Dear Reader:

Not many people are receiving this invitation.

But then, not many people qualify for an Array compilation. In fact, only a handful of individuals, like yourself, have the financial resources and credit standing required to carry this prestigious card.

But, more importantly, we are inviting you to accept the Array with no annual fee. So, you can enjoy the prestige of this account without having to pay the regular $20 annual fee.

It provides more than those "extras" that are nice to have, but rarely used.

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I understand that I will be joinly responsible for the Array readings

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Effective July 1, 198- residents of Illinois may contact the Illinois Commissioner of Banks and Trust Companies for comparative information in interest rates, charges, fees, and grace periods.

We also feature a Variable Rate Index and Spread, a Grace or Free-Ride Period for Purchases, and a Pre-approved Credit Line just for you.

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