Poster & Media Design Guide

This webage contains guidelines for and sample applications of the Cooper Series identity in promotional posters and other media. It is intended for a range of producers, including professional and student designers. It is comprised of three parts: I) Design guidelines, explaining the use of the logo and other files; II) Electronic art catalog, presenting all the files included in the Electronic Art Package on the Cooper Series Web site; and III) Sample poster designs.

I. Cooper Design Guidelines

This document contains a summary of all the guidelines for developing promotional posters for Cooper events.

II. Cooper Logo Designs

This .zip file contains all the Cooper logo designs in different sizes and colors.
[DOWNLOAD] (.zip, 4MB)

III. Sample Poster Designs

This .zip file contains several event templates and sample page designs as Photoshop (psd) files.
[DOWNLOAD] (.zip, 2MB)