1861-1864: The Next Steps

Establishment of Friends Educational Association

The joint committee of Friends from the Yearly Meetings of Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia established the Friends Union Boarding School Association in 1861 to further the work and support the effort to establish a preparatory school. In 1862 the group expanded its goal to include the founding of a college and the name of the Association was changed to the Friends Educational Association. Monies were raised from members of the three Yearly Meetings for the purpose of purchase of land, developing building plans and establishing the framework of the College and Preparatory School.

As noted in the Friends' Intelligencer, Philadelphia, November 15, 1862: "Having met with those from Baltimore, and expressed unity in supporting the project, a notice that 'We are requested to announce to all interested, that the meeting of the Friends' Union Boarding School Association will be held on the 2d day of the Twelfth mo, 1862, at 3 o'clock, p.m. at Race Street Meeting House. At this time all who have subscribed to the fund, and who are consequently members of this Association, are invited to be present and participate in the adoption of the Constitution and the election of Managers.'"

In the same issue, December 13, 1862: "a report of the meeting FUSBA held "on 2nd instant 12th mo. 1862 (December 2, 1862) the first general meeting was held of the subscribers to the School fund which is being raised within the limits of the three Yearly Meetings of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. The Constitution, prepared by Friends from New York and Philadelphia, was revised and proposed for adoption with some amendments: the name Friends Educational Association was readily adopted and discussion took place about the election of the Board of Managers.

The joint committee of the Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York Yearly Meetings raised funds through individual subscriptions; members subscribed $5.00 per $25.00 share to raise $75,000 to support the Friends Union Boarding School Association. Those members automatically became members of the Friends Educational Association. A Board of Managers, with an equal number of men and women members, was elected.

On April 1, 1864, "An Act of Incorporation of Swarthmore College" was granted by the Pennsylvania State Legislature, thus establishing the new corporation of Swarthmore College. The transfer of all shares of stock in the Friends Educational Association was accomplished and members of the Friends Educational Association became part of the new corporation of Swarthmore College.


Text prepared by Beth Bartle
Last update: 5/31/02