I spent nearly five months in Petrozavodsk, capital of the region of Karelia, in 1998, investigating the topic of folk healers and fortune tellers in contemporary Russian society, and in Karelia in particular.

Presentations on my research:

"Narrative Traces of Icons, Churches and Saints in the Russian North," AAASS Annual Convention, Denver, CO, November 2000.

"New Age Healing in the New Russia," Amherst College, October 15, 1999.

"Narodnoe tselitel'stvo i gadanie v Rossii" (Folk and New Age Healing in Russia Today), Bryn Mawr College, Russian Language Institute, July 14, 1999.

"Witches and Doctors: Healing the Body and Spirit in the Russian Province of Karelia," AAASS Annual Convention, Boca Raton, FL, September 1998.

"Women and Sorcery in the Russian Province of Karelia," invited lecture, Lehigh University, September 1997.

Names to check for fascinating info on folklore of various kinds in Karelia:

Tat'iana Kurets
Valentina Kuznetsova
Konstantin K. Loginov
Irina A. Razumova