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Financial aid: Because civic engagement and social action requires sustained time and commitment, Lang Opportunity Scholarships cover the work-study and loan portions of each Scholarís financial aid award.

Additional Resources: A chance to qualify for an Opportunity Grant of up to $10,000 to be used to carry out an innovative social action Opportunity Project;

A paid summer internship to engage in social action or community service with the expectation it will lead to a Project;

Educational enhancement funds of up to $1500 to support personal development and skill-building toward implementation of an Opportunity Project.

Participation in a pre-orientation program to start developing a network of peers and community activists.

Support: Scholars learn and work in a community of Lang Scholars with a similar level of commitment to social action;

Guidance: Scholars receive guidance from committed and experienced Swarthmore College faculty, alumni, and staff who support scholars to formulate and implement an Opportunity Project.

Mentoring: Scholars develop mentoring relationships with community partners who help them further develop skills and resources to design and implement an Opportunity Project.

1) Application Guidelines

2) Grant Application