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Swarthmore College Writing Courses

How to Search for Writing classes being offered:

Open the Tri-College Course Guide and do the following: Choose the semester and Swarthmore, then in the "Keyword Search" block, enter exactly one of the following lines (including the comma and the space) for the entire list of that one division's Writing courses offered that term:


To verify that the course is a Writing Course, click on the course number and open the box of supplementary information about the course. The distribution attributes are in the lower right of the box.

About Writing Courses

Writing courses were implemented in Fall 2004 and are required for graduation as a part of the distribution requirement.

For professors wanting to know more about what makes a course a Writing course, please see the Provost's Office Guidelines on the subject.

Writing Courses - the list for all time

List below subject to change if incorrect. The list is for all time, not for any particular semester of offerings.


ARTH 001C: FYS: Making Art History (Cothren) (W starting Fall 2004)
ARTH 001D: FYS: Architecture of Philadelphia (W Fall 2008-2010)
ARTH 001E: FYS: Michelangelo and Renaissance Culture (Reilly) (W Fall 2005-2010)
ARTH 001F: FYS: Picasso (W starting Fall 2007)
ARTH 001L: FYS: Handscrolls to Comic Books(Sakomura) (W starting Fall 2010)
ARTH 001M: FYS: Leonardo: Artist, Engineer, & Draughtsman (W starting Fall 2011)
ARTH 013: Greece and Rome (Reilly) (W starting Fall 2005)
ARTH 032: The Art of Japanese Tea Culture (Sakomura) (W starting Spring 2008)
ARTH 095: Cracking Visual Codes (W starting Spring 2014)

Art History's previous W list:
Art History 001B: FYS: The Architect and History (Morton)(W Fall 2004)
Art History 001G: FYS: The Art of Exhibition ( Mileaf) (W Spring 2006)
Art History 001H: FYS: The Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony (Sakomura) (W Fall 2006, 2007)
Art History 013: Art and Architecture (Reilly) (W starting Fall 2005)
Art History 020: Junior/Majors Workshop (W Spring 2007-2013) (not W for Spring 2008)
Art History 051: Renaissance Art in Florence (Reilly) (W Spring 2006)
Art History 069: Making the Modern City:19th century urbanism in Europe and the Americas (W Fall 2012)

CHIN 021: Topics: Modern Chinese (W Spring 2009-2013)
CHIN 021: Reading and Writing Modern Chinese (W starting Spring 2014)

CLST 017: FYS: The Archaeology of Rome (W starting Fall 2013) formerly CLAS 017
CLST 036: Classical Mythology (W starting Fall 2013) formerly CLAS 036

Classics previous W list:
Classics 13: FYS: Mythology (W Fall 2005)
Classics 14: FYS: Mystery, Religion and Greek Philosophers (W Fall 2006, 2011)
Classics 15: FYS Dante (W Fall 2007)

Classics 017: FYS: Kinship and Community (W Fall 2008)
Classic 036: Mythology/Classical Mythology (W Spring 2010-Fall 2012)
Classics 038/Religion 36B: Comparative Greek & Indic Epic (W Spring 2009)

DANC 003.01: FYS: Shall we Dance? Dance in the Movies (Friedler) (W starting Fall 2006)
DANC 025A.01/ANTH 020J: Dance and Diaspora (Chakravorty) (W starting Spring 2009)

Dance previous W list:

Dance 001: Global Approaches to Dance Studies: Continuity and Change (W Fall 2009, 2010)
Dance 005: Patterns of Asian Music and Dance (Chakravorty) (W Spring 2007, Fall 2008)
Dance 025/SOAN 020H: Mapping Culture and Difference through Dance (Chakravorty) (W starting Fall 2005)
Dance 076: Movement and Cognition (Napoli) (W Spring 2005)

EDUC 001C/ENGL 001C: The Writing Process (W starting Fall 2004)

ENGL 001C/EDUC 001C: The Writing Process (W starting Fall 2004)
ENGL 001F: FYS: Intro into Academic Writing (W starting Fall 2008)
ENGL 001G: Writing with Genres (W starting Spring 2011)
ENGL 001H: Insights- Research Writing (W starting Spring 2012)
ENGL 002A: Argument & Rhetoric (W starting Fall 2009)
ENGL 005: Journalism Workshop (W starting Fall 2011)
ENGL 009B: Old Worlds/New Worlds (W starting Fall 2011)
ENGL 009C: FYS: Imagining National History (W starting Fall 2005)
ENGL 009D: FYS: Nation and Migration (Mani) (W starting Fall 2004)
ENGL 009E: FYS: Narcissus and the History of Reflection (Song) (W starting Fall 2009)
ENGL 009G: FYS: Comedy (N. Johnson) (W starting Spring 2005)
ENGL 009H: FYS: Portraits of the Artist (Schmidt) (W starting Fall 2005)
ENGL 009J: FYS: Revolution and Revolt (W starting Fall 2013)
ENGL 009P/FMST 009: FYS: Women and Popular Culture (White) (W starting Fall 2004)
ENGL 009Q: FYS: Subverting Verses (N. Anderson) (W starting Fall 2004)
ENGL 009S: FYS: Black Liberty, Black Literature. (Foy) (W starting Fall 2005)
ENGL 009Z: FYS: Close Reading & Discontent/Literature Against History (W starting Fall 2008)
ENGL 033: The Romantic Sublime (Bolton) (W starting Fall 2011)
ENGL 038: Regency Skepticism 1812-1832 (W starting Spring 2012)
ENGL 071C: The Short Story (Bolton) (W starting Fall 2011)
ENGL 099W: Senior Major Colloquium (W starting Fall 2009)

English Literature's previous W list:
English 001A: Insights into Academic Writing (W Fall 2004-Spring 2010)
English 009B: FYS: Utopian Fictions (Campos) (W Fall 2005,2006)
English 009C: FYS: Cultural Practices and Social Texts (Lesjak) (W Fall 2005,2012)
English 009F: FYS: Fairy Tales and Magic Fictions (Evan) (W Fall 2004-Spring 2005)
English 009F: FYS: Rough Justice: Writing Revenge (B.Riebling)(W Fall 2011)
English 009J: FYS: Battling Against Voldemort (Finberg) (W Fall 2007-Fall 2008)
English 009K: FYS: The Philadelphia Story (W Fall 2005-2013)
English 009L: FYS: The Ugly Truth (Lessard) (W Spring 2006)
English 009L: FYS: The Oriental Imagination (Nessly) (W Fall 2010)

English 009M: FYS: Jane Austen, Cultural Critic (Bolton) (W Fall 2004-2010)
English 009N: FYS: Short Forms (Ratner)(W Fall 2010)

English 009R: FYS: Old Texts/New Tellings (C. Williamson) (W Fall 2005-Spring 2009)
English 009T: FYS: Poetics of Power. (B. Riebling) (W Spring 2006-Fall 2011)

English 009U: FYS: Buddhism in American Literature (W Fall 2012)
English 009V: FYS: Sexuality, Religion, and the Power of Music (J. Bailey) (W Fall 2006)

English 009V: FYS: What’s so Funny/Cultures of American Humor (W Fall 2011,2012)
English 009W: FYS: Colonial/Postcolonial Encounters (P. Weinstein) (W Fall 2006-2010)
English 009X: FYS: Ways of Seeing & Telling (Abbe Blum) (W Spring 2008- Fall 2008)

English 009Y: FYS: Interrogating Gender: Centuries of Dramatic Cross Dressing (W Spring 2009-Fall 2012)
English 099: Senior Culminating Essay/Major Colloquium (W Fall 2008,2009)

FMST 005: FYS: Special Effects and Film Spectacle (W starting Spring 2013)
FMST 009/English 009P: FYS: Women and Popular Culture (White) (W starting Fall 2012)
FMST 054: German Cinema (W starting Spring 2011)
FMST 098: Film Studies Thesis (W starting Spring 2008)
FMST 180: Senior Honors Thesis (W starting Spring 2008)

FREN 012: Introduction: French, Francophone/Lit & Cult (W starting Spring 2008)
FREN 014: Advanced French (W starting Fall 2014) formerly FREN 004 (Fall 2006-2013)
FREN 091: Senior Colloquium (W starting Fall 2010)

GREK 113.A: Greek Historians (W starting Fall 2011)

GMST 054.German Cinema (W starting Spring 2011)

JPNS 041: Fantastic Spaces in Modern Japanese Literature (W starting Fall 2009)
JPNS 096: Japanese Thesis (W starting Fall 2010)

LATN 024: Latin Poetry and Roman Revolution (W starting Fall 2012)
LATN 025: Latin Poetry and the English Renaissance (W starting Fall 2011)
LATN 104.A: Ovid's Metamorphoses (W starting Fall 2011)

LITR 009S/SPAN 009: FYS: A New World: Conquests, Encounters and Dialogues in and around the Americas (W Starting Fall 2014)
LITR 013R/RUSS 013: The Russian Novel (W starting Fall 2004)
LITR 015R/RUSS 015: East European Prose in Trans (Forrester) (W starting Fall 2004)
LITR 017R/RUSS 017: FYS: Love/Sex in Russian Literature (Forrester) (W starting Fall 2006)
LITR 023R/RUSS 23: The Muslim in Russia (W starting Fall 2012)
LITR 041J: Fantastic Spaces in Modern Japanese Literature (W starting Fall 2009)
LITR 054G: German Cinema (W starting Fall 2013)

MUSI 005: Patterns of Asian Music and Dance (Chakravorty) (W Spring 2007,Fall 2008)
MUSI 007B: Beethoven and the Romantic Spirit (W starting Fall 2007)
MUSI 022: Nineteenth Century Music (W starting Fall 2014)
MUSI 023: Twentieth Century Music (Milewski) (W starting Fall 2009)
MUSI 091/EDUC 71: Introduction to Performing Arts Education (Whitman)(W starting Spring 2009)

Music previous W list:
Music 007/007A: Mozart (W Fall 2005-Spring 2008)

PHIL 001.01: Intro to Phil: Knowledge and Agency (Baumann) (W starting Spring 2009)
PHIL 001.02: Intro to Phil: Criticism and Culture (W starting Fall 2004)
PHIL 001.03: Intro to Phil: Truth and Desire (Lorraine) (W starting Fall 2006)
PHIL 001.04: Intro to Phil: Knowledge and the World (W starting Fall 20011)
PHIL 001.05: Intro to Phil: World, Mind and Action (W starting Fall 2008)
PHIL 002: FYS: Modernity and Postmodernity (Lorraine) (W starting Fall 2004)
PHIL 003: FYS:The Meaning of Life (W starting Spring 2010)
PHIL 004: FYS: Justice: From Theory to Practice (W starting Spring 2010)
PHIL 005: FYS: Human Nature (W starting Spring 2012)
PHIL 006: FYS: Life, Mind, and Consciousness (W starting Spring 2008)
PHIL 007B: FYS: Plato and Socrates (W starting Fall 2010)
PHIL 008: FYS: Philosophy and Film (W starting Fall 2012)
PHIL 008B: FYS: Philosophy, Culture,and Film (W starting Spring 2013)
PHIL 009: FYS: Contemporary Moral & Political Issues (Oberdiek) (W starting Spring 2006)
PHIL 010: FYS: Questions of Inquiry (Raff) (W starting Fall 2007)
PHIL 020/CLAS 20: Plato and his Modern Readers (Ledbetter) (W starting Spring 2005)
PHIL 024: Theory of Knowledge (Raff) (W starting Fall 2007) (Not Fall 2013)
Philosophy 040: Semantics (W Fall 2004 through Fall 2008) (Spring 2009 Phil 040 is no longer a W)
Philosophy 061: Philosophy of Race and Gender (W starting Spring 2012)
Philosophy 069: Phenomenology (W starting Fall 2011)
Philosophy 079: Poststructuralism (W starting Fall 2010)

Philosophy's Previous W list:
Philosophy 005: FYS: About Morality (Oberdiek,Fall 05 only)(W starting Fall 2005)
Philosophy 008: History and Phil of Science (Goodwin) (W Fall 2006,Spring 2008)

Religion 001: Religion and Human Experience (W starting Fall 2004)
Religion 008: Patterns of Asian Religion (Hopkins) (W starting Spring 2005)
Religion 009: Buddhist Traditions of Asia (W starting Fall 2008)
Religion 010: African American Religions (W Fall 2011 and Spring 2012)
Religion 011B: The Religion of Islam (W Fall 2004 through Fall 2012)
Religion 023: Living in the Light: Quakers Past and Present (W starting Fall 2006)
Religion 096/180 Thesis. (W starting Spring 2007)
Religion 097/182: Thesis. (1 W credit, starting Spring 2007)

Religion's Previous W list:

Religion 036B/Classics 38: Comparative Greek & Indic Epic (B.King)(W starting Spring 2009)

Russian 011: Introduction to Russian Culture (W starting Fall 2009)
Russian 013/Litr 013R: The Russian Novel (W starting Fall 2004)
Russian 015/Litr 015R: East European Prose in Translation (Forrester) (FYS, W starting Fall 2004)
Russian 017/Litr 017R: Love/Sex in Russian Literature (Forrester) (FYS,W starting Fall 2006)
Russian 23/Litr 023R: The Muslim in Russia (W starting Fall 2012)

Span 008:Composition and Conversation (W starting Spring 2010)
Span 009/Litr 009S: A New World: Conquests, Encounters and Dialogues in and around the Americas (FYS, W Starting Fall 2014)
Span 010: En busca de Latinoamerica (W starting Fall 2009 was Span 10SA)
Span 010S: Culturas de España (W starting Fall 2004 through Fall 2009) (W starting Spring 2011 as Span 11)
Span 010SA: En busca de Latinoamerica (W Spring 2006) (W starting Fall 2009 as Span 10)
Span 010: En busca de Latinoamerica (W starting Fall 2011)
Span 011: Culturas de Espana (W starting Spring 2011)
Span 022: Introducción a la literatura española (was Span 11) (Span 22 W starting Fall 2009)
Span 023:Introduccion a la literatura latinoamericana(was Span 13)(W starting Spring 2006)
Span 056: Don Quijote (W starting Spring 2014)

Spanish previous W list:
Span 011: Introducción a la literatura española (W starting Fall 2004, ending Spring 2010)

Thea 001: Theatre and Performance (W starting Fall 2004)
Thea 015: Performance Theory and Practice (W starting Spring 2005)
Thea 106: Theatre History Seminar (W starting Fall 2004)
Thea 121:Dramaturgy Seminar (W starting Spring 2013)

Theater's previous list:
Thea 105:The Act of Spectatorship (W starting Spring 2011)

Social Sciences

ANTH 003G:Development and its Discontents (Schuetze) (W starting Spring 2011) replaced Soan 003G
ANTH 009C: Cultures of the Middle East (Ghannam) (W starting Fall 2013) replaced Soan 009C
ANTH 020J/cross-listed with Danc25A: Dance and Diaspora (Chakravorty) (W starting Fall 2009) replaced Soan 020J
ANTH 009C: Cultures of the Middle East (Ghannam) (W starting Fall 2013) replaced Soan 009C

ANCH 016: FYS,Augustus and Rome (W starting Fall 2008) formerly CLAS 016
ANCH 031: Greece and the Barbarians (W starting Fall 2004) formerly CLAS 031
ANCH 032: The Roman Republic (W starting Spring 2014) formerly CLAS 032)
ANCH 042: Democratic Athens (W starting Fall 2014) formerly CLAS 042
ANCH 044: Early Roman Empire (W starting Spring 2011) formerly CLAS 044
ANCH 056: Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire (Turpin) (W starting Spring 2007) formerly CLAS 056

CLAS 066: Rome and Late Antiquity (W starting Spring 2008)

Classics previous list:
CLAS 011: Persuasion and Power in Ancient Greece (Munson) (FYS,W starting Fall 2004)

Economics 002: Greed (Kuperberg) (W starting Fall 2004)
Economics 075: Health Economics (Magenheim) (W starting Spring 2005)

Education 014 & 014F: Introduction to Education (Staff) (W starting Fall 2004)
Education 021/Psych 021: Educational Psychology (Renninger) (was a W from Fall 2004 through Fall 2008)
Education 042: Teaching the Young Learner (D. Anderson) (W starting Fall 2004)
Education 045: Literacies and Social Identities (D. Anderson) (W starting Fall 2005)
Education 054/Ling 54: Oral and Written Language (Napoli) (W starting Spring 2005)
Education 064: Comparative Education (Smulyan) (W starting Fall 2009)
Education 061: Gender and Education (Smulyan) (W starting Fall 2004)
Education 071/Musi 091: Introduction to Performing Arts Education
Education 121: Child Psychology and Practice (Renninger) (1 writing course) (W starting Spring 2005)
Education 131: Social and Cultural Perspectives on Education (Smulyan) (1 writing course) (W starting Spring 2005)
Education 151: Literacies and Numeracies (Anderson) (1 writing course) (W starting Spring 2006)

Education previous W list:

Education 141: Educational Policy (1 writing course) (W starting Fall 2004

History 001A: The Barbarian North (Bensch) (W starting Spring 2005)
History 001B: Human Rights as History (W starting Fall 2012)
History 001J:1950's-Cold War Era (FYS, W starting Spring 2009)
History 001H:Modern Jewish Experience (W starting Spring 2012)
History 001K: Engendering Culture (Murphy) (W starting Fall 2004)
History 001L: History of Leisure & Play (Burke)(FYS, W starting Fall 2008)
History 001N: Oil and Empire (FYS, W starting Fall 2013)
History 001R: Remembering History (Dorsey) (W starting Fall 2007)
History 001T: Cross and Crescent: Muslim Christian Relations in Historical Perspective (Bensch) (W starting Spring 2005)
History 001X:Crime and Punishment in America (W starting Spring 2011)
History 022: The Global Enlightenment:Cosmopolitanism between Theory and Practice (W starting Spring 2014)
History 021: London Beyond Control (W starting Fall 2014)
History 029: Sexuality & Society in Modern Europe (Pieter Judson) (W starting Fall 2005, except Fall 2008)
History 048: Murder in a Mill Town: A Window on Social Change During the Early Republic (Dorsey) (W starting Spring 2008)
History 062:The History of Reading (W starting Spring 2012)
History 091: Senior Research Seminar (staff) (W starting Fall 2004)
History 128: Russian Empire in the 19th and 20th Century (Weinberg) (1 writing course) (W starting Fall 2004)
History 180:Honors Thesis (Weinberg) (W starting Fall 2012)

History's previous W list:

History 001D: Religion & Social Change in US (FYS, W Fall 2008)
History 001F:Foreigners in the Middle East (FYS, W Fall 2010 and Fall 2011)
History 001V: Witches, Witchcraft, and Witchhunts (Robert Duplessis) (W Fall 2005 through Fall 2009)
History 013.Foreigners in the Middle East (W Spring 2010)
History 001Q.Angels of Death: Life under Lenin and Stalin (Weinberg) (W Spring 2005 through Spring 2011)

Linguistics 1: Introduction to Linguistics (staff) (W starting Fall 2004)
Linguistics 2: Taboo and Slang (FYS) (W starting Fall 2013)
Linguistics 40: Semantics (W starting Fall 2004) (starting Spring 2009 the Phil 40 x-list is not a W)
Linguistics 50: Syntax (W starting Fall 2004)
Linguistics 54/Educ 54: Oral and Written Language (Napoli) (W starting Spring 2005)
Linguistics 62: Structure of ASL (Napoli) (W starting Fall 2004)

Linguistic's previous W list:
Linguistics 57: Movement and Cognition (Napoli) (W starting Spring 2005)

PEAC 071B: Strategy-Non-Violent Struggle (W starting 2010)
PEAC 071BA: Advanced Research Seminar-Strategy-Non-Violent Struggle (W starting 2011)

Political Science 1: Political Theory (Sharpe) (W Fall 2004 through Fall 2006) (Halpern) (W starting Spring 2007, not Fall 13)
Political Science 2: American Politics (Nackenoff) (W starting Fall 2004)
Political Science 3: Comparative Politics (Murphy) (W starting Spring 2006) (Fall 2012 NOT a W)
Political Science 4: International Politics (Farmer) (W starting Fall 2012) (Fall 2013, Spring 2014 NOT a W)
Political Science 10: Reason, Power, and Happiness (Sharpe only) (W starting Fall 2005)
Political Science 10-D, FYS, More Money, More Problems? (Murphy) (W starting Spring 2007)
Political Science 12: Modern Political Theory (Murer) (W starting Spring 2006 through Spring 2008)
Political Science 66: Transitional Justice (Murphy) (W Spring 2007)
Political Science 096: Senior Thesis (W starting Spring 2012)
Political Science 180: Senior Honors Thesis (W starting Spring 2012)

Psychology 009/Real World Issues in Developmental Psychology (FYS, W starting Fall 2012)
Psychology 21/Education 21: Educational Psychology (Renninger) (W Fall 2004 through Fall 2008)
Psychology 25: Research and Design Analysis (W starting Fall 2006)
Psychology 43: Evolutionary Psychology (Kako) (W starting Fall 2004)
Psychology 097: Senior Thesis (W starting Spring 2010)
Psychology 180: Senior Honors Thesis (W starting spring 2010)

Public Policy 097: Public Policy Thesis (Hollister) (W starting Fall 2007)
Public Policy 098: Public Policy Thesis (W starting Fall 2007)

Soan 003F: Culture and Religion in Africa (Schuetze) (W starting Spring 2012)
Soan 020H:Dance 025: Mapping Culture and Difference through Dance (Chakravorty) (W starting Fall 2005))
Soan 029B: Ethnography: Theory and Practice (Ghannam) (W starting Fall 2004)
Soan 039B: Globalization and Culture (Ghannam) (W starting Fall 2004)
Soan 071B: Strategy-Non-Violent Struggle (Smithey )(W starting Spring 2010)
Soan 097: Thesis (W starting Spring 2006; Spring only)
Soan 180&180S: Honors Thesis (W starting Spring 2006; Spring only)

Sociology Anthropology's previous W list:

Soan 003B: Nations and National Identity (Ezawa) (W starting Fall 2006)
Soan 003G:Development and its Discontents (Schuetze) (W starting Spring 2011)
Soan 005B: Religion in Lives and Culture (Piker) (W starting Fall 2005)
Soan 005D: Psychological Anthropology (Piker) (W starting Spring 2005)
Soan 005E: Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Nature (Piker) (FYS, W starting Fall 2008)
Soan 008C: Bioethics:A Sociological Persp (O'Connell) (W starting Fall 2005)
Soan 009C: Cultures of the Middle East (Ghannam) (W starting Fall 2004) replaced with (Anth 009C Fall 2013)
Soan 010K: Gender and Sexuality (Axel) (W starting Spring 2005)
Soan 020J:Dance 025A/:Dance and Diaspora (Chakravorty)(W starting Spring 2009) (Anth 020J Fall 2013)
Soan 013C: The Politics of Family and Reproduction (Ezawa) (W starting Spring 2005
Soan 033B: Colloquium: Japanese Society and Culture (Ezawa) (W starting Fall 2004)
Soan 033E:Histories and Theories of Culture (Hultin) (W starting Spring 2009)
Soan 035D: Medical Aspects of Human Adaption (W starting Spring 2009)

Natural Sciences and Engineering

Biology 1: Cellular and Molecular Biology (W starting Fall 2004)
Biology 2: Organismal and Population Biology (W starting Spring 2005)
Biology 20: Animal Physiology (W starting Fall 04(Hiebert-Burch only)
Biology 30: Animal Behavior (W Fall 2004 and 2005)
Biology 116. Microbial Processes and Biotechnology (1 writing course) (W starting Fall 2004)
Biology 199. Senior Honors Study (1 writing course) (W starting Spring 2006)

Biology previous W list
Biology 20: Animal Physiology (except Fall 2005 and Fall 2007)

Chemistry 57: Advanced Integrated Experimental Chemistry (W starting Spring 2014)

Computer Science 97: Senior Conference (W starting Spring 2008)

Computer Science previous W list
Computer Science 15: Privacy and Trust in Cyberspace (Kelemen) (W starting Fall 2004)

Engineering 3: Problems in Technology (McGarity and Macken) (W starting Fall 2005)
Engineering 14: Experimentation for Engineering Design (W starting Spring 2007)
Engineering 72 + Physics 83 combined (W starting Spring 2008)
Engineering 90: Engineering Design (Staff) (senior majors) (W starting Spring 2005)

Engineering's previous W list:
Engineering 2/Ling 002: Exploring Acoustics (Everbach) (W Spring 2005 only).

Math 3: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (W starting Fall 2004)
Math 9/29: Discrete Mathematics (W starting Fall 2004) (except Spring 2014)
Math 29B:Discrete Mathematics and Biology (W starting Spring 2011)
Math 47/63: Introduction to Real Analysis (W starting Fall 2006)
Math 49/67: Introduction to Modern Algebra (W starting Fall 2006)

Physics 81 + 82: Advanced Laboratory 1 and 2 (W starting Fall 2004)

Physics 83 + Engineering 72 combined (W starting Spring 2008)

Stat 21: Quantitative Paleobiology(W Fall 2011 only)
Stat 31: Data Analysis and Visualization (W starting Spring 2005)


ASIA 096: Asian Studies Thesis (Wstarting Spring 2009)
ASIA 180: Asian Studies Thesis (W starting Spring 2009)
BLST 091: Black Studies Thesis (W starting Spring 2011)
BLST 180: Senior Honors Thesis (W starting Spring 2011)
INTP 091: Capstone:Poetry,Lang, Trans (W Spring 2007 ONLY)
PEAC 090:Thesis (W starting Spring 2012)
PEAC 180:Senior Honors Thesis (W starting Spring 2012)


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