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This is Webbsie, my webpage, and it contains my occasional jottings -- little essays, lectures, talks, introductions, observations, fantasies, ideas, and fragments, a sort of wastebasket of crumpled papers that I will leave unemptied.

In short, this is the material that I consider warrants publication but not the effort required to find a publisher to publish it in hard copy.

You will find my thoughts on art, architecture, and design in artstuff, as well as some comments from a while ago on films and filmmakers -- one, for example, on Vertov, and another on Yvonne Rainer.

You will also see my obligatory thoughts on my Pets -- above all, my turtle, my cat Mif, and her successor Qif. Then, I will also have my studies on Japan and matters Japanese (see below).

But, above all, you will find my everyday observations on life in general and my life in particular under the rubric personal, below.

Basically, these are notes that are art historical in nature on matters generally considered nothing too art historical.

I am an art historian by training and in profession, specializing in Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture. I taught at Swarthmore College and held the position of William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Art History. I retired in 2001.

Since starting this website in June 1998, I have been adding more essays, including some personal reviews of exhibitions and performances (afterthoughts), and these are cumulatively listed below.



AFTERTHOUGHTS containing brief reviews and thoughts on exhibitions, places, and performances:

TEACHING dealing with subjects of more serious nature:


JAPAN and things Japanese:


LIFE: Everyday Observations


MORE CATCHATS: meoww, irrestibly:

The Webbsie was initiated with the webbie tutorial, generously given me by my tutor, Justin Hall.

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