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Death of Socrates

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Suggested Philosophy Links

Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium

Check here for philosophy lectures and conferences in the Greater Philadelphia Area. All are free and open to the public.

Encyclopedias & References

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (in development)

Each entry is submitted to one editor by volunteers. Its quality, therefore, is likely to be uneven. It has entries for most items, but these are mere sketches until longer entries are forthcoming.

Glossary of Philosophical Terms (from the Blackwell Companion to Philosophy)

Ever wonder what a posteriori means? This brief glossary may get you over the roughest spots, but don't rely on it for anything more than a quick definition.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (in development)

Each section (e.g., political philosophy) will eventually have its own editor and the articles will be carefully vetted. Where no entry has been received there is no sketch of an entry.

The Encylopedia Britannica

Now that the Britannica is online, it provides a good source for general articles on philosophy. What is even better, it provides a list of its own internet searches for articles on the topic you looked up. Worth a try. It also has a dictionary.

 Major On-Line Projects

Poesis: Philosophy Journal Searches

POIESIS: Philosophy Online Serials is an essential reference and publishing service that offers searchable online access to a single database containing the fulltext of current,recent, and back issues of a growing number of philosophy journals. Every word in every journal issue in the database is fully searchable,including all articles, book reviews, footnotes, announcements, and notices. Uniquely structured around the journals in a single discipline, POIESIS includes dozens of philosophy journals published by philosophical societies,departments university presses, and commercial publishers. POIESIS will ultimately contain 100 philosophy journals, and UMI is providing the project with electronic access to its collection of philosophy dissertation abstracts. More than 60 journals have been licensed for the project, and current and/or recent issues of 30 philosophy journals are now in the POIESIS database.

Noesis: A Philosophical Search Engine

The Internet Applications Laboratory at the University of Evansville would like to announce the beta release of a new search engine dedicated to philosophy on the Internet. Designed by the makers of Argos, an ancient and medieval search engine, and Hippias, another philosophy search engine, Noesis employees new search routines that allow users to approach data from a variety of perspectives. In addition to a search engine, Noesis includes a browsable index,broken down into a separate author index and a collections index. They are planning on adding a topical index over time that will allow users to browse and search files according to their pertinence to the various areas of study recognized by professional philosophers.

Hippias Philosophy Search Engine

This outstanding search engine is limited to philosophy. It is a fine "source of sources."

The Perseus Project

ThePerseus Atlas Project is a part of the Perseus project's efforts to build an interrelated collection of hypermedia databases focused on classical Greece. The Perseus Atlas Project has been supported by: the College of the Holy Cross; Bates College; and Tufts University.

Excellent Sites with Many Links

Online Philosophy Journals

Philosophy Resources via Earlham

Whew! This enormous collection of sources is continually updated by Peter Suber of Earlham College.

Philosophy in Cyberspace

G'day from downunder. Philosophy in Cyberspace is an annotated guide to philosophy-related resources on the internet, indexing more than 1000 philosophy-related sites,mailing lists, and 60 newsgroups in 50 categories, divided into five sub-sections. The page is maintained regularly, with all links checked monthly to insure accuracy. Well organized.

Philosophy Sources from Liverpool

Cheers from the home to the Beatles! One link in this fine set of sources is to Philosophy List Servers This provides "listservers" enabling you to have discussion "threads" delivered to your e-mail. Instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing given.

The Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophy Page

A great place to begin! It has links to many of the sites listed below, and is itself clearly laid out and filled with excellent resources.


Who says philosophy doesn't pay? This commercial site offers many fine links to philosophy sites. It also offers a free e-mail service to keep you up-to-date on philosophy sites.And as a bonus, it offers links to pix of all your favorite philosophers!

Links to Your Favorite Philosophers

This nicely organized list will take you to web pages devoted to particular philosophers.

Philosophical Portal

Search Multiple Databases of Philosophy Web Sites

Virtual Philosophy Resources from Valdosta

This fine site run by Ron Barnette at Valdosta State University in Georgia contains many links. Especially good are links to E-Texts by philosophers.

Special Sites for Individual Philosophers or Topics


Kant on the Web

Wittgenstein Archives

Philosophy of Law


Women in Philosophy

Various Philosophy Resources (in German)

Probabilistic Thinking Home Page

Graduate Programs & APA Site

The American Philosophical Association

 Jobs for Philosophers

The Philosophical Gourmet Report, 1998-2000

Ranks Graduate school programs in philosophy by areas of strength; also ranks law schools for their jurisprudential strengths. Good, if not taken too seriously.


Want to Buy Books?

Amazon and Barnes and Nobleare commercial web sites that sell books (and compact discs) at a discounted prices. While the postage often negates the discount (especially for single book orders), either can get you a book within a day or so -- if it is available. You may wish to check both to see which offers the best buy on any particular book. But for an even better deal, see DealPilot It searches the best prices from a wide variety of book sellers, and then takes you directly to the home page of the seller that offers the best combination of basic price, postage costs, and time of delivery that suits you.

Books in Philosophy

The Philosophy Documentation Center provides an online bookstore and reference service. Thousands of titles,including books, electronic texts on floppy disk or CD-ROM,videos, and audio cassettes from more than 130 publishers, are available here at discount prices. Free searches of the database will provide you with information on titles relating to your particular field of philosophical interest. You can search the database by author, title, format, publisher, publication date,and ISBN. The Philosophy Documentation Center is also adding subject classifications for each title, brief descriptions or author abstracts, and biographical information on authors and famous philosophers.


Images of Philosophers: To See 'Em is to Love 'Em

You've read their books, now see the authors!


Saint Jerome in His Study

Inscribed 1442; Attributed to Jan van Eyck (Flemish, ca. 1390-1441); Oil on linen paper on oak panel; 19.9 x 12.5 cm (7 7/8 x 4 7/8 in.)