Film score to Beirut,Philadelphia a film by independent filmmaker Eugene Martin, 2012.

Prologue, Ciappelletto's scene, and Interludes for  Decameron,   a chamber opera commissioned by International Opera Theater and written in collaboration with six other composers. Libretto by Karen Saillant. World premiere production in 2010 at the Theater in Philadelphia. Additional productions August 2011in Città della Pieve and Città di Saluzzo, Italy.

A Scandal in Bohemia, chamber opera in two acts; 2008.

Libretto by Nathalie Anderson ( after A. Conan Doyle's A Scandal in Bohemia)

Performed in a concert version by Orchestra 2001, February 2009.

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The Black Swan, chamber opera in two acts; 1996.

Libretto by Nathalie Anderson ( after Thomas Mann's novella The Black Swan and after Richard Selzer's "The Black Swan" revisited.)

Produced September 1998 by Orchestra 2001; stage direction by Sarah Caldwell.

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(Duration: 95 minutes)


Sukey in the Dark: chamber opera in one act, 2001.

Libretto by Nathalie Anderson. Commissioned by Orchestra 2001.

Produced October 2001 by Orchestra 2001.

 (Duration: 40 minutes)


Ori for string quartet and dancers, 2000.

Composed in collaboration with choreographers Sharon Friedler and Sally Hess.

(Duration: 17 minutes)


The Seven Deadly Sins: suite for solo cello and dancers, 1993. ( Recording, by David Szepessy, available on North/South Records.)

(Duration: 20 minutes)




Afterimage for Symphony Orchestra, 1998.

3 [picc.] 3 [E.h.] 3 2 [optional contrabassoon] / 233/ 2 perc./ harp / pft. / strings

(Intended for performance by college and community orchestras.)

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Performed by the Swarthmore College Orchestra, conducted by Sarah Ioannides, 4/99.

Duration: 9 minutes


Into the Light for Baritone and Orchestra on a poem by James Wright, 1992.

3 [picc./ alto fl.] 3 [E.h.] 3 3 [contrabassoon] / 4331/4 perc./ harp / pft, celeste. / strings, baritone solo

Duration: 9 minutes




Sonata for violin and piano, 2011.


The Princess and the Man with a Pure Heart for violin, cello, and narrator, 2010.


Celebration for handbell choir , 2009.

(Duration: 3 minutes)


Midsummer Idyll for oboe d'amore and piano, 2009.

(Duration: 5 minutes)


Suara Suadin for ten instruments, 2009.

fl/ob/cl/bn/hn 2 vns vla vc cb

(Duration: 6 minutes)


Quartet for Piano and Strings, 2003. (Recording available on Albany Records Troy 838)

(Duration: 25 minutes)

Fantasy Duo for cello and piano, 2000.

(Duration: 12 minutes)


Ori for string quartet, 2000. (Recording available on North/South Records.)

(Duration: 11 minutes)


Vocalise for clarinet with viola, piano, and percussion, 1994.

(Duration: 8 minutes)


Romanza for solo piano, 1994.

(Duration: 10 minutes)

Recorded by Max Lifchitz: North/South Recordings, N/S R 1014, 1997.

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Aubade for english horn, piano, percussion, and double bass, 1992.

(Duration: 10 minutes)

Recorded by Orchestra 2001 with James Freeman, conducting and Dorothy Freeman, english horn: CRI CD 723.

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Poem for english horn solo and nine instruments, 1989.

[fl/picc., clar., hn., 1 perc., pft., vn, vla, vc, cb]

(Duration: 5 minutes)




Rossetti Songs for soprano and piano, 2011.

(Duration: 13 minutes)

Two Songs on Poems by Linda Pastan for soprano and piano, 1997.

(Duration: 5 minutes)


The Descent: Four Songs for mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano, 1995.

(Duration: 20 minutes)


Sea Canes for mezzo-soprano and nine instruments, 1988.

 (Duration: 28 minutes)



Choral Music:

 At War's End for chamber choir, harp, viola, cello, and piano, 2011.

Poems by Walt Whitman.



By the Waters of Babylon for chorus and orchestra.

Poem by Nathalie Anderson, after Psalm 137.

Commissioned by the Philadelphia Singers.

Premiered in May 2005.


If Music... for children's choir and piano.

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Inside / Outside for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello with Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar, 2012.

(Duration: 7 minutes)



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