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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is not the official repository for these papers/records.
Freund-Hoppe, Martha (unknown birth date - 1951)
Martha Freund-Hoppe Collected Papers
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CDG-B Germany

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This collection is a rich trove of images and documentation (photographs, newspapers, magazine pictures, items of propaganda, and other material) about Germany in the midst of World War I gathered by Martha Freund-Hoppe during the war.

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Historical Background
Martha Freund-Hoppe, from Dresden, Germany died in 1951. Nothing further is known about her. Somehow, her collection of material concerning World War I ended up in the hands of Frederick Barber, Director of Historical Foundations Inc. in New York City. In March 1938, Emily Green Balch requested that Mr. Barber send the collection to Swarthmore College, and he agreed that it be held there until he could find a buyer for it. However, it seems that as Mr. Barber made no further claims upon the collection, it eventually became the property of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

Collection Overview
Freund-Hoppe had collected and arranged numerous photographs, newspapers, magazine pictures (half-tone images), items of propaganda, and other material, almost entirely from Germany, that provide a picture of the first world war in that country (selected images from this collection are available for viewing in a Web exhibit). A few problems exist with the collection: it is not always clear how the material in the various categories fit Freund-Hoppe's subject designations; her captions are nearly illegible; and it is obvious that much of the material was not produced as a protest of war though Freund-Hoppe seems to have collected it for that purpose. However, this collection is still a rich trove of images and documentation about Germany in the midst of war.

Items removed: Photographs were removed to the Photograph Collection (Exhibit of Images from the Freund-Hoppe Collection ); postcards were removed to the Subject File (Art in War and Peace: Postcard Collection)

Detailed Description of the Collection

In 1932, a list of the collection's contents (entitled Inhaltsverzeichnis der Bilder-und Dokumentensammlung "Kriegsachtung" [Contents of the Collection of Pictures and Documents "Outlawry of War"]) was typed, and later translated, as follows:

Box 1


Deutsche Mentalitat (nach dem Datum geordnet) [German mentality (chronologically)]

Krieg: Heimat [War: At Home]

a) Mobilmachung, Kriegserklarung, Abschied [Mobilization, declaration of war, departure]
b) Kriegsanliehen [War loans]
c) Ostpreussen, Maueranschlage [East-Prussia; posters]
d) Propaganda im In-und Ausland (Vaterland. Unterricht) [Propaganda at home and abroad (national education)]
e) Rationierungsmassnahmen [Food-shortening measures]
f) Schleichandel, Schieber und Wucherer [Smuggling, war-profiteering, usury]
g) Material-und Rohstoffnot [Lack of raw material]
h) Notgeld [Emergency money]
i) Krieg und Kinder [War and children]
j) [none]
k) Militarische Ausbildung der Jugend [Military education of youth]
l) Frauenarbeit im Krieg im In-und Ausland [Work of women at home and abroad during the war]
m) Kinderarbeit im Krieg im In-und Ausland [Work of children at home and abroad during the war]
n) Zensur und Kriegszieldebatte [Censorship and discussion about aims of the war]
o) Kriegsbeschadigten-Hinterbliebenen-u. Waisenfursorge [Aid for invalids, survivors and orphans]
p) Friedensbemuhungen im Krieg [Endeavors for peace during the war]
q) Zuisammenbruch [Breakdown]


a) Von den Vertriebenen [About the refugees]
b) Von den Verwundeten und Sterbenden [About the wounded and dying]
c) Von den Gefangenen [About the prisoners]
d) Befehlshaber [Commanders]
e) Geistlichkeit [Clergy]
f) Brest-Litowsk [Brest-Litowsk]
g) "Konigreich" Polen ["Kingdom" of Poland]
h) Etappentechnik [Technique behind the lines]
i) Papierkrieg in der Etappe [Paper war]
j) [None]
k) Etappenkorruption [Corruption]


a) Der Frontsoldat [Frontsoldiers]
b) Vormarsch [Advance]
c) Stellungskrieg [Stalemate]
d) Frauenfront [Women at the front-line]
e) Ruckzug [Retreat]
f) Seekrieg [Naval warfare]
g) Geschutze [Guns]
h) Gaskrieg [Poison gas]
i) Tanks [Tanks]
j) [None]
k) Luftkrieg [Aerial warfare]


a) Aufmar sche, Ausmarsche, Wurdentrager [Parades, marching out, officials of high rank]
b) Dekorationen und Beforderungen [Decorations and advancement]
c) Militar und Wissenschaft [The army and science]
d) Militar und Religion [The army and religion]
e) Propaganda [Propaganda]
f) Kitsch [Bad taste in art]


a) Publikatinonen der Vebergangszeit [Publications of the transition period]
b) Nationale und internat. Friedensarbeit [National and international work for peace]
c) Aufrustung [Armaments]
d) Nachlese [Gleanings]

[On August 28, 1931, Freund-Hoppe had gathered together 560 pictures and documents; after examining the collection, she added 148 items on February 22, 1932]

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