The awarding of baccalaureate degrees was conferred upon the six members of the first senior class of Swarthmore College on June 18, 1873. The institution, which included both a preparatory school and a college, had attained success. Students from five states came to study at Swarthmore. Graduates were listed in the Commencement Program:

Sarah Hall Acton, Salem, New Jersey, Helen Magill, Swarthmore College, Elizabeth Clarke Miller, Morris, New York, Hetty Townsend Moore, Sandy Spring, Maryland, Lydia Maria Child Pierce, Pleasantville, New York, and Lowndes Taylor, West Chester, Pennsylvania.


"Students of the Graduating Class: It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I meet you-the first graduating class of Swarthmore College. For years and years my co-workers and myself have striven to bring about what we now see, a class of graduates at Swrthmore. I am assured by the President of your good conduct during the years that you have been under his superintending care; and my own observation confirms me in the belief that that you have endeavored conscientiously to discharge all your duties. The knowledge of this, combined with the general good conduct of your fellow students who are emulous to excel, has inspired my co-trustees and myself with a lively feeling of satisfaction. My God bless you all and us."

(Samuel Willets, President of the Board of Managers)


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