Amor Armor II

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Hercules seems to need no upper body armor---see the pix below. Is his sword-work that invincible? He does wear leather and metal, especially around his waist and forearms. But no armor on his torso. No wire, no curly metal breastplates. Yea, confidence. Instead of armor Herc wears a shirt of lightly tanned leather filigreed with interwoven leather strips to accent the seams and with a deep V-neck to accent Herc's pecs. There is also an underlayer of soft and rougher leather sewn beneath the smooth outer layer of the shirt. Along the edges of the arm-holes and the V-neck this underlayer peeks out, furzy like soft hair. Unfinished selvages ("edges") left rough and comfortable emerge under the carefully edged upper layer of the shirt. Unfinished selvages, emergent selves.... (Full pix at right; close-up below left.)

Think about it: this layered, infolding V-neck is shaped and edged in an almost vulva-like way. Like Xena's costume, Hercules' combines the "masculine" and "feminine" and hints that Hercules' power may come from just such a mix and layering.

Is this travel into androgyny one of the legendary journeys the show's title refers to? One last thought follows:


Below Hercules' leather shirt are black leather pants held up by a wide black leather belt. The belt too has inner, softer, fur-like layers peeking out of the roughened and darker exterior coverings. One tuft of this stuff is placed on Hercules' body where the metal power-V is placed on Xena's, between the navel and the genitals underneath. It is like a clump of hair, even a short (satyr-like?) sign intertwining and hanging down in front. Hercules' new masculinity does not mark the center of its power with a huge metal buckle or trophy plate. Instead there is something else:


Nuff said?