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Works About Robert Barclay and His Family


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Baier, Johann Wilhelm. 1701. Synopseos et Examinis Theologiae Enthvsiastarvm Sev Qvakerorvm : Praecipue Roberti Barclaii, Scoto-Britanni, Dissertationes Quae Extant, Qvinqve Cvm Fragmento Sextae. Jenae [Germany] : J. Jacobus.

Barclay, Robert [son of the Apologist] and Henry Mill. 1812. A Genealogical Account of the Barclays of Urie, for Upwards of Seven Hundred Years : With Memoirs of Colonel David Barclay, and His Son Robert Barclay--Also Letters That Passed Between Him, the Duke of York ... And Other Distinguished Characters; Containing Curious and Interesting Information, Never Before Published. London: Printed for the editor by J. Herbert.

Barclay, Robert and David Barclay.1870. Reliquiae Barclaianae : Correspondence of Colonel David Barclay and Robert Barclay of Urie. London : Lithographed by Winter & Bailey. Letters to and from Colonel David Barclay and Robert Barclay, plus other letters and family documents up to 1742.

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Originally attributed to David Barclay [grandson of the Apologist], this work is now believed to have been written by a group of Quakers, of whom Joseph Gurney Bevan was the chief author/editor.

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The Concurrence and Unanimity of the People called Quakers in Owning and Asserting the Principal Doctrines of the Christian Religion; Demonstrated in the Sermons or Declarations of Several of Their Publick Preachers, Namely Mr. Robert Barclay [and 13 others]. London : Reprinted and sold by J. Sowle, 1711

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