
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) 1986
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) 1987 1993
Message to the People of China 1963-04
Cuba 1979 1991

Box 11 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Chile 1985 1989
Resource Center for Nonviolence 1987 1990
Latin America, General 1977 1990
Pledge of Resistance 1984 1988
Peace Ship I 1984
Peace Ship II 1985 1986
Serpaj, Argentina 1985 1990
Witness for Peace 1984 1988
Panama Invasion 1984 1990
El Salvador 1980 1990
Nicaragua 1978 1989

Box 12 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Bolivia Project 1987 1988
Project Abraco, Brazil 1987 1988
Robeson County, North Carolina 1985 1988
Middle East 1980 1989
Jim Lakewind, Vietnam Reconciliation 1984 1991

Box 13 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Federal Bureau of Investigation and Fellowship of Reconciliation 1970 1988
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 1989
John Swomley 1982 1990
Statement of Purpose 1989
Restructuring Committees, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1993
Memos and Notes, Doug Hostetter 1982 1991
Coalition and Endorsement Guidelines 1988
Executive Committee 1991-02
Executive Committee 1990-08
Executive Committee, Seattle 1990-02
Employment Applications 1990 1991
Will Herman 1975 1989
Gene Knudsen-Hoffman 1985 1989
Listening Project, RSVP pre-1993 (August)
Statements and News Releases, Fellowship of Reconciliation pre-1993 (August)
National Staff Meetings 1993 1995

Box 14 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Endorsements, Fellowship of Reconciliation pre-1993 (August)
Correspondence, Harrop Freeman 1976 1990
Racial and Economic Justice pre-1993 (August)
News Releases pre-1993 (August)
Miscellaneous 1970's-1980's
Peace with Justice Week 1983 1984
Key Projects: Vietnam Political Prisoners 1975
Letters, Verne Cooperrider 1986-06 1987-03
John Swomley 1959 1982
Fellowship of Reconciliation Area Development and Grace Charles 1979 1980
Soviet Delegation to Nyack 1990
Port Coup Letters and Russian Peace Society 1991

Box 15 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Minutes 1993
Swarthmore Peace Collection Correspondence 1988 1991
Swarthmore Peace Collection Correspondence, Wilma Mosholder 1980's
Youth Quest 1989
Field Secretary Proposal, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1986
Membership Cord
NBC Television 1971-05-09
Speaker Flyer and Interview, Charles Barron
Peace Ship II 1986
Reverend George Collins 1974 1975
Virginia Baron and Elizabeth Joy Hodgkin 1980's
Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament Publications 1983
Friendshipment, Seeds of Life Vietnam Support 1975 1978
Letters to the Editor Campaign 1973
Local Motion Mailings 1984
Rockland Overground Railroad 1985 1986
Speakers Bureau, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1980 1984
Coalition on a New Foreign and Military Policy 1980
War Resisters League, Alfred Hassler 1973
Local Motion Newsletter, Grace Charles and Nora Hallet 1975 1986
Organizer's Handbook, Dan Ebener 1983 1984
Bayard Rustin Composition
Youth Action Registration, Draft 1984 1985
Jim Antal, Mobe Administrative Committee 1984
Major Peace Events 1984
Barton Hunter Letter 1975
John Swomley, Biography
Development, Olcutt Sanders 1980's
Promotion and Development, Olcutt Sanders 1980's
Changing Face of the Soviet Union Slideshow 1989
Promotions by Other Organizations of Fellowship of Reconciliation's USSR Programs 1980's
Anti-Semitism and USSR 1990 1991

Box 16 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Russian Boy in Nyack for Surgery 1990
Conscientious Objection, USSR and Eastern Europe 1980's
Nationalism and USSR 1991 1992
Azerbaijan Memoria, Armenia 1990 1991
Golubka, Russian Groups 1991 1992
Moscow Fellowship of Reconciliation, Society Interest in Quakerism 1989
Helsinki Activists Network 1992
US and USSR Recognition Program 1980's
Reconciliation Team Project 1989
Soviet Peace Committee 1989 1990
US and USSR Program: Papers, Surveys, Miscellaneous 1982 1990
New USSR Initiatives, Lithuania 1991 1992
USSR Task Force, Inernational Fellowship of Reconciliation 1990 1991
US and USSR Task Force 1991
Sergei Stankevitch 1989 1990
Correspondence, Chris and Ralph Dull 1989
Thomas Cooper, Correspondence 1991 1992
Chrislenbo Family Visit, USSR 1988 1999
USSR Material from Trip 1984-08

Box 17 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Moscow Trust Group 1986
Soviet Peace Caravan 1988
Members, Pre-Trip Correspondence, News Releases: Delegation to USSR 1989-07
Ethnic and National Interests: Trip to USSR 1989-07
Correspondence, Trip to USSR 1989-07
Post-Trip Matters, July Trip to USSR 1989-07
Vietnam and Afghan Veterans Visit 1989
Itinerary, Journey of Compassion Delegation 1990
MIR Travel Corporation, Journey of Compassion 1990
Post-Trip Articles, Letters, Photo Sheets: Journey of Compassion 1990-04-11 1990-04-29
Delegation, Journey of Compassion 1990-04-11 1990-04-29
Address and Correspondence to USSR, Journey of Compassion 1990-04-11 1990-04-29
Delegation to USSR 1990-09
Mailings to USSR Delegation Members 1990
Moscow Nonviolence Workshop 1991-05-20 1991-05-27

Box 18 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Journey of Understanding to USSR, 1990-1992; Journey of Reconciliation to Sath, 1997
Travel Information, Home Stays and Couriers 1999
Coup in USSR 1991-08
Post-Coup USSR Program 1991 1992
USSR Delegation Application: Native Speakers and Translators 1961 1985
Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1986 1988
Correspondence, USSR 1987
Publications, Miscellaneous
Seabeck Conference, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1995
Stop the Killing, Start the Healing Campaign 1994
Racial Dialogue, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1996
Program Plan, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1995 1996
Fellowship of Reconciliation Affiliates
Gun Violence Clippings
Clayton Ramey Correspondence
Fellowship of Reconciliation Staff Organization
National Council Materials 1995
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC), Fellowship of Reconciliation
Christmas Card Correspondence 1975
Correspondence 2000 2001
Fast for Sanity

Box 19 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Staff Correspondence, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1995 1997
Materials and Programs, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1995 2000
Disarmament, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Staff Strategic Planning Sheets 1990's
Fellowship of Reconciliation Organizational Membership to Honor Our Neighbor's Origins and Rights (HONOR)
LGBTQ 1988 1996
Militarism and Gun Control 1995
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) 1995
Program Team, Five Year Goals, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Pfeffer Peace Prize, Past Ballots and Responses 1991 1992
Pfeffer Peace Prize Nominations 1998
Past Nominations: Pfeffer Peace Prize, Martin Luther King Peace Prize, Cape Cod Peace Prize 1995 1997
Peace Prize Nominations 1992 1994

Box 20 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Pfeffer Peace Prize, General File
Peacemaker Training Conference, Women of Color 1996
Stop the Violence Conference, John Jay College 1993-05-28
Socially Responsible Banking Fund
Correspondence and Materials, Martin Luther King Peace Prize 1992 2000
Martin Luther King Peace Prize Nominations 2000 2002
Martin Luther King Peace Prize Nominations 1998 1999
Martin Luther King Peace Prize Nominations 1992 1997
Martin Luther King Laureates and History
Cards and Gifts, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Women of Color in the Workplace Grant
Executive committee, National Conference 1995 1996
Local Groups, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1996

Box 21 [Accession 2017-060, Series A]
Miscellaneous Projects, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1996
Mailings and General Information, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1988 1996
Working Conditions, Correspondence with Outside Organizations 1995 1996

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Youth Activist Proposal, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2000
Youth and Nonviolence Training 1998
Assorted Fellowship of Reconciliation Statements 1979 1991
Nonviolent Resistance, Annual Conference at Seabeck July 2005
Postcards, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Publications, Fellowship of Reconciliation Chapters
Newsletters and Statements of Purpose 2005
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee 2004 2005
LGBTQ Campaign Materials and Stop the Hate: Interfaith Voices Against Violence 1989 1999
Fellowship of Reconciliation Branch and Chapter Newsletters 2007 2013
New York Times Advertisement: "An Interfaith Call to Restore Sanity and Compassion to the National Agenda 1997
Muslim Peace Fellowships 1995 1998
Mailings 2005
Local Groups and Religious Fellowships, Fellowship of Reconciliation
local Fellowship of Reconciliation Pamphlet 1999
Iraq Actions 1999 2000
Letter to the Editor about Fellowship of Reconciliation 2003
Correspondence, Art James
Itinerary, Israel and Palestine 2001
Interfaith Peacebuilders 2000 2012
Iraq, Materials 2002
Ethan Flad, Editor of the Witness
Witness 2003 2007
War Tax Resisters 1999
War on Drugs, Statement and Materials, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1992
Card and Book Catalogues, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1955 2000
Coastal Corporation, Medical Supplies for Hostages in the Middle East 1991
Children of War 1986
Correspondence with Senator John Warner 1997
Creating a Culture of Peace,
Correspondence, Ethan Vesely-Flad 2007
Colombia Program 2004
Bosnian Student Project 10 - Year Reunion 2004
Jo Becker, Fellowship of Reconciliation Publications: Hiroshima and Workplace Conditions 1995 1997
Correspondence about "Creating the Beloved Community" Project 2005

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Brochures, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Annual Report, Fellowship of Reconciliation USA 1996 1999
Annual Report, International Fellowship of Reconciliation 2004
Mailings and Appeals 1998
Local Groups and Affiliates, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1993 2005
Fellowship of Reconciliation Archives in Swarthmore Peace Collection 1989 1999
Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project 1980
Local Organizers, Mailings
Communications, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Nonviolence Trainings, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2003
People's Campaign 2000
Five Year Plan, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1997-09-02
Peacemaker Training Institute 1990's-2000's
International Interfaith Peacebuilders and Bosnian Student Project 1999 2000

Box 3 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Racial and Economic Justice 1998 2003
Iraq, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1998 2004
Iraq, New York Times Advertisement
Program Team Meeting Materials 1997 2002
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) 1994 2001
Middle East Task Force 1994 2005
Endorsements, Fellowship of Reconciliation National Headquarters 1993 1998
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) 1996 1997
Task Force on Nonviolence Education and Training (TFNET) 1995 1996
Summer Campaign of Nonviolence 1998
Program Plan, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1994 1995
Smithsonian Exhibit Packet, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1994
Original National Conference Songbook 1988
Fund for Education and Training (FEAT) 1985 1986
National Service Legislation, Correspondence and Information 1989

Box 4 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Libya, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1989
Correspondence, David Wayte Case 1984
Disarmament Campaign and Conference 1984 1989
Nuclear Dialogue Project 1989
American Friends Service Committee, Immigration Reform and Control Act 1986 1989
Janet Chrisholm, Interim Executive Co-Director
Biography and PictureS: John Dear,
Adresses, Employees and Volunteers
Task Force on Nonviolence Education and Training (TFNET) 2002
Program Committee 2000 2005
Finances, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005 2006
Membership, Local Group Committees 2005
LGBTQ, Fellowship of Reconciliation Articles
Electoral Committee 2003
By-Laws, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2004
News Releases, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1985 2003
John Dear Speaking Engagements 1998 2000

Box 5 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
National Council 1990-05-05 1990-05-08
National Council Mailings 1991-04
National Council 1990-11
National Council Correspondence, Doug Hostetter 1987
National Council Correspondence 1984 1989
National Council, Section II Affiliate Groups 1991 1992
National Council, Nomination Process 1990
Report to National Council 1991 2001
National Council 1987
National Council 2000-02
National Council 2000-06
Development Meeting, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2000
Program Team Meeting, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2000

Box 6 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Interdepartmental Meetings 1998-10 2000-06
Program Team Meeting, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1998 1999
Program Team 1999
Program Team 1998 1999
Minutes, All-Staff Meeting 1997-12 2000-07
History and Conversation with Richard Deats, Fellowship of Reconciliation
National Council, Report from Staff 1997
National Council Meeting 2004
National Council 1996
National Council 1997 (Winter and Spring)
National Council Meeting 1997-11
National Council 1999
National Council Meeting 1998-10
Reverend Patricia Ackerman, Report from Baghdad 2003
Fellowship of Reconciliation Statements and Mailings, Women of Iraq Tour 2002 2003
Fellowship of Reconciliation Abortion Discussion 1974 1999
Article on Fellowship of Reconciliation 1967-01
National Conference, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Manhattan College 2002-06

Box 7 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
National Council Meeting 1998-02
National Council Meeting 1998-05
National Council Reports
Arts for Peace, New Paltz, New York 2001 2002
Alabama Fellowship of Reconciliation
Beloved Community, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Durango, Colorado
Naples Fellowship of Reconciliation 1982
Tallahassee Fellowship of Reconciliation, Tallahassee, Texas
Illinois, Chicago Theological Seminary, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1995 1997
Illinois, West Suburban Fellowship of Reconciliation 1983 2002
Global Coalition for PEace, Bethesda, Maryland 2002
Merrimack Valley, People for Peace 2001 2002
Tennessee Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nashville, Tennessee (Disbanded) 2005
Martin Luther King Junior, Economic Justice Project, Minnesota Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seed Grant 1996 1998
Root and Branch Collective 2001
Tyler Interfaith Peace Fellowship School 1983 2002
Gardner Fellowship Group 1993 2003
Massachusetts, Gardner Fellowship Group
Sheffield, Massachusetts Fellowship of Reconciliation
Syracuse, New York Fellowship of Reconciliation 2000 2002
Charlotte, North Carolina Fellowship of Reconciliation 2001 2002
Greater Toledo, Ohio Fellowship of Reconciliation
Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Fellowship of Reconciliation 1991
Scranton, Pennsylvania Fellowship of Reconciliation 1996
Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania Fellowship of Reconciliation 1996
Duluth, Minnesota Fellowship of Reconciliation
Pacific University, Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation
Dallas, Texas Fellowship of Reconciliation 2002

Box 8 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation Endowment Fund 1994 1998
Columbia River Fellowship for Peace, Washington 1997 2002
Iowa County, Wisconsin Fellowship of Reconciliation 1984 1991
North Olympic, Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation 1984 1993
Clark County, Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation 1985 1999
AIDS Project, Centralia, Washington 1990
Richmond, Indiana Fellowship of Reconciliation 1991
Boston, Massachusetts Fellowship of Reconciliation 1998 2000
Albany, New York Fellowship of Reconciliation
Shoreham, Long Island Fellowship of Reconciliation 2002
Local Mailings 1998 2000
Old Group Lists
Report on Chapters and Affiliates 1997
Seed Grant Applications 1999
Seed Grant Applications 2000
Seed Grants 1999-07
Seed Grant Applications 1998
Seed Grant Applications 1998 1999
Seed Grant Applications 1997
Seed Grant Applications 1996
Local Groups, Old Lists
Middle East Resources 2000
Local Organizers Mailings,
Survey, Local Groups 2000 2002
Media 2001
Local Organizers Gathering, Nyack, New York 1999-04-23 1999-04-26
Peace Teams
Iraq Campaign Brochures 1997 2001
Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, Resolutions, Women of Iraq
Women of Iraq Tour Packet 2003,
Women of Iraq Tour, Invitations

Box 9 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Nominees, The People of the Community of Vieques, Ouerto Rico 1999
Membership Coordinator, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Fellowship of Reconciliation in Every State 2000
Fellowship of Reconciliation in Every State 2001
Fellowship of Reconciliation Gift Catalogue and Book List 2000 2001
Local Group Gathering, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1999
Local Groups, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2002
Minutes, Evaluations and Agenda, Local Organizer's Gathering 1997
Nominee, Joel Magallán Asociación Tepeyac 1999
Local Groups, Miscellaneous 2000 2001
Directories 1992 1997
Local Group Directory 1990 2000
Clayton Ramey, Photos and Biography
Clayton Ramey, Writings, Pax Christie 1990's
Clayton Ramey 1996 1997
Clayton Ramey, Article, Biography, Writeup Cord, Certificate 1998 1999
Clayton Ramey on Martin Luther King Junior 1998 1999
Clayton Ramey, Sudan Delegation Announcement 2005
Peace Pipe and Peace Tax Fund 1992 2005
Disarming Notes Newsletter 1996
People's Campaign for Nonviolence 2000
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC): Addiction, Recovery, and the War on Drugs
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, DC Days 2000-05-07 2000-05-10
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC), Panama 1997
Stop the Killing Start the Healing 1994
Nonviolent Political Alternatives 1992
Peacemaker Training Institute Scrapbook 1992
Peacemaker Training Institute Scrapbook
Peacemaker Training Institute 1991 2005
Death Penalty Forum
National Council, Peoples of Color Caucus 1997
Local Organizers Mailings 1994
Nevada Desert Experience 1994 1995
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 1990's
Letters to Public Officials 1986 1999
National Council Members 2005 2006
Conscientious Objectors Campaign 2005
Women of Iraq Tour, Announcements and Itinerary 2003
Women of Iraq Tour, Media and Press Coverage 2003
Women of Iraq Tour, Biographies, Advertisements, Book Chapter, and Article 2003
Women of Iraq Tour, Information and Planning 2003
Patricia Ackerman Correspondence, Women of Iraq Tour Materials 2003

Box 10 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Nuclear Disarmament 1981 2005
Chemical and Biological Weapons 1990 1998
Events and Retreats 1990 1991
Fellowship of Reconciliation Demographics 1993
Appeal Mailings, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1997
Follow-Up Appeal 1997
Year-End Mailings 1997
Mailings 1999
Development and Mailings 1975 1979
Development and Mailings 1974
Development and Mailings 1967 1973
Development and Circulation pre-1983
Mailings, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1983 1985
Development and Circulation 1985 1986
Brochures and Campaigns, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Brochures and Campaigns, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Mailings, US Military Spending 1976
Newspaper Clippings on Fellowship of Reconciliation and Fellowship of Reconciliation Receiving FBI Files 2004
Richard Deats Letter to the Editor, Iran Hostage 1982
Women of Iraq Tour, Visit to Flint, Michigan, Hossein Alizadeh Correspondence with John Dovidek 2003
Iraq Materials and Campaigns 1990's-2000's
Muslim Peace Fellowship Materials 2001 2004
National Conference, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Occidental College 2004-08
US and USSR Reconciliation Programs 1986 1987
South Africa
Women of Color in the Workplace 1996
Brief History of Fellowship of Reconciliation

Box 11 [Accession 2017-060, Series B]
Fellowship of Reconciliation Statements on Iraq Sanctions and Bosnia 1990's
From Boston to Baghdad: A Journey for Iraqi Children, Olive Pierce
National Network to End the War Against Iraq: Third Annual Organizing Conference 2002-05-25 2002-05-26
Iraq Sanctions and Voices in the Wilderness Campaign 1995 1999
Fellowship of Reconciliation Statement on US Military Action Against Iraq 1996
Iraq Students Project 2004
Iraq Sanctions: Statements, Articles, and Mailings 1992 2001
Iraq Sanctions: Campaign for Conscience, Letter to President Clinton, Articles, Speeches 1998 2001
Iraq, Pledges of Resistance 2003
Iraq Sanctions, Campaigns of Conscience 2002
Iraqi Photo Project
Campaign of Conscience for the Iraqi People 1999 2002
Courage Not War Iraq Sanctions Gathering, Attendance Packet 2003-02
Iraq Peace Delegation 1990
Fellowship of Reconciliation Nobel Laureate Delegation to Iraq 1999
Iraq Peace Pledge, Campaign of Conscience 2002 2003
Iraq Campaigns, Peace Pledge, Local Groups 2002
Media Materials, Local Groups. Correspondence with Public Officials and Fellowship of Reconciliation Letters about Iraq Sanctions
Iraq Speaking Tour, Fellowship of Reconciliation Delegation to Israel and Palestine, Fellowship of Reconciliation Delegation to Israel and Palestine 1999
Fellowship of Reconciliation Interfaith Delegation to Iraq 2000
Fellowship of Reconciliation Iraq Delegation 2002
Responses from Government Officials via Letter Campaign from Fellowship of Reconciliation 1999 2000
Fellowship of Reconciliation Campaign of Conscience Resources 2000

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Partner Communities for Peace, Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC) Workbook
Fellowship of Reconciliation Anti-War Action News Clippings 2008
Miscellaneous, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Statement of Purpose, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2006
Editorial Meeting, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005
International Fellowship of Reconciliation Brochure 2005
International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Logo Designs and Questionnaire 2005
Flyers and Newsletters from Jewish Voice for Peace and Muslim Peace Fellowship 2005
Miscellaneous 2009
Workshops on Women and Feminism, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1977 1990
Ethan Vesely-Flad, Fellowship of Reconciliation Cape Cod Chapter 2007
Greeting Card Contest, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005
Iran Delegates 2007
Friendship Delegation to Iran, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2007
Iran Program 2006
Edith Lovejoy Pierce Poetry, Correspondence with Ethan Vesely-Flad 2006
Fellowship of Reconciliation Correspondence with William Wolak,
Nobel Laureates Appeal to the UN, War on Afghanistan, International Fellowship of Reconciliation 2001
Pax Christi National Assembly Cancellation 2001
Stop the Hate Campaign and Vigil Materials 2000 2001
Meeting in Los Angeles, California, Resignation of John Dear 2000-11
Comic Proposals, Walter Wink 2002
Bayard Rustin Film
Iran 2008
Iran Delegation, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2007-02 2007-03

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Opposition to Sanctions in Iraq Materials, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2000 2001
Information and Organizing Packet to End Economic Sanctions on Iraq, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Women of Iraq Tour 2003
Information on Opposing Economic Sanction in Iraq 2000
Catholic Relief Services and Fellowship of Reconciliation Delegationt to Israel and Palestine 2001
John Swamely, Essay, Information on Bush's National Security Plan
Delegation to Israel and Palestine, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2003
Peace and Nonviolence Packets 1998
People's Campaign for Nonviolence, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Deepening the Roots of Nonviolence
Deepening the Roots of Nonviolence 2002 2003
Deepening the Roots of Nonviolence, Strategy, Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation Retreat
The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, Registration and Organizing Kit, DC Days 2004
The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, Registration Packet, DC Days 2000 (May 7 - 10)
Week of Action Against Weapons of Mass Destruction, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1998-08-12
Gulf Crisis 1991
Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference, Voicing Hope in a Nonviolent World 1994-07-13 1994-07-17
Rockland Journal News, Peace Mission to Iraq 1991

Box 3 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (TFLAC), Addiction, Recovery, and the War on Drugs: A Reflection and Action Guide for Nonviolent Responses
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 1993
Fellowship of Reconciliation Volunteers
Pastors for Peace, Cuba Caravan 1998
Friendship Caravan to Cuba, Applications 1998
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Ethan Vesely-Flad and Richard Deats 2005
Washington, DC, Notes from Advocacy and Training
Publications, Fellowship of Reconciliation Branches
Publications, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005
Bob Fitch (Photographer), Martin Luther King Junior and Gandhi Photograph 2002
World Peacemakers 2003
National Conference, Deepening the Roots Campaign 2002
Miscellaneous, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Desert Witness, Press Coverage 1985-08
Jim Antal and Haase Family 1985 1986
Nonviolence Training, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1973
Peacemaking and the Community of Faith: Advertisements, Flyers, and Envelope
Kelly Cannard, US and USSR Reconciliation, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Membership Advertisements, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1976
Gene Knudsen-Hoffman, Soviet Union Repeal 1986
Jim Forest, Speakers Bureau, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1986
Peace with Justice Week 1985
James Best, Correspondence
Disarmament Brochure Update 1984
National Disarmament, Fellowship of Reconciliation Bulletins 1985
National Conference Brochure, Fellowship of Reconciliation April 1976
Reader's Digest, Fellowship of Reconciliation Response, Peace Movement and Communism 1983
The Kirby Page, Autobiography 1975
The Kirby Page, Conference 1957-05
Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Weapons 1978 1979
Peace with Justice Week 1986
Peace with Justice Week 1987-10-16 1987-10-24
Ballot Mailing 1983 1986
Resources on Kosovo, Fellowship of Reconciliation

Box 4 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Emails and Resources on Kosovo, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1999
Articles, Kosovo 1999
Native American Resources 1973
Worship Aids, Christian Services
International Fellowship of Reconciliation 1987
Fellowship of Reconciliation History, 75th Anniversary, Records 1980's
Rockland County Journal News, Article, Fellowship of Reconciliation 1979
Women in Black Movement 1995 1996
Conscientious Objection 1995
Military Resisters and Conscientious Objection 2009
Worship Aids, Ecumenical and Interfaith 1972 1985

Box 5 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Worship Aids, Fellowship of Reconciliation 75th Anniversary
Worship Aids, Peace Organizations 1970's-1980's
Worship, Jewish Services, Correspondence 1984 1987
Worship Resources for Peace 1990's
Baptist Peace Fellowship 1985 1990
Baptist Peace Fellowship
Baptist Peace Fellowship 1995 1996
Baptist Peace Fellowship 1997
Brethren Peace Fellowship 1982 1988
Brethren Peace Fellowship 1995
Brethren Peace Fellowship 1993
Buddhist Peace Fellowship 1994
Buddhist Peace Fellowship 1984 1993
Miscellaneous 1984
Catholic Peace Fellowship 2000
Christian Peace Fellowship 1980
Catholic Peace Fellowship 1987 1988
Church of God Peace Fellowship 1998
Church of God Peace Fellowship 1980 1992
Disciples Peace Fellowship 1981 1993

Box 6 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Disciples Peace Fellowship
Episcopal Peace Fellowship 1983 1994
Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Richard Deats and Doug Hostetter
Humanist Peace Fellowship
Jain Peace Fellowship 1982 1988
Jewish Peace Fellowship 1995
Jewish Peace Fellowship 1979 1993
Lutheran Peace Fellowship 1994
Lutheran Peace Fellowship 1987 1993
Mennonite Peace Fellowship 1978

Box 7 [Accession 2017-060, Series C]
Methodist Bishops and Peace Pastoral 1986
Methodist Peace Fellowship 1985 1988
Muslim Peace Fellowship 1997
Muslim Peace Fellowship 1988 1996

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series C: Richard Deats]
Angola and Namibia, Africa
Kenya, Africa
Nambia, Africa
Somalia, Africa
Articles on Armenia and Interview with Armenian 1988
Asia, International Fellowship of Reconciliation Trip 1990-11
Asia Trip, Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea 1989
Asian Journal Report, 1989 (Fall) 1989
Correspondence, Japan
Northern Ireland
Israeli Peacemakers
Israeli Interfaith Conference
Japan Tour 1985

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series C: Richard Deats]
Japan, US Reconciliation and Apology
Japan, Anti-Japanese Issues
World War II Allied Bombing, Hamburg, Germany
Germany, Castro
Hong Kong
Pro-Democracy Movement in China 1989
The Community of the Ark
Eastern Europe, Poland
Caribbean, Haiti Workshop
Central Europe and Eastern Washington

Box 3 [Accession 2017-060, Series C: Richard Deats]
Carter Center, Burma
Bangladesh 1996
Bangladesh, Bimal Bhikkhu
Ocker and Trapp
Brochures and Pamphlets

Box 4 [Accession 2017-060, Series C: Richard Deats]
Buddhism Issues
Copyright Forms 2000
Guns and Capital Punishment
Draft Resistance, Conscientious Objection
Drug War
Environment, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Important Topics in Fellowship of Reconciliation
500 Years of Resistance, Robert Warrior
Nonviolent Location, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Future Issues, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Gay and Lesbian, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Gulf War Statements
Jo Clare Hartsig
Rabbi Joshua Heschel 1998
Hispanic Concerns
Human Ecology

Box 5 [Accession 2017-060, Series C: Richard Deats]
UN Global Issues
Walter Wick
Women's Movement
Spirituality of Peacemaking
Stories of Nonviolence
Right Wing Organizations
South Africa
South America
South Korea
Soviet, Eastern Europe
Renewal Information
Philippines, People Power
Philippines News Clippings 1986

Box 6 [Accession 2017-060, Series C: Richard Deats]
India's Nuclear Test
Just War
Martin Luther King Junior
Land Mines
Letters to the Editor
Native American
Nevada Desert Experience
Newsletters and Clippings
Advertisement, New York Times
Nonviolence Training
North Ireland 1998
The Story of the Peace Crane
The Peace Symbol
Leonard Pelletier
Permissions Information

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series D]
Pax Christi Peace Fellowship 1992
Presbyterian Peace Fellowship 1994
Presbyterian Peace Fellowship 1979 1988
Orthodox Peace Fellowship 1999
Orthodox Peace Fellowship 1986 1991
Quaker Peace Fellowship 1981
Reformed Peace Fellowship 1988
Unitarian Peace Fellowship 1978 1993
United Church of Christ Peace Fellowship 1996
United Church of Christ 1985 1991
Wider Wesleyan Peace Fellowship,
Religious Peace Fellowships, Legal and Organizational Guidelines
Letter to Peace Fellowship Contacts 1980 1982
Peace Fellowship Gathering 1987
Religious Peace Fellowships Survey 1990

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series D]
Religious Peace Fellowships Gathering 1989-05
Religious Peace Fellowships, Members 1989
Religious Peace Fellowships, Miscellaneous Correspondence
Peace Fellowships
Religious Peace Fellowships, Drawer Contents
Religious Peace Fellowships,
Religious Peace Fellowships Conference, Grants and Foundations
Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Religious Peace Fellowships Gathering 1988-06-09 1988-06-10
Justice Works, Lake Stevens, Washington 2003 2004
Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, Lacey, Washington 2000 2004
Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane, Washington 1978 2004
Peace and Justice Alliance of Central Washington, Ellensburg, Washington 2004
Tacoma Fellowship of Reconciliation, Tacoma, Washington 1978 2004
South King County, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Tukwila, Washington 2002 2004
Wenatchee Fellowship of Reconciliation, Cashmere, Washington 1981 2004
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seattle, Washington 1990 2004
Seattle Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seattle, Washington 2004
Stevens County Fellowship of Reconciliation, Kettle Falls, Washington 2003 2004
Dorea Peace Community, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin 1988 2004
Lakeshore Peacemakers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 1983 2004
Fox Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation, Neenah, Wisconsin 1992 2004
Rock Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation, Brodhead, Wisconsin 2002 2004
Southwest Wisconsin Fellowship of Reconciliation 2004
Boundary Peace Initiative, Grand Forks, Canada 2004
Kootenay, Canada, Fellowship of Reconciliation 2004 2005
The Different Path Learning, Warrensville, ohio
Gardner Fellowship, Prison Affiliate
Sacramento Fellowship of Reconciliation, Sacramento, California 2003
San Antonio Fellowship of Reconciliation, San Antonio, Texas
Juneau Fellowship of Reconciliation, Juneau, Arkansas
Soul Force, Laguna Beach, California
Quarryville, Brethren and Fellowship of Reconciliation, Quarryville, Pennsylvania
Interfaith Peace Community of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Norman Fellowship of Reconciliation, Norman, Oklahoma
Dayton Partnerships for Peace, Dayton, ohio 2004
Interfaith Peace Community, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Corvallis Fellowship of Reconciliation, Corvallis, Oregon
Matanuska, Susitna Valley, Palmer, Arkansas
San Diego Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bonita, California
Peace Resource Center, San Diego, California
Southern Black Belt Fellowship of Reconciliation, Atlanta, Georgia
West Virginia Fellowship of Reconciliation, Buckhannon, West Virginia
Rockland County Fellowship of Reconciliation, Chester Ridge, New York
Fellowship of Reconciliation in Troy, New York
North Houston Fellowship of Reconciliation, Houston, Texas
Fellowship of Reconciliation, Edmonton, Kentucky

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series E]
Birmingham Fellowship of Reconciliation, Birmingham, Alabama 2005
Montgomery, Alabama Peace Center 2005
Arizona Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005
Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice, Little Rock, Arkansas 2004
Fresno Center for Nonviolence, Fresno, California 2004
Inland Communities, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Corona, California 2004
International Project, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Santa Barbara, California 2004
Los Angeles Fellowship of Reconciliation, Monterey Park, California 2004
North Valley Chapter of Fellowship of Reconciliation, Chico, California 2004
Orange County Fellowship of Reconciliation, Fullerton, California 2004
San Francisco, Fellowship of Reconciliation, San Francisco, California 2004
San Jose Peace Center, San Jose, California 1996 2004
Sonoma County Center for Peace and Justice, Santa Rosa, California 1992 2004
Sonoma Valley Peace and Justice, Sonoma, California 2004
Together in Our Valley, Murrieta, CA 2004
Ventura County Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005
Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center, Walnut Creek, California
Beloved Community, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Durango, Colorado 2004
Washington DC Fellowship of Reconciliation, Washington DC, 1989 - 2004 1989 2004
Atlanta Fellowship of Reconciliation, Atlanta, Georgia 2004 2005
Savannah Fellowship of Reconciliation, Savannah, Georgia 2002 2004
Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center, Honolulu, Hawaii 2002 2004
Idaho Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005
Quad Cities Fellowship of Reconciliation, Illinois 2005
Chicago Fellowship of Reconciliation, Wilmette, Illinois 2005
Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, Illinois 2002 2004
Columbus Peace Fellowship, Columbus, Indiana 1997 2005
Fort Wayne Fellowship of Reconciliation, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2004
Huntington Fellowship of Reconciliation, Huntington, Indiana 2004
North Manchester Fellowship of Reconciliation, North Manchester, Indiana 2001 2004
North Manchester Fellowship of Reconciliation, North Manchester, Indiana 2001 2004
Driftless Fellowship of Reconciliation, Iowa 2005
Louisville Fellowship of Reconciliation, Louisville, Kentucky 1996 2004
Baltimore Fellowship of Reconciliation 2004
Global Coalition for Peace, Bethesda, Maryland 2003 2004
Berkshire Peace Projects, Berkshire, Massachusetts 2000 2004
Cape Cod Fellowship of Reconciliation, Harwich, Massachusetts 1982 2004
Scranton Fellowship of Reconciliation, Scranton, Pennsylvania 2004 2005
Rhode Island Fellowship of Reconciliation, Providence, Rhode Island 1982 2004
Carolina Peace Resource Center, Columbia, South Carolina 1998 2004
Charlottesville Members and Friends of Fellowship of Reconciliation, Charlottesville, Virginia 2003 2004
Shenandoah Peace Coalition, Winchester, Virginia 2003 2004
Cape Cod Fellowship of Reconciliation, Harwich, Massachusetts
Choose Life, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Harrisonburg, Virginia 1994 2004
Bellingham Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bellingham, WA 2004
Cowlitz Fellowship of Reconciliation, Longview, Washington 1988 2004

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series E]
Midland Interfaith Council, Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace and Justice, Midland, Michigan 2002 2004
Tri State Fellowship of Reconciliation, Southern Michigan, Northeastern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio 2005
Hamline Students Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace, Hamline, Minnesota 1998 2004
Minnesota Fellowship of Reconciliation, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1976 2004
Columbia Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Reconciliation, Columbia, Missouri
Southeastern Missouri Fellowship of Reconciliation, Oak Ridge, Missouri 2004
Helena Peace Seekers, Helena, Montana 2001 2005
Sierra Interfaith Action for Peace, Carson City, Nevada 1998 2004
Arts for Peace, New Paltz, New York 2004 2005
Americans Removing Injustice, Suppression, and Exploitation 2001 2004
Interfaith Peace Network of New York, Buffalo, New York 2004
Riverdale Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bronx, New York 2002 2005
Rochester Fellowship of Reconciliation, Rochester, New York 1985 2004
Schoharie County Fellowship of Reconciliation, Cobleskill, New York 2004
Rural Southern Voice for Peace, Burnsville, North Carolina 1981 2004
Triangle Fellowship of Reconciliation, Raleigh, North Carolina
Northwest Ohio Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bluffton, Ohio 1989 2004
Sciota Fellowship of Reconciliation, Southern Ohio 2005
Columbia River Fellowship for Peace, Hood River, OR 1992 2004
Eugene - Springfield Fellowship of Reconciliation, Eugene, Oregon 1989 2004
Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation, Salem, Oregon 1986 2004
Peace House, Ashland, Oregon 1986 2004
Salem Fellowship of Reconciliation, Salem, Oregon 2004
Pittsburgh North People for Peace, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2001 2004
Students Acting for Global Awareness, Annville, Pennsylvania 2001 2004
Charleston Fellowship of Reconciliation, Charleston, South Carolina 2002 2004
Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bellevue, Washington 2004
Fire Mountain Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pe Ell, Washington 1986 2004
Freedom Project, Seattle, Washington 2000 2004
Tonasket Fellowship of Reconciliation, Tonasket, Washington 2001 2004
Tennessee Fellowship of Reconciliation
Central Texas and San Antonio Fellowship of Reconciliation, San Antonio, Texas 1990 2004
Friends of Peace, Waco, Texas 2004
Red River Peace Network, Panhandle, Texas 1986 2004
Interfaith Network for Peace with Justice, North Richland Hills, Texas 2002 2004
Houston Fellowship of Reconciliation, Houston, Texas 1991 2004
Vermont Fellowship of Reconciliation 2005

Box 1 [Accession 2017-060, Series F]
Deposits 2008-08-22
Deposits 2008-08-21
Deposits 2008-08-20
Deposits 2008-08-13
Deposits 2008-08-8
Deposits 2008-08-7
Deposits 2008-08-6
Deposits 2008-08-19
Deposits 2008-08-12
Deposits 2008-08-5
Deposits 2008-08-4
Deposits 2008-08-1
Fiscal Year 2008 Finances 2008
Deposits 2008-07-31
Deposits 2008-07-29
Deposits 2008-07-28

Box 2 [Accession 2017-060, Series F]
Deposits 2008-07-25
Deposits 2008-07-24
Deposits 2008-07-23
Deposits 2008-07-22
Deposits 2008-07-21
Deposits 2008-07-18
Deposits 2008-07-17
Deposits 2008-07-16
Deposits 2008-07-15
Deposits 2008-07-14
Deposits 2008-07-11
Deposits 2008-07-10
Deposits 2008-07-9
Deposits 2008-07-8
Deposits 2008-07-7
Deposits 2008-07-3
Deposits 2008-07-2
Deposits 2008-07-1

Accession 2017-080

Box 1 [Acc. 2017-080]
National council giving letter signed by Linda 1988
Program staff minutes - volunteer info
Toronto 1989 1989-04
National Council Lists
Big Giver Correspondence 1986-06
Best letters, thank yous, big giver correspondence
Deferred gift acknowledgements
Visitation letters
Compliments - Jan Hesboz
Doug Hostetter's year end calls 1988
General, foundations - articles, clippings, leads, lists
Trustee matching gift funds
Stock power
Donor profile - charts and graphs; direct mail - inhouse and prospecting; suggested mailing cycle; major donors
Contributions to date (1988); donors by state, region; due in 1988 average gift 1988
Budget 1988-05 1989-04
Conclusions and recommendations 1988
Critiques and evaluations
Stock donations (2003) 2003
Stock donations 2003
Roudabush property
William Durand estate 2005
Gifts of property - inquiry
Medtronic Inc - stock certificate, anonymous donation 2002-08-15
Nuhn-Zahn Trust

Box 2 [Acc. 2017-080]
AFSC Windward Fund 1983-08
AFSC Evergreen Fund
AFSC Dean A. Allen Suggestion Fund
William Penn Foundation matching fund - Bennett
William Penn Foundation matching gifts - Richard Cox
Shoul / Truitt Trust
Mailing list
Big giver list
Thank you letters to big givers 1984-10
Transamerica Corp - matching fund David Swenson 1983
Laird, Norton Foundation - Charlotte Taylor
Marriott C. Morris Jr. - Mellon Bank
Stewart Mott matching plan - John Hodgkin
Digital Equipment Corp - matching gift for Jonathon Levinson
Equitable Life Assurance Society matching gift - Lester Harwood
Harvard University - matching donations
Bankers Trust Company - big fund trust
Questionaires / forms about FOR
FOR Washington and Oregon Trip 1982-03
National Council 1977 1977
Stern Suggestion Fund - AFSC - anonymous donor
United Way
Big giver letters 1982-01 1982-08
Big giver thank yous 1982-08 1983-08
Personal solicitation - assignment sheets
Lapsed donor, phone follow
$500 plus donations

Box 3 [Acc. 2017-080]
Phone campaign 1986 1986
Special approach
Donors gifts profiles
Possible big givers 1988-11-08
Solicitor recruitment
2006-05-16 2006-05-16
2006-05-17 2006-05-17
2006-05-11 2006-05-11
2006-05-12 2006-05-12
2006-04-28 2006-04-28
2006-05-01 2006-05-01
2006-05-02 2006-05-02
2006-05-03 2006-05-03
2006-05-04 2006-05-04

Box 4 [Acc. 2017-080]
2006-05-05 2006-05-05
2006-05-08 2006-05-08
2006-05-09 2006-05-09
2006-05-10 2006-05-10
2006-04-20 2006-04-20
2006-04-21 2006-04-21
2006-04-24 2006-04-24
2006-04-25 2006-04-25
2006-04-26 2006-04-26
2006-04-27 2006-04-27
2006-04-07 2006-04-07
2006-04-10 2006-04-10
2006-04-12 2006-04-12

Box 5 [Acc. 2017-080]
2006-04-13 2006-04-13
2006-04-14 2006-04-14
2006-04-17 2006-04-17
2006-04-18 2006-04-18
2006-05-23 2006-05-23
2006-05-24 2006-05-24
2006-07 monthly pledge 2006-07
2006-07 pledge monthly status 2006-07
2006-04-04 2006-04-04
2006-04-03 2006-04-03

Box 6 [Acc. 2017-080]
2006-04-06 2006-04-06
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1985-04-28 1985-05-01
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1986-04-13 1986-04-16
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1987-04-26 1987-04-29
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1988-04-23 1988-04-26
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1989-04-29 1989-05-02
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1989-11-12 1989-11-13
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1990-05-05 1990-05-08
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1990-11-09 1990-11-11
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1991-04-27 1991-04-30
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1991-11-22 1991-11-25
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1992-05-16 1992-05-19
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1992-12-04 1992-12-07
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1993-05-22 1993-05-25
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1993-11-19 1993-11-22
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1994-04-29 1994-05-02
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1995-05-06 1995-05-09
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1995-10-13 1995-10-16
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1996-05-30 1996-06-02
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1996-10-19 1996-10-22
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1997-11-07 1997-11-10
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1998-05-29 1998-06-01
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1998-10-09 1998-10-12
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1999-02-26 1999-03-01
FOR National Council meeting minutes 1999-05-21 1999-05-24
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2000-02-25 2000-02-28
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2000-10-13 2000-10-16
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2001-02-16 2001-02-18

Box 7 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2001-06-02 2001-06-04
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2002-02-15 2002-02-18
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2002-06-15
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2002-10-11 2002-10-14
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2003-02-14 2003-02-17
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2003-06-20 2003-06-23
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2003-10-17 2003-10-20
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2004-02-20 2004-02-23
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2005-02-25 2005-02-28
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2006-02-15
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2006-06-24
FOR National Council meeting minutes 2007-01-19 2007-01-21
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1984-09-30
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1984-12-02
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1985-03-03
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1985-09-21 1985-09-23
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1986-03-07 1986-03-09
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1986-09-14 1986-09-15
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1986-12-13 1986-12-14
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1987-03-07 1987-03-08
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1987-09-12 1987-09-13
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1987-12-05 1097-12-06
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1988-02-27 1988-02-28
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1988-09-24 1988-09-25
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1988-12-11 1988-12-12
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1989-02-26 1989-02-27
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1989-09-09 1989-09-10
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1990-02-10 1990-02-11
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1990-08-25 1990-08-26
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1991-02-02 1991-02-03
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1991-09-06 1991-09-08
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1992-02-21 1992-02-23
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1992-09-18 1992-09-20
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1993-02-05 1993-02-07
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1993-09-10
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1994-02-18 1994-02-20
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1994-09-15 1994-09-18
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1995-01-04
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1996-01-26 1996-01-29
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1997-01-10 1997-01-12
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1997-05-16 1997-05-20
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1998-02-13 1998-02-15
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 1999-07-22
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 2000-04-07

Box 8 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 2001-03-22
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 2001-12-22
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 2003-01-29
FOR Executive Committee meeting minutes 2006-07-27
Information on PTI
Historic peace church / IFOR
peace efforts by churches
Nyack hospital history and FOR looking back on 63 years
FOR history
PT training
Women of color in the workforce evaluations form
Public speaking
Workshop - anti-oppression
Peacemaker Training coordinator application
"75 Years of FOR: The Rebel Passion"
Terrorism - position paper 1998-12-08
War Toys
Racial Dialogue
Civil Rights Journal
Environmental racism
Preparations for 1998 conference - women of color 1998
Funds for Southern communities
Five-year plan goals
National Farm Worker Ministry
Labor union mailing list
Labor union letters
Police brutality
Historic peace churches and IFOR
News letters 1998 1998
One day in my life
"Prospects for Peace in the Former Yugoslavia"

Box 9 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR statements on Bosnia
Bosnian Student Project
Guidelines for interfaith prayer service - Bosnia packet
War at the Crossroads - Bosnia packet
Made in China boycott
Roundtable of reconsiliation - Bosnia packet
War and peace in the Balkans - Bosnia packet
Press release of yugoslavia statement - Bosnia packet
Bosnia statement
Association of Concerned African Scholars
The Africa Fund
FOR statement on Somalia
FOR in Japan
Jessica's correspondence with Mattie
Public Welfare Foundation
Alderman letters
Eileen Browning
Fall 1999 evaluation - Ms. Singh and Mr. Dear
Jim Lawson and LouAnn
The Bruderhof
Green/red sheets
FOR media kit - general info and pamphlets
FOR local groups and affiliates
Finance committee 1962 1962
Finance committee 1963 1963
Finance committee 1964 1964
Finance committee 1965 1965
Finance committee 1966 1966
Finance committee 1967 1967
Finance committee 1968 1968
Finance committee 1969 1969

Box 10 [Acc. 2017-080]
Finance committee 1970 1970
Finance committee 1971 1971
Finance committee 1972 1972
Finance committee 1973 1973
Finance committee 1974 1974
Finance committee 1975 1975
Finance committee 1976 1976
Finance committee 1977 1977
Finance committee 1978 1978
Finance committee 1979 1979
Finance committee 1980 1980
Finance committee 1981 1981
Christmas card inspiration
Children's Creative Response to Conflict financial reports and notebook
Miscellaneous, pledge 1998, templates
Membership correspondence templates
Summer appeal mailing - drafts of 1998 1998
Fall follow-up appeal meeting - drafts of 1998 1998
Fellowship catalogue - donations and invoices 1998 1998
Local group mailings
Assurant FOR info
John Dear files
National Conference 2002 2002

Box 11 [Acc. 2017-080]
Ellen Kurtz's emails 2002 2002
Amy Beckhusen emails 2002 2002
Local groups
Marc Fallon's emails 2002 2002
FOR financial portfolio analysis and synopsis
FOR pension plan and trust special actuarial study 1987
FOR pension plan and trust 1987/1988 1987 1988
Medical Emergency Drive for Iraqi Children (MEDIC)
FOR Peacemaker Training Institute
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), board meeting (1992) 1992
"Stop It: Abolish the Death Penalty," National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (1992) 1992
"Jobs With Peace!" event (1988) 1988
Andrea Jo Ayvazian resume
Alternative Security and Defense conference (1987) 1987
Convocation for Peace in the Middle East, New YorkC (1990) 1990
No More Than Ever: The Postwar Disarmament Agenda (1991) 1991
General Electric and nuclear weapons event
Responding Faithfully to the Quincentenary (1991) 1991
Community organizing training (1960's ?) 1960's
FOR Student Delegation to Iraq (1990) 1990

Box 12 [Acc. 2017-080]
Allied Inspectors real estate info (1990's) 1990's
People Power, The Albert Einstein Institution
Waging War in the Nuclear Age teach-in, Riverside Church New YorkC (1987) 1987
FOR program (1990) 1990
Active Nonviolence: A Way of Life, A Strategy for Change
American Indian Institute 1992 Alliance 1992
FOR Iraq Sanctions Organizer's Manual
A Season for Nonviolence
Unlock Apartheid's Jails organizer's packet
Return of student delegation to Iraq (1991) 1991
FOR Witness for Peace, and Middle East
FOR Local Group Packet (1989) 1989
"Political Smears" packet by Bill of Rights Foundation
Justince, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation resource materials, World Council of Churches
Ibrahim Abdil-Mu'id Ramey speech (2005) 2005
FOR questionaires to concientious objectors (1)

Box 13 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR questionaires to concientious objectors (2)
Marketing and strategic planning, AFSC and miscellaneous
World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations, assembly (2004) 2004
Peacemaker Training Institute (2002-2003) 2002 2003
Women of color in the Workplace conference (1997) 1997
FOR Campus Organizer's Packet
Sister's Working Together for Justice in the Workplace Conference (1995) 1995
"Stop the Killing Start the Healing" handgun campaign
"50 Years Since the Bomb: A Packet for Local Organizers" (1995) WRL 1995
FOR People's Campaign for Nonviolence
FOR conference: Deepening the Roots (2012) 2012
FOR Delegation to Jordan and Iraq (1990) 1990
Sound the Trumpet of Justice - FOR national conference (1988) 1988
Voicing Hope in a Violent World - FOR national conference 1994
Building Community, Breaking Fire- FOR national conference (1992) 1992
FOR National Council Meeting, June 4-7 (2004) 2004-06-04 2004-06-07

Box 14 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR National Conference (2002) - "The Power of Nonviolence" 2002
FOR informational literature and pamphlets
FOR miscellaneous postcards and mailings
FOR letterhead, stickers, envelopes, etc.

Prime Money Market: Edward Price Flowers and Gloria Joyce Hernandez - Alvarado Rev Trust (2000) 2000-03-13
Edward Price Flowers and Gloria Joyce Hernandez - Alvarado Rev Trust (2000) 2000-03-13
Vanguard Overview: Price-Alvarado Trust 2000-03-13
Flowers-Hernandez-Alvarado Trust: GNMA Fund 2000-03-13
Price-Alvarado Trust: Vanguard Calvert Soc Ind Fund 2000-03-13
Price-Alvarado Trust: Vanguard Healthcare 2000-03-13
Price-Alvarado Trust: International Growth Fund Vanguard 2000-03-13
Price-Alvarado Trust: TTL St Mkt 2000-03-13
Flowers-Alvarado Trust: US Growth Vanguard 2000-03-13
Flowers-Alvarado Trust: Windsor 11 Vanguard 2000-03-13
Flowers-Alvarado Trust: Vanguard Equity Income 2000-03-13
Edward Price Flowers and Gloria Joyce Hernandez - Alvarado Charitable
Vanguard Prime Money Market Flowers-Alvarado Charitable Fund
Calvert Social Index Flowers-Alvarado Charitable Fund
Flowers-Alvarado Charitable Fund Vanguard Portfolio Summary
Faith-based peace organizations
Flowers trust
Vanguard Windsor II
Flowers trust - growth
Flowers trust - Wellington fund
Vanguard equity income - Flowers trust
Vanguard GNMA - Edward Price Flowers Trust
Edward Price Flowers Simplee Revocable Trust

Box 15 [Acc. 2017-080]
Tax Reporting - Edward Price Flowers
1999 Mid-East Tour - D Hostetter leader 1999
FOR Interfaith Delegation to Israel/Palestine 1998-10-25 1998-11-06
Iraq trip 1999 1999
Youth campus tours 2000-2001 2000 2001
International Peace Project - FOR M Kimball
New Voices - A National Fellowship Grant Proposal for Stop the Hate
People's Institute for Survival & Beyond
Women of Color in the Workplace conference
Campaign of Conscience for the Iraqi People (with AFSC)
Charles H. and Beverly A. Donald unitrust 1994-08-17
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Pax Christi FOR agreement 1997-10-1
Lake Worth, FL FOR
1997-1998 Financial LG records 1997 1998
1996-1997 Year end financial statements 1996 1997
LG financial statements 1995-1996 1995 1996
Income - Olympia 1994 1994
Local groups - financial statements (1992-1993) 1992 1993
United Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (1989-1998) 1989 1998
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
United Church of Christ FOR
Christian Peacemaker Teams FOR agreement 1997-06-11 1998-06-16
Balkan Peace Team
FOR/Israel/Palestine Home Resonstruction Fund 2000-12-20

Box 16 [Acc. 2017-080]
Latin America
Jim Forest - Peace media service Orthodox Peace Fellowship
IRS tax reporting
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust 2001 2001
Vanguard portfolio overview - L Verdesi Revocable 2001 2001
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust 2001 - prime money market Vanguard 2001
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust 2001 - Vanguard GNMA fund 2001
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust 2001 - Short-term corp fund 2001
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust 2001 - Vanguard Healtcare Fund 2001
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust 2001 - Vanguard TTL St Market 2001
Vanguard Brokerage Account
Vanguard Prime Money Market - Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust
Verdesi Trust - Vanguard Total Stock Market Portfolio
Verdesi Trust healthcare
Verdesi Trust Vanguard - short term corporate fixed income securities fund
Verdesi Trust GNMA Vanguard
L Verdesi correspondence
Lida Verdesi Revocable Trust
Verdesi trust - Vanguard corp fixed income

Box 17 [Acc. 2017-080]
Verdesi Trust Wellington
Verdesi Trust Vanguard - US growth
US treasuries intermediate
Miscellaneous circa 1997-2000 1997 2000
Miscellaneous circa 1998-2001 1998 2001
Americans for Gun Safety packet (2001) 2001
Events (attended by Ibrahim?) 2004 2004
Miscellaneous, communications from various organizations
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability DC Days 2003 packet 2003
POV film event, Two Towns of Jasper film (2002) 2002
Landmines - important documents

Box 18 [Acc. 2017-080]
FYI - miscellaneous documents
FOR materials, Ramey writings and correspondence
Miscellaneous circa 1997-1999 1997 1999
"Briefing Book on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (1993) 1993
American Friends Service Committee youth project
Miscellaneous documents
Nizar (Gigi) Zacuragic
"Amnesty International Death Penalty Resource Guidebook"
Peace group organizational documents
FOR strategic planning
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty info packets
Miscellaneous peace reference materials, Africa info
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability - 1999 packet 1999
Acts for Sanity 1996-97 background 1996 1997
Gun violence statistics
Miscellaneous reference material, FOR packet draft

Box 19 [Acc. 2017-080]
"Puerto Rico and Nuclear War" (1988) 1988
Internation FOR incoming correspondence
Miscellaneous reference material, correspondence, FOR papers
FOR local groupaffiliates and religious peace fellowship directory
IFOR "Nonviolence of the Brave" packet
Ibrahim Ramey press news release
"The Story of FOR" by John Nevin Sayre (1915-1935) 1915 1935
National Conference mailing list
Finance / letters / notes / flyers / surveys / committees' info / miscellaneous
FOR poster theme, FOR Delegation of Iraq
"Fowl Business in North Carolina" by FOR
Miscellaneous, Ramey's correspondence
FOR taxes, miscellaneous correspondence
Material, Clayton correspondence, Ramey notes
1989 FOR FBI request
FOR postcards from and to FOR
FOR brochures
Articles saved for FOR
Certification of Resolution authorizing transfer and securities
Manual materials
IRS information
IRS form 8283 - noncash charitable contribution

Box 20 [Acc. 2017-080]
Employee records 2006-2007 2006 2007
General operating costs, FY 2005-2006 2005 2006
Invoices of expenses - holding corporation 2007
FOR news release
"What's the FOR" and other pamphlets
Executive Committee Meeting 1994-02-18 1994-02-20
NC 1993-11-19 1993-11-22
Summaries EC/NC
National Council Lists

Box 21 [Acc. 2017-080]
Committees, task force and other appointments of the National Council
National Council Board Members and offices
NC Meeting 1992
National Conference Miscellaneous 1990
National Coucil Meeting 1994-04-29 1994-05-02
NC Handouts 1999-02 1999-03
NC Minute Originals 1999-02-26
NC Staff Reports 1999-10
NC Minutes 1999-10
Staff reports to NC 1999-05
NC Staff Reports 10-13 10-16
NC Staff Reports 2000-02
NC/EC Housing

Box 22 [Acc. 2017-080]
NC/EC Travel
Lawson, Jim (Signatures, etc)
EC/NC Invite Letters
Letters to/from NC (miscellaneous)
F.O.R. Media Kit 1999
NC Minutes 1999-02 1999-03
Letters to National Council
March Mailing PTI
PTI Brochure Production
PTI Brochure 2000 2001
PTI Brochure 1999 2000
FOR Mailings related to PTI
Graphic Design (Info) Photography photocopy
Mailing 1999-03

Box 23 [Acc. 2017-080]
Fall Publicity PTI Kirkirdge flyer
PTI mailing 1998-03
Washington DC files
Seattle Resources
Kirkridge (PA) Resource People
International Contacts
Chicago Resources
Santa Cruz Program 1995
DC Mob for Social Justice 2000
Philadelphia Resources
Project South
Kirkirdge Retreat Center
People's Institute
Pace e Bene
Training for Change
New York Area Resources
DC Resources

Box 24 [Acc. 2017-080]
Center for Living Democracy
United for Change Menu
F.O.R. Emergency release form
Geographic Information and Miscellaneous
Master Copies --- Outreach
PTI Cover Letters
AD Copy (PTI)
College Recruitment -- PTI --
Directory Listings (PTI)
PTI Publicity 1997
PTI Publicity Outlets 1996
Publicity Outlets 1995
Publicity 1998
Advanced PTI 1996-04-11 1996-04-14
Peacemaker Training Institute 1996-04-11 1996-04-14
Spring - 97 Advanced PTI 1997
Advanced PTI 1996-11

Box 25 [Acc. 2017-080]
Advanced PTI Shadowcliff Nyack, New York 1997-11-13 1997-11-16
Advanced PTI Spring 1999 (cancelled) 1999
Advanced PTI 1998-4-2 1998-4-5
Economist Allied for Arms Reduction -- Pearl River, New York
Every Church a Peace Church (ECAPC) -- RPF, related organization, Washington DC
EPIC -- Working to improve the human condition in Iraq
Falun Dafa
Freethinkers/Christians Duluth, MN
Friends World Program, Long Island University, Southampton, New York
Green Revolution, Cochranville, PA
Hospitality, Atlanta, GA
House of Peace, Peace, Interfaith
The Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners, Embuba-Giza (Egypt)
Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center (IPJC)
Illinois Disciples Foundation, A Peace with Justice Organization, Champagne, IL
The interfaith Center of New York in association with The Temple of Understanding, New York, New York
Institute for the Healing of Racism, Houstan, Texas
Institute for Individual World Peace, Santa Barbara, CA
Interns for Peace, IFP training group, New York, New York
Institute for Social Ecology, Plainfield, Vermont
Iowa Peace Network, Des Moines, Iowa
Justice Visions, Literature Resources Units, AFSC, Philadelphia, PA
LEPOCO/ Newsletter Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern, Bethlehem, PA
Los Angeles Catholic Worker, Los Angeles, CA
Mexico Program Philadelphia, PA
Meyer Religious Book Sale, Notre Dame, IN
New Covenant Center, Omaha, NE
National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, Chicago, IL
NISBCO, Washington DC
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Labor Committee, New York, New York
New Hope House, Newsletter, Griffin, GA
New Ways Ministry, Mount Rainier, MD
New york City People's Life Fund, New York, New York
OPERA News/Newsletter Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, Oakridge, TN
Partners for Democratic Change --- Internal Conflict Resolution
Peace Education Commission International Peace Research Association c/o Peace Studies, Milwaukee, WI
PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Peace and Justice Committee
Peace Tour Cross Country bicycle tour (peace journey), Buffalo, New York 1995
Prisoner visitation and Support, Philadelphia, PA
Quaker Bulletin Service AFSC American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, PA
The Religious Organizing Against The Death Penalty Project, Philadelphia, PA
Seeds of Peace, File Under: Middle East, Peace, International
Soulforee Inc, Laquna Beach, CA
Zones of Peace international Foundation, Federal Way, WA
Ruth Mott Fund
Iraq Pressr. 1998-02
FOR Persian gulf List
Iraq Clipping
Letter to Clinton ????-02-10
Bush's Legacy, J News 1993-01-03
Statement on Somalia 1992-12-14
Oil Factor in Somalia (LA times) 1993-01-18
U.S. Uranium Killing Iraq children (New York Times) 1993-01-23
FOR/AFSC: Bosnia/Somalia Meeting 1993-01-15
Statement on Iraq 1993-01-18
Network to Lift Iraqi Sanction
Reshaping Pacifism
Spirituality in Political Action
VIVE Inc. World Refugee Aid
Volunteer Counseling Services of Rockland County Inc. VCS Community Change project, New City, New York
Lake Worth FOR Lake Worth, FL
War Resisters' International (WRI) Peace, Anti-War
War Resisters' League, New York, New York
Wise Women Center Gazette, Woodstock, New York
Witness for Peace, WADC
Women's Action for New Direction (WAND) Arlington, MD
World Fellowship Newsletter, Conway, New Hampshire
World Goodwill Newsletter, New York, N.Y.

Box 26 [Acc. 2017-080]
Mailing Lists
Press and Religious Organizations Fax numbers and addresses
Mailing List Labels -- Key Contacts
Local Addresses and Local Groups
Press Fax List
Middle East Mailing List
Middle East Mailing List (Master)
Foreign Addresses
Rockland Churches
Media List on Computer
Religious Leaders
Youth/Nonviolence Training Coordinators and Interfaith/International Secretary Job Titles
Job Title: Administrative Assistant
Job Title:Development Coordinator and Assistant
Job Title: Computer Assistant and Database Administrator
Interim Executive Director
E.D. Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions

Box 27 [Acc. 2017-080]
Peace and Disarmament Coordinator: Job Applicants
Peace and Disarmament Coordinators: Job Applicants (Part 2)
Employment Offer Letters
Old Manual
Employee Manual
Membership Outreach Coordinator Application
Membership Outreach Coordinator Applications (Part 2)

Box 28 [Acc. 2017-080]
Membership Outreach Coordinator Applications (Part 3)
Media Releases, Outreach, Miscellaneous
Executive Director, Applications
Executive Director, Search
Executive Director Questionnaire/ FOR Structure
Personnel Committee
Membership Outreach Coordinator Miscellaneous Correspondence
Employee Manual
Interns 1995 1996
Interns 1996 1997

Box 29 [Acc. 2017-080]
Internship Application Packet 1998
REJ Intern Search 1997-03 1997-08
INTERNS (Application Requests) 1996 1997
INTERNS 1997 1998
INTERNS (part 2) 1997 1998
Evaluation (interns) 1997 1998
Ron Sider Christian Peacemaker Teams
A. J. Muste Institute
Judaism - Holocaust
Card Quotes (Inspirational)
Fairness Campaign
Popular Education/ Project South
Program Team
Playback theater Workshop
Personaz N/V As A Lifestyle selfdefense
Sustaining Yourself

Box 30 [Acc. 2017-080]
Training Workshops "Other"
Work Camps
Sweat Shops
Resource List Stuff from Jo.B
Ideas for Con'04 forms
Program Form
Local organizing process of affiliation documents
Articles 1980 1989
Religious Character - interfaith F.O.R.
Workshop Outlines
Youth Liberation
Youth oppression
Peace Teams
united Methodist Bishop's Macking
New york Community Trust
Religious Roots

Box 31 [Acc. 2017-080]
"Skills for change" --Chiarelli 1999
Fellowship of Ethical Pacifists 1970
Humanist Pc. Fellowship
Local Group Packet
F.O.R. Local Groups Directory
Local Groups and Associates
FOR Local Group: News Release
Local Organizers: FOR
FOR: Local Organizers
Youth in Local Groups
The State of the locals
Seeds of Change
Local Organizers 1999-05
Local Group Survey 2002
West Virginia
Virginia- Richmond
Texas - Denton
Pennsylvania- Southwest Butler
Pennsylvania-Susquehanna Valley
Oregon - Klamath Falls
Oregon - Umpqua Chapter
Pendleton FOR Oregon
Oregon - Canby-Wilsonville
Oregon - Interfaith Group For Central America
Ohio - Sylvania
North Carolina Ecumenical Peacemakers
New York - For a Better World, Queens, New York
New Jersey - Princeton FOR
NJ - Hudson Co. FOR
MN - Bemidji Friends For A Nonviolent World
North Carolina - Peace On Earth
MO. Northeast Missouri FOR

Box 32[Acc. 2017-080]
"Group Mysticism" New York Union Seminary By Wim Meyer (youth Secretary of FOR) 118 Pacifism 1940
Understanding 900 Booklets
God's Love Conquers Fear Manuscript
Chapter 1. A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chatper 2/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 3/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 4/ A pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 5/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 6/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 7/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 8/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 9/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 10/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 11/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 12/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 15/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 14/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Chapter 13/ A Pilgrimmage for Peace
Correspondene, Faxes, Memos, Notes//Miscellaneous (C. Ramsey)
FOR Records Swarthmore College 360 Boxes 1915

Box 33 [Acc. 2017-080]
Point II // FOR Records 1915
Point III// FOR Records 1915
prospecting lists Records temporal value Publications
Middle East. Witness Orientation Manual 1990-05-22
Emergency Press Release urgent Action Fax #5
Media Review/Deats
Adler --- unhappy letters FYI
Op Ed/ Reference Library
Graphic Ideas
Graphic Design
Managing Editor Lise St Amant
Allen Press St. Croix Press// Miscellaneous
Correspondence Richom Deats
Press Releases
Ethan's Correspondence
Prominent Names

Box 34 [Acc. 2017-080]
Bibliography "Peace Bibliography" by Daniel G. Cole
George Houser Freedom Ride 1947
Journey of Reconciliation Documentary
Zero Code Appeal
Prisons and many graphics
Allen Press
Saltus Press
Prisoner Gift Subs
OAC Printers RFP 2010-09
Newspaper with FOR's news
Ethan's Correpsondances Miscellaneous various items/items/notes

Box 35 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR 2000 Expenditure and Revenue 2000
Finance Committee
FOR Administrative material 1978 1982
FOR Charter Tax Exempt 1980
FOR correspondences 1983 1984
FOR National Council IRCA 1989

Box 36 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR National Council tax exempt soi (C) (3) ? 1985 1986
Pay Christi --- FOR New York Times ad
Finance Committee 1990
Finance Committee 1992
Financial Reports
Finance Committee '95
F.O.R. Proposal for Conversion of Donor Records
F.O.R. Financial Statements 1994 1995
FOR 1990's Administrative 1990
Recent General correspondencesFOR Correspondence Logistics 1986 1987

Box 37 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR Reconstructing FOR Old by laws 1986
FOR Tax except case 1990
Death Penalty
Helen Prejean interview
For miscellaneous 1990 1999
Stephanie Baluka
N. Conference 2002 Schedule 2002
leadership development camp 2002
Donna felter
Pro Choice/ Pro Life Swomley
"What the Smithsonian couldn't say about the Enola Gay" Pamphlet
Activist Promotion
Rockland Sanctuary

Box 38 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR Libya 2011
FOR Iran 2011
FOR Iraq 2011
FOR Palestine and Israel 2011
FOR Palestine and Israel (Part 2) 2011
FOR Middle East 2011
FOR Japan Earthquake Response 2011
FOR Consultant 2011
Afghanistan 2011
FOR Afghanistan 2011
FOR Administrative Logistics Information 2011
FOR Administrative Logistics Information (Part 2) 2011
FOR Administrative Logistics Information (Part 3) 2011

Box 39 [Acc. 2017-080]
FOR Administrative Logistics Information (Part 4) 2011
FOR Administrative Logistics Information (Part 5)
FOR Uraba Chocoana 2011
FOR Cuantanamo 2011
FOR Manhattan Project Human Experiments 2011
FOR New Visions 2011
FOR Board Nominees 2012
FOR Technology/Social Media Information 2011
MJ Emails 2011
FOR MJ emails 2011
FOR Selective Conscientious Objection 2011
FOR (IPEC) Ecumenical call to Just Peace 2011
MJ Emails 2011
FOR International work 2011
FOR Working budget 2012
FOR Domestic Activism 2011
FOR Domestic Activism (Part 2) 2011
FOR Events/conference involvement w/
Convocation of Peacemakers 2011
Scott Kennedy FOR Surveillance by FBI
Gun Violence Campaign Material 2011

Box 40 [Acc. 2017-080]
TFLAC/TFME Campaigns 2011
FOR MJ Emails 2011
FOr MJ Emails 2011
FOR MJ Emails 2011
FOR MJ Emails 2011
FOR HRC Declaration to Peace 2011
MJ Emails
FOR's national council ballot - peacemaker training institute brochure 1989 2000
Insurence for FOR
FOR's formats and internal applications
FOR Revenues and Expenditures 1999 2000
Draft of Letter to Mrs. King from FOR
Mark Johnson email 2007-05
Mark Johnson's emails 2010-10
Mark Johnson's emails 2010-11
Mark Johnson's emails 2010-12
Mark Johnson's emails 2011-01
Mark J emails 2011-02-11 2011-02-28
Mark Johnson emails 2011-03-1 2011-03-14

Box 41 [Acc. 2017-080]
Mark Johnson emails 2011-03-16 2011-03-21
Mark Johnson emails 2011-03-22 2011-03-27
Mark Johnson emails 2011-03-28 2011-03-31
Mark Johnson emails 2011-04-01 2011-04-06
Mark Johnson emails 2011-04--07 2011-04-22
Mark Johnson emails 2011-05
Mark Johnson emails 2011-06
Mark Johnson emails 2011-07

Box 42 [Acc. 2017-080]
Program Team Minutes
Staff Retreat
All Staff Meetings 1995-2000
Internal Memos
Administrative Miscellaneous
Computer Information
FYI from Jo. B., etc
Liliane Kshensky Baxter IFOR
IFOR: Yvonne Royster Correspondance
IFOR: Address List
John Dear
Employee Manual

Box 43 [Acc. 2017-080]
IFOR Council 2008
International FOR
FOR AFSC Personnel Policies
NC 2000-06
NC Members
Myron Kellener Rogers
Executive Committee 1993-09
NC - REJ Stuff
N.C. Former Lists
Nation Conference Payment Rapport

Box 44 [Acc. 2017-080]
Conference outreach
Conference Documents 2001 2002
IFOR Council, New York 2002
Conference Outreach
National Conference 2002-06
For Local Groups Workshop
Conference 2002
Janet Chrisholm
Susheilla Mehta
Pat Clark
Workcamp 1990
Prospecting Mailing
Caucus -- People of Color
Report on Examination condition 1998
Affirmative Action
Sexual Harassment

Box 45 [Acc. 2017-080]
Membership Reports from July 1997 1997-07
Personnel Policies
By-Laws Subcommittee
FOR National Conference 1992
Miscellaneous FOR publications
Miscellaneous packets and literature
News clippings
News clippings (Part 2)

Box 46 [Acc. 2017-080]
News clippings (Part 3)
FOR Miscellaneous Documents
FOR National Council Meetings reports / memos / appendixes (1) -
FOR National Council Meetings reports / memos / appendixes (2)
Publications of FOR local groups/ newsletters
FOR Week of action against weapons of mass destruction 1998
FOR Annual Reports 1995-1996-2010
FOR Package 2009
Fellowship cards, calendars, and gifts 1985
FOR Campus organizers packet
Seeds of change FOR publication
FOR Peronnel policies
Women of Iraq Tour of the United States 2003
Banned in Iraq for economic sanctions package
Membership packet 1995
FOR Building community, breaking free, 500 years of resistance, nacional council conference 1992
Structure of National office 1986
Desposit 2009-06-30

Box 47 [Acc. 2017-080]
Desposit 2009-06-27
Desposit 2009-06-26
Deposit 2009-06-25
Deposit 2009-06-24
Deposit 2009-06-23
Deposit 2009-06-22
Deposit 2009-06-18
Deposit 2009-06-17
Deposit 2009-06-16
Deposit 2009-06-15
Deposit 2009-06-12
Deposit 2009-06-11
Deposit 2009-06-10
Deposit 2009-06-09
Deposit 2009-06-08
Deposit 2009-06-05
Deposit 2009-06-04
Deposit 2009-06-03
Deposit 2009-06-02
Deposit 2009-06-01
Deposit 2009-05-29
Deposit 2009-05-28
Deposit 2009-05-27
Deposit 2009-05-26
Deposit 2009-05-22
Deposit 2009-05-21
Deposit 2009-05-20
Deposit 2009-05-19
Deposit 2009-05-18
Deposit 2009-05-17
Deposit 2009-05-15

Box 48 [Acc. 2017-080]
Deposit 2009-05-14
Deposit 2009-05-13
Deposit 2009-05-12
Deposit 2009-05-11
Deposit 2009-05-07
Deposit 2009-05-06
Deposit 2009-06-05
Deposit 2009-05-05
EC Meeting and Materials 1994-09-15 1994-09-18
EC 1995-10-13 1995-10-16
EC 1996-01-26 1996-01-29
Staff Reports to EC 1998-02-13 1998-02-15
Staff Reports to NC 1998-05-29 1998-06-01
Staff Reports to NC 1997-11-07 1997-11-10
EC (Originals) 1997-01-10 1997-01-12

Box 49 [Acc. 2017-080]
Meeting Preperations --EC/NC
National Council Meeting Minutes (Originals) 1997-05-16 1997-05-20
National Council Meeting 1997-05-16 1997-05-20
National Council Meeting 1996-10-19 1996-10-22
NC 1996-05-30 1996-06-02
Nonviolence training workshop, 1989 (October 23)
Letter, FOR to Tu Ja (Burma), 1990 (January 30)

Box 50 [Acc. 2017-080]

Peace Maker Training Institute
Guestbook 1980-1990
FOR new members 1963-1966
FOR new members 1969-1977
FOR new members 1977-1985

Box 1 of 1 [Acc. 2019-047]
FOR trip to Serbian Republic, 200: Notes of Mike Ashcraft and Dolores Gunter

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Box 1 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 1: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 001 - 055
Volume 1: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 056 - 119
Volume 1: file no. 100-1973 ( Chicago) and 100-3832 ( Portland), Bates stamp nos. 120 - 164
Volume 2: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 165 - 225
Volume 2: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 226 - 280
Volume 2: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 281 - 331
Volume 2: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 332 - 378
Volume 3: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 379 - 454
Volume 3: file no. 100-1973 ( Chicago) and 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 455 - 538
Volume 3: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 539 - 608
Volume 3: file no. 100-1973 ( Chicago), Bates stamp nos. 609 - 691
Volume 3: file no. 100-1973 ( Chicago), 100-4951 ( St. Louis) and 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 692 - 763
Volume 3: file no. 100-1973 ( Chicago) and 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 764 - 829
Volume 4: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 830 - 897

Box 2 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 4: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 898 - 1001
Volume 4: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1002 - 1071
Volume 4: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1072 - 1147
Volume 5: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1148 - 1241
Volume 5: file no. 100-3826 ( Chicago) and 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1242 - 1312
Volume 5: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1313 - 1346
Volume 6: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1347 - 1411
Volume 6: file no. 100-7121 ( Philadelphia), Bates stamp nos. 1412 - 1490
Volume 7: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1491 - 1563
Volume 7: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1564 - 1643
Volume 7: file no. 100-7546 ( New York) and 100-9882 ( Philadelphia), Bates stamp nos. 1644 - 1711
Volume 7: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1712 - 1789
Volume 8: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1790 - 1870
Volume 8: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 1871 - 1981

Box 3 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volumes 4, 7, 8: supplements, Bates stamp nos. 1982 - 2000
Volume 9: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2001 - 2086
Volume 9: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2087 - 2159
Volume 9: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2160 - 2214
Volume 10: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2215 - 2299
Volume 10: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2300 - 2375
Volume 10: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2376 - 2437
Volume 10: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2438 - 2499
Volume 11: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2500 - 2573
Volume 11: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2574 - 2639
Volume 11: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2640 - 2696
Volume 12: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2697 - 2783
Volume 12: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2784 - 2870
Volume 13: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2871 - 2983

Box 4 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 13: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 2984 - 3050
Volume 14: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 3051 - 3143
Volume 14: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 3144 - 3211
Volume 14: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 3212 - 3277
IA Volume 1: file no. 100-7546 ( New York), Bates stamp nos. 3278 - 3360
IA Volume 1: supplement 1, Bates stamp nos. 3361 - 3423
IA Volume 1: supplement 2, Bates stamp nos. 3424 - 3486
Volume 1: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3487 - 3561
Volume 1: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3562 - 3627
Volume 2: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3628 - 3702
Volume 3: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3703 - 3770
Volume 3: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3771 - 3832
Volume 4: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3833 - 3934

Box 5 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 5: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 3935 - 4061
Volume 6: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4062 - 4192
Volume 7: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4193 - 4298
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Volume 13: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4658 - 4714
Volume 14: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4715 - 4754
Volume 15: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4755 - 4811
Volume 16: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4812 - 4862

Box 6 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 17: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4863 - 4933
Volume 18: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 4934 - 5001
Volume 19: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5002 - 5074
Volume 20: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5075 - 5126
Volume 21: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5127 - 5178
Volume 21: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5179 - 5237
Volume 22: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5238 - 5311
Volume 23: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5312 - 5370
Volume 23: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5371 - 5422
Volume 24: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5423 - 5486
Volume 25: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5487 - 5555
Volume 26: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5556 - 5618
Volume 27: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5619 - 5714
Volume 28: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5715 - 5770

Box 7 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 29: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5771 - 5834
Volume 30: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5835 - 5955
Volume 31: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 5956 - 6058
Volume 32: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6059 - 6146
Volume 33: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6147 - 6258
Volume 34: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6259 - 6332
Volume 35: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6333 - 6437
Volume 36: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6438 - 6539
Volume 36: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6540 - 6621
Volume 36: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6622 - 6698

Box 8 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 36: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6699 - 6796
Volume 36: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6797 - 6836
Volume 37: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6838 - 6921
Volume 37: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 6922 - 7007
Volume 38: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7008 - 7082
Volume 38: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7083 - 7138
Volume 38: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7139 - 7204
Volume 39: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7205 - 7265
Volume 39: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7266 - 7317
Volume 40: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7318 - 7382
Volume 40: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7383 - 7457
Volume 40: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7458 - 7527
Volume 40: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7538 - 7617

Box 9 FOR FBI Files City and Headquarters files
Volume 41: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7618 - 7698
Volume 41: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7699 - 7774
Volume 42: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7775 - 7860
Volume 43: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7861 - 7937
Volume 43: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 7938 - 8001
Volume 43: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 8002 - 8040
Volume 44: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 8042 - 8156
Volume 44: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 8157 - 8236
Volume 46: file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters), Bates stamp nos. 8237 - 8270

Box 10 FOR FBI Files Enclosure Behind Files (EBFs); misc. files and releases
Enclosure Behind File - serial 90, file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters) [2 folders]
Enclosure Behind File - serial 103, file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters) [2 folders]
Enclosure Behind File - serial 139, file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters) [4 folders]
Enclosure Behind File - serial 328, file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters) [2 folders]
Enclosure Behind File - serial 655, file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters)

Box 11 FOR FBI Files Enclosure Behind Files (EBFs), misc. files and releases
Enclosure Behind File - serial 676, file no. 61-3415 (Headquarters) [3 folders]
Misc. small FBI Enclosure Behind Files
Misc. small non-FBI Releases [3 folders]
FBI - FOIA case (July 2002)

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