graphic: Giovanni Pannini, Italy, 18th century

Web Essays

by Peter Schmidt

Walter Scott, Postcolonial Theory, and New South Fiction

 Introductory Remarks for
Edward Said

Celebration of Marcel Khalife and Mahmoud Darwish
Swarthmore College, April 28 2002

Line, Vortex, and Mound:

On First Reading Thomas Pynchon's Mason and Dixon


Gamer: On Video and Computer Games



On Ruins and Prophecy


 Ankh, Snail, Blood, and Knot:

A Virtual Tour of Nefertari’s Tomb in Egypt


"Instant Relatives":

Finding Family Photos in Second-Hand Stores

Frank Sinatra's Hair

On Xena: Warrior Princess, and Hercules

Undead Elvis

(for the 20th anniversary of his passing)

On Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of Archives

Rolywholyover Comes to Philadelphia: A Virtual for John Cage

Word Up:

On Discovering Civilizations in Outer Space (and Them Discovering Us)


 see also the Very Large Array, a collage-poem for the Web