I hear the Americas signing
"Many historical events, like astronomical bodies, . . . occur long before they appear."
-- George Kubler
"I never found myself so well as when I got good and lost."
(paraphrase) Thoreau, Walden
"I've seen everything twice."
-- Baudelaire
"We have to keep on
cleaning the mirror."
-- John Coltrane
"When you go looking for yourself, you find lots of other people there."

---Sonia Sanchez, Philadelphia, 1997, describing discoveries she made while working on her poems about family history, Does Your House Have Lions?

"Our ties to beings and things are so fragile they often break without us noticing."

"You try to be free through writing. How wrong. Every word unveils another tie."
--Reb Léca

Léca is a rabbi and commentator, one the the characters in Edmond Jabès' The Book of Questions, p. 37. Trans. Rosemarie Waldrop. Hanover NH: Wesleyan UP, 1991. Jabès' texts were originally published in France in 1964-65.
"Everything you really possess was given to you." ---Muriel Rukeyser

--a sentence left on the hard drive of her computer that Muriel Rukeyser gave away to Richard Howard when she was dying in 1979. See "A Sibyl of 1979," in Richard Howard's Trappings: New Poems (New York: Turtle Press, 1999).

"these are the stories about your face
when no one knows your race....
peoples existing in all colors ... eternally


---Avenda Khadijah Ali, vocals
"Search for Life" on Ornette Coleman's CD Tone Dialing
w/ Prime Time 1995