Jin Soo Kim, Michael McMillen, Sarah Sze:


Jin Soo Kim
The title of Jin Soo Kim’s installation in Madison, Wisconsin, was Strata, an allusion to the layers of refuse and abandoned junk she excavated to create this complex found-object environment.

Like many of her past site-specific installations for museums in Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Seoul, and Brooklyn, Strata incorporated discarded furniture and utensils, bits of molding, rusted cans, old bed springs, window weights, ancient shoe forms, a large piano soundboard, a torn armchair, old baby carriages and wheelchairs, ceramic tile once part of a neighborhood butcher shop, and other debris collected from the streets and vacant lots of Madison. Some of the raw material for the present work came from Kim’s own studio, converted from a storefront several years ago.

Many objects and their grid containers are carefully wrapped in layers of muslin strips dipped in white plaster.

---adapted from a review by Sue Taylor, Art in America, July 1992, p. 114
Durer's personification of Melancholia
2 Michael McMillen
Michael McMillen calls his installations and constructions “habitats,” but the word is really too conventional a description for the magical places he creates. The centerpiece of this large exhibition was The Pavilion of Rain, an assemblage of junk that resolved itself into a shanty built over a pool. “Rain” poured down on the dilapidated house, its staccato sounds a background for a cacophony of animal and insect cries.

--adapted from a review by Gay Morris, Art in America, July 1992, p. 115
3 Sarah Sze
Capricious Invention of Prisons, installation in the Italian pavilion, Venice Biennale, Summer 1999.

A vinelike installation of plastic kitchenware, clamps, tiny plants and other doodads meanders from floor to ceiling and right through the window toward the waterway beyond.

---cf. Marcia E. Vetrocq, “The Venice Biennale: Reformed, Renewed, Redeemed,” Art in America, September 1999, pp. 91-92.

See GIANT larger-than-life-size image below, a detail of Sze's whole piece, using yr scroll-bars as needed. Don't miss the warp in the magnifying mirror.

A piece made of pieces, the Piranesian maze of everyday objects....

Sze'd the time....



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