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What is Mediation? - What cases are mediatable? - Why use mediation?
How it works - Who are the mediators?

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process for resolving disputes, in which a pair of trained neutral mediators help the disputants define the issues and reach voluntary agreement. The mediators seek to reestablish communication by minimizing power differences among disputants, enable the disputants to find common ground, solve problems and produce the best possible outcome for both parties.

Mediation is not legal representation, personal or marital counseling, a replacement for the College Judicial System or a court to determine blame or innocence.

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What cases are mediatable?

Roommate disputes.
Conflicts between faculty, staff and/or students
Coworker conflicts
Disputes with a supervisor
Intra-group disagreements
Inter-group disagreements

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Why use mediation?

The process of mediation is structured to facilitate mutually acceptable solutions.

Mediation strives to remove power differences among disputants.

Resolutions are generated by the parties themselves and therefore are more likely to endure.

Mediation is an educational process that helps you learn about your communication style and conflict resolution.

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How the Program Works

Once you call, an intake person will listen as you explain the issues. If we can help, we'll try to set up a mediation. We can contact the other person(s) to encourage participation in a mediation session. Mediation is always voluntary.

If the other party agrees, a mediation session will take place at a time and place convenient to everyone during or outside of work time. At the session, a pair of trained campus mediators will listen to all sides of the dispute. The mediators don't decide who's right or wrong, but will assist the disputants in reaching their own agreement.

If the participants reach an agreement, the specifics can be written down and signed by all parties. We will provide follow-up on agreements and offer further assistance as necessary. If no agreement is reached, we can refer you to other persons on campus who may help resolve the problem.

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Who are the mediators?

The diverse group of certified mediators at Swarthmore consists of students, staff and faculty, who have undergone over 24 hours or training and are required to participate in continuing education.

If you wish to become a trained mediator, contact our program at x6853 or email: mediation@swarthmore.edu.

Phone Mediation: 610-690-6853 or email: mediation@swarthmore.edu

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