Application & Funding

Apply to Organize Your Own Event!

All members of the Swarthmore College campus community may propose an event for any semester in which they are on campus. In addition to a complete application, a faculty partner is required for all proposals. The Cooper Foundation will pay all costs related to the public portions of approved events, including artists/performance/speakers fees and advertising costs.

For information about the application process, please review the application guidelines (pdf). If you would like to submit a proposal, print and fill out the application form (pdf) in advance of the deadline. If your application is approved for funding, then you will want to reference the checklist (pdf) of tasks to complete in order to ensure a successful event.

Serendipity Fund

The Serendipity Fund was designed to support events that could not have been foreseen within the time frame required to apply for a Cooper Grant. Examples of serendipity include, but are not limited to, unexpected proximity and/or availability of a speaker, timeliness of subject matter, coordination with other significant events on campus (including events funded by Cooper), and/or coordination with events taking place in the greater Philadelphia area. Awards typically range between $500 and $1000. Requests in excess of these amounts are likely more appropriate for a Cooper grant and should be reconsidered for the following year. The same standards of excellence and preeminence guiding Cooper grants apply to those of Serendipity, and applicants should make a strong case for the serendipitous nature of the event. Completed applications should be submitted to both Maurice Eldridge and Logan Grider for consideration.