"Rich, Chocolaty Goodness"

When Pynchon’s poor deejay
Mucho Maas
begins to lose it, late
in the novel,

he imagines a chorus
of voices
all intoning “rich chocolat-
y goodness”

over and over over midnite
radio. He
finds a curious fate
and comfort there.

Now ads pushing
seem rare--here, at any rate.
Instead, we’ve

got hyperactive Ginzu knives.
But making
border crossings into deepest
and quaintest

suburbia are Italia’s own
connoli, tiramisu, latte--
far beyond

Hershey’s poor, pale, and (if I
may say so)
Anglo excuses for a just
dessert. So

eat and drink and all attest:
with life,
as with dessert, all the best
is bittersweet.

The Crying of Lot 49 [1966]

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