“There are inwoven the purple threads dyed in Tyrian kettles, and lighter colours insensibly shading off from these. As when after a storm of rain the sun’s rays strike through, and a rainbow, with its huge curve, stains the wide sky, though a thousand different colours shine in it, the eye cannot detect the change from one to the next; so like appear the adjacent colours, but the extremes are plainly different. There, too, they weave in pliant threads of gold and trace in the weft some ancient tale.”

---description of Minerva’s web, in Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book VI
[trans. Frank Justus Miller. Harvard, 1977.]


Inest qui splendor texitur
Alme cum semper anima

indwelling radiance is woven
within the ever moving soul

[or: within the ever kindly soul]

from Hodie Puer Nascitur
an anonymous motet from a codex of music
from Cyprus, c. 1413-1422ad.
trans. Larry Rosenwald.
The Island of St. Hylarion, a New Albion CD 038, Ensemble P.A.N.


Infonauts: travelers on data highways, interstitial rappelers


“People are composed of strings like a stringed instrument. Their nerves, their muscles, nothing but strings. So from time to time, they have to be tuned up just like a musical instrument. That’s why people talk about a sound mind and a sound body.

This sound is really musical. When it’s put together properly and the words are put together properly, people feel all right. I won’t say there’s no such thing as a bad person, but humans have to be cared for because they’re so very delicate. I know a lot of men who think they’re strong, but a man, a woman and a child are very delicate beings. If their coordination gets off slightly, that’s it. Whoever made them, made them into masterpieces of delicacy.”

---Sun Ra, Downbeat interview, 12-20-1973




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