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Lang Open Competition Opportunity Grant

A competition, open to all Swarthmore students, will provide Opportunity Grants for a small number of projects each year.

FUNDING: Funds exist for up to 2 projects per year (up to $10,000 each) and 2 project feasibility studies (up to $1,000 each). Funds not used by Scholars could also be channeled into this program. These funds could come from the money allocated to Scholars who choose not to do a project or who do not use the entire $10,000 for their projects.

CHARACTERISTICS: The quality and characteristics of these projects will be the same as those expected of Scholars. These characteristics include originality, sustainability, and response to a social or community problem, and they will be judged by the Lang Committee.

RECOGNITION: Students who are awarded grants for a Lang Project under the Open Competition process will participate in Lang activities as undergraduates. Students who successfully complete Projects will be called Lang Scholars and will be included in Lang Alumni activities.

1) Application Guidelines

2) Grant Application