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Mission and objectives of the Lang Scholars Program

The Lang Opportunity Scholars Program is grounded in the vision that Swarthmore College students with a demonstrated commitment to social justice can and should be challenged to design and implement effective, innovative solutions to significant social problems.

The Lang Opportunity Scholars Program objectives are to :

Support and challenge Lang Scholars to identify the issues they plan to address, and to gain the skills, mentoring and resources to craft effective solutions;

Provide communities with students committed to addressing community-identified problems, and designing and implementing innovative solutions;

Support Swarthmore Collegeís position as a leader and innovator in higher educationís renewed commitment to civic engagement.

What is the Lang Opportunity Scholarship?

The Lang Opportunity Scholarship is a unique package that includes a generous financial aid package based on demonstrated need, significant additional resources, as well as support, guidance, and mentoring for Scholars to engage in significant social action.