Russian Fairy Tales (RUSS 047/LITR 047R) -- Spring 2008 -- Swarthmore College

Lecture notes for March 21, 2008

Sibelan Forrester

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Sets of functions (the most important stuff to know):

Functions can be modified: they can have positive or negative results: when a donor tests the hero, hero may pass or fail (E), and receive or not receive a magic agent (F). Or functions may be modified by trebling: a trebled H-I (struggle-victory) sequence (perhaps like the Brave Youth going through Baba Yaga's three daughters), or hero may battle three dragons (ever-more-many-headed).

What to learn from this unit on Propp:

Take out “The Crystal Mountain” and work in groups to make up its morphological formula. (If you finish fast, go on to do “The Firebird and Princess Vasilisa,” a rather more complex tale.)

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