The Shadow Temple

Loaded With Illusions

   The Shadow Temple is loaded with illusions. If you don't have the Lens of Truth, you won't be able to make it past the many traps. Unique to this level are the invisible treasure chests. Always equip the lens. Enemies may be made invisible by illusion as well. The lens can make the visible invisible and the invisible visible. It comes with its own special carrying case, which can be snapped onto your belt.

The Shadow Temple hides the Hover Boots within its corridors. One size fits all---the boots are made of special polysemic bonds that shrink or expand as needed when you put them on. Be sure to use the bootstraps; they are essential to the uplifting quality of the boots. When `strapped in properly, these boots will let you glide over empty space for about three or four seconds. This is enough to get you over minor pitfalls. Any place you couldn't reach before can now be entered. Explore every cranny hunting for the invisible chests.

Run up the ramp and climb to area A. Jump up and grab the ceiling and work across to area B. Climb up onto ledge C and run to the switch at D. Run back where you now have access to E, and hop up to F. Follow the bridge around to G. Jump across the scalable wall at H. Crawl through the I. Turn around and climb up (using a hook shot); run and jump across the moat to J.

Your enemy is standing on a large steel catwalk. You notice there's a fusebox in front of you. Convenient. Shoot the fusebox and your problems will be solved. Don't walk across the catwalk; reverse direction and follow the edge of the moat until you come to a bridge. Cross it and drop backward off the stanchion on the other side. Shimmy left and find the crawlspace under the bridge's superstructure; enter it and recover the artifact. Speak to it using your Beam Effect and it will reveal a secret.

If you are stuck in a level looking for something, try checking and falling off edges. Many TV screens have rounded bottoms and tops that sometimes hide the edge of a platform or secret teleporter. Jump down and check these areas out.

 Sword of Luminescence,

Glock of Darkness,



Boomerang of....?






 A portmanteau to hold mix-and-match spell-casting materials, either hand-carried or clipped on your belt. And consider also the spell-casting power of portmanteau words (cf. Alice in Wonderland).

To record your discoveries and map your progress: a magic writing pad.


Plot: An evil demon has invaded your homeland, in the form of an Evil Fog that disrupts the once-peaceful relations between humans and cyborgs. Where once the cyborgs lent special powers to their human partners so that both could prosper together, now, under the influence of this air-born miasma, they use mind-control techniques to incite humans to kill each other off. The humans prove very good at learning this new (or is it a very old?) skill and will soon destroy themselves completely if something is not done.


The Quest is yours, should you choose to undertake it. But it cannot be done by one character alone; a band of fellow travelers is needed. It turns out that role-playing and learning how to interact with others are keys to the survival of both human & cyborg species. The game even gives each character annoying quirks as well as defining strengths, to make the interactions complex and a little unpredictable. Some of the beings whose help you'll need will even have been raised by wolves; others, by bots of unknown character.


So select a persona for yourself. Some games come with ready-made characters, but not this kind of game. Think about yr appearance of course (pay especial attention to hair, cheekbones, gloves 'n' belt combinations), but also class, morality level, physical and mental skills, toughness level, kinds of weaponry and spells come into play. Don't forget to add humor & curiosity and smarts into the mix---you'll have lots of different kinds of intelligence to choose from.


(Odd to think that as far back as a few decades ago, before partnering with cyborgs, humans thought there was only one kind of intelligence and one way to measure it: some quotient stressing division rather than multiplication.)


Be sure to remember, though, that each form of intelligence comes with its special penumbra, its own blindness. You'll have to think about what different personalities can work well together. You'll also have to think about what the group needs as is goes---adding other characters you encounter whose talents you'll need.


Never be afraid to consider advice from the many sources that may appear: from a raven, mushroom, sage, lo-tech black box, wandering borealis, whatever. Keep your skeptical eye open too. (Alice asked lots of questions in Wonderland when she encountered its creatures.) For there are many Forces arrayed against you. And there's a price on your head, as well as a bounty on other body-parts.






balancing on that thin line

 Meeting Up With Beryl

(some yuks after all that work)

The Sky Scroll is the last of 5 scrolls to get. When this power is charged up it allows you to float in the air. It can stop you in midair and also allows you to turn on a dime. Very useful at the last Level, which is where you get it.

Be sure to collect all the power-ups in the area before you confront the Crest Boss. The good thing about this Boss is that it is very patterned (it always shakes its belly before it strikes, for example). Use double-jumps to dodge its strikes and be sure to have both Sky and Wind Scrolls equipped when you fight. The key moments to remember are when it uses its claw to scrape you: After it does this it will become tired and put its head down to where you can hit it. After the Boss takes enough damage you will get the second opportunity. To get to the gem on the Boss's tail you will have to power up your Wind Scroll and spin it like a cyclone. This will blow away the poisonous gas and allow you to hit it quickly.

Later, during break, we turn to the Letters column/Chat page. An excited player writes:

"I've found a small but interesting secret that wasn't printed in the Guide to this game! After you get through the Caves, you'll meet up with Beryl before entering the Warehouse Passage. After you speak with her, punch her a few times and knock her down. Quickly get in the cardboard box and hide. Watch as a dog appears. Let his stream of hot pee turn your cardboard box into a heaping mess. Cool, eh?"

Well, maybe. Is this any sort of reward for beating up Beryl? Got to admit, though--- that arc of pee and its effects were spectacularly rendered. This new generation (of computers, I mean) is really something in what it can do.

Oh, don't be so snotty or I'll send that dog back after you....