re aRRay:

no overviews or super-vision

the instream to search and discover
YOU, not the reverse

no agendas (= list or program
as per preformed script execute)
except a broken-in
cabinet of curiosities
after someone switched the labels

surprise means to be overtaken

cyclo pedia : attention must be paid

[for Rachel Blau DuPlessis]


Copying is sometimes a leap into another life and language, sometimes a meditation-mediation, sometimes an homage or a steal, other times an argument between voices with one voice biting its tongue. But whatever it is copying is always also a work of mourning, carefully tracing the not-said within the said. Such a scribe lives not between the lines but among them.


“The reason why humans behave as they do
is because they are not living in their true home.”
---St. Augustine

[a favorite quotation of Evelyn Waugh’s]

“We do not notice how opposing forces agree.
Look at the bow and the lyre.”
---Heraclitus, transl. Guy Davenport

The oldest of the old
follows us in our thinking,
yet ever comes forward to meet us.

---Martin Heidegger, Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens
transl. John Bentley Mays

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