Institutional Research
Swarthmore College  
Additional Questions for CSEQ  
Spring 2001

Library Research

Based on your experience at this institution during the current school year, please rate how easy or difficult you have found each of the following activities to be:

[ADD1] Identifying useful books or articles for research papers is:

[ADD2] Locating books or journal articles in the library is:

[ADD3] Finding useful/quality information on the World Wide Web (excluding Tripod and library databases) to do research for coursework is:

Response set for [ADD1-ADD3] is: 1=Easy, 2, 3, 4=Difficult

[ADD4] To what extent does knowing how to find books, articles or scholarly websites improve the quality of your work?

[ADD5] To what extent did you/would you benefit from instruction in library research?

Response set for [Add4-ADD5] is: 4=Very much, 3=Some, 2=Very Little, 1=Not at all


Administrative Offices

Thinking of your own experience, please rate the quality of your interactions with each of the following administrative offices on this seven-point scale.

[ADD6] Career Planning and Placement

[ADD7] Deans Office

[ADD8] Financial Aid Office

[ADD9] Library

[ADD10] Public Safety

[ADD11] Registrarís Office


Response set for [ADD7-ADD11] is a seven point scale, similar to CSEQ emphasis section.

"Approachable, Helpful, Understanding, Encouraging, Respectful" should refer to the "7" and "Remote, Unhelpful, Discouraging, Unsympathetic" should refer to the "1". There should also be a N/A space.

N/A 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Internet Needs

The College would like to have a better understanding of the different ways in which students use the Internet. Please estimate the frequency with which you engaged in the following activities in a typical week during the past year.

[ADD12] Listen to live Internet audio/music sources (Launchcast, networked radio stations, etc.)

[ADD13] Download audio/music/mp3 files (using Napster or similar programs) for storage and future use on your computer.

[ADD14] Watch streaming video (CNN, abcnews, movies, music videos, conference sessions, or other Internet video sources)

[ADD15] Download video (movies, film clips, music videos, etc.) for storage and later use on your computer.

[ADD16] Use the Internet for live communication with others (videoconferencing, network-based telephone calls, chat, etc.)

Response set for [ADD12-ADD16] is: 0=Never, 1=Less than 2 hours, 2=2-4 hours, 3=5-7 hours, 4=More than 7 hours


Other comments

[ADD17] In the space provided below, please feel free to make any additional comments about the College, specific aspects of your experience, or about the survey.

Response space should be as large as possible

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