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For Faculty and Staff requests only. If you need a list of former students based on a course or professor, please use the Faculty Review Process tool. Contact the Provost Office for questions.

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Requests - Please allow at least 48 hours notice. We would be glad to forward a text file with which you could perform your own Word mail merge for labels, letters or envelopes thus giving you greater flexibility and control over the output.

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Note: 5162 labels (recommended) will include full name(s), address and ID on all labels. 5160 & 5161 labels will not allow for ID's on longer addresses.
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Note: If you are requesting envelopes/postcards, you must be deliver the stock to the College post office for printing. Also, a sample should be provided to Office Services.
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Note: Please allow at least 48 hours notice.
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If you already have a list of individuals you want labels/envelopes/text file for, please send the file to alumnirecords@swarthmore.edu