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Chronology of the Life of Robert Barclay

(All dates are "new style")

1610 Birth of David Barclay (later Colonel Barclay), Robert Barclay's father
1648 Dec. 23  Birth of Robert Barclay at Ury in Scotland
1659 Sent to Scots’ Theological College (Roman Catholic) in Paris where his uncle was Rector
1663 March  Death of Robert Barclay’s mother, whose dying request was that Robert return to Scotland
August ?  
Robert brought back to Scotland
1665 Colonel David Barclay became a Quaker
1667 Robert Barclay became a Quaker
1670 February  Robert Barclay married to Christian Molleson
1670 Truth Cleared of Calumnies published
1672 March  Robert Barclay walked through the streets of Aberdeen in sackcloth and ashes
1672 Barclay’s first brief imprisonment in the Tolbooth of Montrose
1673 or 1674  First attendance at London Yearly Meeting
1673? Catechism and Confession of Faith published
1674 Theses Theologicae or Some Solid Positions of Sound Divinity Asserted published in Low Dutch and Latin
1675 Theses Theologicae published in English early in the year
1675 Completion of the Latin edition of the Apology; the address to King Charles II was dated November 25, 1675
1675 Quakerism No Popery published
1676 Anarchy of the Ranters published
1676 Quakerism Confirmed published (written with George Keith)
1676 An Apology for the True Christian Divinity As the Same is Held Forth and Preached by the People Called in Scorn Quakers published in Latin
1676 Nov. 7  Imprisonment in Aberdeen
1677 April 9 Release from prison
1677 July 26  Embarked on ministerial tour of Holland and Germany with George Fox,
William Penn and others
1678 Barclay’s English translation of the Apology published
1679 Nov. 4  Last imprisonment, at Aberdeen 
1682 Sept. Appointed non-resident Governor (for life) of East New Jersey in the American colonies
1683 August Barclay attacked by highwaymen north of London

1686 Oct. 12 

Death of Colonel David Barclay

1690 Oct. 3 Death of Robert Barclay at Ury, Scotland
1692 Barclay’s collected works published under the title Truth Triumphant Through the Spiritual Warfare, Christian Labours and Writings of That Able and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay
1724 Death of Christian Barclay


Partially adapted from the chronologies of D. Elton Trueblood, Robert Barclay (New York : Harper & Row, 1968), p. 250-251 and J. Philip Wragge, The Faith of Robert Barclay (London : Friends Home Service Committee, 1948), p. 15-18.