Piercing Jammers Camo

two teenage girls with pierced navels compare how to unbutton the front of their denim shorts and fold the fabric over once on each side of the button. this creates a small v-wedge of skin pointing carefully, daringly, downwards from their navels. they do this together, watching each other, to make sure it looks right and that they share the same look. the shorts are turned down just far enough to reveal the bright band of a swimsuit bottom underneath.

on each girl, a small metal ball-and-ring intersects the skin around their belly button, flashing in the sunlight. it seems several things at once (?):
• a chastity-jewel proclaiming virginity
• a celebration of piercing and therefore of sexual experience
• a sterling clitoris in its little vaginal fold, marking their infinite pleasure in having healthy, active bodies (don’t reduce it just to a sign of having sex or not)

a boy in jammers (long surfer-hip-hop-style swimming trunks) strolls by. the trunks go to just below the knee and have their waist worn as low on his slim hips as possible, way below the navel, below even the line of the elastic band and brand tag of his boxer shorts. his abs tense the edges of their paired segments and come not from workouts but from just keeping constantly on the move.

tattooed between his shoulder blades, where he can’t admire it except in a mirror, is a small Chinese character signifying power. did his tatooist translate it for him?
two older adults pass along the same boardwalk, wearing camouflage pants and T-shirts and carrying lawn chairs

Kinds of Camouflage:
Desert Day, Desert Night
Urban Day, Urban Night
Jungle Day, Jungle Night
All Terrain

consider the many unspoken meanings of “urban” in the U.S. in the 1990s

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