The use of the term "Albums" to describe this collection refers to the fact that the material contained usually is not original, but rather copied or collected, often for its spiritual or moral message. “Album” is used as the broad term to include volumes also described as commonplace, piece, "sentiment," autograph, or copy books.

A definition of "commonplace book" describes it as "a book of literary passages, cogent questions, occasional thoughts, or other memorabilia." The terms "piece book" and "copy book" also refer to this genre which was particularly popular in the Quaker community in the 19th century. Many of the albums contain copies of speeches and letters of noted Friends in addition to contemporary poetry and other quotations.

Closely related formats, "scrapbook" and "clipping book," are distinguished from the albums because they contain material which was originally printed or written elsewhere and then attached to the pages of the book. "Lesson books" and "exercise books" include material that was copied in the classroom or prepared as a school assignment, and "autograph books" contain signatures and often "sentiments" of friends and acquaintances.

When received as part of a larger collection, these forms of collected and copied material are stored within the collections as received. The exceptions are Swarthmore College Scrapbooks, Clipping Books, and Albums which are catalogued as separate series within Swarthmore College Archives, Record Group 6..

The inventory is arranged alphabetically by creator or collector. Anonymous albums are sorted by type, dated albums first. Box numbers refer to Manuscript Album Collection (MSS 002); other locations refer to other collections in Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College (e.g. RG5/001, ALLEN identifies the George B. Allen exercise book as part of the Allen Family Papers).

In addition to the volumes listed here, there are two folders of loose sheets.

These albums are not available through interlibrary loan. To request items in the Library, please fill out a call slip with the name of the collection, item name, and location. When available, access is through microfilm.

 Author Item Date Additional author and/or item information FHL Call Number
Anonymous Commonplace Book ca. 1700 Copies of early Quaker writings by Francis Howgill (1618-1669), Edward Burrough (1632-1663) and others, visions, dreams. Purchase Acc. 2014.038 MSS 002/203
Anonymous Lesson Book ca. 1750 Arithmetic workbook prepared by a scholar under the direction of a school master. John Cox, Jr., attributed it to someone living within Genessee Yearly Meeting. Gift of NYYM, 1997 MSS 002/204
Anonymous Commonplace books 1762-1813 and n.d. Contents include copies of letters of Samuel Fothergill, Job Scott, and others.   Enclosures include autograph of Edward Pease, and an extract concerning the death of George Fox and a gathering on the day following dated 1 mo. 15 1690. Copied from Friends Register "commencing about the year 1652" MSS 002/002
Anonymous Commonplace Books 1780 Copies of letters by Samuel Fothergill, Sophia Hume, Frances Henshaw. Also stories of convincement    MSS 002/003
Anonymous Commonplace Books 1818 & n.d. Copies of poems, including Henry 14 "On sleep" MSS 002/004
Anonymous Commonplace Books 1822-23 Copies of farewell poems to Elias Hicks, speech made at George Fox's burial MSS 002/005
Anonymous Commonplace Books 1823-33 & n.d. Indexed, copied extracts on Elias Hicks, George Fox, American independence. MSS 002/006
Anonymous Commonplace Books 1840 Lines written at Friends Burial Ground (Llywyngwril near Barmouth). MSS 002/007
Anonymous Commonplace Books n.d.   20 volumes MSS 002/008-17
Anonymous Copybook n.d. Passages by Quakers, primarily Isaac Pennington.   Gift of Sarah Ewing, 1994 MSS 002/153
Anonymous Exercise book n.d.   MSS 002/170
Anonymous Commonplace book n.d. Includes an excerpt concerning Pompey, a slave belonging to Josiah Patterson of Deep River Monthly Meeting, N.C., and an account of John Steel, an English Quaker MSS 002/172
Anonymous Commonplace book ca. 1770-1830 Manuscript collection of original and copies by a New York Quaker man. Part of New York Yearly Meeting Collection of Quaker Poetry, 1761-1937. Gift of NYYM, 1997 SC 226
Anonymous Lesson Books 1821-36 (on duties of youth, 1836) 2 volumes Accounting exercises, "Day Book 1821." Also includes copy of sermon on duties of youth, 1836. MSS 002/018
Anonymous Stenographic notes on sermons by Lucretia Mott and others

ca. 1850-1851

1 volume, covers missing. Pitman Shorthand notes on sermons by Lucretia Mott and others, including Nathaniel Crenshaw of Virginia at Arch Street Meeting, T. S. Stockton, George Truman, and John Jackson. Author not identified. Written in a small notebook which was also used as algebra workbook and autograph book. Transcribed 2013, photocopies of most of sermons stored in separate file with same call number. Purchase, Acc. 2012.037 MSS 002/205
Anonymous Lesson Book ca. 1860   "Expedients and contractions in Arithmetic" MSS 002/019
Anonymous Lesson Book 1873 History exercise book. Also includes Minutes of The Home First Day School MSS 002/020
Anonymous Pocket scrapbook 1862-1872 Contains clippings regarding Friends and yearly meetings.   Gift of Jessie L. Hoopes, 1941 MSS 002/107
Anonymous Copybook (loose sheets) ca. 1812-1842 Multiple compilers MSS 002/151
Anonymous Autograph Book 1871-72 To "Mary (Maime)," Swarthmore College.   Most likely Mary (Hibbard) Thatcher, Class of 1874.   Donor unknown, 1972. MSS 002/001
Abbott, Ruth, and, in some cases, Henry B. Abbott (47) Scrapbooks and commonplace books   Part of 47 volumes by Ruth and Henry B. Abbott. Includes quotes, newspaper clippings, etc., nos. 11-22, 31-140, 149, 50, 63, 72-75, 81-88, 93-96, 98, 101, 103, 1014, 106, Sketchbook (n.d.) MSS 002/21
Allen, George B. Geometry exercise book n.d. Stored in Series 6. Miscellaneous Papers. RG5/001   ALLEN
Allen, Mary, collector Scrapbook, exercise book, accounting book 1831-1845 Surveying lessons.   Includes employers/scholars attendance, money owed and accounts (school unknown) MSS 002/022
Andrews, Susan L. Friendship book ca. 1840s Gift of Merion Monthly Meeting MSS 002/166
Atkinson, Anna A. Clipping book n.d. Gift of Elsa Jenkins, 1959 MSS 002/023
Atkinson, Mary Exercise book 1826 Writing exercise book, "Mary Atkinson, from Danby, 1826." Also includes a bill of timber with the names of Wm. D.P. Snow, Ionia C.O. Michigan, John Henry Prudon. Gift of Christopher Densmore, Acc. 2016.020 MSS 002/202
Atkinson, Wilmer Scrapbooks 1914-1948 Wilmer Atkinson was the founder of The Farm Journal.   These are family scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, clippings relating to the journal, family notes, and personal memorabilia. 8 vols. RG5/005 ATKINSON
Austin, Lydia Ann Commonplace book 1820-1830 Gift of Anne Moore. Found in nursery building of Joseph W. Thomas and Sons Nursery. Acc. 2012.023 MSS 002/190
Austin, Margaret C. Commonplace book, Abington Friends School 1825 Includes some original poems by her friends.  Gift of Mary Patterson, 1959 MSS 002/024
Bacon, Ellis Scrapbook 1946-1957 Material on his retirement from J.B. Lippincott, a medical publishing company.  Gift of Peggy Kahoe Fowler MSS 002/025
Bacon, Sarah W. Keepsake and autograph album 1841-1848 Gift of F.B. Zelley, 1977 MSS 002/026
Baker, Aaron (1772-1855) Commonplace book ca. 1799-1855 Originals and copies of poems and prose. Baker was from Dutchess Co., NY. Gift of NYYM, 1997 SC 226
Barnard, Ella K. Autograph album 1926 Autographs from letters she received.   Gift of Ella K. Barnard to J. Russell Hayes, FHL librarian. RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Barnard, John Autograph album 1838 Part of 15 volumes by John Barnard in Series 6, Memorabilia.   From East Marlborough RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Barnard, John Copy book (3) 1837-1839 Part of 15 volumes by John Barnard in Series 6, Memorabilia.   Contains leaf prints (1837), original poems, maps (1838), copied poems (1839). RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Barnard, John Day books (3) 1836, 1838 Part of 15 volumes by John Barnard in Series 6 memorabilia. Include accounts, original poems (1838). RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Barnard, John Exercise books (7)    1833 (1, maps); 1837 (1); 1838 (4); 1839 (1) Part of 15 volumes by John Barnard in Series 6, Memorabilia.   RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Barnard, John Ledger 1838 Part of 15 volumes by John Barnard in Series 6, Memorabilia. Includes index by transactor and accounts. RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Barnard, R.M., transcriber Copybook n.d. The doctrine of particular and unconditional election as expressed by Samuel Matin by Ben J. Mason MSS 002/027
Bartlett, M. E. Scrapbook n.d. "139 N 15 St., Pa." RG5/156 THOMAS FAMILY PAPERS  
Barker, Mary Piece books, copy books, Westtown School notebooks, autograph album. 1855-1856 Notebooks include botany, arithmetic, scriptures, etc. Also autograph album. Stored in Series 6, in 9 volumes. RG5/011   COFFIN-   BAXTER
Baxter, Mary Housekeeping book 1857 House expenditures, from a cord of wood to butter.   Stored in Series 6. RG5/011   COFFIN-   BAXTER
Baxter, William Piece book 1842, 1849 2 piece books, stored in Series 6. RG5/011   COFFIN-   BAXTER
Benezet, Anthony Lesson book n.d. "Table of different of latitude."   From the papers of John Parrish MSS 002/028
Bennis, W. Piece book 1823 Copies of letters, Quaker testimony.   Later owned by Walter W. Jacob MSS 0020/29
Berry, Dorothy Everett (Pidgeon) School notebook, Leland Powers School, Boston, MA 1918 Born Dorothy Pidgeon, married Willard Berry. RG5/123 PIDGEON
Biddle, John Piece book 1852-1854 Records source and date of each entry MSS 002/030
Booth, Elizabeth Broomall Scrapbook 1850-1882 (1816-1882). In Series 5.   Gift of Wilmington (Delaware) MM, 1972 RG5/085 LAMB
Bringhurst, Deborah Almanac with additions 1827, 1829 Clippings and diary entries tipped into Poor Will's Pocket Almanac, 2 vols., 1827 & 1829 MSS 002/169
Bringhurst, James Piece book 1656-1819 & n.d. Includes Quaker testimony, travels, and letters.   MSS 002/031
Brown, Diana Autograph book 1821 Handmade small autograph book of Diana Brown of Baltimore, MD. She was the daughter of Uriah Brown and a student at Nine Partners Boarding School. Gift of Marjorie Forbush Scott, Acc. 2013.013. MSS 002/197
C, G. Copy book   "Three ancient pieces copied by G.C. when young" By Benjamin Padley, Thomas Wilson, and William Dewsberry (early Quaker ministers) MSS 0020/32
Child, Henry T., M.D. Clipping book 1884 Report on PYM, 1884, pasted over The Crystal Fountain by Upham.   Child was physician, office on Race Street, Philadelphia.  Includes Lucretia Mott's sermons, 1849-78. Gift of Lucretia Mott Gaskill Fry , 1949 MSS 002/033
Clark, Mary Piece book 1802   MSS 002/034
Clayton, H.T. "Notes on the Theory and Practice of Teaching” and Essays 1859-1865 Written at the Excelsior Normal School, Carversville, Bucks County, PA MSS 002/035
Clothier, Isaac H. Clipping book 1837-1921 Clippings on abolition talks by Wendell Phillips and George Curtis in Philadelphia; reaction of city.   Also on Lincoln and Booth MSS 002/036
Codding, Ichabod Clipping book c.1834-184O Mainly anti-slavery RG5/028 CODDING
Codding, Ichabod Clipping book 1839-1842 Mainly anti-slavery and politics RG5/028 CODDING
Codding, Ichabod Clipping book 1874 Anti-Slavery Reunion RG5/028 CODDING
Comly, John Surveyor's record book, Byberry and Moreland 1812-1846 Give lines of succession for title of properties, marriages, etc. Some occupations given. In Series 4. Financial and Legal papers. RG5/30 COMLY
Conrow, Wilber B. Scrapbook of verse     Kept by his mother, Elizabeth Conrow MSS 002/037
Cooper family Albums (3) and autograph book ca. 1858-1901; 1922-1925 Cooper family of Chester Co., Pa., and Camden/Medford, N.J. Three poetry albums of Annie H. Cooper (b. 1859) and her sister Mary (1852-1917). Most of the poems and prose concern family members, including brother William B. Cooper. Also an autograph book owned by their niece, Mary A. Cooper, of Medford. Gift of Ruth Hall Brooks, Acc. 2007.013 MSS 002/191
Cox, Margaret (Maggie) E. Album n.d. Autographs from pupils at Kennett School MSS 002/038
Cox, Margaret (Maggie) E. Album 1852-1856 Autographs MSS 002/038
Cresson, Elizabeth H. Notebooks (2) of original ms. poems 1822 and 1822-1823 Includes penmanship alphabets and poems.   GIft of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/039
Cresson, Elizabeth H. Piece books (2) 1822 and n.d. GIft of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/039
Cresson, Elliot (1791-1854) Piece book 1808, 1809 "Miscellaneous Pieces by Elliot Cresson." One original, others anecdotes MSS 002/040
Cresson, Elliot (1791-1854) Cresson family album   n.d. MSS 002/41
Cruickshank, James  (3) copybooks c.1790s Vol.6 contains Epistles to and from Scotland YM MSS 002/42
Dewees, Amanda Ciphering book 1834 "Property of Amanda Dewees, 1834" Portion used as scrapbook for clippings ca. 1886 MSS 002/43
Dudley, Rebecca Copy book 1788-1789 1777 message to young friends copied by R.D.   Gift of PYM, 1975 MSS 002/044
Elkinton family 4 albums 1860-76, 1855, 1853-55, and n.d   RG5/37 ELKINTON
Elkinton, Howard Scrapbook 1917-1919 Scrapbook of relief work done for "Friends War Victims Relief Committee" RG5/37 ELKINTON
Elkinton, Joseph Autograph album 1841 From Westtown Boarding School.   In Series 3. RG5/037 ELKINTON
Elkinton, Rebecca  Autograph album 1840-1843 Series 1. In box labeled "Albums of Elkintons and related families" RG5/037 ELKINTON
Elkinton, Rebecca Parke Autograph album 1857 From Scarborough, England. Series 1. In box labeled "Albums of Elkintons and related families" RG5/037 ELKINTON
Elkinton, Sally Piece book 1849 6mo5 Series 2. RG5/37 ELKINTON
Evans, Jane (1785-1876) Autograph album 1807

Small handmade album with sentimental verse kept by Jane Evans (later Robinson) while a student at Westtown. Gift of Ted Reising, Acc. 2009.035

MSS 002/195
Farquahar, Charles Lesson book, Alexandria Boarding 1857-1858 From Alexandria Boarding School, VA. Certificate of achievement at end. School founded by B. Hallowell, who was related to the Farquahars MSS 002/45
Fell, Henry R. Lesson book, Gwynedd Boarding School 1833 Mathematics lesson book, Gwynedd Boarding School, Montgomery Co., Pa. Geometry, trigonomeetry, word problems. Gift of Lucy Thrower. Acc. 2014.018. MSS 002/201
Ferris, Sarah and Matilda (6) Copy books 1842-43, 1907-1912 5 copybooks by Sarah (Underwood) Ferris, wife of David Ferris. Account book (1907-1914) of Matilda Ferris, daughter. In Series 5.   RG5/040 FERRIS
Fisher, Deborah (Wharton) Bible lesson book and penmanship book 1811, 1815 Penmanship book (1811) from Writing Academy Library, Philadelphia MSS 002/161
Fisher, Samuel R. Piece book 1784 Notes on Francis Howgill; Quaker beliefs and testimony. Donated in 1872 MSS 002/046
Flitcraft, Sarah B. Scrapbook 1917 Compiled by her sister, Clara B. Miller, 1918, in honor of Sarah Flitcraft.   In Series 5. RG5/085 LAMB
Folwell, Elizabeth Lamb Piece book 1813 Poems; written at Woodbury School MSS 002/047
Foulke family (2) Piece books n.d. Includes Foulke genealogy; accounts of trip to United States; first settlement of Gwynedd MSS 002/049
Foulke, Lydia Walton Piece book 1858-1878 Resident of Gwynedd, PA. Wife of Daniel Foulke, son of Joseph who founded Gwynedd Boarding School. Includes valedictory addresses for 1858-59 MSS 002/048
Frost, Phebe Autograph album 1826-1830 Phebe Frost, Quaker from Skaneateles, NY. Verse and sentiments. Signers are from Peekskill, Scipio, Skaneateles, and Greatfield. Possibily related to "The Hive." a school in Skaneateles, NY. Gift of Christopher Densmore, Acc. FHL 2013.022. Inventory of contents in folder. MSS 002/186
Garrett, Elizabeth Report of Progress of Study, Sharon Boarding School 1844-1845 Statement of the Progress in Study, Conduct, etc of Elizabeth Garrett during the Winter Term for 1844 at Sharon Boarding School MSS 002/050
[Garrigues, Hannah?] Commonplace book 1848-1852, n.d. Anonymous donor MSS 002/051
Gildersleeve, Alfred Mosher Clippings scrapbook 1910-12 Postcards, articles on Quaker Meeting Houses MSS 002/159
Griscom, Rachel D. (1808-1901) Fabric scrapbook ca. 1870 Gathering up the fragments that nothing be lost. Fabric samples collected and labeled by Rachel D. Griscom of Reading, Pa. Includes samples of 18th century fabrics, fabrics worn by slaves in Virginia, and fabric woven and colored in Liberia. Gift of Rachel D. Griscom, 1872. Relics #117
Guindon, Marie A. (1893-1926) Autograph book 1911 Handmade small autograph album, "Sherwood Select School." Marie A. Guindon, dau George and Adelia Guindon of Poplar Ridge (Otisite). Gift of Thomas Hamm, Acc. 2013.016. MSS 002/198
Haight, Susan F. Piece book n.d.   Member of the Chappaqua Monthly Meeting. Born September 1814, died December 23 1896 MSS 002/156
Haines, Elizabeth French Piece book 1838   SC 051 HAINES
Haines, Elizabeth French Copy books 1841 (1); 1842 (2); 1843 (1)   SC 051 HAINES
Haines, Elizabeth Shinn Autograph albums, copybooks 1836-1857 6 volumes: 2 autograph albums, 4 copybooks.   RG5/054 HAINES
Haines, Mary Ellis Poetry 1831 and n.d. Original poetry MSS 002/52
Haines, William Jr. Notebook 1831 7mo 7   Notes on Sewell’s History vol. 1 MSS 002/53
Hall, Elizabeth Copy book 1809   SC 005 BACON
Hall, Elizabeth "My Commencement" 1905 Bound volume with clippings, entries on Elizabeth Hall's graduation from Swarthmore College, Class of 1905. Acc. 2006-026 MSS 002/174
Hallowell, Agnes Piece book 1812 "Agnes Hallowell's Verse Book done at J and J school in the year 1812" MSS 002/54
Hallowell, Caroline Commonplace books (2) 1847 Caroline Willetts, Alexandria, Virginia, enrolled in Westtown, 10 Mo. 1847. Gift of Lawrence Glaggett, through Mary Cotton. Acc. 2006.012. Donor also included a photocopy a poem by Rachel B. Satterthwaite, "The First and Last Nicholite," 1895. MSS 002/189
Hancock, Samuel P. Lesson book 1829-1832 From Claremont Academy MSS 002/055
Harvey, Hannah Autograph album 1844-1848   MSS 002/056
Heacock, Abby and Walter G., et al Album, "Ye Pilgrims and Ye Pilgrimage” 1912? Account of a visit of Friends in Adams, York, Cumberland, and Dauphin Counties, PA, VII/20 to VIII/5/1912.   Gift of Anna B. Glick 1973 MSS 002/057
Heald, Lydia (later Price) Autograph album 1841   SC 055 HEALD
Heald, Lydia (later Price) Piece book 1841 "West Town School" SC 055 HEALD
Heavilan, Lyman Commonplace book 1867 Contains copy of "An Account of the Separation" by James Field and a copy of Heavilan's letter to his parents, Brooklyn, N.Y. Gift of NYYM, 1997 MSS 002/171
Hewes, E.M.? Commonplace book 1825, n.d.   MSS 002/058
Hewes, Mary Piece book n.d. "Westtown Third Mo 1857"   Gift of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/059
Hewes, Elizabeth M. Piece book 1824-26 Part of 4 volumes by Elizabeth M. Hewes. Gift of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/059
Hewes, Elizabeth M. Piece books (2) 1827,1828 Part of 4 volumes by Elizabeth M. Hewes, written at West-town 1827.   Gift of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/059
Hewes, Elizabeth M. Autograph album, Westtown 1827 "EMH West-town" Part of 4 volumes by Elizabeth M. Hewes.   Gift of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/059
Hewes, Mary Autograph album 1855-1857 Gift of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/060
Hewes, Mary 2 Piece books 1857 & n.d. Gift of Dorothy Biddle James, 1973 MSS 002/061
Hiatt, Elizabeth Dix Autograph album 1836-1840 Includes a list of Chinese characters and flower/color English translations MSS 002/062
Hogue, Mary L. Scrapbooks, (2) 1910-1915 Local meeting information; "NY, NE and other friends articles" MSS 002/063
Hopkins, Beulah Piece book 1824-1832 "The Ladies album, a miscellaneous collection of literature contributed by the Friends and Companions of Beulah Hopkins."   Gift of the Friends Historical Association MSS 002/064
Hopper, Isaac Piece book 1824 “…truth in re…Scriptures…” by Job Scott MSS 002/065
Hoskins, Ruth Piece book 1770s In Series 3. Memorabilia. RG5/187 RICHARDSON
Hughes, Elizabeth (Swayne) Commonplace book 1780-1867 (bulk 1780-1817) "Elizabeth Swayne's Book 1780." Eliz. Swayne (1760-1818) m. Jesse Hughes in 1788 at New Garden MM, Pa. Members of Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting. Probable that her daughter, Lydia Hughes, added entries, genealogical data. Book includes poetry and prose, text of Eliz. Webb's letter, poems on Virginia Exiles, list of traveling Friends visiting Bush Creek Meeting, MD, and recipes such as cure for fits. Acc. 2006-025 MSS 002/173
Hull, Oliver P. Commonplace book 1837 "A list of the boys names that were at Nine Partners Boarding School in the winter of 1837." List is at beginning of bound student commonplace book. Gift of NYYM, 1997 MSS 002/177
Hunt, Mary H. Piece books 1836-1837, n.d. Two piece books and a (empty) portfolio/envelope labeled Westtown School. #1, an album of sentiments, Westtown School, 1836-1837, and #2. piece book of poetry. Likely Mary H. Hunt (1821-1883), dau. Caleb and Rhoda Hunt, a member of Chester Monthly Meeting (NJ). Gift of Leslie Hunt, Acc. 2014.002. MSS 002/199
Hunt, Mary Ann Piece book c.1852 Mary Ann Hunt died in 1853 at 18 years old, as noted by her mother, Margaret Hunt, at beginning of album.   Includes sketches, poem on Lincoln defeating Douglas, and sections of writing in code.   Gift of Dorothy Harris, 1964 MSS 002/66
Ives, Samuel Piece book 1805 3mo29   Gift of Chester County Historical Society, 1941 MSS 002/067
Jackson, Eliza H. Piece book   ca.1840-1895 Resident of Darby.   Gift of Rush Welter, 1992 MSS 002/068
Jackson, Job H. Piece book 1881 Grandfather of Arthur C. Jackson and Mary J. Shoemaker MSS 0020/69
Jackson, William Scrapbook 1894-1914   MSS 002/158
James, Francis Notebook   1827 Containing "Rules Selected and Adopted for Regulating the Practice of the Courts of Common Pleas in the 15th District” MSS 002/070
Janney, Thomas Arithmetic book 1798-1800 "Thomas Janney's Arithmetic Book taught by Samuel Sharp Loudoun County Virginia" MISC MSS 1794-1800
Jemison, Margaret H. Piece book 1822-1823 West-town school? MSS 002/071
Jenkins, Esther L. Family scrapbook ca.1908-1924 Jenkins family scrapbook with photographs, Swarthmore College clippings of Pres. Taft's visit MSS 002/168
Jenkins, Mary (Mollie) Autograph album 1859-1860 Notes from brother Harry and cousin Bella MSS 002/072
Johnson, Emma Autograph album 1875-1876 Gift of Edward P. Thatcher MSS 002/073
Jones, Clement Poetry album 1826-1831, 1860 Clement Jones likely is son of Henry and Jane (Lewis) Jones of Upper Dublin, Pa. He was born 1808 and a member Gwynedd MM. Acc. 2012.045 MSS 002/192
Kent, Mary Anne Piece book 1846   RG5/079 Kent-Barnard  
Kent-Barnard family Piece books (3) n.d. Series 6. RG5/079 KENT-BARNARD
Ketchum, John Exercise book 1796 "John Ketchum, His Book, Anno Domini 1793."   Gift of Phebe K. McAllesin MSS 002/074
Ketchum, John Lesson book n.d. Gift of Phebe K. McAllesin MSS 002/074
Kirk, Charles W. and Rachel Autograph book 1882-1894 Charles Kirk was the superintendent of the Mission School (est. 1869) on Wyandotte Mission, Indian Territory MSS 002/075
Kirk, Hannah Autograph album 1845-1855 Gift of Mrs. F. Acton MSS 002/077
Kirk, Hannah Piece book 1853 From Sharon Seminary, Darby, PA, 1853.   Gift of Helen E. Davis Acton MSS 002/076
Kirkbride, Eliza (?) Piece book n.d. Gift of Dorothy James, 1974. MSS 002/078
Knight, Ann (2) autograph albums 1833, 1835 Gift of Byberry school MSS 002/079
Knight, Rebecca Autograph album 1856-1860 Her mother was Rachel J. Knight MSS 002/080
Knowles, William Exercise book ca. 1848 Also includes newspaper clippings (Christian Citizen) MSS 002/081
Lawrence, Caroline W. (b. 1865) Journal 1883 Daughter of Henry and Caroline Lawrence, member of Green Street MM. Trans. from Albums, 7/2015. Gift of James Frorer, 1962. MSS 003/192
Lawrie, Abigail Copy book 1824-1825   MSS 002/083
Lawrie, Abigail Piece book 1830-1838 "Woodstown, 10th mo 14th 1830" MSS 002/083
Lawrie, Ann Copy book n.d.   RG5/130 ROBBINS
Lawrie, Deborah Copy book 1811-1813   MSS 002/084
Lawrie, T. ?  Clipping book n.d. Includes John Gests' letters, 1833-1834.   Pasted over a lesson book. MSS 002/085
Lawrie, Hannah Exercise book c.1812-1818 Includes accounts on last page, Mark Uphain to Edward Humphrey.   Belonged to Emma (?) B. Robbins, 1927. RG5/130 ROBBINS
Laws, William Bible lesson book 1815 Contains sketches MSS 002/160
Leeds, Susan P. Piece book 1865 Westtown School Girls School, Chester, PA.   Purchased from the Family Album, 1980 MSS 002/086
Lippincott, J.W. Catalogue of deceased Ministers and Elders (Philadelphia Y.M.) ca.1898 List from memoirs and journals 1656-1898. Includes list of English Friends interred at Jordans (Eng.), 1679-1866.   Gift of PYM, 1975 MSS 002/087
Lippincott, Joseph R. Autograph book 1889-1891 Series 4. RG5/088 LIPPINCOTT (Eliz.)
Lippincott, Willie T. Copy book 1865-1866   RG5/088 LIPPINCOTT (Eliz.)
Lownes, Susanna Commonplace book 1796-98 & n.d. Binding is old newspaper MSS 002/090
Lukens, Annie Mary Autograph album 1872-1878 Annie Lukens came from Gwynedd, PA.   She was a non-graduate member of the Swarthmore Class of 1874.   She married Henry Daniels and lived in Swarthmore, PA. Notes are from many members in her class, both personal and quotes.   Includes long reminiscence by John Kelvey Richardson, who became Ohio Attorney General and Solicitor General of the US    MSS 002/088
Lukens, Annie Copy book n.d.   MSS 002/088
Lukens, Carrie A. Autograph album 1880-1916 Attended Friends Central School, class of 1882 MSS 002/089
Lukens, Martha P. (1823-1890) Autograph album 1840-1868 (bulk 1840-1844) Sentimental verse, acrostics. Early autographs associated with Gynedd Boarding School. Martha P. Lukens married Josiah Cleaver in 1844. They were members of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting (H). Purchase, Acc. 2011.013 MSS 002/193
Lukens, Rachel Autograph album 1852-1853 Sentimental verse. Student at Sharon Boarding School, Darby, Pa.? Gift of Thomas Hamm, Acc. 2011.036 MSS 002/194

Lundy, Amos

Piece book 1837-1848 Includes excerpts from journals of James Gough, 1712-1780; William. Reckitt, 1706-1760. Part of 4 volumes by Amos Lundy. MSS 002/091
Lundy, Amos Piece book 1841-1842 Stephen Crisp and John Richardson. Part of 4 volumes by Amos Lundy. MSS 002/091
Lundy, Amos Piece book 1843 New England Judged.   Part of 4 volumes by Amos Lundy. MSS 002/091
Lundy, Amos Piece book 1843,1845 George Fox (2 volumes) (Encl.: Arthur Wellington Lundy's Book of Navigation, 1834) MSS 002/091
Lupton, Mary Piece book and Diary 1856, 1862-1864 First part of book is lessons and copybook.   At back is a diary of Mary Lupton’s Civil War experiences, 1 st mo 1862 – 9 th mo 1864 RG5/093 LUPTON FAMILY
Lupton, Samuel Arithmetic work book 1831-1832 Includes “Waste Book” for Applepyeridge and Ledger, 1801 RG5/093 LUPTON FAMILY
Maule, Margaret Evans Copybook ca.1850   MSS 002/154
McCollin, Thomas H. and Elizabeth Pennock Minutes/Cookbook 1858-n.d. "To Bessie McCollin, from Grandma". Minutes of the Literary Congress of Philadelphia.  Used as recipe book. MSS 002/092
McIlvain, Ann Autograph book 1825 In folder with Sarah L. Miller and Susan Roberts albums. RG5/085 LAMB-BOOTH-MILLER
Miller, Clara B. Scrapbooks (3) n.d.   Clippings, family papers, pictures, etc. RG5/085 LAMB-BOOTH-MILLER
Miller, John Commonplace book 1688 Father of Henry Miller. RG5/085 LAMB-BOOTH-MILLER
Miller, Sarah L. Autograph book 1819 In folder with Ann McIlvain and Susan Roberts albums. RG5/085 LAMB-BOOTH-MILLER
Miller, Sarah Levis Scrapbook 1860-1885   RG5/085 LAMB-BOOTH-MILLER
Minshall, Hannah Commonplace books 1795-1798 Hannah Minshall (1782-1838) married Enos Painter. They were the parents of Minshall and Jacob Painter. RG5/110/Series 3
Mollineux, Mary (Southworth) Copybook n.d. “Meditation on Imprisonment” and Thomas A Kempis’ “The Christian Devote.”   Gift of Lydia Foulke Taylor. MSS 002/153
Moon, Eliza H. Commonplace book 1867-1873 Commonplace book kept by a Wilburite Friend in or near Scipio, New York. Gift of Christopher Densmore, Acc. 2013.018. Inventory of volume contents in folder. MSS 002/183
Moon, Moses Copy book 1770   MSS 002/093
Morse, Lucy Gibbons (1839-1936) "Rachel Stanwood Memoranda" 1893-1894 Small scrapbook of newspaper clippings and publicity about Morse's fictionalized account of the Underground Railroad in NYC. Morse was the daughter of James Sloan and Abby Hopper Gibbons, important New York abolitionists. She married James Herbert Morse in 1870. See RG5/174, Abby Hopper Gibbons Family Papers for her correspondence. Purchase, Acc. 2012.019. MSS 002/196
Mott, Abigail Copy books (2) 1781, 1784   MSS 002/094
Mott, Abigail Piece book n.d. (ca. 1775)   MSS 002/094
Mott, Henry (Jericho) Exercise book 1798   MSS 002/095
Mott, Jane Exercise books (2) 1781 Includes tables of conversion, grammar lessons MSS 002/096
Newbold, George (d. 1858) and Thomas Franklin (d. 1830) Letter book 1801-1806 Quaker commission merchants in New York City. Book includes copies of letters sent to associates regarding trade and financial matters.   Purchase, 1994 MSS 002/097
Nye, Gideon Jr.   Gideon Jr. Piece book   1828 New England Yearly Meeting Boarding School, Providence, RI. Includes manuscript copy of first composition copied into book. MSS 002/098
Omensetter, S. Catalogue of birds 1880-1885 Includes where and when birds sighted, some information on nest composition.   Also math calculations and practice, accounts, clippings, and notes on genealogy. MSS 002/099
Otis, Sarah Autograph album 1859-1885   MSS 002/156
Painter, Ann Autograph album, commonplace book ca. 1831-1832 Painter Family Papers RG5/110/Series 3
Painter, Jacob Autograph album, commonplace book 1831-1821 West Town, poetry (by Jacob?) on a variety of themes RG5/110/Series 3
Painter, Minshall Commonplace books 1817-1839 Includes poetry inscribed by school friends at Gummere's Boarding School RG5/110/Series 3
Painter, Rachel Copy books 1804-1813 Painter Family Papers RG5/110/Series 3
Painter, Sarah Commonplace book 1820-1821 Painter Family Papers RG5/110/Series 3
Palmer, Harriet M. Jackson Commonplace book 1830-1874 Daughter of Francis Jackson (1789-1861), public figure in Boston in early 1800's.   He was the president of the anti-slavery society with a personal connection to Frederick Douglass, member of the city council, and worked toward public improvements.   This book contains "City of Boston leases F. Jackson land commissioner 1830", "Annual reports to the mayor and aldermen 1830-1834", and notes on street histories.   Harriet Palmer filled the rest with notes on the Thompson College Free medical Lectures for Women, 1872-1874. MSS 002/100
Palmer, Harriet M. Jackson   Commonplace book 1844, n.d. "Lottisier, collection of loose, unconnected pieces" from Harriet Palmer, 1844. Also contains "Miscellany" of Francis Jackson, which includes notes on abolition and railroad construction. MSS 002/100
Palmer, Harriet M. Jackson Commonplace book ca. 1838 Letters, autobiographical sketch by Francis Jackson.   Includes letter from John Quincy Adams to Edmund Quincy. MSS 002/100
Palmer, Laura M. Autograph album 1879-1881 Includes entries by Swarthmore College and West Chester State Normal School students recording personal notes about activities and memories.   Annotated with "married."  Gift of Martha Conner, 1972 MSS 002/101
Palmer, Mary Ida (Stabler) Autograph albums (2) 1884-1888, 1892-1895 Mary Palmer was born in 1876 and given her first autograph album in 1884.   This contains notes from schoolmates and relatives.   The album from 1892-1895 contains notes from the West Chester State Normal School (1893), George School (1894?), and Swarthmore College (1895). MSS 002/102
Pancoast, Annie C. (later Flitcraft), Class of 1872 Autograph album 1872 Compiled while at Swarthmore College (lower school).   From Mrs. Eddie Stella, daughter of Edith Flitcraft (Class of 1899) and grand-daughter of Annie C. Pancoast Flitcraft. MSS 002/103
Park, Jane Autograph album 1854-1856 Series 1. In box labeled "Albums of Elkintons and related families" RG5/037 ELKINTON
Pearson, Drew Autograph album 1948 4mo16   On occasion of testimonial dinner in Swarthmore.   Gift of Barbara P. Lange, June 1972. RG5/121 PEARSON
Pearson, John (1740-1829) Piece book, "Gleanings Etc." 1810 Pearson was a member of the Darby Meeting.   Book contains genealogical data, farming practices, statistical data on U.S., indexed.   Also includes Articles and minutes, 1786-1792, of "The Friendly Society for diffusing useful knowledge" formed at Darby.   Gift of Darby Monthly Meeting, 1975. MSS 002/104
Pearson, Paul M. Autograph album 1930 1mo1   Notes from friends on New Years, 1930 RG5/121 PEARSON
Peirce, Phebe Friendship book 1821-1831 Titled "Tribute to Friendship" Phebe was the daughter of Caleb and Jane Pierce of Philadelphia.   She married Ezra Haines of Burlington Monthly Meeting at Mulberry St. Mtg. house in 1833. MSS 002/166
Pennock, James Levis Autograph album 1879 James Pennock was a member of the Swarthmore Preparatory Cass of 1883. Album contains notes from Kennett Academy 1878 and Swarthmore College 1879.   Gift of J. Roland Pennock, 1964 MSS 002/105
Petit, Anna F.L. Lesson book n.d.   RG5/019 BROOMELL
Pettit, Franklin Autograph album 1861 From Mt. Holly Institute (Aaron Ivins school) MSS 002/106
Pettit, Franklin Astronomy notebook n.d. Includes physiology.   In series 3. School books RG5/019 BROOMELL
Pettit, Hannah Autograph album 1859-1860   RG5/019 BROOMELL
Pettit, Hannah Commonplace book 1861 Scrapbook of printed verse, mostly from 1850’s RG5/019 BROOMELL
Pettit, Maggie Copybook, poems n.d.   RG5/019 BROOMELL
Pidgeon, Eliza Chandlee Commonplace book 1872-1874

Includes record of plants examined at Westtown Boarding School. Stored in Pigeon Family Papers, Series 6, albums.  

Post family Post ledger n.d. Clippings and account ledger; glued over accounts ca. 1790 MSS 002/164
Powell, Elizabeth (Eliza) Piece books (3) 1800, 1801, 1808 Includes "Weighty Expressions uttered by Ann Waring".   Gift of Eliza Foulke, 1957 MSS 002/108
Preston, Ann (1813-1872) Autograph album, "Book of remembrances" 1837-1849 Ann Preston, M.D., was the daughter of Amos and Margaret Preston of West Grove, Chester County, Pa., members of New Garden Monthly Meeting. Active in the anti-slavery and temperance movements, she was a writer, teacher, and a physician, having graduated with the first class from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. She became the Chair of Physiology and Hygiene, then Dean of Faculty, and then a member of the Board of Corporators at that school. She also helped to found and was a member of the Board of Managers of the Woman's Hospital. Gift of Dorothy Kauffman. Acc. FHL 2013.184. Inventory of contents of the volume in folder. MSS 002/184
Printzmann, William Book of maps 1853 “Drawn by W.P. 11 years of age, a native of Vienna Austria, at present a pupil in the secondary department of the Walnut Street School as a mark of respect for Mr. Joseph C. Turnpenny, 1853” MSS 002/109
Pusey, Elinor Copybook 1798 Gift of Harriet Haines Machler, 1977 MSS 002/110
Reeder, Evelina S Piece books (4) 1835, 1838, 1840, 1841 4 piece books, one from Newton Seminary (1840) one from Eight Square School House, Mt. Pleasant (1838) MSS 002/111
Roberts, Jane Recipe book 1802-1834 Titled "agriculture."   Includes notes on planting, 1802-1804; cures for diseases 1809-1832 from newspapers. In Series 5, Memorabilia. RG5/045 FOULKE
Roberts, Jane Commonplace book 1797, 1800 Includes a few recipes at the back. RG5/045 FOULKE
Roberts, Martie M. Autograph album 1871 Notes from girls who attended "Aunt Mary M. Lippincott's" school for girls.   Includes personal notes. Stored in Series 4. RG5/088 LIPPINCOTT (Eliz.)
Roberts, Susan Autograph book 1848 In folder with Ann McIlvain and Sarah L. Miller albums. RG5/85 LAMB
Robins, Ann L. Autograph album c.1842 Series 5. RG5/130 ROBBINS
Robins, Hannah L. Recipe book n.d. Series 5. RG5/130 ROBBINS
Robins, Hannah Lawrie Piece book 1817 Some poems transcribed by relatives. Series 5.   Cover very fragile. RG5/130 ROBBINS
Robbins, Joseph Piece book 1878 "This book is inscribed to Joseph A. Robbins by his relatives and friends." Includes original and copied poems. Series 5. RG5/130 ROBBINS
Robins, Nathaniel Day book 1816-1819, 1821 Series 5. RG5/130 ROBBINS
Robinson, C. (Katy) Friendship book 1839-46 Poughkeepsie, NY.   Gift of New York Yearly Meeting, 1997 MSS 002/168
Robinson, James Commonplace book c.1810 “A collection of Prose on Moral and Religious Subjects.”   Purchased from Alan G. Thomas, Bookseller, 1978 MSS 002/112
Rodman, Sarah Copy book n.d.   MSS 002/113
Rogers, Sallie C. Autograph album 1872 2mo3   Gift of Mary Sullivan Patterson, 1973 MSS 002/114
Row, John Copy book 1780 “John Row 1780 No. 8.”   Transferred from RG5 Jenkins MSS 002/115
Sackett, Cyrus (M.?) Exercise book n.d. Resident of Wrightstown MSS 002/116
Salkeld, Mary Copy book 1808   RG5/110/Series 3
Scattergood, William Autograph album 1856-1860   MSS 002/117
Scattergood, William Autograph album 1860-1861 From Westtown Boarding School MSS 002/117
Seeds, Ruth Album 1813-1818 Original poems.   Written at the "School of Hannah Harlan" and "Lows School House" RG5/034 DIXON-SEEDS
Shallcross, Thomas W. Autograph album 1883-1896   MSS 002/118
Sharpless, Carrie (Hawxhurst). Autograph Albums (2) 1879-1882, 1883-1885 From West Chester Secondary Normal School (1883-1885).   Gift of Elizabeth Sharpless, 1965 MSS 002/119
Sharpless, Fannie M. collector Scrapbook 1859-1890 Recipes, sermons, newspaper clippings.   Gift of Frances White MSS 002/120
Sharpless, Hannah (Webster) Copybooks (2) 1797-1799   SC 117 SHARPLESS (Enos)
Shipley, Hannah E. Autograph Album 1841 "Philadelphia." In Series 7. RG5/012 JOEL AND HANNAH BEAN
Shippen, E. and S. Piece book n.d. Gift of Charles F. Jenkins MSS 002/121
Slack, Mary B. Seeds Autograph Albums (2) 1844, 1846-1876 Grandmother of W. J. Dixon. RG5/034 DIXON-SEEDS
Smedley, Chalkley Exercise book 1843 Titled “From E. Hood”.   Teacher was Anna B. Cresson.   Gift of Mary J. Smedley MSS 002/122
Smith, Thomas R. Exercise book in mathematics 1849   SC 120 SMITH, Thomas R.
Shoemaker, Nathan Memoirs n.d. Memoirs of Nathan Shoemaker and Frances Maria Shoemaker (wife) by N. Shoemaker.   Gift of Mary W. Shoemaker (granddaughter) and Horace Mather Lippincott, 1948 MSS 002/123
South, Edward L. Scrapbook n.d. Includes photographs of Arch St. Meeting, Orthodox PYM 1901, George Scattergood, Joseph S. Elkinton, Samuel Emlen, Clarkson Sheppard, Rebecca Smedley, Deborah S. Allen, and Edward G. Smedley.   Gift of Edith Binns (niece), 1871 MSS 002/124
Starr, Ann Album of clippings n.d. Pasted over Women’s YM in London notes; 1762-1765, 1801 still legible MSS 002/125
Starr, Ann W. Friendship book 1820 From Wilmington Boarding School.   Married Charles Lippincott 1832. MSS 002/163
Stokes, Jane Piece and scrapbook 1811   MSS 002/126
Stokes, Sarah (?) Piece book 1797-1808   MSS 002/127
Streeter, Hannah (Pettit) Notebook   1897-1915 Notebook on mushrooms. Wife of Harrison Streeter. RG5/019 BROOMELL
Taylor, Mary Mendenhall Album 1827   MSS 002/128
Taylor, Mary Mendenhall Exercise books (2) 1826, 1827   MSS 002/128
Taylor, Susan H. Autograph Album 1841-1844 Gift of Chester County Library, Hogue Estate MSS 002/129
Test, Anna L. Lesson books (2) 1848-1849 Includes composition and writing books.   In series 3. school books RG5/019 BROOMELL
Thomas, Ellen L. Copy book 1890s   RG5/156 THOMAS      THOMAS
Thomas, Ellie L. Piece book 1867   RG5/156 THOMAS      THOMAS
Thomas, Mary R. Minutes of Valley Friends' School Lyceum 1876-1877 Includes minutes of the Valley Friends School Lyceum (1876-1877) as well as a piece book (1877-1878).   Gift of Ella Thomas and Filena Thomas MSS 002/130
Thompson, L.H. English Literature notebook n.d.   RG5/019 BROOMELL
Thomson, Jane Album 1863 Contains clippings from MSP (which she wrote) and autographs.   Gift of Mary Sullivan Patterson, 1964 MSS 002/131
Thorn, William Exercise book 1793   RG5/088 LIPPINCOTT (Eliz.)
Thorne, Hannah (D) Autograph album 1841   RG5/088 LIPPINCOTT (Eliz.)
Thorne, Rebecca Palmer Autograph book 1837-1850 Rebecca Palmer Thorne, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Palmer, of Galen, New York. She married Isaac Thorne in 1838 under the care of Junius Monthly Meeting. Signatories are from Galen, Fallsington, and Wilmington. Gift of Christopher Densmore, Acc. 2013.019. Inventory of contents in folder. MSS 002/185
Toxey, Anulette Piece book, Kimberton Boarding School 1832-1835 Includes sentiments and poetry in addition to botanical drawings and watercolor of the village of Kimberton. Anulette F. Toxey (1817-1847) of Georgia married William Granson (1779-1884) in 1835. Volume has pencil inscription "Belongs to BF Granson." Benjamin Franklin Granson was the son of Anulette Toxey Granson. Purchase, Acc. 2015.005. MSS 002/200
Twining, Sarah Piece book 1809, 1810   MSS 002/132
Vail, John H. Albums (2) 1859, 1860 From Gwynedd Boarding School, Montgomery County, Penn (1859) and London Grove Boarding School (1860).   Gift of Willis Vail MSS 002/133
Walker, Edward Arithmetic work book 1787 Includes some newspaper clippings RG5/093 LUPTON FAMILY   BOND
Vaux, George Marriage Certificates 1688-1734 Copies of marriage certificates which were not recorded in meeting records at the time the marriages were solemnized.   From PYM, 1975 MSS 002/134
Walker, Hildah Autograph Album 1842-1854 Gift of Dorothy Lapp, 1982. MSS 002/135
Walker, Sarah Miller Commonplace book 1820-1864   RG5/085 LAMB
Walton family papers, anonymous Piece book n.d. In Series 5. Memorabilia. RG5/160 WALTON THOMAS
Walton, E. Piece book 1826 "The Old Family Cradle, 1826, copied for my friend M.W., by E. Walton". In Series 5. Memorabilia. RG5/160 WALTON  
Walton, Ann E. Album   1845 Given to her by her mother, Elizabeth Walton.   Resident of West Fallowfield. Part of Series 5. Memorabilia. RG5/160 WALTON
Walton, Ann Elizabeth Piece book 1841 “Scrapbook, West Fallowfield Township, 12 mo 21st 1841” MSS 002/137
Walton, E. M. Album 1852 Notes from friends at Kennett. Part of Series 5. Memorabilia. RG5/160 WALTON
Walton, Emmaline Autograph album 1851 Resident of West Fallowfield. Part of Series 5. Memorabilia. RG5/160 WALTON
Walton, Emmaline Piece book 1880 Contains loose sheets. Part of Series 5. Memorabilia. RG5/160 WALTON
Walton, Lydia Ann Autograph album 1828, 1834 1828 autographs from Bristol and Philadelphia MSS 002/136
Warren, Grace Tower Diary and commonplace book 1924-1926 Warren (b. 1890) served as Secretary for New York Yearly Meeting, 1923-1926. Diary is a datebook of appointments and travels, with collected writings. She married Edward P. Sturge in 1928. Gift of NYYM, 1997. Stored with photography albums that she compiled. PA 159

Warrington, Abraham

Piece book 1812 Includes Vision of Isaac Child, notes on Abington Monthly Meeting.   (Son-in-law of Joshua Evans, Quaker Minister?) MSS 002/138
Warrington, Hannah Commonplace book 1832-1855 Gift to Hannah, Salem, Ohio, from her friend Eliza Bonsall. Gift of Shane T. Hadden, Acc. FHL 2013.026. MSS 002/187
Warrington, Henry Piece book 1789 Includes Vision of Isaac Child.  Gift of Charles F. Jenkins MSS 002/139
Warrington, Kezia Album 1827-1848 Gift of Gladys Gray, 1982. MSS 002/140
Warrington, Rachel Copy book 1796 3 mo Includes Joseph White's "The Little Looking Glass.” Also notes “Copied and examined by Abraham Warrington” MSS 002/141
Watson, John Piece book n.d. Copied from the writings and letters of Sarah M. Watson, 1802-1813.   Gift of Elizabeth S. Roberts. MSS 002/142
Weaver, Elijah Memorandum book   ca. 1840-1870 Prescriptions MSS 002/143
West, Sarah Ciphering book 1801 “Cyphering Book, March 3, 1808” from Upper Darby Union Schoolhouse.   Gift of Mrs. Charles J. Saltzer, 1978 MSS 002/144
Wharton, Mary Autograph book 1845-1846 Possibly Mary Wharton Thurston (1828-1856) of Philadelphia. Gift of Broward County Library, FL. Acc. 2008.013 MSS 002/188
Wheatley, Phyllis Copy of 1786 addition n.d. Copy of “Poems on Various Subjects Religious and Moral” by Phyllis Wheatly; unknown transcriber MSS 002/145
Whitacre, M. Elizabeth Notebook 1931 “Odd notes that may some day be useful,” includes genealogies MSS 002/146
Whitall, Sarah L. Piece book 1837 Contains will of Charles Whitall (father; Louisa M. Whitall mother and brother Clement) signed 1847.   Gift of Jane Boedker, Woodbury, 1975 MSS 002/147
White, Anna Deborah The Whittier Birthday book 1899-ca. 1919 Given to Anna by her aunt, Sarah Haviland MSS 002/165
Willets, Dorothy Album, Germantown Friends 1924-1929 Scrapbook kept while student at Germantown Friends. Dorothy (1906-2005), dau of Merritt Noxon Willets and Louretta Cooper Willets. Married Howard Thomas Hallowell, Jr., in 1932. She became a member of Abington MM in 1934. FHL 2015.017 MSS 002/082
Willets, William Autograph album 1824 Gift of Eliza Foulke, 1957 MSS 002/148
Williams, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Composition and poetry books 1863-1866 While at Earlham College and Bellevue Female Institute.   Copybook contributions by friends. 3 volumes RG5/123 PIDGEON
Williams, Mary Ruth (Walker) Piece book 1916 Album of clippings made for Susan T. Pidgeon, mostly about Quakers. RG5/123 PIDGEON
Williams, Phebe Album 1817 “Plymouth Boarding School, 4 th moth 9 th 1817” MSS 002/149
Williams, Rebecca K. Commonplace book, with accounts 1847-1867   RG5/123 PIDGEON
Willis, Amey Piece book 1759   MSS 002/150
Wood, Mary Sutton Commonplace book 1845-1864 Received from NYYM Haviland Records Room. MSS 002/158
Zane, Genevieve S. English notebook from Swarthmore College 1891-1892 Zane (1872-1909); died in Norristown PA.   Zane left Swarthmore in 1893, and her Bachelor of Art degree was conferred in 1894. Includes “sentences of note”, English assignments/lessons.   Gift of Chester County Historical Society, 1969   MSS 002/151