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Two ways to become a Lang Opportunity Scholar

There are two ways to become a Lang Opportunity Scholar. The first occurs during the admissions process, the second during an open competition. Choosing to accept a Lang opportunity Scholarship means accepting a community service/social justice focus to your college life.

Admissions: Lang Opportunity Scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated commitment to social action and academic achievement. Students my apply for a Lang Opportunity Scholarship with their application to Swarthmore or may be nominated by the admissions deans. Finalists are selected and invited to campus to learn more about the program and to be interviewed. International residents may be interviewed on the phone. The Selection Committee consists of current Lang Scholars, faculty, and members of the Deanís Staff and Admissions Deans. The final selection of 5-6 new Lang Opportunity Scholars is based on the interviews and decided by early May. This option is suspended for the entering class of 2006 while the program is under review. Members of this class, as well as all Swarthmore students, are encouraged to apply for the Open Competition Grants once at the College.

Open Competition: The second way to become a Lang Scholar is to apply for a grant in the Lang Opportunity Open Competition. Any Swarthmore student may apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to do an Opportunity Project, which must be completed prior to graduation. Applications are accepted during second semester for projects to be conducted the following summer or during the following academic year. Generally only two Open Competition grants per year are given but this is expected to enlarge after the program review. (See Lang Opportunity Open Competition.)