Our Program

The Chester Children’s Chorus: an auditioned group for 140 talented children 8 to 18 years old








• Graded instruction in music education with emphasis on sightreading, understanding theory, hearing and singing harmony, appreciating musical artistry, learning and performing classical music.
• Advanced singers form small ensembles and sing classical masterworks with Swarthmore College Chorus.
• Piano, theory, and composition lessons for motivated and advanced musicians
• Music teaching program directed by John Alston, former Associate professor of music at Swarthmore College.
• Seven to 10 community-wide concerts each year in Chester, Swarthmore, West Chester, Malvern and elsewhere.
• Year-round activities: During the school year each child attends two of the 15 weekly small-group rehearsals. During the summer, the five-week, full-day Summer Learning Program on the Swarthmore College campus includes two to three hours of music daily plus academics, dance, and studio art.


Sing-to-Learn: Classroom music instruction for 300 children in kindergarten through 2nd grade

• Twice-weekly classes in 22 classrooms in 3 Chester public schools.
• Music instruction augments classroom lessons with songs about curriculum-related topics including geometric shapes, natural habitats and seasons.
• Children also learn musical basics, including keeping time and singing on pitch.
• Builds on research showing that integrating music and academics helps children learn more easily, retain information longer, and develop cognitive skills.
• All classes taught by the assistant music director.